Review: The Better Skin Project's Exfoliating + Lightening Bar

Hola everyone!

I've been missing out on almost all my social media accounts for months because of several reasons and one of it is Covid. I have created a vlog about our Covid-19 experience so I hope you can watch and listen to our story and experience. Who knows, it might help you too when you faced the same situation. Spare me a like and please also subscribe as well. (I'm a new youtuber now! Ahaha) :)

So I'm back in maintaining my blog and socmeds because I miss them. I just miss writing and sharing my thoughts on my humble web abode. I have a lot of products to share and review because they're piling up my closet now. Some were even expired so I had to think of ways on how to still use them (if possible) so I think you'll see more of my posts now. I need to work with my backlogs asap. 

One of the products I need to use asap is this soap from The Better Skin Project. I got this from Sample Room few months back but because Covid happened to us, I wasn't able to use it. I don't know, Covid just made our life stopped. We were quarantined, we felt so down and lifeless and just can't move and do anything. So now we are up again and ready to start a whole new year.