How We Renovated Our Little Home

 We recently had our kitchen fixed and painted. It has been a long awaited plan but we just dont have enough time these past few weeks to manage it and get it done.

The repair lasted a week and we are so glad that it was nicely renovated that my kids are all running free because of the pretty tiles on the floor. We had the windows and doors all polished and replaced which was a great idea because it now gave a cool vibe in the living room. Still aiming for this minimalist set-up in the photo that's great even when you have kids at home.

Home Improvement Ideas For Small Spaces

 Recently, we renovated our home space since we had some extra funds for a kitchen upgrade. However, we have limited space, and the subdivision where we reside has exact measurement for units like ours so we are forced to extend and close the whole space, especially the back part at our kitchen. Downside to a house/unit like ours is we don't have windows at the back since we accumulated the whole space and closed it. Same goes with our back neighbor so you can imagine that we are wall to wall already so there's no space left for windows. 

I really wanted naturally lighting at home as much as possible and I also want an open window in the kitchen. But since it's impossible for our house, I thought of something different which may be possible to accomplish - installing fake vinyl windows on the wall. 

What To Expect When Living In a Condo

 Condo living has been a thing recently especially for young professionals in the city. It's a place where you can stay that will take minutes to go to work and the malls are just some perks you get to save precious time.

Apart from the proximity to entertainment and business districts, living in a condo generally provides flexible living. It also offers great sense of community and top-notch amenities. Some may also have appliances and furnitures included.

Awesome Transformation of Old or Broken Appliances

 Few months back, we started renovating our kitchen space and living room since I was able to get some part time job. We have a small space and one of our house rule is whenever we want to get something new for the house, be it a new appliance or furniture, we need to let go of what we currently have so we would have a space for the new item. 

So I browsed some ideas on the internet on how we can DIY some of the very old and broken appliances that we have and turn it into something useful so that we don't need to bring it at the appliance repair shop anymore. I know most of our old appliances are as good as junk and it would be a huge problem to dispose them. The environmentalist in me just don't like adding more trash so I often find ways to reuse, or upcycle those things. 

So here are some of the very inspiring transformations I saw which you can also do if you have some broken appliances lying around your home. It's great to repurpose knowing you are also saving the environment. 


This coffee maker here makes the most cute and beautiful aqua place for your aqua beings. Looks so cute and dainty! 

Mama Tet Cooks: Chicken Tinola in Coconut Milk

 I found something new to prepare today since I want the kids to experience a different set of viand. It's their favorite Chicken Tinola but I'm doing it with a twist so keep on reading. 

Since last week, we are buying from the wet market everyday because we had some troubles with our fridge. We had a small, one-door refrigerator and the freezer part isn't working properly so we can't store frozen goods there yet. It's in our plans already to get a new fridge but since it's still functional, we thought of just using it until the end of its machine life. We can just send it to a fridge repair shop this weekend for it to be fixed.

Anyway, here's a different twist of the classic Chicken Tinola which our children always loved. 

Review: Sam4Kinis Soaps

Hola amigas and amigos!

Another review up and this time, I am writing about these soaps which I received from a brand before the pandemic and it's from the brand Sam4Kinis. It is my first time to hear about them so I am excited to try it upon receiving it from the loot I got on the Candy Dollz The Magic Tour 2020 event.

Actually I have plenty of soaps to review from all the events and PR I have received the past months so I've been switching and using different kinds of soaps lately. Because of that, my dry to sensitive skin is always at risk so I try to be careful in picking a product that I knew my skin would like. For these items here, I knew the moment I used them that I won't be repeating the same thing again. 

Anyway, before proceeding let me summarize my thoughts on the products first. 

Ed & Kes New Sub Brands: MOMMA AND YOU & SAMSONS

“Lord, make me rich para lang makatulong. To Love the POOR, you cannot be poor like them. Because who will LIFT THEM UP?” -BO SANCHEZ

Ed & Kes, the mother brand which is created to house two sub brands, Momma and You and SAMSONS, is a supporter of local, natural, organic and handmade products that creates positive change to society. They quietly aid the cause to shelter, protect and aid the women and children of Heart of Mary Villa and Ruhama (RGS).