Our Therafish Experience!

Let me share with you a beautiful experience today. Jaycee (my boyfriend) and I had our super advance date earlier. His off from work falls during the weekday which is today and our 53rd month together is on Sunday so we agreed to celebrate it today instead. We had our brunch at Goldilocks and it's so cute that we even got 'our' number while waiting for the orders. Lovely! ♥

After eating, we agreed to watch Hansel and Gretel's The Witch Hunters. It was still too early so we roamed around and we ended going to Tibiao Fish Spa. Now,what is Tibiao Fish Spa

It's actually a therapeutic foot massage spa where thousands of Therafish will clean and massage your feet the natural way. Through studies, they found out that the Therafish teeth has a similar texture to sandpaper. Thus, it effectively exfoliates your feet removing dead skin, nail cuticles and soft calluses.

Biologically, the Therafish eats algae, bacteria and organic matter. Since our dead skin is composed of a organic matter, these fishes feed on it. Once our feet are clean, the fish will just go away leaving the new skin untouched.

It tickles me much! :D
The ambiance was really homey and it's so comfortable. They also activated carbon filtration and UV sterilization to keep the water clean. 
There are also three stages of treatment: 
  • The beginner tank with smaller fishes. It has small nibbles and it's a micro-massage. 
  • The intermediate tank contains medium-sized fishes with a ticklish and moderate sensation. The fishes gives you a refreshing feeling or 'light-scrubbing'.
  • The extreme tank has the biggest fishes with larger nibbles and course sandpaper teeth. The fishes in the tank can remove your soft calluses in a more natural way.
 The Benefits:

They also have an on-going promotion:

It's super fun indeed! We got the Relax Me (30-min. fish spa + 5-min. foot massage). Also, we tried the beginner and extreme tanks. I am really ticklish so I need to condition myself with the small ones before transferring to the extreme tank. I even got the camera emptied because I was so greedy getting so many shots only to find out that I am posting so little. So pardon my photo spamming now, okay? ^_^

The cute guy was so busy playing with the fishes!
Who's got the most Therafish???

Small fishes!
Big fishes!
Random photo op!
I looked so haggard 'cause I was laughing so hard because the Therafish tickles me so much! hahaha. I would recommend this to my friends and will bring them here. They actually offer discounts for groups of 5 and above. :)

Tibiao Fish Spa is located a SM Pampanga, 2nd Floor.


Okay. I've been seriously patient with this shop after emailing me to host a giveaway and announced the winner. But hey, it's been a month and yet they didn't reply or should I say they don't have any intention to reply to my queries anymore.

Here's the story. Hair Extension Deal Staff named NEMO emailed me last November 1, 2012 to host a giveaway for them. Of course, as a blogger, it's a good thing since it will attract readers to know your blog and an opportunity for them to win as well. I'm a giveaway-lover myself so of course, I said YES to the offer. 

After agreeing to their giveaway requirements, I immediately started the giveaway. It started on December 3 and ended after 30 days. After announcing the winner and emailing them the details, they started ignoring my emails and queries! As of this writing, I still ask for updates but I've got no reply. Also, the winner of the giveaway itself, Anna, told me that it might be a fraud. At first, I put on a positive smile saying that they may still give an update regarding the prizes or they may be just busy of some sort but hey, there were other bloggers who were also victims of this shop. When I read other bloggers post about the shop, I decided to post about them as well because I can't linger here anymore not saying a thing. I'm really pissed! How cruel are they to fool others!

Still, I felt I'm responsible somehow in hosting this giveaway. I AM SORRY to my readers who joined and wasted their efforts in joining the giveaway which happened to be from a FRAUD sponsor. This is my first time being a victim like this and really, it's making me mad and frustrated but what else can I do. Let's charge it to experience. I guess this is also a lesson to other bloggers and joiners out there to check the shop's profile and it's credibility and reliability. Me too! I need to always double check their profile as well. 

I'm sharing their FB page here and please unlike it and report it as scam. That's the first step we can stop this kind of thing. Also, if you have the same experience, be a blogger or a joiner, please share it to others so they will be aware of this fraud incident.

Romwe's Flash Sale!

Again, on the third time around, Romwe is having it's flash sale on it's best sellers! Would you like your friends on Facebook know it as well? Click here and let's spread by clicking LIKE and SHARE. :)

Romwe first Flash Sale on Best Sellers
Up to 40% OFF
From 1/30/20132/01/2013

You can always visit their site at www.romwe.com. I already got my share of what to order for this flash sale. I'm eyeing the blue blouse that I can pair with my Romwe leggings. Also, did I mention they ship for free? :)

Also, I want to share a photo of how my day turned out today. I once again visited the Korean camp where I used to taught Korean students and saw my previous students and friends who came back and hugged me tight and wish me well. I surely miss them always! Love them all! ♥

Lots of LOVE! ♥

The Shop: AHAI Shopping

I finally found a match made in heaven. Last night, as I was browsing some online shops, I bumped into AHAI Shopping site and immediately fell in love with their pieces.

I always search for some good shops online and found AhaIshopping to be one of the few that meets my criteria. I always go for the nice pieces, affordable and hassle-free shipping. They got all three.

AhaIshopping, a women's clothing stores offers Korean street fashion women's clothing, dresses for women, coats, sweaters, t-shirts, blouses, shoes, bags, etc. Special Offers Everyday! Only $9.99 & Free shipping worldwide!!! Cheap price and best clothes! You will really enjoy shopping here.

DISCLAIMER: Careful on shopping here. REALLY ADDICTING! Some of my top picks from the site. ^_^

  I love dresses and this one is totally kawaii.. :)

A top that can go to formal and even casual. :)

Kisses overload.

  Simple flats that can take me anywhere.

These are just some of the pieces I'm drooling for. What I like most is their EVERYDAY OFFER for only $9.99. It's really a huge steal!

I guarantee you, you will surely be addicted in this site. I do. I can't even stop adoring every single piece. What's your pick? ^o^

Haul: Sample Room #1

I finally got the chance to make an order at Sample Room. I was so unlucky not getting the chance to see available stocks from the site. Luckily, there are still few products left that I want to try. Thanks to the email updates I'm receiving from them. :)

I remember having my first post about Sample Room here. I think they already had 3 or 4 batch release of different samples as of this writing. I just chanced some of it. 

I hurriedly processed the order because I am afraid that if I refresh the page, the number of available stocks would be empty. It will be really sad and disappointing if that happens. Good thing, I'm early already because after 25 minutes, everything was out of stock. :)

The first product I picked is the AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream. My hand is screaming badly for some TLC. If you will notice in my NOTDs, my hands are a bit dry and it really needs some serious pampering. I hope this hand cream will help. ^_^
Sample size - 20ml (50 points)

Next is an eyeshadow and this one is a hit! It's the V&M Mineral Eyeshadow in HALO. I may not need an eyeshadow now but I can't say NO to V&M. I would love to experience this mineral makeup on my skin. :)
Sample size - 2.5 jar (20 points)

Lastly, I still got 30 points left and I was left with shampoo samples and a whitening soap. I'm not in need of whitening soap anymore 'cause I'm very loyal to one. I will blog about my whitening soap in a future post. Anyway, I ended up getting Neolia Olive Shampoo and Conditioner. I have some battles with my scalp during summertime or like now that the weather keeps on changing. Sometimes, it's okay and sometimes it's dry. I want to check if this hair care will be good enough for me. :)

Sample size - 2 sachets of shampoo and 2 sachets of conditioner (15 points)

For payment, you have different options as to what mode you would like to use. Be it paypal or credit card, over the counter banks or money transfers. You will be given instruction upon checkout on how to pay and needs to settle the amount for shipping within 24 hours. I'l settle mine tomorrow, first thing in the morning. ^_^

I know I might sound like I'm in a rush but I really do. haha.. I don't want to miss another chance with Sample Room. I would love to try their featured products and review about it here. :)

Have you tried ordering at Sample Room? What's your pick?? (~.o)))

Review: Pure Beauty Day Lotion and Night Cream

Hola everyone! How's everybody? It's been ages since my last decent post and review. My start of the year has been a whirlwind for me. It's really hard to discuss here so might as well skipped off that personal ordeal of mine. I'm still being positive though. 

Anyhoo, I already used the prize I got from Miss Celline which I posted here. Just in time since my Orange Collagen Line from Etude House was already empty. I was kind of lucky to receive a day cream and a night cream at the same time. Thanks to the joy of giveaways! ^_^

Pure Beauty is inspired by Korean skincare innovation, incorporating the finest natural ingredients and made possible by leading edge technology. They have created unique skincare products based on powerful antioxidant blends for visible, long-term results. All their products are dermatologically tested and proven to be safe and effective solutions that leave your skin looking healthier, softer and younger. 

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much on this product but since it's Korean inspired, I had second thoughts. It turned out to be good thoughts anyway! :)

I'm a fan of their Brightening Day Lotion. Actually, I can say that this is better than my Collagen line from Etude House before. This has SPF 15 and it will really add protective power to shield your skin from harmful UV rays. It will also leave your skin smooth and moisturized. ♥

This night cream helps combat pigmentation and dullness while you sleep. Your skin will experience a total brightening effect, and you will awaken to discover a reborn, refreshed and rejuvenated look. I prefer this because of it's fullness than the previous.I provided some photos for you to see the texture of the product.

This face lotion looks like milk in reality. When I'm using this, I need to be extra careful since I might spill it. I like the packaging though because it's very dainty. :)

Compare to the previous, this is actually thick and cream. I love this because whenever I woke up, I feel that I have nice skin. What is better than waking up feeling that you have great skin? This does the wonders! ♥

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Got it for FREE!
  • Dainty packaging.
  • It moisturizes heavily.
  • It makes the skin smooth.
  • It doesn't have the sticky feeling unlike other lotions and creams.
Nay! ()
  • Need to be extra careful with the Day Lotion 'cause it might spill.
  • It doesn't have whitening or anti-aging effect.
I actually thought at first that this skin care would have some whitening effect. I think I was too exposed to products in the market that always caters to whitening the skin. Also, it's because of the packaging in white that makes me think it has something to do with whitening. haha. What a lame observation! :p

That's my review for now. I'm on hunt for the next thing to review. Hmmm, what can you suggest? ^_^

Giveaway: WIN a Lolita Dress, Stockings and Necklaces!

Hello everyone! How's your weekend guys? As for me, just got our internet connection back today. We have no connection since yesterday hence the reason of not doing post. Still, it's not a reason not to catch-up with my backlogs right? hihi.. Just wait. I still need to call Globe CS for an adjustment.:)

Anyway, I want to be the bearer of good news today. LOLITA OCRUN, a shop for Lolita dresses emailed me to share a GIVEAWAY for you guys! YES, you read it right! It's a giveaway and it's INTERNATIONAL! Sounds tempting again! ^_^

Rules are simple. Do all three rules and you have the chance to win free lolita dress, stockings and necklaces!

6 winners in total
The first award: 1 winner, one dress
The second award: 2 winners, two stockings
The third award: 3 winners, three necklaces

1. Sign up on www.ocrun.com and fill in shipping address correctly.
2. Like Lolita's Page HERE.
3. Enter your name and registered email in this Facebook giveaway HERE.

Make sure the shipping address on ocrun website is valid to get the package successfully. They don't send twice to the winners!

It’s OPEN WORLDWIDE! The winners are randomly selected from all the participants. Giveaway ends on February 3, 2013. SIX winners will be announce on Feb. 5th. 2013 and will be contacted to send the prizes. 

If you're a cosplayer or just love Lolita dresses, join now! There are a lot of winners for this giveaway! I joined too! Let me congratulate you also in advance! ^o^

FReSH makes Fragrance Shopping Affordable and Fun!

I love perfumes, colognes and anything about fragrances! However, I don't go easily with those signature scent that kills my budget nor the cheap ones that just leave unnoticeable smell that's not even worth spending money for. 

How can something that smells so sweet be so expensive? One of the most basic advantages of wearing perfume is simply, that is, it is good to smell and that it contributes to its most basic disadvantage, the better it smells, the more expensive it is. But I got myself covered. Thanks to FReSH! :)

Known as the "Perfume Store for Perfume Addicts", FReSH Fragrance Bar opens stores around the country. It offers reasonable prices compared to department stores, flexible payment schemes, perpetual promotions and loyalty program so you can easily afford the bottle you've been eyeing. 

FReSH currently has five retail stores in Eastwood Mall, Alabang Town Center, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Marquee Mall Pampanga, Abreeza Mall Davao and more to come. For further information, you can visit their Facebook page HERE.

Choosing your scent shouldn't be rushed. Especially when you're young, you should take your time and experiment to find out which perfume works best for you! But I will be rushing over to it's branch in Marquee and purchase one soonest! How about you? ^_^

Determine Your Skin Type

Hello everyone. I wasn't able to manage my blog posts since I don't know when. My work's schedule is killing me softy! Uurrgghh! :(

This is my last off and I will be in a 4 by 11 schedule. Sounds pretty good right, but not for me. I live two hours far from the office and double it up plus add the time to rest and to prepare. It's almost impossible to have a better sleep in that matter. However, I'm still looking forward on the positive side of it. Lesser days, more off plus it saves money for my fare. A little sacrifice will go a long way. Let's see. :)

Anyway, I am currently searching for the best skincare I can get from the beauty market but I don't think I encountered it yet. To get the best results on what skincare is good for me, I should know my skin type first. I bumped into wiki's article on ow to determine skin type's. I am re-posting it here to give you a background on it too! All photos are from Wiki.

1. Wash Your Face
Wash with a gentle cleanser and pat dry. Remove make-up. This cleans away oils and dirt that may have accumulated during your day, giving your skin a fresh start. Do not over wash though.

2. Wait an hour
During this time, your skin should return to its natural state, the characteristics of which will determine your skin type. Act normally and, please, don't touch your face.

3. Dab your face with a tissue
Pay attention to the 'T-zone'--the area of your forehead and nose.

4. Determine your skin type
Skin falls into four types--normal, oily, dry and combination.
  • Normal skin shows neither oil nor flaking skin. It should feel supple and smooth. If you have it, consider yourself lucky :) 
  • Oily skin is characterized by the grease on the tissue. It is also common for a person with oily skin to have large pores and a shine.
  • Dry skin may feel taut or show flakes of dead skin. It is associated with small pores. Moisturizing is important for this skin type.
  • Combination skin is most common. It exhibits traits of all three of the above skin types. Usually, the skin is oily in the T-zone and normal to dry elsewhere.

 5. Know what problems your skin might have
There are usually two 'problem' categories that your skin may fall under, as well as your skin type. These two categories are:
  • Sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, your face reacts easily to regular skin products. This means that when you use regular skin products, your face will get red, itchy, or a rash could form. 
  • Acne-Prone skin. Even if you're not a teenager, you may still get pimples/acne, especially if you have an oily skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, look around for a good acne products.

Always remember to take good care of your skin. Avoid exposing your bare skin under the sun. Eat fruits and veggies for healthier skin. Drink lots of water. Treat your skin well. Give your skin some rest too. If you take care of it, it will paid-off soon. ^_^

Gifts from Zhai and Uniqso! ♥

Good morning bellas and gents! I almost forgot to post about this because I am so busy with work and all. I received two packages from my sponsors last week and I just set them aside without opening or taking pictures of it. Both are international, one from Malaysia and the other one is from Singapore so I have to pay P40 per parcel for the postal mail fee. 

Let me introduce the first one that arrived which is from a trusted brand of contact lenses. Uniqso is a Malaysian brand that caters from nails related to beauty related, including circle lenses, false eyelashes, mascara, earrings and more to come. When I first received an email from the owner Lee Lee, I was really excited because I know the brand but I didn't get my hands on any of ts products simply because I thought that they only cater contact lenses. Since I don't wear contacts, I told her that I prefer reviewing a different beauty product instead, say nail polishes? She agreed

The gift was tightly and securely packed to avoid spills since it is a nail polish anyway. I remember receiving a nail polish as a gift and when I opened it, it was really a mess! Sure thing shops know how to secure their products for better customer satisfaction. 

I received a nail polish in green which is called Alice and a Hello Kitty nail sticker. Just in time for the new year's pantone color 'ayt? Will post a review of the polish sometime next week. I want my nails to rest first after my NOTD here. :)

Next is the gift from Zhai where I introduced the shop to you here. It's a Singapore brand which specializes in Bamboo clothing of the highest standard. It's really new to me that there's a shop that caters bamboo clothing and I didn't hesitate to post a shop introduction of it in my blog. It paid off! Zhai offered to give me these gifts. ^_^

They packed it in a really earth-friendly way. I just love this shop. Period! haha.. They asked me what color for the spaghetti top I'd prefer and I chose black. With the socks, they just gave it randomly.

Tips on how to take care of the clothing is included! Zhai is really one of the great shops I would recommend for clothing related purchases. They are earth friendly, caring, and responsible

I want to thank Uniqso and Zhai for these wonderful gifts. 'Tis still the season of gift-giving! Cheers! ♥ 

Review: Fashion 21 Stick Eyeshadow/Liner

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine's a little boring because I just stayed home for my two days off from work. Jaycee has work which means no date and I'm half-broke as well so no shopping and strolling for me. Instead, I finished watching the Korean series Rooftop Prince starring Micky Yoochun. I've been a fan of him since DBSK (Dong Bang Shing Ki) days! It's actually an idol group like Super Junior only that they are SJ's senior. :)

Enough of the KPOP thingy and let's move on with a very short review of this product. As I was cleaning my bags which I used the past week and the new bags that I will be using for the current week, I found the liner that my sister gave me before. I always have the talent of finding such things like this one and my past review on this eyeshadow here. hihi.. (~!~)

I have just been a fan of eyeliners lately like 2-3 months ago. When I was young, I hate eyeliners! Whenever I'm attending events as a child that requires me to put makeup; graduation, parties, contests/beauty contest (yes, I competed when I was in Grade 6), among others, this is the beauty tool that I dislike the most! It always makes me cry!!! 

But this one is different. It's not the usual pointed liners, instead it comes in a stick form. It's fatter than the usual pencil eyeliner which is good but it also has some turn downs. 

Since it's fatter, it's a bit difficult for me to use because I'm used to in using pencil eyeliners. I ended up practicing on this several times just to make sure that I can use it properly. I actually have doubts of using this whenever I go to work because it's still kinda messy.

Notice that there's a green glitters on this eyeshadow liner. It's kind of sync with this year's pantone color which is Emerald Green. It does look dark though but who cares, they still belong in the same family! LOLS. :)

I tried to do a swatch of it. At first, it was really messy so I tried again and ended with this. If you will notice the thinner line I did, it smudged easily. That's the reason why I'm kind of doubtful in using this for long hours since I don't want to always reapply this while I'm at work. It's kind of a hassle if I'll keep on reapplying it because it's not being smudge-proof. :(

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Affordable for P85.00
  • It has glitters for the smoke effect, hence the label.
Nay! (◕︵◕)
  • It's not smudge-proof.
  • It's not water-proof
  • Not noob-friendly (or not easy to use for beginners)
  • It's messy.
Conclusion: I'm not really a fan of this eyeshadow but I will still use it since my sister gave it. I'm on the lookout for a really rockin' and cool liner somehow. I'm thinking to check Majolica Majorca, EH or any Korean shops. I know I will be able to find it soon 

Any suggestions? What brand of eyeliner/eyeshadow you have that you liked the most? Share!

My Belle de Jour Power Planner!

Hola everyone! I was really expecting this to arrive yesterday or today! This planner is one of my wish list posted here. I longed to have this since last year but my sister got me a Starbucks planner instead. Since I can't find this in most bookstores because NBS and others don't have stocks left on this, I managed to load up my Gcash and purchased it online!

photo from BDJ
After 2 days, Mr. LBC man delivered the package straight to our doorstep. This is a gift for myself. I actually didn't got the chance to purchased something for myself for the holidays so I had this instead. Happy me! ^_^

The package arrived this morning. Good thing it's my off from work so I can open it and won't prolong my agony errr, excitement! :)

The moment I got the planner, my sister teased me for holding it for hours! Literally! haha. It was so cute in my eyes and very kikayish! However, the fact that I want to get hold on this planner is because of it's nice features, pages and tools that will motivate me to push myself and be more driven this year. It is also very flexible to all sorts of users.

The planner has 80 coupons to use from different partner establishments. Some are okay, some are quite expensive like for an instance, paying P3000 and getting P500 off. Well, what's expensive for me may not be expensive for you. :)

What I like about the planner are  Special Pages like the Wardrobe Checklist, Dream Board, Vacation Planner, Random Thoughts, Goal Setting, Menstrual Tracker, Special Events Tracker, Bill and Cash Flow Tracker and Health and Fitness Plan. They got great ideas in this planner!

BDJ Lifestyle Card was already included in the package that was sent to me. I am so excited to use the coupons and the card as well because if I can use half the coupons or 40 of it, I will have a planner for FREE on 2014. Sounds a good deal right? :) But I don't think I can use up 40 since I'm in the province and most of the partner establishments are in the Metro. :(

I already started scribbling on my very own Power Planner. I can say that I'm a certified 'bella' now! Yey! Can't wait for their BDJ Box for January. ^_^  ♥