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Project Vanity's 10th Year Anniversary

On it’s 10th year, Project Vanity once again made the whole beauty community come alive as we witness another milestone of it's beautiful and fruitful years. PV celebrated the occasion with its loyal readers and partners and I can say I was glad to be able to get a slot on the event because I’ve been a silent reader for the longest time and been wanting to see Miss Liz in person. Good thing that time, money and situation permitted me to attend. I badly wanted to go for the last couple of years whenever PV celebrated it's anniversary, but whenever I wanted to, I just couldn't do so because a lot of things are happening. This time, I was able to go and I am definitely . 

The venue was in Shang and finding the event area wasn't so difficult because majority of the attendees wore pretty pink blouses and dresses. Good thing I was able to follow the motif too! At the registration booth, we were given the pink pretty loot bag with product items from sponsors in it. The cost of the contents of the lootbag costs more than the fee of the event which is P1250. The lootbag products cost more than 4k I believe.

Together with the lootbag, human bingo card was also given to us so that we can play and get to know other beautiful people at the event. I'm proud to say that I was able to finish early and got to talk to other pretty girls during the event. Got myself some friends here and there too. I also joined contests like the one with Prince Charming Mr. Omurice himself. I fit the glass slipper so I got a box of baby foot and he gave me a rose as well. Oh, if only I'm single! Tsk tsk. Haha

As I was roaming around to complete my bingo card, I happened to chance on with Miss Liz and asked for a photo op which she gladly obliged. She's just so down to earth and I love her! *fangirling mode on*

The event was hosted by the very bubbly Tita K of Mellow947 and the first speaker was Rosario Juan. After the first speaker, there was a panel discussion and the guests were business owners of beauty brands such as Tony Moly, Ellana Minerals and Pink Sugar. They were asked how they started their biz and what challenges did they encounter and if there were times that they were being pulled down. It was a very inspiring talk and there were a lot of thoughts to ponder on.

After that, the Project Vanity Team also had an open discussion regarding skin care and beauty. I like how smart and beautiful they all were. Too bad I needed to go because I will be going home to Pampanga and traffic is bad like uughh in the metro.  Bye-bye Prince Charming!

Overall, the very first Project Vanity I attended on didn't fail me. I would love to be back again next year. Happy anniversary Miss Liz and to the whole PV team! Thanks to all the sponsors as well in making us happy. Cheers!

Review: Happy Skin Sealed With a Kiss (Limited Edition) and Valentine’s Kiss

After being swayed with the matte line of lippies, I refrained from using the ordinary kind. However, I recently opened my heart again to these regular ones and this time, it was with Happy Skin.

I have heard about Happy Skin couple of years ago and bought myself one from my Zalora credits a little late last year but since I got a whole bunch of lipsticks in line, I only used them recently.

Happy Skin is one of the few local lipstick brand that has very cute and dainty packaging. Their team really put hard work on their design. I love each design on their products, not only on their lipstick line but with their other items as well. 

I got the Sealed With a Kiss lipstick inside a tin cute box with this very pretty design and the Valentine's Kiss in a separate lipstick box. The latter was endorsed by Kris Aquino and it was a limited edition. 

The color pay off of each lipstick was great. One swipe and you'll get good color. It is highly pigmented and has rich moisture too. My only issue though was about it's longevity. I hope it lasts more on the lips.  

I got all of these lippies at a very good discount. I bought it for only a total of P1373.60. I got the Sealed with a Kiss for P909.30 and the Valentine’s Kiss shade for only P384.30. I paid P80 for shipping. Actually, it’s already a pretty good deal because the Sealed With a Kiss kit comes at P1299.00  and Kris' fave is at P549.00. I think I already got a good deal with that. 

These lipsticks are the moisturizing type. I am not afraid that it will dry my lips compared to the matte I am using. However, I found it difficult to use because it is transfer-proof and easily removed. For my lifestyle, I need lippies that lasts really long because I always talk everyday in front of my class. Reapplying will take much of my time. But it is nice to take a break from the matte lippies once in a while. 

Summer Fling

Crushing On You

First Kiss

Valentine Kiss
Yay for me! (◕‿  

  • Bought it at Zalora using my shopping credits.
  • Very cute and dainty packaging.
  • The lipsticks has intense moisture.
  • Got it on SALE.
  • Comes in great colors.
  • Easy to buy now because most malls have kiosks of Happy Skin.
Nay! ()
  • It isn't long wearing and transfer-proof. 
  • A little pricey compared to other drug store lippies. (This is good quality though.)
I don’t have much to say with its effectiveness. I like the simplicity of the product. Bloggers also rave about this and I think I now know why. You can try using it for yourself and see the difference.

Price: P384.30 for Valentine’s Kiss
P909.30 for Sealed With a Kiss
Bought from: Zalora
Size: 7g.

My love for lippies will still stand through. Good thing I was able to try Happy Skin and I know I love the brand. Hoping to experience and get more shades from their line soon. 

Review: Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3 – Step Kit

Lip exfoliation is one of the things I always forget whenever I exfoliate my skin. So when I had the experience of using Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3 – Step Kit for the first time, I liked it so much despite the long process and application.

I already have used nose sheets, face masks, eye patches and the like. But this is my first time to use a lip kit patch, I was amazed with the results that I am all positive in reviewing this.

The packaging is really cute which has a money picture in front. I personally chose to get this because I want to experience applying lip kit on my lips. It is a 3-step process and each has different purpose on the lips. It includes lip peeling patch, volume lip pack and honey lip essence.

I purchased this together with the other items from Althea using my coupon. Original price is at P180.00 but I got this on sale for a P100.

I like the effect of each procedure. The peeling pouch needs to be used in a clean lips. You need to lightly scrub it on the lips and it will exfoliate the lips gently without harshly scrubbing off the dead skin cells. 

The volume lip pack is my fave because I felt that it's the reason why my lips turned out moisturized after the process. It is a hydro gel lip patch that you need to patch on the lips for 15 minutes and removed after the allotted time. 

The last step was the honey lip essence which acts as a treatment for moisturizing dry lips. It's a little thick on the lips so this is better to apply at night before sleeping. 

Yay for me! (◕‿  
  • Got it at Althea using my coupon. It's good as FREE.
  • Very cute packaging
  • It really removed dead skin on the lips gently.  
  • It has a bit of translation so it aids in the application.

Nay! ()
  • It’s a 3-step process making application really long.

Price: P100.00 each
Bought from: Althea Ph
Size: 2g.

For lip exfoliation, I think this one deserves to be tested out. I admit that most of the time, I forget to exfoliate my lips but I exfoliate my face. This pucker needs TLC once in a while.

Pardon those faces as I was about to dose off that time and I look haggard for the day! 😁

Try it and I know it is something that you would love to experience. Can you suggest other lip product that targets pampering the lips? I'm reading!

Xoxo. ♥