Check out what’s in Moira’s shopping list this Christmas!

 Gift your loved ones with these items you can get at 0% interest through Home Credit

Manila, Philippines — Finding the perfect holiday gifts for loved ones can be challenging for some people. Well, gift giving doesn’t come with no pressure since we only want to give our loves ones what’s best for them.

If you’re still looking for the ideal presents or rather need some inspiration, Filipina singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre shares her holiday gift ideas that are perfect for all ages and for every special person in your life! 

Making it a merrier Christmas season, Home Credit recently launched The Great 0% Interest Festival, so every shopper can check out items from almost 10,000 partner stores nationwide. Customers can choose from more than 50,000 products available through Home Credit that they get at 0% interest until January 31, 2023.

Are you ready? Check out what’s in Moira’s shopping list this holiday season!

Gifts for learning and entertainment

Now is the time to reward hard-working children and inaanaks the gadgets they deserve. Gifting them the latest devices can help them not only study hard, but also enjoy little play time in between to maintain that school-life balance. Not to mention, in the new normal way of learning, smartphones, laptops and tablets, and accessories such as noise-canceling headphones have proven to optimize students’ educational experience, whether for physical classes and especially in hybrid learning.

New NBA season just began last month and this means you may find your dads and brothers with their eyes glued on screens. Investing in a high-quality smart TV at home can be an amazing present for sports fans in the household, as the whole family spends their time at home in the spirit of togetherness during the holidays. To top this off, gifting ate or bunso superb-quality Bluetooth speakers lets everyone party or just chill, anytime and anywhere.

Top tech brands to name a few – OPPO, realme, vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Acer, Apple, Huawei, and Asus all offer these gadgets that make the perfect study and play buddy. Not to worry, these brands and other Home Credit’s partner stores nationwide are part of the 0% interest festival for the best deal that you can get this season.

Presents for convenience and healthy living

Inverter technology has been quite an innovation that parents fancy for household appliances. Choosing inverter items over traditional appliances helps one save on energy and cost at home. This season of giving, gifting parents the latest appliances that would guarantee convenient living at home will surely have them enjoying the holidays and beyond.

Inverter refrigerator and air-conditioner are top choices for you to consider! As moms love spending time in the kitchen and making snacks for their families, with a cool and cost-efficient refrigerator in place they can keep their grocery foods in a safe storage to ensure the quality of each item.

While you’re at it, why not get an inverter air conditioner for the family so they can enjoy the cool room temperature during family reunions? An air conditioner will definitely be appreciated in a tropical weather country like the Philippines plus it is also environment-friendly and has lower power consumption.

Another important household appliance is owning a good quality washing machine. Give your titas a washing machine to help them save time by just simply putting their clothes on it, turning on the power and choosing their preferred cycle. It is more ideal than doing their laundry manually, a good way to show how you value their convenience.

Home workouts saw an increase in demand during the pandemic. Surprise your fitness enthusiast sibling or significant other by gifting them a punching bag, dumbbells, yoga mat or go big and fulfill their home gym dream by gifting them with an indoor cycling bike or treadmill as a present this Christmas. Having these fitness equipment at home can let them maximize their workouts at home, to keep them fit and healthy.

Get these home appliances and fitness equipment from Home Credit’s retail partners such as SM Appliances, Robinsons Appliances, Abenson, FC Home, Home Along, AllHome, Emcor, and Automatic Centre.

Curated holiday presents for a more personal touch

Looking for a more creative option for holiday gifting? Try creating your very own holiday gift package! For your coworkers who just had a baby, put in some nice items for infants, toys and clothing in a ribbon-tied box for the complete Christmasy feel. And for the BFFs, you can collect some new shades of lipstick, tag along some trendy accessories and perfume in a cute tote bag or basket for a well-thought out present.

Through Home Credit’s Shopping Basket, customers can visit its partner stores and shop for these varieties of goodies that they can curate in bundles for Php 3,000 minimum worth of items. Shoppers can get them through a monthly installment plan now with 0% interest.

The spirit of Christmas is livelier now more than ever. Home Credit wishes to celebrate this with you, offering 0% interest for the best gift items of your choice that can make the whole family feel loved and cherished.

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Gaming Website About Money

If you are a reader of my blog, you very well know that I am fond of playing games online because it's what I usually do during my free time. If I'm not working in the office or not doing any chores at home, most likely I am watching korean dramas or playing games. I like browsing the internet with some good games and I especially like it when games are free of charge and if the site is easy to navigate. 

That is why, I am very much happy to discover this gaming website which has all the factors I mentioned, it's

This is a gaming website which primarily focuses on money and finance. Apart from that, it comprises of different game categories and dozens of games available. 

I think most games here enhances my mind to be alert. Combining money in games makes me want to play it more. :) 

Anyway, sharing with you some of my favorite and recommended games. 


My #1 favorite game on the website. I feel I am always challenged here. I'm spending long hours here and sometimes find myself spending all my working break in playing solitaire. The game has very colorful design and promotes different places on its tiles. Pretty and challenging I must say.



I have always loved Powerpuff girls when I was younger, and I like that the display in this game is good quality compared to other games. Apart from that, it's challenging because the ice and fire challenges in the game moves really fast. You will really feel the panic as you have to move evry fast in saving the buildings and people in Townsville. 


I like Math and I like computing especially when using my keyboard so I find this game very appealing. It isn't as challenging as the first two I mentioned but I liked it so much so I am sharing it with you here. 

To be honest I wanted to talk about more games, but this article won't end if I continue. I swear this is one of the best gaming websites I have tried which has great games perfect for different ages. You should try it for yourself as well. I'm sure you will not only enjoy, but the whole family as well. 

Have the merriest holiday with Home Credit’s The Great 0% Interest Festival

Manila, Philippines. November 11, 2022 — The most awaited season for Filipinos is fast approaching — signaling the most beautiful time of the year for giving and sharing. Get ready to fill your hearts with your most wishlisted items for yourself and your loved ones and embark on the most exciting shopping season of the year!


Want something for your monitos and monitas? Or have you been wanting to reward yourself for a year of hard work? Better not pout, better not let your wallets cry because a huge blowout is coming to town!


As a holiday treat for Filipino customers, Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, launches The Great 0% Interest Festival with over 50,000 products offered at 0% interest rates at almost 10,000 partner stores nationwide.


Giving has always been a part of every Filipino's holiday tradition. What other way to start the season than to share the fruits of our labor with our loved ones and make their holidays extra special. To make this possible, Home Credit gives back to its customers by making holiday gifting more accessible and affordable this year by offering items at 0% interest rates to fit every Filipino’s holiday budget,” shares HCPH’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sheila Paul.


This is indeed a perfect time for Filipino shoppers to make their desired purchases without the need to hurt their wallets. From your desired phone upgrades, quality appliances, and new furniture to awesome tech and digital finds — Home Credit has everything that you need for your holiday gifting!


The biggest 0% interest rate promo nationwide

Home Credit’s The Great 0% Interest Festival is the biggest and longest-running 0% interest promo of any BNPL brand nationwide running since April 2022.


Filipino customers can enjoy their holiday shopping experience with Home Credit’s wide selection of over 50,000 products – from home appliances and furniture, bicycles and motorcycle accessories to electronics and hardware, sports equipment and apparel, and many more – offered at 0% interest rates at almost 10,000 partner stores across the country.


Fulfill your holiday wishes with Home Credit

Tick off all items on your wishlist because you can now avail of your desired purchases through Home Credit and its partner brands and retail stores nationwide at a 0% interest rate.


You can now get your dream gadgets, camera phones, and digital devices at the nearest partner brand stores — OPPO, realme, vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Acer, Apple, Huawei, Asus and Lenovo.


If you are looking for some new furniture or appliances to give away as presents, or tools and home essentials for your loved ones, you can now get them at Home Credit’s retail partners: SM appliances, Robinsons Appliances, Abenson, FC Home, Home Along, AllHome, Emcor, Automatic Centre.


Wait there’s more!

As an added treat, the brand wants to hype up your Home Credit holiday experience by launching an exciting campaign video that is set to launch on November 17 on Home Credit’s official Facebook and YouTube accounts, headlined by Home Credit’s brand ambassador – Moira dela Torre.


What are you waiting for? Shop now via the My Home Credit app and visit its partner brands and retail stores near you. Shoppers can now experience The Great 0% Interest Festival and make the most affordable purchases until January 31!


Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). To learn more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website You may also follow its official FacebookInstagram, and TikTok accounts. Customers are encouraged to download the My Home Credit app on Google Play to know more about the latest promos and see what is new in the Marketplace.


Best Lessons This Pandemic

The pandemic brought us lots of learnings in life. When it first hit in 2020, it was really unexpected that we were surprised by its effects. We've been greatly affected as my sister's office laid off their employees and she was removed from their account. Our savings was rapidly decreasing too. From then on, we've been very cautious in getting every money from our pockets. The usual restaurant dine-ins were replaced with home-cooked meals for almost a year. Yes. It was difficult for us not to spend since eating out is our way of creating more memories with the family. We were also affected with Covid twice and since we weren't sure of the situation, we chose to be safe than sorry. No going outs except for really important matters. 

When the pandemic eased up later 2021, we made sure to add more passive income and get insurances for preparation in times like this. I tried adding more writing gigs, joined lots of blogger campaigns and projects, and been selling random items as well. We decided to put our hard-earned money on investments to grow them. We also relied on apps and websites that helped us monitor our savings and investment. 

Things to Consider in Switching to Menstrual Cups

Writing about beauty and lifestyle is a hobby of mine. Though I mainly focuses on skincare, I am also fond of writing about wellness and self-care in general. This includes body care, health and even issues regarding hygiene. 

Recently, I've been reading a lot about Menstrual Cup or MC. It isn't new to me since I've known about it for a few years now, but I've only started studying about it recently. I actually wanted to try using it, but I don't want to start on something I am not fully ready to dedicate myself into. I actually wanted to switch fully into MC, but I am still getting to know more about the pros and cons of using it.

The Best Wireless Bra That'll Never Go Out of Style

Underwear, despite not being on display most of the time, also follows fashion trends. Therefore, it is interesting to keep an eye on the news, a tip that applies mainly to those who resell lingerie.

In recent years, for example, the seamless bra, has been gaining ground in the market, many women undoubtedly prefer comfort than that bra with straps to be used in an apparently uncomfortable way. Not all women know how wonderful the seamless bra is, so I'm here to bring you some that are super high in the fashion world.

 1.  The seamless thong panties are among the lingerie models that never go out of style

5 Cutest Games To Play

Online games are a great way to destress after a hard day's work. I often find myself playing online games whenever I feel the need to detach myself from the busy world of adulthood. Playing those games instantly brings back my childhood memories, making all my worries away. 

Recently, I've found myself hooked in online games a lot. For one, they are convenient and no need to pay or download just to have access. Whenever I'm waiting in line while running an errand, when I'm commuting going to work, or just basically chilling at home, I found myself playing these games. 

Here I listed down my top 5 beautiful games from a math and educational website named I actually have talked about it already in the past. But now, they expanded out into a variety of other fun games perfect for kids and kids at heart. 

1. 2048 Cuteness Edition 

This is a cuter version of the popular math puzzle game 2048 where number pieces add together and double when scrolled together. I am literally enjoying this because of the cute characters emerging as the game develops.

Protect Your Car from Carnapping

Investing in a car isn't a joke so protecting them is equally important as how much you cherish them. So aside from getting a car insurance to cover at least some of the cost in case you lost your car, here are some top tips on how to protect your wheels from carnapping.

When To Replace Instead of Repairing An Appliance

Our household appliances gives us the convenience in life. It cuts our working time in half and it gives us a lot of benefits such as simplified ways in dealing with daily tasks, superb performances and a whole lot more. We always tend to seek assistance with these gadgets as we can't deny their help in our daily life. 

The dilemma kicks in when these appliances became inefficient or when it broke. Just as how pricey it is to get one, the repairs would also cost us fortune depending on the severity of the damage. So the question is, when is the best time to replace an appliance instead of repairing them? 

As a mom, I always go to repairs most of the time. It saves me more time and money. Unlike my husband who's irritated with broken appliances, he simply buys another one (when we afford it) so easily. We always disagree with one another so what we did is to come up with ways on how to decide on replacing the appliance instead of repairing them. 

1. When it's near or it reaches it's life cycle

Appliance just like any other thing, also has a certain life cycle. You can't just keep on repairing it because you feel it's the necessary thing to do. Sometimes, it won't function fully like how it used to so replacing it would be better than risking safety or spending more money in repairing it often. 

2. If cost of repair is more than 50%

A repair seems necessary if your item has been broken the first time or second time around. But it shouldn't be more than 50% of the cost of the item. In case that happens, a replacement may make more sense. Especially if the life span of your item is on or around 50%. In this case, I would suggest getting regular maintenance for your equipment especially in very expensive items. 

By the way, if you need to repair your appliance, get in touch with Capital Appliance Repair. They're the best in the Tampa.

3. Upgrading

Nowadays, changing appliances quickly has been a norm (especially for those who can afford it) because of social media. It's so great seeing those perfectly sync appliances on Tiktok and Reels that goes so well with you home design or just simply putting out its aesthetic. It's great to upgrade your appliances especially if you feel the need to like changing your old AC to an inverter. This will make you save more in the long run.

PRO TIP: Sell your old appliance in a lower price to cover a part of the amount of the new appliance you are getting.

In the end, it is up to the homeowners whether to replace or repair an appliance. Just remember to always follow the safety precautions in using you appliances to provide a safe home environment to your family. 

Beautify Your Interior With a Low Budget

During the start of the pandemic where everyone was in a lockdown, it was a perfect time for me to get a part time job online which gave us the opportunity to earn extra from our usual salary. We live paycheck to paycheck so this extra savings were spent to at least beautify our house interior from it's bare look since we just got our house around that time. 

Since we only have limited budget, we decided to beautify the interior with what we can afford. Some of the things we consider are the following. 

1. Paint the walls
We decided to decorate our then concrete walls and paint it to a white canvas. Since we have a small space, white paint makes it bigger so we opted for that color. Since we are saving money, we did the painting on our own since we are saving cost of labor. Wall paint makes the whole place a lot different so I believe this is a 'need' in beautifying your interior. 

2. Change our floors
When we first got the house and since it is bare, we just opted to use a linoleum flooring but we noticed that it became a disaster with kids. They would write on it or would cut it so we opted for concrete floors. There are lots of benefits of polished concrete floors for us. Now it's easier to maintain and clean, not to mention it is more cost-efficient instead of changing linoleum from time to time. 

3. Choose elegant looking curtain
Since we have almost bare looking interior, a set of good-looking, minimalist design in curtain, can help do the trick. We also included this on the budget and it won't hurt to add this.

Spend Your Vacation Time Splendidly

School is now over and I should make the most out of my vacation days so here I am listing different events and activities that I'm looking forward to do during this break. I was really exhausted with work the past few weeks so I promise myself to make the most out of this special time that I have.

Here are some of the things I am looking forward to do while enjoying the break.

Checking Out the Largest Cities of Louisiana

When you think of big cities, your first reaction may not be the state of Louisiana. However, this southern state has much to offer in terms of city living. Let’s go over some of the best cities to visit or call home in the Pelican State.

How Are We Now Two Years After The Pandemic

The years of the pandemic had greatly affected mankind and people suffered huge changes in life. I've seen, heard and been a part of those huge changes like removal from my part time work, same with my sister who also got cut-off from her main job. We had to budget tightly whatever was left of us. I even had to create meal plans not exceeding $10. It was really tough considering we also have two small kids at home who are sometimes picky on what to eat. 

Apart from our daily struggles, we still need to maintain paying our bills. Good thing everything went fine even when times were tough. I remembered being grateful during those times that we were able to get a second-hand car instead of getting a brand new one because that would surely be tough to handle given the unexpected arrival of the pandemic. 

Where to Get Gorgeous Wholesale Outfits To Start Your Store Online

My life goal lately is to hustle really hard to make a living for my family and at the same time, thinking of creating multiple sources of income. One that comes to mind when I talk about business is that I want it to be something that I am passionate about. I'm thinking about anything related to beauty, jewelry, bags and those stuff. Most likely, going into wholesale women's clothing is something I am seriously thinking as well. 

You Gotta Do Something About It

As a food enthusiast, I always like saving and screen capping new recipes I encounter online or on my mobile. Good thing technology is much easier now unlike before when I still have to write recipes or paste some cooking recipes from a magazine in a notebook so I can save it and take note of it for my next baking or cooking sesh. I am no newbie nor an expert in cooking. I am just an ordinary housewife who is fond of cooking for the family and preparing something new for them.

Does size really matter?

Pantene rises up to the challenge with their bigger and better 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner

It’s a question that has long intrigued the minds of many. And in many everyday situations, size certainly does matter. By going big, there’s more to be enjoyed, loads more to treat yourself to, and, simply put: You get more out of the things you buy and get your money’s worth.

When it comes to bigger and better, Pantene changes the game with their 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. Compared to the previous 9mL sachet, the sachet comes in bigger at 13mL but keeps the same salon-inspired ingredients and maintains the affordable price of P6* giving everyone who uses it Salontastic and lagkit-free hair.

The Food You Simply Have to Try in Japan

From its cherry blossoms and wacky inventions to its unique sights such as Mount Fuji and the array of capsule hotels, Japan is one of the planet’s most popular destinations to visit. Another appealing aspect of holidaying in the country is undoubtedly its delicious food which is popular all around the world. On the whole, Japanese food culture is diverse and is far more detailed than just the usual fish and rice, which many people associate it with.


Known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan’s 6,853 islands combine to create what is a truly unique culture, with food playing an integral role in the country. While most people read up on ancient traditions and some of the world’s leading electronic inventions, other people are perhaps more intrigued by the array of mouth-watering dishes that are on offer throughout Japan. In fact, the sheer amount of delicious grub worth tucking into during a stay in the country is vast. If you’re planning an adventure to Japan in the future, below is a look at some of the traditional cuisine that you simply have to try while you’re there.


Shabu shabu


If your preference is warming soups and the occasion stew, then you’ll enjoy shabu shabu. Essentially a Japanese version of a hot pot, shabu shabu is light to eat as it usually contains healthy ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, tofu and noodles. The eating experience of shabu shabu is unique too, creating theatre at the table as you pick up a piece of meat or fish and immerse it into a consommé until it is cooked and ready to eat with a dash of sesame sauce




A popular dish outside of the country, eating ramen in Japan is unrivalled. A bowl containing wheat noodles which are served in a soy sauce or miso soup and mixed with an array of different ingredients, ramen is a delight well worth sampling. Alongside the aforementioned ingredients tends to be meat, such as pork or chicken, and the addition of vegetables, such as green onions and seaweed, alongside a boiled egg. There are variations on the dish, though, but they’re some of the more popular combinations.


Sushi and sashimi


(Image via


Simply put, you can’t beat sushi or sashimi in the country where it was originally created. Many other territories in the western world serve up sushi and sashimi, but it isn’t quite up to scratch on the whole. In order to experience this type of cuisine at its best, it’s time to ditch the supermarket versions of sushi and put down the Bushi Sushi slot game, and venture out to Japan to try the country’s most famous traditional dish. Sushi is essentially rice soaked in a vinegar mix and then mixed up with ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, and nori. There are many variations of sushi, though, but that’s the general way it’s done. Sashimi, on the other hand, is raw fish or seafood which is served with the spicy Japanese condiment, wasabi, and a hint of soy sauce.




Typically made using seafood and vegetables, tempura is a fried dish that is seasoned with either sugar, ginger and soy sauce and is a popular snack throughout Japan. Tempura is frequently served with a Tetsuyu sauce too, which is essentially a delicious mixture of consommé, sweet sake, soy sauce, ginger, radish and spices. Once again, this is a Japanese treat that can enjoyed around the world, but Japan certainly does it best.


Other Japanese food well worth tucking into is okonomiyaki, kare-raisu, miso soup, yakitori, onigiri, udon, soba, gyudon, gyoza, and matcha sweets. 

How To Deal With Poor Workmanship

When the pandemic started, most of my time was devoted to fixing and upgrading our home because we experienced quarantine for a long period of time. Since we spent most of the time at home, almost all of the things that need repair at home were done. It was a great opportunity to fix broken spots or areas at the house.

I was also able to do an online side hustle during quarantine and since I have extra money, we upgraded our kitchen and living room. However, the experience wasn't all good because the carpenter who worked for us last year isn't really good with his craft. Fast forward to a year, and now we're seeing cracks and holes in our kitchen cabinets and tiles weren't fit perfectly.