Are Skincare Fridge Worth It?

If there is one thing I would like to purchase related to my skincare stash, that would be fridge for my items. With the skincare fridge booming few years back, I wanted to get one myself too. However, my dilemma is that they say it is costly and better to invest in nice small fridge, than those dedicated to skincare alone. 

I have a lot of skincare products and how I wish most of my masks can be stored in the fridge. But our fridge already has a lot in store so adding skincare items there would be difficult. Also, I fear that my husband might mistake it into something edible. 😂

Tips on How To Transform Your Home Beautifully

I've been a member of this home aesthetic group on Facebook where the members aim to share how they transform their homes into one beautiful abode. I believe home improvement is a continuous project because there are times you want to update or change your house set-up. 

Personally, we have a small home and we also have limited funds so we were not able to fully finish the whole house when we first got it. We are still saving some money for home renovation so we can maximize the remaining space that we have. For now, we take advantage of the space available and all the furnitures and appliances that we use. 

Flaunt Your Style In Your Own Home

Home design is such a beautiful topic to talk about. I always adore and love looking at houses and every furnitures or equipment that you can layout with it. I dream of big and bright houses which I am looking forward to own one day. I will slowly then create it into a masterpiece that transcends my own style and personality. 

One source of home design I always search for is Pinterest, and there I find very beautiful, unique and elegant showpieces in every home. 

How Not To Stress Yourself Over Repairs At Home

Repairing things at home are often linked to the husbands or men at home. But what if you can't rely on men at some point? Who are you going to rely on? 

We know that the era where men were the only one seen as the strong human compared to women has already passed. It's already 2021 and let's normalize equality. But I admit that as a wife and woman in the house, there are things that I found difficult to handle. Just like repairing appliances. 

Where To Get High Quality Waist Trainers

I am always an advocate of love in health and beauty. I believe that being beautiful isn't just about putting makeup and skincare but also about having great confidence in your own body and skin. 

When I was in my teenage years, weight issues were not really my problem because I have a small built and can even fit extra small size set of clothes. That story was ancient history though. After giving birth, I started blaming everything on my hormones. I feel like I am not losing weight anymore despite what workout I do. Perhaps another reason was eating my children's leftovers so as not to waste food, and the lists goes on. 

With that, I sometimes feel my confidence suddenly went down the drain. Good thing I was able to checkout some best waist trainer that I know would help me gain back the confidence that was once was lost. 

How to Experience Spa Day At Home

Escape from the stress of this pandemic by treating yourself and the whole family to a spa treat at home. Make it extra special with Speaks G Spa and wellness treatments. Now, more than ever, it is essential for us to indulge in pampering ourselves on a regular basis. Not only it is pleasurable, it is also extremely beneficial to your well-being especially now that we spend most of our time indoors.