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My Top 10 Products from Althea for Christmas

Few days before Christmas and I am still not buying any Christmas gifts for friends and families. Maybe being pregnant kept me from shopping at the mall, but I always have the option to purchase online. And it's awesome to think that I have Althea with me whenever I wanted to purchase skincare and makeup. 

Below are my to 10 finds from their website. 

I love how functional beauty products are and this in particular is what I need to save space from my beauty kit. Foundation + lip and cheek tint in one is the bomb! Who wouldn't love this! 

I love my Moonshot products and I love this product because I can use this daily. I love matte lippies but still has the moisturizing feel. 
I love my Innisfree setting powder and heard great news about their primer so this is one of my Christmas wishlist. 
If you're following me on IG, you know how much I love cream with beautiful textures and I always join #TextureTuesday post. The texture of this product is so lovely that I can't pass it off. 

Apart from skincare, one Korean product I love is cushion. Now in my pregnancy, I sometimes skip skincare but I always make it a point to hide my imperfections with the cushion. And I'm a sucker for cushions with beautiful packaging! 

 To be honest, I don't own a Laneige lippie yet, but I love their skincare line. I was so attached with the packaging of this one and that's the reason why I added it to my wishlist. 
Limited edition products tend to catch my attention because I know it might not be released again. Aside from the lovely packaging, I want to try a Laneige palette. 
limited edition cushion, need I say more? Two things I want in a product is in this release! 

I've tried this before and I want another stock with an add-on. Just the perfect Christmas gift! 

Earlier I mentioned that I love functional products and this one already has 7 prepared colors and glitters that will perfect your Christmas look. 

I have more on my list that I want to receive this Christmas. On top of these beautiful products, I also want to get shoes for myself. But of course, as a mom, m family always comes first. I wanted to get all the best for them, especially for my son. After all, this is the perfect time for giving and sharing! 

Happy Christmas! 

How To Spend Your Weekends Wisely

There are days in our lives that are really tedious, especially weekends – no work and no school. So, what do you usually do during idle times?  I bet you want to kill the boredom, more so, make the most out of your break. It can get quite mind-boggling to figure out what to do, but we’ve rounded up some ideas on how you can spend your weekend after all the seemingly unending hectic week of school or work.

Binge watch your favorite TV series
Haven’t finished that Korea drama you’re watching for two weeks? Well, weekends provide you all the time in the world to catch up and binge watch your favorite TV series. However, watching too much can cause eye strains and back pains, so don’t forget to have breaks in between.

Hold a garage sale
De-clutter your closet and earn extra cash by selling stuff you don’t use anymore. More than just an
activity to bond with your friends, you can even do it for a good cause by raising funds for a foundation.

Go to the beach
Hit the beach with your squad and try surfing or take a swimming lesson. Have fun while under the sun but don’t forget to protect your skin and even your eyes. Make sure to put on a sunscreen and bring with you a quintessential summer accessory such as polarized sunglasses.

Take driving lessons
Weekends are the perfect time to learn something new! Sign up for a driving lesson and start learning
how to drive.

Mediate yourself through yoga
Take your usual exercise routine a notch by joining a yoga class. Not just it improves your mind and
body, but it also reduces stress and increases your concentration. This workout is something new and
different but is totally worth it to try!

Learn how to cook
How many times have you promised yourself that you'll give cooking lessons a shot? There has a lot of cooking schools offering short courses for cooking, so unlock this new skill and start preparing your own meal.

Make the most of your weekend by spending it wisely and productively to feel fresh and pleasant to get back to work or school.

Go Wild with Buffalo Wild Wings

Whoever wants wings, beer and is into sports will definitely go to Buffalo Wild Wings! This is a great go-to place for dining and for watching sports – for sports enthusiasts out there. For others who just want to hang-out with his friends or with his family, this will also be a suitable place for them.

Buffalo Wild Wings is open every 11:00am to 11:00pm at Uptown Mall in Taguig City. It is big and the interior is well designed. LED televisions showing games and also Gaming Wall are apparent to the said restaurant. 

Buffalo Wild Wings offers different American dishes to its customers. Starting from appetizers to main dishes, this restaurant is a place if one wants to relax and watch an ongoing game. It has Sharables, where appetizers are presented, Wings and also the signature sauces and seasonings, Burgers and Sandwiches, Wraps and More, Local Flavors where Crispy Fried Chicken, Honey BBQ Ribs, Herbed Pork Chop and Grilled Chipotle Salmon – which is labeled as favorite on the menu – is offered, Greens for those who want salads, Kids’ Meals, some beverages and Beer – for those who want to chill. 

If you want to enjoy your day while eating and watching, then go now to Buffalo Wild Wings! 

For more info visit their website: https://megaworld-lifestylemalls.com/