Home Improvement Ideas For Small Spaces

 Recently, we renovated our home space since we had some extra funds for a kitchen upgrade. However, we have limited space, and the subdivision where we reside has exact measurement for units like ours so we are forced to extend and close the whole space, especially the back part at our kitchen. Downside to a house/unit like ours is we don't have windows at the back since we accumulated the whole space and closed it. Same goes with our back neighbor so you can imagine that we are wall to wall already so there's no space left for windows. 

I really wanted naturally lighting at home as much as possible and I also want an open window in the kitchen. But since it's impossible for our house, I thought of something different which may be possible to accomplish - installing fake vinyl windows on the wall. 

I recently saw on Facebook some hacks on how to make the kitchen brighter. Just like our closed kitchen space, I am planning to install something like this so that the kitchen would look brighter and people would mistaken that we have a window but apparently, it's just a fake one. 

I think this is electric-powered so the natural lighting which usual window gives can be replicated on this fake one. Might be a little difficult on your bills since it's additional consumption on electricity but if you are aiming to achieve the look like the ones pictured above, then you have to spare a little for the aesthetics of your home. 

I am still contemplating though if I will push this but definitely (and literally) a bright idea for our home. I am just not sure if I can purchase this or have it customized. This idea is still on the works but I'm considering it for our kitchen. 

Are you open with the idea of installing fake vinyl windows for your own home? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 
Thanks for reading! 

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