Event: The Skin Bureau Launch

More than cosmetics, I've been an avid fan of skin care products. So when The Skin Bureau invited me to graced their event on their launch, I simply can't deny that I want to attend and be part of it. Any skin care enthusiasts would love to be updated with the latest skincare available in the market. 

'No Politics, Just Results' is Skin Bureau's tag line. It is the newest skin care line based in Pampanga which was formally introduced last June 17 at Imerex Hotel in Angeles City. It is a  sister company of Nurse Pharmaceuticals which is owned by Mr. Jeffrey Geronimo who also happens to be a nurse by profession. Some of the brand endorsers were Georgina Knight, Sachzna Laparan, Arjane Amante, Ashley Singh, Seika Hashizume and Youtuber Anna Cay.

The target market of the brand are the younger generation who's on their puberty stage and also the millennial nowadays. Sir Jeff was inspired by the fierce drive of the millennials hence the logo was created which looks like a shield just like Wonder Woman. The ingredients were organic and natural so they're safe for sensitive skin. Not sure though if there are ingredients on the products which are against pregnant and lactating moms like me. I actually posted this in a list of queries but I wasn't called to raise the question so I don't really have any idea.  

w/ Anna Cay

I will try their product line once I finished with my current skin care. I want to use The Skin Bureau items all at once so I can see the effect if it really suits my skin. One can only say that a product works for her if he/she used it. What might work for me, may not work for you and vice versa. 

The prices of the products will be released on July 1st so watched out for that. Will update this post once it is announced. 

Food Getaway:Tabehoudai

When all you want to do is to chow down on unlimited choice of Japanese food, then I suggest you go to Tabehoudai. Their buffet is simply worthy for P550.00 - no additional fees hidden. They do not even have a service charge which is an added point especially when you want every penny that will come out from your pocket be fully worth it.

We went there without any occasion. I know they have birthday promos but we didn't went there to grab the free treat. We just agreed to try the resto since it's been ages that we always suggest to come down the place. We only got the chance to visit few months ago. Only that I had no time in creating a blog post for it.

So to cover up my own lame excuse, here are the photos I took when we last dine at Tabehoudai. I had a difficult time in getting photos as there are so many people and for me, I know these photos are not blog post-worthy. Still, let me share it with my readers to have an idea on what food thy are serving.

If you have seen my Vikings post, you will notice that there are no labels in each station. Also, there are limited and few drinks. I also noticed that their food didn't tasted fully authentic. I may not be great when it comes to different flavors especially Japanese, but I somehow can distinguish ordinary dishes' taste. I am wishing that their food was purely authentic so there was a little disappointment when I tried them. But overall, they have good food. 

To be honest, I didn't enjoyed staying there much because baby was also difficult to manage hence I didn't ate well. But for the price, I think it's worth the food and the experience. I like that there are no hidden fees unlike others. Also, please give them a call for reservation because most of the time, they are full. 

Resto Name: Tabehoudai
Address: McArthur Hway, San Agustin, Pampanga
Type of Food: Japanese 
WIFI: None
Tel Nos. +63454551300/ 09985761540/ 09153981876

Overall, I would love to return there again and enjoy the dishes one more time. This time, baby is a bit bigger and he loves to eat whenever there's someone who can get to eat with him. I only served him fruits and veggies though. I think it will be bearable to go there with him and just keep him busy while all of us eat. Too sad I wasn't able to enjoy a buffet on my birthday. Tabehoudai would be a great place if ever. 

Food Getaway: Vikings

Everybody loves buffet? Who doesn't want to eat unlimited food of different kind, right? So when our family decided to celebrate my MIL's birthday celebration at Vikings, I am too excited to try what they have to offer on their newest branch is located here in Pampanga. 

For the love of food, let me share here all the dishes and stations this Vikings branch has to offer.

Bread Station

Salad Station
Dessert Station

Vikings Pampanga Rates


Adult Weekday Lunch: 738 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekday Dinner: 938 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 938 (+5% service charge)

Kids below 3 ft: FREE
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Lunch: 208 (+5% service charge)
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekday Dinner: 308 (+5% service charge)
Kids 3 ft - 4 ft Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 308 (+5% service charge)

Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Lunch: 418 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekday Dinner: 618 (+5% service charge)
Kids 4 ft - 4 ft 6" Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 618 (+5% service charge)

Steak Station

Fruits Station

Crepe Station

Shabu-Shabu Station

Pizza Station

Dimsum Station

Drinks Station
Pastry Station

Nacho Station

Sushi Station

I was a little surprised that they served a very small slice of their cake. I remember visiting the Vikings branch in North Edsa and the cake there was bigger than this one. It was way 2013- 2014 I think. 

Generally the food was okay for me. There are dishes that are distinctly great and some were just quite good for my palate. I like their Angus beef and most of their steak dishes. I also like their sushi station and stayed long in getting different drinks. However, I wasn't able to enjoy most food because I used most of my time in letting my baby sleep and playing with him. 

If you are a heavy-eater or willing to dine for a long period of time, then it's worth eating at Vikings. However, I won't advise dining there if you are in a hurry, or will just eat snack because they are priced higher than regular resto and I don't think it will be worth the cost. We paid for around 3k for 4 person which I think is not really worth it. It will only be worth the bucks if I can eat there for a very long time. If only they can let people sit from lunch to dinner. Or perhaps I'm saying this because I paid for all of us. Hahaha 😅

I would like to experience eating there without me paying for my food or in short, I would like to eat there for FREE. If only.. 😀

Food Getaway: Big Bob Burger

Are you a burger fan? I am not really into buns and patties but whenever there's a good one in town, I make sure that I pay a visit to that place. Here's another burger joint that you can visit along Golangco in Guagua, Pampanga. 

Big Bob Burger started with the idea to service customers with different kinds of burgers. They discovered that colored buns were a hit recently so they copied that concept and they are the few ones who started it here in the province. Nothing to worry though because it is just plain coloring to make their burgers stand out. 

The restaurant's exterior caught my eye as they have bike outside the place. It is also clean and spotless. Maybe because there isn't much customers when we went there which makes the place clean. 

The resto is a self-service place where have to get your own utensils, condiments and hand guards. I like that they have hand guards to ease chowing down the burger. I would prefer tthat over fork and knife.

They served us their bestsellers and their different variety of burgers from their menu. The beefy nachos is my favorite among all the items in the menu. I also like the flavor of their hot and spicy chicken wings. 

Beefy Nachos - P150.00

Chicken Wings Hot & Spicy - P130.00

They also served very colorful drinks in their mason jars. As for the burgers, I like the patties better than the buns. I feel that the bun has something more to improve on. 

Assorted Drinks

Grupo Fries (Cheese) - P100.00

DQCB (Double Quarter Cheese Burger) - P145.00

CBMB (Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Burger) - P100.00

GPB (Grilled Pineapple Burger) - P90.00

BBB (Big Bob Burger) Classic - P180.00

Big Bob Burger Staff

Big Bob Burger Staff with PDI (Pampanga Digital Influencers)

It's my first time to visit the place and as a first-timer, I appreciate what they have to offer. I'm glad that there are hand guards ready in case you wanted to use hands instead of the usual fork and knife while finishing your burger. Unlike in other burger places I visited, they don't have this option available. I think they are the first around the area with this concept. 

As for the food, I hope they will have more varieties on their burger but I like their BBB Classic  the most. Also, it would be great if the buns will be something from their own recipe. There's a little hint of after taste on the bread which isn't good to compliment the tasty patties. 

Resto Name: Big Bob Burger
Address: Golangco, Guagua Pampanga
Type of Food: Burger Resto
WIFI: None. 

I'm recommending this place to all burger junkies. If you want something different than your usual burger places, you can try visiting Big Bob Burger in Guagua. They also have two branches at Florida and their goal is to expand more on San Fernando and hopefully Angeles.