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Food Getaway: Bagnet House

I am back. I am definitely back! 

No, this is not a drama or a film of some sort. I am back to blogging again after a very long time of hiatus. Motherhood took its toll in me and I don't know if I am having post-partum depression again or what. I just feel that I have so a lot of things in my hand. Anyhow, I cleared my mind and my body now to give way to more hectic times ahead. I need to multi-multi-multitask to achieve more of my goals. (Yeah, that's a triple multi because it's a lot!)

So this weekend, I once again opened my schedule, (and my hubby as well) to give way to another invite I can't declined. (Hi sis Arms! Haha) It’s an invite from the newest resto in the area, the Bagnet House. It is situated in front of Maligaya 168 in San Fernando, and caters the yummiest bagnet and pizza. 

Bagnet House is a mini-resto that can cater around 30-40 person. The place provides a homey feel to it. The place may be a bit small but the service was superb. All the staff were friendly, including the owner Miss Rowena. She discussed some details on how they conceptualized the resto. 

Their business started when they ventured into food park. She kept herself busy while her husband was outside the country. Later on, they decided to rent up a space to go all out with their biz. Since she had experience in tasting authentic Ilokano bagnet, she then decided to do it on their menu alongside with some home-made pizza which you will surely love. 

Their selection of dishes were all superb. Upon serving the food though, I discovered they have a different take on offering their menu.  You have to dip the bagnet in your choice of sauce. You can choose between kare-kare, spicy gata or binagoongan. I was used in ordering it as one dish, no dipping needed, Bagnet and the sauce mixed altogether. Bagnet House however, has a different take on that. And I think I like theirs better. Why? It's because I get to feel the crunch of the bagnet before dipping it or I can simply have the option to eat it freely as plain. Gosh! It was so crunchy that I opted to eat it in solo than dipping it. 

Spicy Gata Bagnet - P349.00

Kare-Kare Bagnet - P349.00

Aside from bagnet, their thin crust pizzas are the bomb! No wasted piece of pizza. They have Hawaiian flavour, which is loaded with pineapples, ham and cheese. It's not the traditional Hawaiian type you eat outside. I prefer this than those commercial ones. They also have the Bagnet Sisig Pizza which of course tasted like sisig but it has a different twist because of the cheese in it. Their Shawarma Pizza which was a fave of mine because of it's generous serving of meat and vegetables with the mayo and lots of onions on top. There’s also the Cheezy Garlic Pizza which is an absolute favorite. I was actually the one who finished this variant because of the power of the different cheeses tasted really heavenly! The pizzas were all perfect especially if you partner it with their special chili oil sauce, They mixed olive oil and shredded chili on it and perfected its boling process. 

Cheesy Garlic - P270.00

Pepperoni - P270.00

Shawarma Pizza- P270.00

Hawaiian Pizza - P270.00

For drinks, they have house blend iced tea which was really sour at first but its taste eventually changed when the ice on the drink melts. You will get to appreciate the taste after quite some time though. Our palate was just familiar with sugary drinks that’s why this iced tea will break the classic iced tea type. They used muscovado sugar in it too.

Overall, the place was great if you’re looking for affordable bagnet recipes without breaking the bank. Their pizza selection was superb too. Soon, they will have more dish added to their menu and they are also planning to create promos for the holiday season. Come and try them out!

 Resto Name: Bagnet House
Address: B2 MC7 Bldg., Mc Arthur Highway, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
(Infront of Maligaya Village)
Type of Food: Filipino and Pizza
WIFI: Unavailable
0910-971-6218, 0975-298-9321

National Pampering Day 2017

Freebies are always magical. It always makes someone happy. Nailaholics surely knows how to deliver that by making sure that their patrons are happy by giving them free pampering every year. Now, they're on their 2nd year of giving free services such as free manicure, foot spa, or foot massage. The store continues its mission by launching another successful #NationalPamperingDay. 

People were all happy to receive their free services. From 10am to 1pm, the store was open to everyone and those who had the golden ticket can get free services. They can choose from the ones mentioned above. 

I know that the event was very successful because there were a lot of posts in Instagram and Facebook about the activity. It was a huge success! 

Thank you Nailaholics for sending out positive and happy vibes as always. Will visit you again sometime soon! 

Review: BYS Nude Eye Palette

Palette is a girl’s best friend, especially if she is fond of makeup. I was so excited when I subscribed for Glamourbox curated box because I know that there’s an eyeshadow palette included on it. It’s like the counterpart of Naked but of course, Naked is more expensive and since I am still practicing eye makeup, I can opt using this instead. Right now, I know they have a promo of Buy 2 Take 1 for P1499.00. This however, is what I got about a year ago and I am practicing with this one so I chose not to be swayed by the promo. (Oh good heavens, it’s so difficult not to be swayed!)

Anyway, I like that this palette is a mix of shimmer and matte. There are also 12 shades to choose from. It’s nice to mix and match the different shades to create the look you want.

I like that the packaging is lightweight and can be carried around anywhere. It also has a built-in mirror and has 2 brushes included. It consists of 12 nude shades – a combination of matte and shimmer.

There are shades that are super pigmented and there are those that aren’t much visible. I noticed that the darker ones were more pigmented than the lighter shades.

It retails at P1199.00. Quite expensive for me and each shade consists of only a small portion of the product. But since it consists of 12 colors, I think it is somewhat okay anyway.

To be honest, I really didn’t feel that it is longwearing. There are some that are okay and some were removed easily at all. When I wear them in the morning, by midday, I don’t see any color anymore. Even when I use eye primer, I also think it doesn’t sit much long on the skin. Yes, it is a bit longer than not having primer at all but I feel there’s not much difference.

Yay for me! (◕‿ 
  • It’s included in a curated box and got it for really less.
  • It’s a mix of matte and shimmer so there are a lot of options.
  • Mirror and brushes included which is great for on-the-go application.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Some colors are not really long wearing. .
  • The brushes that comes with it falls off easily.

PriceGot it from Glamourbox
Bought from: Glamourbox Curated Box Subscription
 Size: 12g

Even if it didn’t work like how I want it to be, I still like the thought that I have an eyeshadow palette in hand. I can use this whenever I feel like it and it’s also easy to bring compare to my huge palettes that are as big as books.

I hope I can practice combining more shades with this palette. Will share those on my IG @thecuteanddainty.