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Travel: Experience Canyon Cove at Nasugbu, Batangas

This post might be a little overdue because it's been 8 months since we traveled to Nasugbu and went to Canyon Cove for the first time. It was crazy then because the morning of our wedding, we had an emergency getaway to Baguio with my husband's relatives. At first, I told Jaycee not to agree in joining the Baguio group because it's not included in our budget plan and we just got married on Dec 5 and they want us to leave 5am of Dec 6. We barely had sleep! The feeling was intense tiredness that I just want to lay down on bed all day after our big event! Imagine all the crazy stress during the last few days of the wedding and when you just want to rest all day after it happened, here's one big stress-buster! However, we still decided to join because 1) his relatives will be leaving on the 7th to go back to Leyte, and 2) because I need to adjust to my married life now. 

Anyway, going back to the deal I secured on Canyon Cove. I went through the Metrodeal website and they had an offer at 57% off. It was originally priced at P6999 and it's only for P2999 for 4 persons, 2 adults and 2 kids. We both agree to get it to use it for our honeymoon. We only had a week of work leave for the wedding and we need to make the most out of it. So our schedule happened like this:

December 5 - WEDDING DAY
December 6-7 - Baguio
December 8-9 - CANYON COVE 
December 11 - Jaycee's back to work
December 14 - I'm back to work 

We slept and rested on the 10th and on the 12 and 13, I cleaned the whole house and transferred my things in my new home. Crazy yet fun! 

Let's travel back time last Dec 8. Since we came all the way from Pampanga, we left home at 8am and arrived in Batangas at around 2pm. It's crazy travelling in Manila nowadays. It's been so long since I went to the Metro and once the car or bus set foot around Manila, time is already wasted. 

Bus from Pampanga to Avenida - P102 each
LRT from Avenida - Gil Puyat - P20 each
Bus from Gil Puyat to Nasugbu, Batangas town proper - P155 each
Tricycle from Nasugbu Town Proper - Canyon Cove - P80 for one way

Check-in time at Canyon Cove is 3pm and check-out time is 12 noon the next day. Even if we're a little early, they already accommodated us and let us in. They only have few guests during that time so I think they weren't totally strict regarding the check-in time. 

I was surprised when they told me that I have to deposit P2k before checking in. I don't know why they had to do that. That regulation isn't included with the terms written on their website and even at the Metrodeal site. I know that there's a surcharge of P2k if the date of the reservation becomes a holiday, it will be applied but as far as I know, there's no holiday then even in Batangas. Though the P2k will be refunded upon checking out. Good thing we have money then or else they won't let us in! I hope they will update it so as not to confuse their other guests!

While we were waiting for everything to be processed, we waited at the lobby. Their lobby was spacious and they have free wifi there. Their wifi didn't reach the rooms so we had to go down whenever we want to connect on social media.

When we arrived in our room, I decided to take some shots of the room first. We were just so tired and lazy and all we wanted was to rest but for the sake of blogging, I need to do it! Haha. That's why you will notice that Jaycee was just resting in bed in one of the photos. 

There's also this picturesque view in our room that will take your breath away! It's my favorite part of the room, actually! Good thing we had a welcoming weather when we arrived there.

We're a little hungry when we arrived so we decided to eat some snack first before touring the place and of course before swimming.  They are partnered with Max's Restaurant so expect Max's pricing with a little additional. For me, I think the food was expensive. 

After eating, we toured around the place. We decided to swim later in the evening around 5pm. 

They also have a lot of water sports activities for groups and families. We skipped venturing into those activities because we think it's a little expensive and I honestly just can't cope with everything's that's happening after our wedding. All I want to do during those times is to swim and rest. Now I regret not doing it! Hopefully, I'll have the moolah and energy soon to do those kind of things. 

So after touring and swimming, we decided to have our dinner. When we got back in our room, this is the view that welcomed us. Wonderful sunset in our porch. How I wish I can see a sight like this everyday of my life. 

Overall, we had a great time with our Canyon Cove experience. It might be a little expensive with the trip and all but it's still worth visiting the place. I hope we can have more travel sesh especially with the firstborn coming on the way. 

More travels soon! Ciao! 

Stress Less with FERN-C!

Living and working in the city can be somewhat exhausting, especially with the endless stream of stressors, pollutants and pressure. At times, it can be too much to handle and in turn, become outright life draining. That’s why you need something that can help you stay strong and resilient throughout the day’s ordeals – what you need is Vitamin C!  Contrary to popular belief though, not all Vitamin C supplements are created equal.

Studies show that the immune system weakens due to the onset of stress. This explains why our bodies get weak and become susceptible to illness.  However, we can greatly reduce that possibility by taking Vitamin C daily. 

According to Dr. Oz’s website, Vitamin C is able to “quickly clear out cortisol – a primary stress hormone.” Because of Vitamin C’s ability to regulate stress, it becomes the necessary and most convenient way to alleviate stress on those hectic work days.

Vitamin C is regarded by many as a “cure all” for most ailments, because its primary function is to boost the immune system, protecting the body from flu, cough, bronchitis and other viral and bacterial infections. Aside from this, it also acts as a potent anti-oxidant.   Finally, Sodium Ascorbate FERN-C also promotes healthy gums, teeth, bones and other connective tissues.

Choose Sodium Ascorbate FERN-C
It is a common misconception that Vitamin C comes only in one form – Ascorbic Acid.  The truth is there is in fact another form of Vitamin C called Sodium Ascorbate and it is actually superior to Ascorbic Acid in areas where it counts. 

For one, Sodium Ascorbate dissolves faster upon ingestion. This means that the body reaps the benefits of Vitamin C faster, enabling it to quickly act on stress. In addition to that, Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate supplements are non-acidic and thus better tolerated.  Unlike Ascorbic Acid which causes stomach discomfort unless taken with meals, Soduim Ascorbate can be taken on an empty stomach. 

With its pH level at 7.5 to 7.8, Sodium Ascorbate FERN-C is alkaline-based to neutralize acidity in the stomach. This makes it the perfect vitamin for those with hyper-acidity, and people whose schedules cause irregular sleeping and frequent meal skipping. 

The good news is that the number one Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate brand in the Philippines, FERN-C, which used to be available only via multi-level marketing, is now on sale via retail.

The quality of FERN-C is assured because each pack is certified with the Quali-C seal, as the Sodium Ascorbate which is the active ingredient of FERN-C was developed and it manufactured by DSM, the only European Vitamin C manufacturer.

Despite the limitations of the MLM distribution scheme, FERN-C is the number one Sodium Ascorbate brand in the country, and well and truly “subok na” among its faithful users. 

FERN-C is now available in major drugstores nationwide.

Homemade Cakes and Cupcakes at Pattycakes and more

When my husband and I were preparing for our wedding, we tried really hard to exhaust all the help that we can get from our families and friends to help us lessen our expenses and just stick to our budget. Thankfully enough, lots of help were committed by them and we couldn’t thank everyone enough for everything!

From our flowers, to souvenirs, wedding car and emcee, a lot of help were given to us. Not to mention our very delicious cake from Pattycakes and more. We’re really consistent and disciplined with our wedding budget plan and Patty baking for us is truly a huge help. Jaycee, being in charge with the cake talked to her HS friend Patty if she can bake for us and Jaycee just handed Patty a certain amount and let her do the rest. We actually didn’t had any expectations with the cake and was just expecting a single or a double layer cake but what we got is a three-layer-all-edible-cake from her! When we consulted to different pastry stores and shops before, we found out that what she gave us is almost equivalent to 5k or more and the middle and upper layer will be inedible. Bottom part will only be the edible one. In Patty’s cake, everything was edible from top to bottom and everything was also designed the way we want it to be.

Looking back, I remember meeting Patty only once during our entire 7 year relationship together as bf-gf. Jaycee actually isn’t the type who always goes out with his friends because he is one solid home person and just love watching anime and playing games at home. Despite all that, I have always adored their friendship because even if they don’t see each other often, they’re still in good understanding.

Here's the photo of our gorgeous cake. It may be a little small but the design was truly remarkable. I'm just so envious with her innate talent in baking. How I wish I would learn the same skill.  

Here are just some of her creations and I am linking more of her cakes from wedding cakes to cupcakes/ cupcake tower and even birthday cakes.

Apart from the cake that she baked, she also gave us a dozen cupcake as a gift. We actually thought that the discount for the cake was already her gift to us. I like her cupcakes. I’m not a cupcake fan but I eat cupcakes when I really liked them. Hers was soft and fluffy and has this thick and full filling unlike those that can be bought commercially.

We like to extend our gratefulness to Patty and to the rest of all the people who helped us one way or another. I will blog about the experience and preparation soon once I got more time in my hands. You’ll be amazed how we only spent less on all the expenses in our wedding. The likes of Patty who extended help to us is one of the reasons why we survived on spending so less in a church wedding. Thank you so much!

P.S. All photos without watermark are from Pattycakes FB account.