NOTD and Review: My Very First Nail-of-the-Day this 2013!

Happy 2013 everyone! How did you celebrate your last day of 2012? I am really excited what's up for me this year. I have so many plans and goals to accomplish starting this year. I just hope that everything will turned out fine! ^_^

Anyway, before going to the year-end mass last night, I put on the nail polish my aunt sent us. This is my very first try on Sally Hansen's nail polish. Since I know that it's pretty expensive compared to other nail polishes in the market, it made me think of it as less priority. 

However, before I used this polish as my NOTD, I tried on few attempts on making some dots on the first polish I tried on so I can be one with the new year's theme. I ended up removing it because it was not perfect yet. My goal this 2013 is to learn more designs in NOTD and also to learn new stuff as well.

I ended up using this polish because I wanted to experience Sally Hansen's breakthrough on polishes. It never failed to amaze me! I like everything about it!

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • The brush is fine making every strokes finish smoothly.
  • Nails with polish became stronger than those without anything on.
  • With one coat, it looks perfect already so you will save more.
  • It shines beautifully.
Nay! (◕︵◕)
  • Very expensive. (This is P450.00 on Department Stores)
I finished with only one coat on this. It looks great isn't it? Good choice of color also since I will go back to work tomorrow and the color is not over the top so I can wear it for a week.

That's a wrap! I hope you celebrated your New Year with all the love and happiness. Peace everyone! Hola 2013! ♥


  1. I was able to experience a Sally Hansen nail polish when I was younger and I agree to its nice finish on the nails. But you know, I'm bad at polishing my own nails so I go to the salon instead! Good for you, you have a skill in doing it! :) Happy New Year!:)

  2. i like my nails short and unpolished though i like to set my eyes on polished nails like yours and ms january
    happy new year ms tet

  3. I like the color, I also own one sally hansen in read, bought it online for 299 I think..forgot the right price..and yes, I love it too- Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  4. Ay, I love Sally Hansen (so difficult to remove nga lang), cuz it is "hard as nails" hehe. Love the color.will go check it out

  5. Happy New Year!
    I love having pink nails too, but I couldn't do it for myself! I only get to wear nail polish after a mani and pedi in a salon. :(

  6. Hapy NEw Year. Love the shade of pink. May buy this the next time I go shopping.

  7. Happy New Year! I actually like the color so much. It's so simple, sweet and girly!

  8. i love that. I always have my share of putting some colorful nail polish but i like your find..It's very feminine..


  9. Love the color! I'm wearing violet nails, but a very dark shade. I dont have Sally Hansen polish, just the double duty top coat thingie so far. :)

  10. I like the color...interesting that there is also extreme wear for nails... this must be what I need!

  11. quality of the polish looks good, but im not really into the color... been hunting for a good polish brand kasi iv been feeling maarte since i become pregnant... hehehe ;D


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