Review: Fashion 21 Stick Eyeshadow/Liner

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine's a little boring because I just stayed home for my two days off from work. Jaycee has work which means no date and I'm half-broke as well so no shopping and strolling for me. Instead, I finished watching the Korean series Rooftop Prince starring Micky Yoochun. I've been a fan of him since DBSK (Dong Bang Shing Ki) days! It's actually an idol group like Super Junior only that they are SJ's senior. :)

Enough of the KPOP thingy and let's move on with a very short review of this product. As I was cleaning my bags which I used the past week and the new bags that I will be using for the current week, I found the liner that my sister gave me before. I always have the talent of finding such things like this one and my past review on this eyeshadow here. hihi.. (~!~)

I have just been a fan of eyeliners lately like 2-3 months ago. When I was young, I hate eyeliners! Whenever I'm attending events as a child that requires me to put makeup; graduation, parties, contests/beauty contest (yes, I competed when I was in Grade 6), among others, this is the beauty tool that I dislike the most! It always makes me cry!!! 

But this one is different. It's not the usual pointed liners, instead it comes in a stick form. It's fatter than the usual pencil eyeliner which is good but it also has some turn downs. 

Since it's fatter, it's a bit difficult for me to use because I'm used to in using pencil eyeliners. I ended up practicing on this several times just to make sure that I can use it properly. I actually have doubts of using this whenever I go to work because it's still kinda messy.

Notice that there's a green glitters on this eyeshadow liner. It's kind of sync with this year's pantone color which is Emerald Green. It does look dark though but who cares, they still belong in the same family! LOLS. :)

I tried to do a swatch of it. At first, it was really messy so I tried again and ended with this. If you will notice the thinner line I did, it smudged easily. That's the reason why I'm kind of doubtful in using this for long hours since I don't want to always reapply this while I'm at work. It's kind of a hassle if I'll keep on reapplying it because it's not being smudge-proof. :(

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Affordable for P85.00
  • It has glitters for the smoke effect, hence the label.
Nay! (◕︵◕)
  • It's not smudge-proof.
  • It's not water-proof
  • Not noob-friendly (or not easy to use for beginners)
  • It's messy.
Conclusion: I'm not really a fan of this eyeshadow but I will still use it since my sister gave it. I'm on the lookout for a really rockin' and cool liner somehow. I'm thinking to check Majolica Majorca, EH or any Korean shops. I know I will be able to find it soon 

Any suggestions? What brand of eyeliner/eyeshadow you have that you liked the most? Share!


  1. nice review. try MAC or Urban Decay, this will definitely make you happy as i am. :-)

  2. I was looking for your pic wearing it. :)

  3. Not water and smudge proof means easier to remove...but hassle nga if you have to re-apply from time to time.

  4. The last time I used an eyeliner was... 5 years ago? Haha! But I'm now trying to use makeup again, so this is a great help for me. Why don't you try liquid eyeliners?

  5. Good job on the review... I'll keep it in mind next time I decide to buy some. :-)
    Happy New Year!
    Eliz (bc blogger)


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