Okay. I've been seriously patient with this shop after emailing me to host a giveaway and announced the winner. But hey, it's been a month and yet they didn't reply or should I say they don't have any intention to reply to my queries anymore.

Here's the story. Hair Extension Deal Staff named NEMO emailed me last November 1, 2012 to host a giveaway for them. Of course, as a blogger, it's a good thing since it will attract readers to know your blog and an opportunity for them to win as well. I'm a giveaway-lover myself so of course, I said YES to the offer. 

After agreeing to their giveaway requirements, I immediately started the giveaway. It started on December 3 and ended after 30 days. After announcing the winner and emailing them the details, they started ignoring my emails and queries! As of this writing, I still ask for updates but I've got no reply. Also, the winner of the giveaway itself, Anna, told me that it might be a fraud. At first, I put on a positive smile saying that they may still give an update regarding the prizes or they may be just busy of some sort but hey, there were other bloggers who were also victims of this shop. When I read other bloggers post about the shop, I decided to post about them as well because I can't linger here anymore not saying a thing. I'm really pissed! How cruel are they to fool others!

Still, I felt I'm responsible somehow in hosting this giveaway. I AM SORRY to my readers who joined and wasted their efforts in joining the giveaway which happened to be from a FRAUD sponsor. This is my first time being a victim like this and really, it's making me mad and frustrated but what else can I do. Let's charge it to experience. I guess this is also a lesson to other bloggers and joiners out there to check the shop's profile and it's credibility and reliability. Me too! I need to always double check their profile as well. 

I'm sharing their FB page here and please unlike it and report it as scam. That's the first step we can stop this kind of thing. Also, if you have the same experience, be a blogger or a joiner, please share it to others so they will be aware of this fraud incident.

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  1. That's terrible! I am glad you wrote about them. Your post will serve as a warning to other blogs which may be victimized by this same group


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