Review: Miniso's Men Volcanic Mud Pore Strips

Here's another product discovery I got from Miniso. Though this time, I am trying out a man product and I love it for it work just as great as women's. I found this Men Volcanic Mud Pore Strips and thought to try it. 

Each nose strip was carefully packed in a single sheet making it hygienic. If you have been a reader of my blog, you know that I already have a LOT of nose strips review and I have tons of favorite for they are effective and affordable. 

The whole box has 10 contents and it retails for P149.00. So ir retails around P15 each sheet. Not bad for it works really great in removing blackheads, whiteheads and even excess sebum. 

I like it for it adheres really tight and it isn't painful upon removal. I used mine and waited for around 15-20 minutes as I felt that the products really hugged my skin tight. A lot of whiteheads were obviously removed and some almost invisible blackheads. 

 Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Easy to use.
  • Sticks really well.
  • Removes a pretty good amount of blackheads and whiteheads. 
  • Easily available in Miniso.

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Nothing that I can think of. 

Price: P149 at Miniso
Bought from: Miniso SM Pampanga
Size: 10 nose strips

To be honest, I now seldom use nose strips because I feel that my skin is doing well but by testing another nose strip made me think that I still need to use this. Even if my skin looks great from the outside, there were still existent, almost invisible whiteheads and this nose strip really sucked it all out. This is too great to miss out! 

You, what nose strip have you tried and loved? Share it here! 

Review: Pixi Book of Beauty Minimal Makeup

Another great product I got from the Glamourbox before is the Pixi Book of Beauty Mineral Makeup. This set of palette was very natural and I bring this in school with me. Inside the mini-book comes different products that works as a blush, eyeshadow, highlighter among others. 

What's great with this palette is that it really looks so natural and great to use for everyday makeup. I am currently obsessed with it right now that I only bring this and an additional lippie and I'm all set. 

It's in a really cute, mini type of book that you can flip to open and 6 palettes will be shown inside. There are different makeup like blush, eyeshadow, and highlight. 

If priced individually, it would retail for P1,290 but since I bought it in a curated box, I paid for the set of 5-6 products for P1,290. It's like I paid for this product but already got 5 items. I am sharing to you my unboxing of my Glamourbox Pixi by Petra here.

For me, the box was great because it is perfect for a natural makeup look. This is something that I can use everyday and would feel great about it. However, the shades weren't as pigmented as they are. Maybe because they are natural and very light. But quality wise, it was great. The colors were great too! 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it for a cheaper price because it's inside a curated box. 
  • Perfect for the natural look. 
  • Easy to bring and convenient because it has different products inside. 
  • Comes in a really cute book-like case. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Not highly pigmented. 
  • The highlighter isn't as sparkly as I want it to be. 
  • Quite pricey for the individual price. 

Price: P1,290.00 for the Glamourbox
Also P1,290 if will be bough individually
Bought from: Glamourbox
Size: 6 different palettes

For me, I love it even if the pigmentation isn't as strong as you imagine it to be. I am more particular that I can use it daily and that's great. Now I have to create more look with the combine colors of the palette. 

Have you tried the same product? What are your thought? 

Why Men Date but Never Marry Extremely Beautiful Women

Men will always be men as far as social life is concerned. When it comes to dating matters, they want to go for the stunningly beautiful women. After all, they want to show off to the whole world that they can have any woman of their choice. On the contrary, they will rarely go for this woman when they want to tie the knot.

Most extremely beautiful ladies are still single and looking for a match. In particular, those who still want the attention of the whole world will find it difficult to settle down. However, with reputable relationship websites, they can get closer to their desires. You can see here for more information.

The Odds
If you are still wondering why drop-dead beautiful ladies are still single, then let me explain. Some research shows that men will not dare go for these ladies as wives. They would rather keep them as a mistress, period. Many of them are not ideally suited to playing the traditional role of a wife. Surprisingly, this attribute cuts across almost all of them especially if they are attention seekers.

A survey that interviewed men across the world found that stunningly beautiful women have a high maintenance cost, which is difficult to afford over a long period of time. They will probably seek other men to provide for this high-end lifestyle. Most of them ask for out-of-town weekends away, which men do not want to commit to at all times. Some men find it better to pick and date this type of woman when they are in the mood and position to spend.

Another factor that affects these ladies is that they are often not the best parents if they are overly focused on themselves. They will focus so much on their beauty and forget the parenting role, which is a responsibility of both parents. According to men, they think that such ladies will make poor mothers because of lack of attention to kids.

What Men Prefer
When it reaches a time that men want to marry, most will go for the inner beauty, or so they say. It is what would make them happy for the rest of their lives. They would rather not have the beautiful ladies who have been struggling to make a decision on who to take or leave. They believe that their ego is already elevated, a thing which does not make them the best spouse.

The humble ladies who every other man ignores is what most men would rather go for. According to men, such ladies never lose focus in life and are development-minded. They also make great parents to the kids and teach them humility.

Final Word
According to research, most mistresses tend to be more beautiful than wives. They spend much of their time in beauty spas and applying make-up. Further, most men would struggle to entertain them sexually. All these factors lead to these women remaining single and to men going for their less beautiful counterparts for wives.

Review: Meg Rhythm’s Steam Eye Mask

I recently discovered this eye mask on IG and I thought that I need to try it because I ALWAYS have tired eyes. I am the type who loves sleeping but sleep doesn’t love me. I normally go to bed at 12 am or 1 am after putting baby to sleep and finishing all the household chores. Sometimes, even late. Then I would wake up at 5:30 or at most 6 am before going to work. I always feel that my eyes are dry, tired and giving up.

So upon knowing Meg’s Rhythm Steam Eye Mask, I immediately look for it at Watsons. My first try was a fail and I thought of just ordering it online but when I tried searching for it at again, they already have stock so I immediately purchased two. I bought this Chamomile Ginger scent and the Lavender Sage variant. Here are my thoughts on my newfound product.

It is in a carton pack and inside it, the mask itself is inside a plastic sheet. It really should be in a plastic container because it needs to seal the warmness of the mask inside. Each variant differs in color; green for chamomile, lavender for lavender scent and there’s another one which I forgot. The mask has ear straps which makes it easier to wear.

It retails at P74.00 but I saw Watsons selling it also in a box of 5. I think it is priced around 300. I actually thought at first that they’re selling it in boxes alone but upon asking the staff, they retail it.

At first, I was excited to try it because I think it will help to ease the tiredness of my eyes. As I used it, I was waiting for it to get warmer and warmer but it didn’t happen to the extent that I like. Yes, it was warm upon usage but I didn’t really feel that it relaxes my eyes the way I want it. I think I was more relaxed with the scent.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • I like the scent and the concept that it can relieve tiredness in the eyes.
  • Available in different variants.
  • Can be bought in boxes or individual packs.
  • The ear straps makes wearing easier..

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It didn’t had so much effect on me. I still felt the tiredness in my eyes.

Price: P74.00 each
Bought from: Watsons
Size: 1 piece

Overall, I am not repurchasing. I tried the lavender one too and got the same result. The warm effect didn't do much on my eyes. I actually felt sad that it didn't made an impact on me. Maybe I am just looking for more warmness.

I guess I'll stick to those cooling mask instead. Or if there will be warmer mask, I would like to try that as well. But for this, I'll give it a pass.

Why motorbike clothing is necessary?

Motorcycle clothing is mandatory for everyone because of increasing road accidents. Road accidents are increasing day by day because of increase population and heavy traffic. So to safeguard yourself from serious road accident, it is necessary to wear motorcycle clothes before riding on bike. Motorcycle riders use to carry helmets with themselves but carrying all the mandatory motorcycle clothes can safeguard your whole body. Wearing the right kit of motorcycle clothing can make your ride more soothing and load more fun.
Usually, not only men but womens also use to drive motorbike these days. So it is compulsory for womens also to wear the right motorbike clothes before driving a bike. Motorbike clothing includes:

Waterproof textile clothing 
Leather jacket 
Race gloves 
Pair of touring boots

The motorbike clothes mentioned above helps to safeguard our overall body. If you wear all the motorbike clothes properly it will surely make you feel safe and covered as well. 

Normally, motorbike clothes comes in different designs it may varies from men to women. If you are in search of ladies motorbike helmets, go through the most reliable store of motorbike clothes and buy the best quality of ladies motorcycle jacket, hand gloves, helmet and other important accessories. Make sure that you shop qualitative accessories to protect yourself from road accidents. Because qualitative clothes will protect you anyway. There are numerous stores offline and online motorbike cloth stores are available. All you need is to look for the reliable store where women motorcycle clothes are o.ffered at affordable range. You can find the perfect kit of motorbike clothes at online stores. Online stores are basically the good source to shop women motorbike apparels, as they keep large variety in everything and offer at cost-effective prices.  

Now get womens motorcycle helmets and many other motorbike apparels from online stores and satisfy your demands and needs as well. Visit the most reliable online store, explore the catalogues properly and shop all the necessary motorbike apparels for yourself at best prices.

Review: PIXI Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black

I'm still searching for the perfect one - Yes, you read that right. I'm talking about mascara, not my other half. I'm already married you know! Haha. 

One of my newly opened mascara was the Lash Booster Mascara from PIXI. It swears to boost lashes and me having short lashes is screaming for joy because who knows, this might work out on me. I actually envy my baby because he has handsome long lashes contrary to mine. 

It is in a pastel light green tube and it is stated on the packaging that it is a lifting mascara and holds a curl like nothing else. Nothing different than ordinary mascaras in terms of appearance. 

Priced at P840 if bought individually. The price is far costly to drugstore mascaras which I'm using and was even below P500 so this might be a little expensive. It's not your average mascara in terms of cost. I got this from a curated box before so I got it pretty cheap. 

The brush was cone-shaped and the bristles were small which can coat each strand evenly. It is also pigmented and it's undeniably waterproof. It lasted in me for a good 6-hour time frame without effects of panda eyes.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got it from Glamourbox curated box which makes it more affordable than the original price. .
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in a  pretty color which is soothing in the eyes. 
  • It has very fine bristles which makes application easy and distributes the coat evenly. .

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Costly compare to other mascaras which are also waterproof
  • Might be difficult finding them in local stores. 

Overall, I like this mascara. You will really get what you paid for with this. Since my main dilemma with mascaras is that it gives me panda eyes, this doesn't. I actually lasted with this for a good 6 hours under the sun without the breakout feel. I was out under the scorching sun and my face was in all sweat and I kept on wiping my face but the mascara was all intact. Didn't smudge, didn't created panda eyes on me. Super worth it! 

Price: P840.00 each
Bought from: Glamourbox
Size: 7g.

What's your holy grail mascara? Pick one and share here. 😃