Dainty Dresses Less than $8

It's almost the end of the week and I am so busy catching on a lot of work before the school starts. Blog backlogs, lesson plans for the first week, closet overhaul and a lot more. Did I mention that my birthday is coming up? It's on the first day of the coming month and I'm still thinking of what to have for my birthday giveaway. I need to fix everything in less than 24 hours. Whew! 

I also am looking for formal blouses and other beauty and wholesale women clothes since I want to look good when school starts. As I was searching for wholesale dress, what caught my eye is the very affordable dresses at eFoxcity.com under $8. I actually want each and every piece I saw. See for yourself. ^_^


It's really a steal! So if you are searching for cocktail dresses or even evening dresses, eFoxcity will still provide you just what you need. Just visit eFoxcity.com on great and affordable fashion finds. :)

Bath and Body Haul

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? Me? I am already busy cleaning the classroom assigned to me, double-checking the schedule that our head teacher did and preparing some formal outfits since my uniform will be available on the third week of June. 

I also clean the room earlier and tomorrow I will be mopping the floor and will do some waxing. Teacher turned into janitress eh?! haha. Being in a public school without janitors is already common so I'll just have to accept that fact. Anyway, after my time in school, I had lunch with Jaycee. He had to go back again to work and since I already finished around lunchtime, I agree to wait for him until 5pm. You can leave me anywhere and I can wait for you the whole day as long as I am doing something. That's me. So while wondering around the mall and even outside the mall, I bought thrifted shoes for Monday while waiting for the Boccalo shoes I am eyeing for at the department store. I also went to the salon to have my hair trim and then I saw Watsons. I can't leave the store without buying anything. Here's a quick haul I got.

When I got my hair trimmed at the salon earlier, the stylist asked if I want to go for a hair rebond. Since I have virgin hair, I did not accept the offer. One of the reason is, it's also beyond my budget. haha. He offered to add Vitamin E instead on my hair because it's obviously dry. I said yes instead. When I went out of the salon,I immediately planned to buy Vitamin E at Watsons.

Bought this for P55.00 only. So instead of going to the salon just for the vitamins, I got one from Ellips. I will try if this will be worth then I'll make a review. :)

I also need to be seriously pampered so I bought foot scrub (P79.00) so I can do it alone at home than pay expensive rates at the salon. I will create a DIY Footspa post soon. ^_^

I also bought something cute which is a hand glove (P26.75) for scrubbing purposes. I hope this will not be the reason for my longer stay in the shower room.

Apart from bath item hauls, I also discovered a new brand of nail polish which is very cheap and looks nice. It's Color Trends. I bought three colors: white, mango yellow and raspberry pink. It's only for P19.75 each.

Just a very quick post on something I had today. What's keeping you busy lately? ^_^

Outfit Inspirations with Joe Fresh Printed Skirt

Happy Tuesday everyone. How's your day? I finished early at work and now I got some time to browse fashion pieces online. I was eve trying to purchase at Zalora earlier but faled. I encountered a lot of problems with their site. *sigh* 

Anyway, I diverted to collegefashion.net. I'm a fan and I always visit their site for fashion inspirations. Today, upon checking, I saw their feature of a very pretty blue skirt from JCPenney matched with different ensembles. I love the whole three outfit! 

The Skirt 

Outfit #1 - Comfy Casual

Outfit #2 -Sweet and Girly

Outfit #3 - Seaside Love

Which look is your favorite? What do you think of their finds? I would go for the first and third one. I can even wear it at work when students are not around. haha.  :) 

Disclaimer: All photos courtesy of collegefashion.net.

Where to Buy Clothes for Your Guy?

Remember my post on cute apparels here? I fell in love with eFoxcity.com website at first glance. Now I'm sharing some new finds to consider for my boyfriend's birthday soon! Even if it's still on July. ^o^

I owe my boo a lot. He's very understanding and very supportive in whatever I do. Even if he's tired, I never heard any complain from him. It always shows in his actions the love and care he's giving me. So I thought, if I can only give him the best on his day, it would be really nice. ♥

I'm thinking of giving him a lot of cute gifts. I won't mention it here because it may not be a surprise anymore if he read this post. I'm considering to give him tees anyway because he is a tee kind of guy. I remember that eFoxcity.com is selling wholesale men's clothing and I want to see if there will be something that will suit him. :)

I think he will look cool in blue, only if this is darker. Or perhaps the red one? What do you think? :)

I want to see him wearing V-neck but I'm not sure if he wants it. Might as well give it a try. I feel that he will look 'macho' on this. haha. 

Cute eh? Wonder if he will like this. Hmmm. Perhaps, the One Piece will do since it's one of his anime faves. ^_^

If you're looking for men's dress shirts, you can try eFoxcity.com's website. They are also offering men's jeans. The have both men and women apparel so it's more convenient to shop. Plus very affordable pieces too! 

What do you think of my picks? Any suggestions? It's always welcome so share it here. I want to hear from you. ♥

Nail and Accessories Haul. ^o^

Hi ladies and gents! As promised, I will be posting the insides of the parcels I received last time which I posted here. I know this came a little late already because I was out for the whole week and now's the perfect time in doing backlogs. haha. :)

Most of the parcels I received mainly consists of nail art tools. There's a sling bag and two sunglasses as well but it's not included in the photo anymore because I gave it to my dad and to my stepmom as her birthday gift. I'm such a generous daughter! hehe. ^o^

It's a good thing I chanced upon this when I checked on Romwe's website. Whenever I visit them, I only check the clothing section and not the Other section. his is included in the latter. I almost missed these! T_T

I got some Nail Art Stickers. These little gems provide big glamour. It's dazzling 3D effect make the ultimate statement for the on-the-go fashionistas. Wearable as full cover or accent pieces. I got 12 packs with assorted designs which means there is a style for any occasion! 

There's also Caviar Nail Art Micro Beads. I always see this to other nail art enthusiasts but I didn't got the chance to make it on my own nails. Now that I have the product, I only need some time to do it. I hope to make it soon! :)

Another one is the Velvet Nails Manicure Kit. It's a great conversation starter at holiday parties and the perfect mixture of subtle and edgy. The luxe texture plus vibrant and deep hues will match the rich fabrics of your attire. This is definitely a must for those nail fashionistas! 

I also got a 3D Nail art Pen Set. One thing that Barbie has going for her is her never-ending wardrobe. One day she wants to dress like a princess. The next, she's the female version of Mark Todd. Your wardrobe might not be as vast as Barbie's, but that doesn't mean you can't be up there on the ever-changing face of cutting-edge fashion. Create your own designs on finger or toenails.The cap has a special pin built into it to clear the nib in case of blockages.

Of course, I wouldn't miss the chance to get my own set of Makeup Brush. It's a set of 4 pieces makeup brush. It has soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and it has handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules. Compact and highly portable with cosmetic bags made from cotton and hemp blend materials. Highly recommended by beauty bloggers. It also has a reusable storage pouch. It's very easy and convenient to carry. The set includes: Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Body Kabuki. t comes with a cosmetic bag.

That's it for my recent hauls. I also got some accessories from different sponsors because I worked on a post for them. Plus the $4.99 SALE on Romwe's accessories was included here too. Take a peek! :)

I hope to find time incorporating all of these accessories on my future OOTD post. If only.... *sigh*

That's it! I wanna try those nail tools and design already. Let me see if I can give time on it tomorrow. I hope. :)

Any hauls lately? What did you got? Share it here. ^o^

Gifts from China, Courtesy of LookChem

Hello everyone! How was your week? OMG! I miss my blog sooooo much! I was out for the whole week because of the K-12 mass seminar for Grade 8 teachers which I attended at University of the Assumption (CSFP) and everything was so busy so I wasn't able to attend to my blog. Now that it's the weekend, I am a little free to post some backlogs I have from the past weeks.

Remember my post regarding my parcels here? The one in the LBC package was sent directly from China courtesy of LookChem. LookChem is a famed name of virtual marketplace of chemical products. With thousands of industry professional from around the world, LookChem helps thousands of chemicals exporters find their overseas customers. Eileen of LookChem emailed me asking to create a post about them and in return, they will sent out beautiful gifts plus free shipping. Who can say no with an offer like that, right? She made it even better when she offer to send all 3 products if I can link-up their site in all of my blogs. Amazing!!! :)

I received all three items: the brocade mouse pad, pen and bookmark suit, and the card holder. I am fortunate enough that Eileen offered to send all three. Thanks Eileen. :)

First is the Brocade Mouse Pad. Brocade is the outstanding representative of Chinese excellent traditional culture. It is named like this because it looks like the rosy clouds in the sky. It looks like a dragon to me. haha. :)

Next is the Pen and Bookmark Suit. Blue-and-white porcelain pen and bookmark suit has a very fine workmanship and elegant appearance. This dedicated suit aims to convey a strong Chinese cultural connotation to anyone who will use it.

Last is the Card holder with Peking Opera Style. It’s not just a holder of cards but a good decoration as well and it is highly-designed. It's really so cool for me! I love all of it's details.

If you noticed, all the items above have very intricate details. I adore these kind of crafts because it only means that the one who worked on it gave their very best to create such a piece of art. I just love everything! I am planning to use both pen and card holder when classes starts this June. For the mouse pad, I think it will be better to use it at home. ^o^

Any new finds lately? Do you have the same items above? Share it here! ♥

Romwe's Outlet Flash Sale!

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I attended a seminar earlier today for the Grade 8 implementation. It's a week-long seminar that targets a new approach on teaching strategies. I'm really excited because it's my first time to attend a mass training and I am meeting a lot of new teachers and colleagues. :)

Anyway, despite my hectic schedule, (I will pack things after writing this post and will do some assignments too) I opened my email and saw Romwe's new SALE! They will launch a flash sale on 200+styles on 21st May. Cat face dress, batman shirt, Simpson shirt, etc are on the list! For sure you will be thrilled to see it.

 Romwe Outlet Flash Sale! Up to 80% OFF! 200+ styles!
Limited supply! No restocking once sold out! Only 3 days!
Hurry up >> Romwe Outlet Flash Sale!
From 21st to 23rd May.
Romwe's Outlet Flash Sale!

Remember to drop by at Romwe's website now! To see is to believe! Until my next post everyone. Cheers! xoxo  ♥

Caronia Expressions Summer Collection

Hi everyone. How's your weekend? I really had a busy day yesterday because it's my step-mom's birthday. I only have some spare time to finish a delayed post. Starting Monday. I will be busy with seminars on Grade 8 implementation plus the 'Brigada Eskwela'. I also need to find time in creating ideas for my homeroom's bulletin board and where to find a sewer for my school national uniform. :)

Anyway, I managed to paint my nails this morning. I tried on the whole Caronia Expression Summer Collection. See what you like best for your nails. ^o^

Blue Chill, Rosy Glow, Fresh Mint

First is the Blue Chill. It is the only frosted among the collection. You will notice the shiny finish of the polish. It is cooler that I thought it was and since it is a shiny pastel, it still fits in the collection.  However, if Caronia will launch sort of like a winter collection, I nominate that this may be included. :)

Rosy Glow is a light pastel pink. It looks very light and easy on the nails. It's a baby pink color that will surely looks great on pastel and floral dresses. It looks sweet and gentle.

Last but definitely not the least is the Fresh Mint. My favorite among the three. Fresh Mint is the light green polish I am looking for. It embodies freshness and coolness.

All photos are fresh photos right after application. I had so many things to do so I didn't wait for the polish to dry for a long time to be able to clean it. I hope it didn't turned out unclean in your eyes. T_T

I am still thinking what to wear for the week. I want to do some Manicure Monday again if only time will permit me.

What's your fave on the collection? Post it down! ^_^

Haul: Sporty Kicks

Happy Saturday everyone! I grabbed some time in doing a blog post because today is a very busy day here at the house. There are around 5 people right now who are cooking for my stepmom's special day today. My part is baking the cake. (It's just a cake mix though. ^_^) So while waiting for it to be cooked, around 30 more minutes, I decided to create a very quick post. Multitasking it is! :)

I was looking for a pair of formal black shoes at the mall last weekend and I chanced upon this very pretty Bocalo sandals. It's around P999.00. I was about to buy it but it's the last pair and since it's the one on display, the color of the right shoe faded than the left one. So I postponed buying it and gave my contact number to the saleslady to update me in case there's an available pair. I was about to go home when suddenly, a pair of bright and cute flats caught my attention. 

Meet Kicks! The coolest sporty flats that's available at SM Department Stores. It's 2 pairs for only P399.00. If you will buy each, it's P299.00. You will actually save a lot! I had P199.00 savings for this so I was happy with this haul. I especially like the gray one because it looks clean on my feet.

I received a hot leggings which has some yellow marks on it last week. I think it will be great to pair with this green flats. I need to invest on some gym pieces now because I am seeing myself in joining in the gym soon. Need to work hard to gain weight. Also, it's for my future health plans.

Have you purchased the same haul as I am? Kicks also have different designs, more of Aztec prints and florals. You can see more of it here.

KICKS are available at SM Department Stores Nationwide. :)

Fake Tattoos for Nails

A few days ago, I updated you guys about the parcels I received here and here and as promised, I will unlock each of it and will link the sponsors who sent the following out for review and promotion. I am very thankful to each and every one of them and I will continuously be thankful to all.

Moving on, I got this fake tattoo nails from Fake Tattoos site for a review. I was so happy seeing this in the mail. How I love free stuffs of course, especially if it's related with what I love to do - painting nails! I may be busy right now but I will try to find time tomorrow to post something on my nails.

I love it's packaging. Very simple and eye-catching. Fake Tattoos is generous in providing sample for bloggers. They gave 6 different nail design tattoos to try. I will make sure to try each and every one of these. :)
Instructions are provided at the back of each nail tattoo. I love the design and looks very easy to apply. Expect my review on this within a week. I will do a separate blog post on it. ^o^
Have you tried on nail tattoos and how's the result? I am excited to try this! I will update you soonest with a post on it. Stay tuned! xoxo ♥

For Whiter Teeth, Use Colgate Optic White

Hi everyone! It's Friday again and I'm a bit free from the busy world of teachers. It's also the time to create a new blog post for my soon to be abandoned blog. (NOOOO!!!!) I'm just kidding! ;p You know how I want to get this blog active. So I will do my very best to keep it alive despite the crazy and busy schedule teachers have. :)

So for my delayed post, I want to introduce a new favorite of mine, Colgate Optic White! I posted in my previous post here that I don't have the sparkling white teeth that I always wanted to have so I am trying some remedy on how to improve it's color. Plus a help from Colgate Optic White will do the trick. :)

Colgate Optic White has whitening accelerators that safely exfoliate stains and polish your teeth surface. When used regularly, it can also help fight cavities, protect enamel, remove plaque and freshen breath. Plus it whitens one shade after one week.

It's actually my first week of usage and I am expecting a positive result of this after months time. It may not be visible now but I can feel that those blue beads on it somehow cleans my teeth. Or maybe it's just me. haha. ^o^

Try to use Colgate Optic White together with some helpful home remedies posted here that will also help you achieve that beautiful white smile. Of course, visit your dentist once in a while. 

Have you tried this? Any thoughts? xoxo. :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post