Staircase Design That Bring Out The Beauty In Every Home

When I was young, I always adore homes with staircases. I guess I was so hooked with Disney cartoons when I was younger that it made me think that I can see princesses and queens inside a big home. You see, we didn't have stairs in our old house when I was young so I had that thought and it developed inside me until I was in elementary. 

From then on, I don't think of royalties in huge houses but I always appreciate staircases. It gives out a sophisticated feeling whenever I see one, especially if they are made beautifully. 

Enhance Your Style With The Right Front Door

Are you like me who enjoy seeing houses just by looking at the front door. Front doors says a lot in an individual's personality.  Each door type depends on what materials are used. 

Before the year ends, I and my husband has been talking about what things to accomplish next year for our home. Every year, we make sure to set goals on what to improve or upgrade in our home and for next year, we decided to change beds and doors. 

Best Culinary Games Online

Celebrating the Yuletide season is our family's most favorite time of the year because we get to spend more time and bond together with the whole family over abundant food, drinks and games. 

Last year's Christmas feels sorrowful because we were affected with Covid and we were isolated from our relatives. Sadly, we weren't able to celebrate the season because we have to recuperate and also to think about not affecting our loved ones. So basically, we didn't celebrate Christmas at all. (Can't even cooked because of loss of taste).

So for me, this year was more joyous than before. We are preparing for a bigger feast and invited few relatives over. Of course with extra care. 

Review: Pili Dual Action Cleansing Oil

I've been a fan of double cleansing and I love how cleansing balms and cleansing oils work for me. So when I saw this Pili Ani Facial Cleansing Oil from Sample Room, I immediately grabbed it using my points since I'm interested to try it. Here are my thoughts about the product. 

The Passion In Maintaining Cars

Car maintenance is like sending a kid in school, it's expensive. So getting into the habit of preparing for the maintenance services is helping you not to spend huge chunks of money in repairs in one go. It is also crucial to prepare auto detailing products in hand, so that whenever you meet unexpected situations, you are ready. 

I always tell my husband to update our tools and products so that even at the comforts of our home, interior or exterior car detailing would be easy. To be honest, we don't have these products ready not until we experienced a lot of troubles on our car, month after month. During that moment, most of our savings were used up because we experienced multiple damages on our car for always sending it to repair shops. I am not really inclined with anything car-related and since we have our own tasks at home, I leave everything to my husband in terms of that. 

Making Your Home Driveway Look Amazing

One thing I wanted to achieve in our house is to have a beautiful driveway since that's the first part of the house where it will leave the impression if the house is a beauty. I am not aware that asphalt sealing can make or break the game in making your driveway a beauty. Since it is one of the first things that people will see, a lot of homeowners want to create their driveway incredible. 

Instead of keeping your driveaway plain and dry, up the game by getting affordable driveaway sealing services from the experts and worry not a thing on how to do it since there are professionals who can manage that at a very affordable cost. 

With A Smile

The last time I was able to visit the dentist was quite long already. The pandemic brought huge fears for us and to be honest, I haven't scheduled my children's dental checkup yet because of being wary in going out. Not to mention that dental fees multiplied after the global crisis. Despite that, I still need to send the kids to the dentist to have our teeth checkup. 

The Rise of Wood Tiles

It isn't new that I've always talked about upgrading our home and how I finished each area when we got some extra cash to spend. Just recently I talked about here in the blog that we had a home renovation and we put extra effort on deciding what flooring to use. 

We may have used basic tiles on our living room and kitchen but if money permits, I would go for engineered hardwood floors for home. I just feel that a house looks more classic and polished with woods. Especially if you have white walls and basically with stuff at home, I like the wood flooring to accentuate the entire household. Actually, it was originally our plan to go with wood but I didn't know how to start in choosing the right kind of wood. 

Schedule Appliance Repair Services in Advance

Christmas is near and it's the time of the year that we need to double check our appliances if they are working well because we don't want them to malfunction especially if it's the time to prepare a feast. 

One of our family's tradition is to spend Christmas with a banquet. Figuratively. We would spend our fortune to prepare a feast because relatives will be surely coming over to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For us, it's the time to be thankful for everything so we kind of giving it all. With that, our pantry and refrigerator will be full of items to celebrate the season. So having broken cooking or storing appliances should be a no-no. 

Sleep Comfortably Under Your Roof

As a homeowner, one must always check on what things are broken in our home. But to be honest, being a hands-on working mom, with some part time jobs and managing all the chores is just too huge already that I sometimes cannot attend to other stuff like broken appliances and other fixtures

My husband is a nurse and because of the pandemic, he work his ass off double time hence he also arrives really tired and need to also study his German language skills since he's planning to go to Germany and work there. So technically, most of his time were used at work and study. He gets too tired already so he mostly don't have time to fix broken items at home, especially those that would require plenty of time to fix. In situations like this, we rely on professionals to do the work for us. 

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Last weekend I was able to do a general clean up at home and while deep cleaning some stuff, I realized I have some household stuff I want to change so I list down everything per area. I want to purchase some organizers for the kitchen, some items for the restroom along with furnitures at the living room and bedroom. Since I can't purchase everything at once due to financial constraint, I need to do it per area first and I decided to purchase stuff for our room first. 

Us four, two adults and two kids only use a big mattress for all of us because our bed frame was already old and damaged so it broke down a few months back. This time though, the mattress was also showing signs of spring that's why it needed to be changed because it is as old as the bed frame. 

Perfect timing because there's winter bedroom furniture for sale that's perfect for us. I still co-sleep my kids that's why we are still together in one bed, hence the reason of getting a bigger bed. 

So I just made some research and wanted something similar to our old bed but can be used as storage compartment too since we want to maximize our space. 

Dress Your Way and Feel It Girl!

Lately, I've been a  fan of working out because I recently joined a movement challenge and been kind of addicted to moving out often. I actually wrote about the challenge on my lifestyle blog. While the challenge was ongoing, I just wore the house clothes I have at home. No workout clothes at all. Compare to other participants that wore their best body shaper which looks really good while working out so I thought I might get one for myself. I actually have ample of reasons as to why I don't have any workout clothes at the moment.

Instantly Play Online Games for FREE

One of my favorite past time, apart form watching kdrama is playing games online. Usually when I am tired of watching or just got bored with the film's plot, I would turn to playing games especially those classic ones like solitaire, puzzles, chess and mahjong. I was happy to have discovered this website because aside from my favorite classic card games, the interface was so smooth and easy to play. 

Designer Tips in Picking the Right Color for Your Home

To beautify one's home, one technique is to change your painting. Six months ago, we were living in our bare house. When we got it painted, the living room and kitchen looked so big even if we only painted it white. Now, it got me thinking, there are several paints that will suit each lifestyle and each home.

If you are renovating your home and looking for professional house painting services in Richmond hill, you might want to try Arkady's painting. They are the most trusted painting company in Richmond Hill. We got to ask the professionals to do it for us because they have the knowledge in doing that and to make it last. 

So before deciding what color will suit your home, you might want to consider these insider tips in picking the right color for your home. 

1. Pick a Color, Any Color

Your favorite color can be your guide. You can play different hues of your favorite color and from there, you will establish the mixing and matching of the colors on the whole household. Say your favorite color is blue, you may want to try light or pastel blue for the wall then look for the same color scheme for your appliances and other household stuff.

2. Consider the room size

If you have a small space and wanted the place to look big, try lighter colors. If you have a bigger space at home and wanted to make it smaller, try the opposite which are darker shade. 

3. Use trial and error method

Try different paint colors in different parts of the house. This way, you can check first if you pick the best color. Try a small area first so that in case you made a mistake, you can go back to the original one.

4. Consider the room's lightning

Before choosing your wall paint color, you have to keep in mind that if you have natural light, it will show the true color of the paint. Consider that incandescent light will bring up a warmer tones while fluorescent will give a sharp blue tones. By checking on the lights, you can make adjustment on your paint's color. 

These are just some of the tips in picking the color for your home while you are designing and fixing the aesthetics of your painting project. Just remember that the greatest tip to maintain the right color in your home is to establish a colorful relationship with all the members inside it. 

Signs to Change Your Old Car

Recently, my husband kept on bugging me on getting a new car. We own a classic secondhand car in 2016 and now he's complaining that he always experienced lot of troubles in our car right now. It's a '97 model and of course, it's old. Well, really old. (He's our home driver since we all don't know how to drive). 

I myself wanted to get a new one but of course, we had to first consider the finances and if we are capable of buying one. In flexible payment terms that is. We also have to consider a lot like getting insurances  as well. Of course we also need to be prepared for repairs say we encountered some problems just like how we need to seek for someone who fixes dent repair for Cadillac cars. We should know where to go. 

We had lots of challenges with our sedan that's why I understand my husband's frustration in driving our car. We often experience engine malfunction and our glass windows were already giving up. Sometimes it's lose , sometimes it's stuck. 

Now it got me thinking, how do we check for signs that we now need to change our car. 

* You're always breaking down.

Recently when we picked up my sister from the metro, it's more than a 2-hour ride. We need to stopped twice and check the engine because hubby can sense that's it's overheating. We already feared what might happen because few months ago, when my dad used our car, the engine suddenly stopped. Good thing there's a nearby repair shop and they were assisted.

* When Electricals Begin to Fail

I think it's crucial that the car's electricals should always be on perfect condition before any drive. If this came as recurring issue on your car, better fix it now asap.

* Rusting

Rusting makes the car deteriorate, either with long term use or when you neglect it. I can already see signs that our machine is rusting already compare to others that I see which is free from oxidation reaction. This might greatly affect the performance of your driving so you should maintain cleaning your car to avoid rusting, especially if it's just new.  

Here are just some of the factors you can check which can help you decide if it's time that you get a new car or you can still continue using your own. 

In the end, it is up to you when you can change your car. Just remember to always take care and be safe on the road. 

Is Getting a Dishwasher Beneficial?

If there is one appliance that I would want to get at home, that would be a dishwasher (apart from my fave skincare fridge). It is one of the appliances that I am thinking of getting but I always end up postponing it. To be honest, I am not really familiar on how to use it nor the benefits I'll get once I had it. It's also rare that we have friends and relatives who uses it so I was really contemplating of getting one. So I had to do a little research on how will it be beneficial to me and I took note on some of the advantages of getting a dishwasher. 

Minimalist Flooring Design

During this pandemic, apart from being busy with my work, what I am most busy at was improving our home's interior and exterior. We believe that home improvement is a continuous process. There is always something that we wanted to change or aesthetic to achieve. 

When we had some extra cash, our first project was to add kitchen cabinets and change our entire living room flooring. Before deciding what design to use at home, we had to research different designs at Pinterest and on the web. 

Tips on How to Nail An Audition

Have you tried auditioning for a certain role because you wanted it for your livelihood or maybe for your hobby?

In a situation where you want to achieve your goal by means of auditioning, what does one need to do? Of course, preparation is one of the key factor but what other things that you can do to contribute to your success. 

Well, I've jotted down some tips on how to nail that audition you've been reaching out for. 

1. Practice makes perfect 

The good old line may be old but preparing for your audition and spending more time perfecting it will surely paved your way to success. I read from an article before that most talents and kpop stars spent almost ten thousand hours to hone their craft. So you better know where to spend your good hours and let it speak for your greatest efforts.

2. Be on time and be polite

Whenever you do an audition, one great personality that the judges looked for is attitude. They may not know you personally but letting them see that you have prepared for it by showing up early than the given schedule already speaks a lot. 

Also, try to maintain a friendly and polite attitude with them. Ask them how was their day and wear a smile while greeting them can sometimes do the trick. When you show kindness and politeness, it will reflect back on you. Just imagine if you are being arrogant and being a 'know-it-all' kind of auditionee, then you are opening up everything for them to see. Leave some mystery about yourself so people would think on what you can offer more in the future or once you are accepted. 

3. Attend trainings

Apart from spending time on practicing, you might want to consider getting some trianing. And with that, get the best trainer you know of. It maybe a friend or a colleague. If no one around you is available, there are also actors for hire that can help you with training. Practicing with the same group of people or same passion can be a big help as well.

4. Research

It wouldn't hurt to do some research first before going to your battle. Learn a thing or two about the judges on how they judge auditionees or perhaps you can also research your competitors if you have the chance to know them. Just like in sports, knowing your opponent's weakness can somehow benefit you in the end because you will know how to strategize your piece. 

Getting that role you are eyeing for really requires an incredible amount of time and energy. Auditioning is just the start of it all. Know that once you get the role, you have a bigger responsibility in the craft you choose so take it and embrace it and try to give your best shot.

In the end, love the path you take and enjoy all the hardships along the way. Because it is when you feel the feeling of failure, that you enjoy the true meaning of success. 

Why Is It Better to Rent than to Own a Property?

Owning a home may be a huge goal for some and may be a life goal too but getting a house might not be the solution since owning a home isn't for everyone. 

When I was a student and studied at the downtown metro, I had to rent instead of travelling 3 hours from home. There are many advantages and disadvantages too when renting based from my experiences. I've been renting here and there for several years and from all those experiences I gained, let me share some tips on why is it better to rent.

Review: Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector

I am privileged to receive the whole range of Dove's newest Ultimate Repair line from The Beauty Junkee's group. When Miss Martha gave us the chance to join when she mentioned that there will be some beshies who'll get the chance to review the products, I immediately signed up because for a mom who experienced dark pits during her pregnancy days, this is a must for me! 

I was lucky and happy that I was picked because I get to try the newest line and to finally get the chance for my pits to achieve lighter and brighter days. 😄

How to Properly Manage Your Debts

We all know a certain someone who owes money. Who doesn't? It may be you or it may be the people around you. Those people would have a series of debts for a number of reasons, and for some, it is definitely one way to be able to meet most of our everyday needs.

With the current rise of the pandemic as example, unemployment became rampant and jobs were laid-off. Due to this, more people opted to go for loans and other lending practices, including car loans, housing loans, students loans among others. It might be okay yet the downside is that debt grows more as time passes, due to inflation and interest changes in time. The urgency of having the money makes people overlook certain loan elements like increase of debt value caused by interest rate, whic1h in turn will result to having bigger and bigger debt as the loan term continues for several years. Failure to making monthly payments makes it worse; most loans are tied with high late fees, penalties, and in some might reduce your future credit score.
What can we do to help alleviate our debt? We need to have a guide that will help us understand what we need to do to consolidate our debt.
Debt consolidation is considered as one of the best financial strategies that most people do nowadays. It is referred to as the act of taking a loan to pay off other liabilities and consumer debts. Let us remember that debt and credit plays a huge role in the circulation of the money in a country. By this, you would need a guide, a professional, to assist you to understand and consolidate your debt. With the help of Debt Consolidation, they will help you with the best option they could provide and assist you to set a convenient payment schedule plan to help you settle your loans, better manage your finances and make yourself worry-free of these debts! They will also provide the resources, tools and programs to help you how to manage your debts. Here, you will find easy terms to settle your debts once and for all.

In the long run, none of us wanted to be stuck with having to pay unlimited loans. Every one of us wanted to be debt-free and worry-free. Now is the perfect time to set up a plan and help yourself to get out of your debts!

Proper management of your debts also means being worry-free in the future. This is what all of us want. We all wanted to have a positive net worth, to be stress-free and to having the full control of your finances. It also means having the money to pay for expenses, yet at the same time, be able to save more for your future without worrying about the other expenses.
Know more about debt consolidation on this website. Check for a plan that will work for you and help you ease yourself with the debt burdens. Let us all plan for a fruitful and wonderful, debt-free future!

Are Skincare Fridge Worth It?

If there is one thing I would like to purchase related to my skincare stash, that would be fridge for my items. With the skincare fridge booming few years back, I wanted to get one myself too. However, my dilemma is that they say it is costly and better to invest in nice small fridge, than those dedicated to skincare alone. 

I have a lot of skincare products and how I wish most of my masks can be stored in the fridge. But our fridge already has a lot in store so adding skincare items there would be difficult. Also, I fear that my husband might mistake it into something edible. 😂

Tips on How To Transform Your Home Beautifully

I've been a member of this home aesthetic group on Facebook where the members aim to share how they transform their homes into one beautiful abode. I believe home improvement is a continuous project because there are times you want to update or change your house set-up. 

Personally, we have a small home and we also have limited funds so we were not able to fully finish the whole house when we first got it. We are still saving some money for home renovation so we can maximize the remaining space that we have. For now, we take advantage of the space available and all the furnitures and appliances that we use. 

Flaunt Your Style In Your Own Home

Home design is such a beautiful topic to talk about. I always adore and love looking at houses and every furnitures or equipment that you can layout with it. I dream of big and bright houses which I am looking forward to own one day. I will slowly then create it into a masterpiece that transcends my own style and personality. 

One source of home design I always search for is Pinterest, and there I find very beautiful, unique and elegant showpieces in every home. 

How Not To Stress Yourself Over Repairs At Home

Repairing things at home are often linked to the husbands or men at home. But what if you can't rely on men at some point? Who are you going to rely on? 

We know that the era where men were the only one seen as the strong human compared to women has already passed. It's already 2021 and let's normalize equality. But I admit that as a wife and woman in the house, there are things that I found difficult to handle. Just like repairing appliances. 

Where To Get High Quality Waist Trainers

I am always an advocate of love in health and beauty. I believe that being beautiful isn't just about putting makeup and skincare but also about having great confidence in your own body and skin. 

When I was in my teenage years, weight issues were not really my problem because I have a small built and can even fit extra small size set of clothes. That story was ancient history though. After giving birth, I started blaming everything on my hormones. I feel like I am not losing weight anymore despite what workout I do. Perhaps another reason was eating my children's leftovers so as not to waste food, and the lists goes on. 

With that, I sometimes feel my confidence suddenly went down the drain. Good thing I was able to checkout some best waist trainer that I know would help me gain back the confidence that was once was lost. 

How to Experience Spa Day At Home

Escape from the stress of this pandemic by treating yourself and the whole family to a spa treat at home. Make it extra special with Speaks G Spa and wellness treatments. Now, more than ever, it is essential for us to indulge in pampering ourselves on a regular basis. Not only it is pleasurable, it is also extremely beneficial to your well-being especially now that we spend most of our time indoors. 

Re-Create Your Salon Hair at Home in 4 Easy Steps

More than a year has passed since the shift to a new normal and the nostalgia of being able to go out as you please really hits the nail. Months of being unbothered about how we look have passed and now, the reflection we see in the mirror is just begging for the attention and maintenance that we’ve deprived ourselves of.

The unruly, overgrown, problematic hair that we now have to deal with needs the salon TLC that it deserves. By now, we all probably miss the experience of being in the salon — the smell, atmosphere, and fulfillment that a pampered and good looking head of hair makes us feel.

But, we can always take matters into our own hands. If you’re missing the confidence that salon-like results offer, here are four tips to achieve a Salontastic experience at home.

Top Reasons Why You Should Move to St. Alberta Now

If you and your family are considering moving to a different place, you might want to consider the city of St. Albert. Apart from being named as one of the best places to live in Canada, it also has a lot to offer. Here are five solid reasons to answer why you should move to St. Albert now.

How To Build Healthy Online Gaming Habits

With the pandemic on the rise, it's difficult to send the kids out to play. You may or may not agree with me when I say that online games are sometimes helpful in keeping our children engaged in online activities. Kids can have fun and enjoy in the safety of our homes as long as they have good gaming habits and good choices of online games. 

Any type of activity is good as long as you know how to balance using them for you and your child's development. You can help your child develop good gaming habits as soon as they start playing video games. 

How Covid-19 Affected My Spending Habits

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically made a huge impact on everyone. Who would have thought that we will experience this in our lifetime? Actions became limited as we cannot go far from our homes, jobs were decreased, savings went down the drain and lifestyles have changed. I remember before the pandemic, my son can still attend his therapy sessions but it was halted because of the situation since kids cannot go out. Eventually, we decided to stop sending him at the center because of shortage of funds. Some of my extra gigs were stopped as well so our extra income was reduced.

I am a huge spender on both skincare and makeup products; yet mostly on skincare. I am confident to spend money on these items because I know I am earning extra from my blogging. I always find myself buying the latest product release from the industry. Most of the time my cabinet would be just full of skincare stuff of different kinds. I even have a year's worth of sheet masks, as if I use a sheet mask daily. I was such a huge hoarder and spender way back before the pandemic.

How To Achieve a Luxurious Looking Home

I'm always a fan of anything beautiful, be it skincare, makeup and even beautiful homes and designs. If given the chance, I would love to incorporate it on my own home. I want to design it with something dainty that would provide a beautiful and luxurious feel into it. Then I noticed that a home with beautiful flooring makes a huge difference in one's home. 

Review: Skin 1004 Witch Pack

If my face would thank someone right now, that would be Skin 1004's Witch Pack. 

I am so grateful because despite being Covid positive, Skin 1004 was so understanding and patient for they allow me to postponed this review until I fully recovered. If you have been following me on FB, IG or YT, you know that I and my husband were positive and things has been difficult for us. Thankful that we are both well now and continuing moving forward. 

Anyway, I have tried using this Witch Pack, and I first used it in the review on my Youtube channel. (Please subscribe.) It's a nice soothing and cooling wash-off mask pack perfect for acne-prone skin. It's also great even for dry skin like mine because it somehow gave back the life of my skin. 

How to Stay Safe this Pandemic

News or reports about house break ins are not a joke, especially if you have many valuable things at home.

The onset of pandemic made lots of people afraid of going out of their homes because they might acquire the scary virus. Staying at home might be fine for most people, yet more find it burdensome since people have been laid off from work and became unemployed.

A Place To Call My Own

It is indeed rewarding to have a place to call your own. As a wife and a mom of two kids, one of our goals is to get to build a house of our own, and it is slowly coming into fruition. Starting from keeping your hard-earned money to watching out your expenses on a daily basis, I can say that we were able to save money enough to start our dream home.

Personally, I would have loved to have our own house be made in just one go, but due to lack of huge funds, we have to watch it being made bit by bit, block by block, and stone by stone. It is really taxing to view the making of our dream house, yet I get to see how it is being done. Cost of materials is being itemized so I also learned to understand a little about carpentry, tools and materials needed for house-building.

Are Skincare Fridges Worth the Hype?

Skincare fridges has been a hype in the beauty industry lately even before the lockdown and pandemic happened. For those who aren't familiar, those are mini fridges dedicated to your skincare products. Until now, a huge hype is still ongoing with these mini fridges. Why is everyone so obsessed with skincare fridges for their skincare products?

If you are into beauty, especially skincare, you know how investing in skincare products requires a lot of effort in keeping them effective. This small fridges are designed to take care of the products you’ve invested in and extend the life of your beauty investments.

(c) Cosmetic Fridge

Affordable Online Clothes Shopping Ideas

We all like to buy new clothes once in a while, just to give our wardrobes a bit of a refresh. However, fashionable clothes can be expensive. And some are not made to last. Finding new ways to buy affordable clothes can be difficult, especially when can’t venture out to do it.

Beautiful Furniture Pieces in Toronto

Whenever I would read magazines, I always adore looking at home living sections or lifestyle sections because I want to create my house with beautiful furniture pieces. My husband and I planned and dreamed of having a home with beautiful furnitures that are made of high-quality and elegant-looking materials. Sometimes we would go to the malls or furniture stores to window shop what pieces we like to have in our home. We may not have the budget for it but it isn't bad to dream, right? I know I will achieve it one day anyway. 

Exquisite and luxury furniture pieces exudes a great vibe in any home. Who wouldn't want great items and furnitures in their home, right? Investing into the right furnitures will transform your home into the perfect place of rest and relaxation. 

How I Started As A Blogger and Influencer

For the past 10 years, I've been establishing this blog and writing my heart out whenever I can. This became my humble web abode where I can freely expressed my thoughts, let my heart out, and review products and brands on my own way and own words. 

Blogging world is a huge place and creating digital content opens lots of doors for me. I first created this space for myself alone but it slowly transitioned into a space I never thought it could be. It gave a whole new world to me. 

Know Where to Secure Your Dream Business Permit Easily

Blogging about beauty, health and wellness made me dream of having my own beauty place where I can do what I love like exploring different beauty products and cater it to the people who wants to bring out the beauty in their best selves. I am thinking of having a commercial area where I can create my own beauty space. My thoughts are playing between a beauty bar, a very cute and dainty salon or a nature spa where all materials to be used can be wood. Browns and greens will surely make the place calm, serene and tranquil. Just thinking about it all in my head makes my heart giddy.

Manage Your Skincare Empties

The call for lessening our daily waste is a huge thing in the world right now since more and more countries encounter different problems in terms of lessening trashes. 

Just like in our community, we noticed the increase of the trashes the garbage collectors get this past few months because collection period dramatically changed. The collector in our subdivision collects our garbage always on a Saturday before but the homeowners association here would announced a different collection day because the garbage truck cannot get more trashes since it's full already.  That's a clear manifestation that the trashes are rapidly increasing daily. 

Especially for cases like events and big gatherings, collecting of garbage has been a headache to trash collectors. They sometimes take days in collecting and cleaning a whole area because of those undisciplined citizens who doesn't care about the environment who just dumped their trashes in the streets. Dumpster bin rental is a great help to lessen the manpower and make collecting of trashes easier. 

Personally, my main concern is the increasing number of my skincare bottles and tubes that I disposed every month because to be honest, I'm already feeling guilty about it. So recently, I came up with ways to decrease and reuse some of the empties I am slowly collecting. 

(c) Wantastic beauty


I've been a sheet mask collector since I started blogging. I am happy that I am building my sheet mask collection but the truth of the matter is, the nature is not happy about it. If I use a sheet mask daily, that's 365 plastics a year so the guilt-feeling is haunting me. So this year, I opted to use mask in tubs or containers with 7-30 pieces inside. Plus I can reuse the tub to be a container of my trinkets and other stuff. 


The beauty community often posts their empties online especially on Instagram so I always get a good idea such as creating bookmarks from the product boxes, plant containers for big tubs or tubs from sheet mask or face pads and a whole lot more. 


Sometimes, it's really overwhelming to use a new product that is released in the market especially if brands are reaching out to you and sending you all the products of their line. I remember I have 10 facial wash opened all at once and a quarter of those reached the expiration date because I tend to reach out on my fave face wash to use. 

Right now, the big challenge for me is how to reuse the tubes especially if they're small. So I often decline samples because those are additional plastics, still. Unless I create eco bricks, I can still use those empties. 

You? How do you handle all your trashes or your skincare empties. Share your little wins in helping save the environment in adding up more trashes. Would love to read more suggestions. 

Step Up The Beauty of Your Home with Beautiful Ceiling Tiles

Home renovation is a continuous process. There would always be a time where you want to upgrade and update the different pieces in your home. As time goes by, more and more modern designs and styles are updated in the market, and so we would like a new look, or new style.  

Before we recently renovated our small home, we had some troubles in choosing and picking the best tiles for the kitchen and living room. I just can't find the perfect design in my head. Then I found out that it's not the design that's lacking, it's the aesthetic that I want to achieve. 

Marketing Strategies to Level Up Your Beauty Business

Maintaining your business in the beauty industry in this pandemic is quite a challenging feat. With most people getting out of jobs and saving their money for future expenses, the beauty industry is affected as people would spend first on their necessities instead of getting their favorite tub of moisturizer. 

Just like other businesses now, it's a challenge on how to step up your game to increase or just maintain your profit. A lot of businesses are transitioning online or continuing their services on the web because of the situation we are right  now. If you are struggling on how to start doing it online, you might want to consider getting online marketing services and ask the experts on what to do. They are the professionals on that field and they know how to increase your online presence. 

Review: Skin 1004 Zombie Pack

I am so grateful to Skin1004 for sending some items to me for review even during the pandemic period. More than the product, I am more grateful with their response when I told them that we were Covid positive and asked if I can delay the review after I get well. They sent me well wishes, also telling me it's okay to delay the review. It's rare to find brands who understands their bloggers/ influencers situation despite the deadline so I thank them for that!