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Last weekend I was able to do a general clean up at home and while deep cleaning some stuff, I realized I have some household stuff I want to change so I list down everything per area. I want to purchase some organizers for the kitchen, some items for the restroom along with furnitures at the living room and bedroom. Since I can't purchase everything at once due to financial constraint, I need to do it per area first and I decided to purchase stuff for our room first. 

Us four, two adults and two kids only use a big mattress for all of us because our bed frame was already old and damaged so it broke down a few months back. This time though, the mattress was also showing signs of spring that's why it needed to be changed because it is as old as the bed frame. 

Perfect timing because there's winter bedroom furniture for sale that's perfect for us. I still co-sleep my kids that's why we are still together in one bed, hence the reason of getting a bigger bed. 

So I just made some research and wanted something similar to our old bed but can be used as storage compartment too since we want to maximize our space. 

I also saw some bunk beds too and I think it would be great for the kids to have that when they can fully sleep on their own. It's space-saver and looks chic at the same time. But for now, I'll go with something that can work as space saving furniture and we decided that a bed with cabinet can be a great help for our limited space.

I remember attending an event before about pillows and beds and the speaker mentioned that getting the perfect bed is on of the factors in getting a good night sleep since we are spending almost 1/3 of our life sleeping or attempting to. So that's just a good reason to know where to invest your money and that's getting yourself or your family a good bed. 

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  1. I agree po, malaking factor din talaga yung selection ng quality bed and pillows para maayos ang tulog.
    I like your preference, maganda din talaga yung nakakasave tayo ng space.


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