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Food Getaway: Ala Creme

August 29 was the day before I go to the hospital for my induction. I was past my due date which was on the 28th. I told my husband to treat me to something nice for my so-called last supper. Haha. We came that day from my OB's appointment and finished late. She advised me to walk more and from her clinic, we walked until we reach Ala Creme. I totally missed the place. It used to be our hangout during our first few years together. A lot of food places opened here in our place and we forgot to go back the Ala Creme. It's only now that we visited it again. It's good to be back! 

We started with salad. I opted to get one because I don't want to feel too heavy before my big day. I always eat salad whenever I have the option and time. This salad is one of my faves.  Love their salad and the dressing that goes with it!

Mango Chicken Chopped Salad - P195.00

Something that I think will go well with salad are buffalo wings. Since I found out that it's one of their bestsellers I chose it and it didn't failed us. I like the well-balanced flavor of sweetness and spiciness of this meal plus the dressing that has a kick of vinaigrette goes well with the taste. Definitely a must-try! 

Buffalo Chicken Wings - P198.00

Jaycee ordered a full meal while I ditched the rice. You know why. I am already too heavy and I might have a hard time to go in labor if I eat more rice. He chose to have Steak A La Creme. He's just a steak buddy! I tasted it and it's quite good too!

Steak A La Creme - P385.00

He also got his own coffee and I just got water. I'm more into water since I got pregnant. I never took coffee during my whole pregnancy. I just think it's a little off with their coffee. I was expecting more of the cafe style in coffee shops but then again it's just P58.00.

Cafe Americano - P58.00 

Lastly, I want something sweet for the finish. A slice of ube cake which is also one of their bestsellers is a must to try. I totally didn't eat much sweets during my pregnancy ut a little taste won't hurt. Besides. I think of it as a reward before I give birth. 

Ube Macapuno with Walnut Slice - P114.00

Resto Name: ALA CREME
Address: CTH Bldg. McArthur Highway, Dolores, San Fernando, Pampanga
Type of Food: Cafe Bistro, Cakeshop and Restaurant
WIFI: Fast :)

After eating at Ala Creme I thought, why did we ever forgot to go back again on that place. It's actually a good thing that it's still open until now despite the competition on restaurants. Will definitely go back after our visit. Next time, together with our baby. :) 

Get Your Own Inflatable at Inflatable Zone

I may not be the adventurous type of gal but I really wanted to experience more things in life. It's just that I have so many reasons as to why I am not experiencing this kind or that kind of thing. I have a very short list of friends who I considered the adventurous type but we weren't that much close and there's also this shortage of time and being busy and all. 

Sometimes I just want to have my own inflatable-zone at home where I can play for an unlimited amount of time. I can even invite my friends then and just childishly play to our hearts content.

I recently found out about this zorbing ball - zorb ball Outdoor Toy At Inflatable-zone.com. The website offers different products that can be use for water games and non-water games like something for bubble soccer, inflatable bouncer, inflatable slide, inflatable tents and more. 

You can view more of the products HERE. They're the leading manufacturer of inflatable products online. These products can be easily purchased online than in stores. I think I will spoil myself and get one of this. The only problem though is the space. I don't have that big space for inflatables. Now, I think our goal for our new home is a bigger space for something like this. 

For those who have large space and wanted to experience water games, you can purchase some inflatables here at a very affordable price. Payment's also very flexible that you will really want to get one for yourself.