Our Therafish Experience!

Let me share with you a beautiful experience today. Jaycee (my boyfriend) and I had our super advance date earlier. His off from work falls during the weekday which is today and our 53rd month together is on Sunday so we agreed to celebrate it today instead. We had our brunch at Goldilocks and it's so cute that we even got 'our' number while waiting for the orders. Lovely! ♥

After eating, we agreed to watch Hansel and Gretel's The Witch Hunters. It was still too early so we roamed around and we ended going to Tibiao Fish Spa. Now,what is Tibiao Fish Spa

It's actually a therapeutic foot massage spa where thousands of Therafish will clean and massage your feet the natural way. Through studies, they found out that the Therafish teeth has a similar texture to sandpaper. Thus, it effectively exfoliates your feet removing dead skin, nail cuticles and soft calluses.

Biologically, the Therafish eats algae, bacteria and organic matter. Since our dead skin is composed of a organic matter, these fishes feed on it. Once our feet are clean, the fish will just go away leaving the new skin untouched.

It tickles me much! :D
The ambiance was really homey and it's so comfortable. They also activated carbon filtration and UV sterilization to keep the water clean. 
There are also three stages of treatment: 
  • The beginner tank with smaller fishes. It has small nibbles and it's a micro-massage. 
  • The intermediate tank contains medium-sized fishes with a ticklish and moderate sensation. The fishes gives you a refreshing feeling or 'light-scrubbing'.
  • The extreme tank has the biggest fishes with larger nibbles and course sandpaper teeth. The fishes in the tank can remove your soft calluses in a more natural way.
 The Benefits:

They also have an on-going promotion:

It's super fun indeed! We got the Relax Me (30-min. fish spa + 5-min. foot massage). Also, we tried the beginner and extreme tanks. I am really ticklish so I need to condition myself with the small ones before transferring to the extreme tank. I even got the camera emptied because I was so greedy getting so many shots only to find out that I am posting so little. So pardon my photo spamming now, okay? ^_^

The cute guy was so busy playing with the fishes!
Who's got the most Therafish???

Small fishes!
Big fishes!
Random photo op!
I looked so haggard 'cause I was laughing so hard because the Therafish tickles me so much! hahaha. I would recommend this to my friends and will bring them here. They actually offer discounts for groups of 5 and above. :)

Tibiao Fish Spa is located a SM Pampanga, 2nd Floor.


  1. Doctor fish or fish spa originated in Turkey, hubby's homeland. It is the best kind of spa for patients with psoriasis. There is a fish spa here in Ocean Park Manila, too! :)

  2. Woah , seems a great experience . I never tried it but I'd be laughing hard if fishes would tickle my feet ;)
    I'm your new follower . Check to my blog sometimes :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. Therafish is becoming really popular these days! This is a good way to bond too and to really experience being tickled by fishes :)

  4. I've seen these before outside of the country, but now it is in the Philippines , I still haven't tried it out! Looks interesting and I think I need the bigger fishes!


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