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The Rise of Wood Tiles

It isn't new that I've always talked about upgrading our home and how I finished each area when we got some extra cash to spend. Just recently I talked about here in the blog that we had a home renovation and we put extra effort on deciding what flooring to use. 

We may have used basic tiles on our living room and kitchen but if money permits, I would go for engineered hardwood floors for home. I just feel that a house looks more classic and polished with woods. Especially if you have white walls and basically with stuff at home, I like the wood flooring to accentuate the entire household. Actually, it was originally our plan to go with wood but I didn't know how to start in choosing the right kind of wood. 

Schedule Appliance Repair Services in Advance

Christmas is near and it's the time of the year that we need to double check our appliances if they are working well because we don't want them to malfunction especially if it's the time to prepare a feast. 

One of our family's tradition is to spend Christmas with a banquet. Figuratively. We would spend our fortune to prepare a feast because relatives will be surely coming over to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For us, it's the time to be thankful for everything so we kind of giving it all. With that, our pantry and refrigerator will be full of items to celebrate the season. So having broken cooking or storing appliances should be a no-no. 

Sleep Comfortably Under Your Roof

As a homeowner, one must always check on what things are broken in our home. But to be honest, being a hands-on working mom, with some part time jobs and managing all the chores is just too huge already that I sometimes cannot attend to other stuff like broken appliances and other fixtures

My husband is a nurse and because of the pandemic, he work his ass off double time hence he also arrives really tired and need to also study his German language skills since he's planning to go to Germany and work there. So technically, most of his time were used at work and study. He gets too tired already so he mostly don't have time to fix broken items at home, especially those that would require plenty of time to fix. In situations like this, we rely on professionals to do the work for us. 

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Last weekend I was able to do a general clean up at home and while deep cleaning some stuff, I realized I have some household stuff I want to change so I list down everything per area. I want to purchase some organizers for the kitchen, some items for the restroom along with furnitures at the living room and bedroom. Since I can't purchase everything at once due to financial constraint, I need to do it per area first and I decided to purchase stuff for our room first. 

Us four, two adults and two kids only use a big mattress for all of us because our bed frame was already old and damaged so it broke down a few months back. This time though, the mattress was also showing signs of spring that's why it needed to be changed because it is as old as the bed frame. 

Perfect timing because there's winter bedroom furniture for sale that's perfect for us. I still co-sleep my kids that's why we are still together in one bed, hence the reason of getting a bigger bed. 

So I just made some research and wanted something similar to our old bed but can be used as storage compartment too since we want to maximize our space. 

Dress Your Way and Feel It Girl!

Lately, I've been a  fan of working out because I recently joined a movement challenge and been kind of addicted to moving out often. I actually wrote about the challenge on my lifestyle blog. While the challenge was ongoing, I just wore the house clothes I have at home. No workout clothes at all. Compare to other participants that wore their best body shaper which looks really good while working out so I thought I might get one for myself. I actually have ample of reasons as to why I don't have any workout clothes at the moment. 


Instantly Play Online Games for FREE

One of my favorite past time, apart form watching kdrama is playing games online. Usually when I am tired of watching or just got bored with the film's plot, I would turn to playing games especially those classic ones like solitaire, puzzles, chess and mahjong. I was happy to have discovered this website Solitaire.org because aside from my favorite classic card games, the interface was so smooth and easy to play. 

Designer Tips in Picking the Right Color for Your Home

To beautify one's home, one technique is to change your painting. Six months ago, we were living in our bare house. When we got it painted, the living room and kitchen looked so big even if we only painted it white. Now, it got me thinking, there are several paints that will suit each lifestyle and each home.

If you are renovating your home and looking for professional house painting services in Richmond hill, you might want to try Arkady's painting. They are the most trusted painting company in Richmond Hill. We got to ask the professionals to do it for us because they have the knowledge in doing that and to make it last. 

So before deciding what color will suit your home, you might want to consider these insider tips in picking the right color for your home. 

1. Pick a Color, Any Color

Your favorite color can be your guide. You can play different hues of your favorite color and from there, you will establish the mixing and matching of the colors on the whole household. Say your favorite color is blue, you may want to try light or pastel blue for the wall then look for the same color scheme for your appliances and other household stuff.

2. Consider the room size

If you have a small space and wanted the place to look big, try lighter colors. If you have a bigger space at home and wanted to make it smaller, try the opposite which are darker shade. 

3. Use trial and error method

Try different paint colors in different parts of the house. This way, you can check first if you pick the best color. Try a small area first so that in case you made a mistake, you can go back to the original one.

4. Consider the room's lightning

Before choosing your wall paint color, you have to keep in mind that if you have natural light, it will show the true color of the paint. Consider that incandescent light will bring up a warmer tones while fluorescent will give a sharp blue tones. By checking on the lights, you can make adjustment on your paint's color. 

These are just some of the tips in picking the color for your home while you are designing and fixing the aesthetics of your painting project. Just remember that the greatest tip to maintain the right color in your home is to establish a colorful relationship with all the members inside it. 

Signs to Change Your Old Car

Recently, my husband kept on bugging me on getting a new car. We own a classic secondhand car in 2016 and now he's complaining that he always experienced lot of troubles in our car right now. It's a '97 model and of course, it's old. Well, really old. (He's our home driver since we all don't know how to drive). 

I myself wanted to get a new one but of course, we had to first consider the finances and if we are capable of buying one. In flexible payment terms that is. We also have to consider a lot like getting insurances  as well. Of course we also need to be prepared for repairs say we encountered some problems just like how we need to seek for someone who fixes dent repair for Cadillac cars. We should know where to go. 

We had lots of challenges with our sedan that's why I understand my husband's frustration in driving our car. We often experience engine malfunction and our glass windows were already giving up. Sometimes it's lose , sometimes it's stuck. 

Now it got me thinking, how do we check for signs that we now need to change our car. 

* You're always breaking down.

Recently when we picked up my sister from the metro, it's more than a 2-hour ride. We need to stopped twice and check the engine because hubby can sense that's it's overheating. We already feared what might happen because few months ago, when my dad used our car, the engine suddenly stopped. Good thing there's a nearby repair shop and they were assisted.

* When Electricals Begin to Fail

I think it's crucial that the car's electricals should always be on perfect condition before any drive. If this came as recurring issue on your car, better fix it now asap.

* Rusting

Rusting makes the car deteriorate, either with long term use or when you neglect it. I can already see signs that our machine is rusting already compare to others that I see which is free from oxidation reaction. This might greatly affect the performance of your driving so you should maintain cleaning your car to avoid rusting, especially if it's just new.  

Here are just some of the factors you can check which can help you decide if it's time that you get a new car or you can still continue using your own. 

In the end, it is up to you when you can change your car. Just remember to always take care and be safe on the road. 

Is Getting a Dishwasher Beneficial?

If there is one appliance that I would want to get at home, that would be a dishwasher (apart from my fave skincare fridge). It is one of the appliances that I am thinking of getting but I always end up postponing it. To be honest, I am not really familiar on how to use it nor the benefits I'll get once I had it. It's also rare that we have friends and relatives who uses it so I was really contemplating of getting one. So I had to do a little research on how will it be beneficial to me and I took note on some of the advantages of getting a dishwasher. 

Minimalist Flooring Design

During this pandemic, apart from being busy with my work, what I am most busy at was improving our home's interior and exterior. We believe that home improvement is a continuous process. There is always something that we wanted to change or aesthetic to achieve. 

When we had some extra cash, our first project was to add kitchen cabinets and change our entire living room flooring. Before deciding what design to use at home, we had to research different designs at Pinterest and on the web.