Honestbee has got you covered this rainy season

We all know that the rainy weather could be such as hassle – floods, getting your clothes and shoes soaked, and the occassional thunder and lightning. It’s at times like these when you wish there was a way to go to the grocery store or grab a bite from your favorite restaurant without having to leave the house and get wet. 

If you haven’t heard of Honestbee, you are missing out. It is a food and grocery delivery app that helps you satisfy your cravings and fill your pantry by bringing your orders straight to your doorsteps. Apps likes these make our lives easier as it saves you time and energy that could be used elsewhere. 

Ordering from Honestbee is quick and easy because their app is very user-friendly as everything is organized and put into categories. You could choose between their food or grocery services and from there, select a store you want to order from. From supermarkets, to restaurants, cafés, and small local businesses; you’re bound to find a store you love. 

Once your order is complete, their trained concierge will be on their way to pick up your items. As if they were shopping for themselves, they would hand-pick the freshest produce, unexpired canned goods, and the tastiest food. In a short while, you will receive these items nicely packed and with a warm smile from the delivery bees. 

Newbies get a discount on their first order and Honestbee constantly has new promo codes and offers you can’t pass up. Download the app now and see what the buzz is about. They’ve got you covered this rainy season. 

You can visit and download the app at:


For IOS:

For Android:

Review: Miniso's We Bare Bears Moisturizing and Glossy Eyes Mask

Whew! That was along name! But I will keep the feature on this product short. 

It's been a while since I last got my hands on this Miniso Eye Mask (I'll shorten it). After my experience on an eye mask before, I tried searching for other eye mask to try. Since I've been into sheet masking my face lately (my current obsession is on my IG @thecuteanddainty), why not try it on my eyes as well. I got good results on my skin with masking so I'm giving my eyes the pamper that the deserve. 

Since I thought that this was a panda product, I initially thought that the product would resemble a panda-like eye mask. I was disappointed it wasn't. But I don't have a choice of returning it so might as well use it. 

A box contains 5 eye mask and each eye mask was individually packed and even has a mask guard in it. So hygiene-wise, thumbs-up for this. 

I totally forgot how much this cost but I think this is around 150-250. I don't think it's beyond that. I will check the price again once I go back to the store. Since it's been a while from the time I had this, I can;t really remember so pardon me.

Applying this mask is a little complicated. I like that tit has a mask guard so it's easy to unfold but the process took long because of that. The effect, it did hydrate my eye for a little while but it didn't moisturize heavily like what eye cream does. It really was full of essence but the essence that came with it was a little liquidy and thin. I was expecting that the essence might be think since it moisturizing and glossy as what it claims to be. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Individually-wrapped so it's hygienic. 
  • Has an appealing packaging
  • Easily available in Miniso stores

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Didn't moisturize my eye skin heavily. 
  • The package is misleading as the inside doesn't look like a panda. (They should have made it a panda-looking mask. That would be cute!)

Price: P149 at Miniso
Bought from: Miniso SM Pampanga
Size: 5 per box (7g. each)

Will I repurchase? Naah! I will buy face sheet mask instead since that one has heavy essence which even includes the eye area. I think I like the Meg Rhythm more than this one. 

Have you tired the same eye mask? Share your thoughts here! 

May - June 2018 Collective Haul

It's been a while since I last posted my collective haul and I've been doing it once every 2 months now for I don't have much time since mom game is too strong for me. Haha. I don't think I can adjust to motherhood because it's different in every stage but I'm surely enjoying it! 

So again, I curated all my haul from May and June and I am sharing it with you now. Recently, I got an intense haul on sheet masks because I'm loving them so much. I feel that I'm not getting tired of having each kind. It's like I'm building an entire empire of masks at home.

Anyway, below were the items I got from the past two months. Sharing it with you now! 

TBJ 9th Mega Anniversary Lootbag
Attended Miss Martha's (@thebeautyjunkee) 9th Mega Anniversary event last May and these were all the items I got from the loot bag. I know!  It was really a LOT!

Gifts from sister-in-law
My sister-in-law's friend went home from OZ and SIL sent some items and other stuff to her friend for us. This loot here is her gift for my birthday. Thanks sissy! 

Gifts from sister-in-law (for baby)
Together with the items above, my sister-in-law sent some clothes to baby. Thanks ninang!

Can't leave Watsons without a thing or two so I got more masks which I haven't tried yet. Thinking of using the Naruko green one because my skin was acting up recently. 

More masks
Kidnapped hubby to buy me "some" masks when we visited Watsons. 😛

Shopwise GC
I won at Shopwise Mom's Day giveaway on IG! 

Masks from Manila
Bought this at SM MOA even if I'm from Pampanga. But I didn't went all the way to MOA for this alone! 😏 It was Super Junior's concert that day and of course the fangirl in us wouldn't miss it! A trip to the mall for these mask won't hurt but my wallet is really hurting! 😁

GC from Fresh Options
We attended a blog event last time and here's our token.

Benefit Goodies
I shared about Miss Nikki of @askmewhats workshop last time on the blog and I got a huge haul from the said event but forgot to photograph the loot I got for April collective haul. On that workshop, Miss Nikki announced a contest for the participants to help her promote the brands who sponsored her giveaway. I promoted them on my IG (@thecuteanddainty). I won that contest and here's my prize! LOVE it! ðŸ’— 

Meg Rhythm Steam Eye Mask
Curious on the eye mask trend and purchased this to try. Review of this eye mask is now up on the blog. 

Sample Room haul
Got some SR haul one time last month. We already have the Bambini line but we still love to get samples. Thanks Sample Room!

Won these Johnsons products from @playfullifewithkids on her IG giveaway. Thanks sis Jhoanna!

Watsons Haul
Got all these items here during Watsons sale. This is the day where hair colors were on sale so I bought two and will be hosting a giveaway soon on IG.

Event Loot
Hausland held a blogger meeting and this is what we got. 

Miniso Haul
Just like Watsons, Daiso, Japan Home, etc., I can't get out of this store without a thing or two of their products. Got some masks and other items as well. 

Holyyysheet haul
Taiwan mask became a hit apart from Korean masks so I purchased some mask from Annie's Way, Sexylook and Beauty Diary from @holyyysheet on IG. Check their page. They sale really affordable masks. 

Althea Mask Haul
Got a huge shopping spree of masks from Althea. I only ordered mask that time and I got a lot!

Birthday gift
My sister knew that I wanted to have white sneaks so she got me from World Balance. Love love this because this is leather and it's so easy to clean. 

Masks, masks, and more masks! 
You know the drill. As long as its masks, I'm happy. Add skincare to it as well. 

Versace Perfume
This exquisite-looking perfume got my attention and I immediately purchased it without thinking twice. 

Klairs Mask
I joined Wishtrends' Cruelty-Free week activity by sharing a post about Wishtrends' cruelty-free brands. I got this in return. Thanks Wishtrend!

I wanted to have a no-buy detox this month of July and August since my hubby will be leaving for OZ soon and we need to adjust our lifestyle so I need not to be tempted on masks again. I hope to get more sponsors and brands to tap me. Hihi. However, I need to restock on some skincare so I will buy that but no to double products of the same kind. Pls. help me. 😁

I am also planning to start running because I'm thinking of joining a marathon next week. I will alot an hour or even 30 mins everyday so I can get ready for the run. However, there is still no fixed plan yet because I have prior commitment that same day and I'm not sure if I can finish early then proceed to the event I'm joining (it's a food crawl, btw). 

Anyway, it's a good thing I got some time to write today. Will try to make time again next time. I can't promise though because I admit, I always fell asleep every time I put baby to sleep and can't work on the blog or other stuff anymore. Hoping I will find time again! 

Ciao! Miss you babes and gents! 💙

Some Important Tips for Home Security

The security of your home is always a serious thing. You would like to protect your home from various threats. It is not only burglary that you have to worry about. There are also other threats like fire and intrusion. Do you know that there are some people who get thrilled about entering other people’s homes even though they do not intend to get anything? It can still be enough to make you uncomfortable at home.

Tip 1: Install hidden spy cameras all around your home.
You may think that CCTV cameras are unimportant but it can be effective in helping you keep track of what is happening at home when no one is there. It will also help you know if you should call the police when you spot an intruder.

Tip 2: You should have items that you can use to defend yourself if ever there is an intruder.
Gone are the days when you should use a baseball bat in order to knock out the intruder although you can still use it if you have no other item available. A taser gun can be useful especially since you can use it from a distance. The best expandable batons is not too bad to use as well.

Tip 3: Do not leave keys in places that will be obvious to everyone.
You may think you are smart for leaving your keys under the potted plant but thieves know all about it. You should hide it somewhere wherein you will not be seen by people when you get it. It will help if only a few people know about this hidden key.

Tip 4: Install a pipe bar at home.
Your sliding glass doors may look your property look nice but it can also be one of the entry points that will be used by intruders. You do not want them to have easy access to enter your home. Install a pipe bar that you can place whenever you leave.

Tip 5: Keep your garage door closed.
This is one portion of your home that will always be open to the rest of your home. Try not to make it the main entry point of intruders who would like to enter your home.
With all of these tips to keep in mind, you will have a safer home for sure.