Review: Deonat Mineral Deodorant Spray

It's been a while since I last posted a review from my purchases at Sample Room. To be honest, I've been leaving my reviews on Instagram recently and been neglecting my blog because mom life was just so busy for me. This just deserved a space on the blog because I honestly wanted to share to my readers that there are these products that are just so good. 

I got these products from Sample Room months and months ago and I honesty can't remember when. I even delayed using them because I have lots of opened product yet that I need to review so I skipped it for a while and that's my regret because I didn't found out how great it was sooner. 

These was made from ammonium alum (tawas) and natural mineral salts claiming to provide an all-day protection against sweat and odor-causing bacteria. 

PACKAGING - These products are housed in a spray type container and has 100 ml worth of product. I like spray type products because they're easy to use but I am so disappointed with these because it got stuck and doesn't want to spray at all. I had to transfer the content on a different spray to use it. 

SCENT - This is unscented which I really like. I don't know if it's adulting but the more I age, the more I didn't like scented products. Or I just prefer those light-scented ones.  

PRICE - Got this at Sample Room for free but it retails at the market for P159.00. I got the Deo Spray and the Foot Spray is free when you add it to cart. 

EFFECT - I like the deo spray as it feels so clean on my skin. It also removed some dark spots from burns and itch. I just gave birth and it gave a light effect on my skin. It also gave odor protection. My pits turned dark because of pregnancy and this really helped diminished it. 

As for the foot spray, it helps my cracked skin and made my wounds heal faster. It didn't gave off that expected sting but rather healed it more. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for FREE.
  • Alcohol, paraben and aluminum chlorohydrate-free
  • It gave odor-protection
  • Doesn't stain on the clothes
  • It isn't sticky

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Disappointed with the spray. After a few spray, it got stuck and doesn't want to spray anymore. 
Price: P159.00
Bought from: Got it for FREE. (Can be bought at Watsons)
Size: 100 ml.

Despite not having alum chlorohydrate, this still protects me from sweat and odor which is great. Plus it's very affordable too so it's definitely worth the purchase. If not for the spray, this is already perfect!

I still recommend this despite the downside on the spray because it can easily be changed. I hope you can discover the greatness of this product. 

I hope there are more products like these that's safe and affordable to use.