Review: Skin 1004 Witch Pack

If my face would thank someone right now, that would be Skin 1004's Witch Pack. 

I am so grateful because despite being Covid positive, Skin 1004 was so understanding and patient for they allow me to postponed this review until I fully recovered. If you have been following me on FB, IG or YT, you know that I and my husband were positive and things has been difficult for us. Thankful that we are both well now and continuing moving forward. 

Anyway, I have tried using this Witch Pack, and I first used it in the review on my Youtube channel. (Please subscribe.) It's a nice soothing and cooling wash-off mask pack perfect for acne-prone skin. It's also great even for dry skin like mine because it somehow gave back the life of my skin. 

How to Stay Safe this Pandemic

News or reports about house break ins are not a joke, especially if you have many valuable things at home.

The onset of pandemic made lots of people afraid of going out of their homes because they might acquire the scary virus. Staying at home might be fine for most people, yet more find it burdensome since people have been laid off from work and became unemployed.

A Place To Call My Own

It is indeed rewarding to have a place to call your own. As a wife and a mom of two kids, one of our goals is to get to build a house of our own, and it is slowly coming into fruition. Starting from keeping your hard-earned money to watching out your expenses on a daily basis, I can say that we were able to save money enough to start our dream home.

Personally, I would have loved to have our own house be made in just one go, but due to lack of huge funds, we have to watch it being made bit by bit, block by block, and stone by stone. It is really taxing to view the making of our dream house, yet I get to see how it is being done. Cost of materials is being itemized so I also learned to understand a little about carpentry, tools and materials needed for house-building.

Are Skincare Fridges Worth the Hype?

Skincare fridges has been a hype in the beauty industry lately even before the lockdown and pandemic happened. For those who aren't familiar, those are mini fridges dedicated to your skincare products. Until now, a huge hype is still ongoing with these mini fridges. Why is everyone so obsessed with skincare fridges for their skincare products?

If you are into beauty, especially skincare, you know how investing in skincare products requires a lot of effort in keeping them effective. This small fridges are designed to take care of the products you’ve invested in and extend the life of your beauty investments.

(c) Cosmetic Fridge

Affordable Online Clothes Shopping Ideas

We all like to buy new clothes once in a while, just to give our wardrobes a bit of a refresh. However, fashionable clothes can be expensive. And some are not made to last. Finding new ways to buy affordable clothes can be difficult, especially when can’t venture out to do it.

Beautiful Furniture Pieces in Toronto

Whenever I would read magazines, I always adore looking at home living sections or lifestyle sections because I want to create my house with beautiful furniture pieces. My husband and I planned and dreamed of having a home with beautiful furnitures that are made of high-quality and elegant-looking materials. Sometimes we would go to the malls or furniture stores to window shop what pieces we like to have in our home. We may not have the budget for it but it isn't bad to dream, right? I know I will achieve it one day anyway. 

Exquisite and luxury furniture pieces exudes a great vibe in any home. Who wouldn't want great items and furnitures in their home, right? Investing into the right furnitures will transform your home into the perfect place of rest and relaxation. 

How I Started As A Blogger and Influencer

For the past 10 years, I've been establishing this blog and writing my heart out whenever I can. This became my humble web abode where I can freely expressed my thoughts, let my heart out, and review products and brands on my own way and own words. 

Blogging world is a huge place and creating digital content opens lots of doors for me. I first created this space for myself alone but it slowly transitioned into a space I never thought it could be. It gave a whole new world to me. 

Know Where to Secure Your Dream Business Permit Easily

Blogging about beauty, health and wellness made me dream of having my own beauty place where I can do what I love like exploring different beauty products and cater it to the people who wants to bring out the beauty in their best selves. I am thinking of having a commercial area where I can create my own beauty space. My thoughts are playing between a beauty bar, a very cute and dainty salon or a nature spa where all materials to be used can be wood. Browns and greens will surely make the place calm, serene and tranquil. Just thinking about it all in my head makes my heart giddy.

Manage Your Skincare Empties

The call for lessening our daily waste is a huge thing in the world right now since more and more countries encounter different problems in terms of lessening trashes. 

Just like in our community, we noticed the increase of the trashes the garbage collectors get this past few months because collection period dramatically changed. The collector in our subdivision collects our garbage always on a Saturday before but the homeowners association here would announced a different collection day because the garbage truck cannot get more trashes since it's full already.  That's a clear manifestation that the trashes are rapidly increasing daily. 

Especially for cases like events and big gatherings, collecting of garbage has been a headache to trash collectors. They sometimes take days in collecting and cleaning a whole area because of those undisciplined citizens who doesn't care about the environment who just dumped their trashes in the streets. Dumpster bin rental is a great help to lessen the manpower and make collecting of trashes easier. 

Personally, my main concern is the increasing number of my skincare bottles and tubes that I disposed every month because to be honest, I'm already feeling guilty about it. So recently, I came up with ways to decrease and reuse some of the empties I am slowly collecting. 

(c) Wantastic beauty


I've been a sheet mask collector since I started blogging. I am happy that I am building my sheet mask collection but the truth of the matter is, the nature is not happy about it. If I use a sheet mask daily, that's 365 plastics a year so the guilt-feeling is haunting me. So this year, I opted to use mask in tubs or containers with 7-30 pieces inside. Plus I can reuse the tub to be a container of my trinkets and other stuff. 


The beauty community often posts their empties online especially on Instagram so I always get a good idea such as creating bookmarks from the product boxes, plant containers for big tubs or tubs from sheet mask or face pads and a whole lot more. 


Sometimes, it's really overwhelming to use a new product that is released in the market especially if brands are reaching out to you and sending you all the products of their line. I remember I have 10 facial wash opened all at once and a quarter of those reached the expiration date because I tend to reach out on my fave face wash to use. 

Right now, the big challenge for me is how to reuse the tubes especially if they're small. So I often decline samples because those are additional plastics, still. Unless I create eco bricks, I can still use those empties. 

You? How do you handle all your trashes or your skincare empties. Share your little wins in helping save the environment in adding up more trashes. Would love to read more suggestions. 

Step Up The Beauty of Your Home with Beautiful Ceiling Tiles

Home renovation is a continuous process. There would always be a time where you want to upgrade and update the different pieces in your home. As time goes by, more and more modern designs and styles are updated in the market, and so we would like a new look, or new style.  

Before we recently renovated our small home, we had some troubles in choosing and picking the best tiles for the kitchen and living room. I just can't find the perfect design in my head. Then I found out that it's not the design that's lacking, it's the aesthetic that I want to achieve. 

Marketing Strategies to Level Up Your Beauty Business

Maintaining your business in the beauty industry in this pandemic is quite a challenging feat. With most people getting out of jobs and saving their money for future expenses, the beauty industry is affected as people would spend first on their necessities instead of getting their favorite tub of moisturizer. 

Just like other businesses now, it's a challenge on how to step up your game to increase or just maintain your profit. A lot of businesses are transitioning online or continuing their services on the web because of the situation we are right  now. If you are struggling on how to start doing it online, you might want to consider getting online marketing services and ask the experts on what to do. They are the professionals on that field and they know how to increase your online presence. 

Review: Skin 1004 Zombie Pack

I am so grateful to Skin1004 for sending some items to me for review even during the pandemic period. More than the product, I am more grateful with their response when I told them that we were Covid positive and asked if I can delay the review after I get well. They sent me well wishes, also telling me it's okay to delay the review. It's rare to find brands who understands their bloggers/ influencers situation despite the deadline so I thank them for that!