Review: Kamillosan Anti-Inflammatory Spray Solution

Being in the teaching profession, I've always find myself prone to scratching my throat by means of clearing it. It sounded awkward and irritating I know, but I can't help myself to do it since often times it feels so itchy from the inside. 

One time, I got a high fever which made me so feel so weak that I also felt that my throat is insanely itchy and I'm slowly having colds. This is before the pandemic so I didn't really panic. The fever lasted for days though and isn't going down so I decided to get myself checked.

After some series of tests, the doctor told me that everything is normal though she saw that my tonsils are slightly red so she gave me some meds to prevent getting infection. It's already slightly swollen so early prevention is the key. She told me to use Kamillosan Throat Spray whenever I find my throat dry and itchy.

I remembered I got one from Sample Room couple of months back and was left hidden in the cabinet. I used it when I first got it because I also had itchy throat back then and it was effective for me. I liked it but didn't had the need to use it further so I kept it.

I like how it's so convenient to bring. It's a pocket-friendly spray that you can use anytime you want to spritz it. Spraying it directly inside the throat makes it easier to target the affected spot. There's a cooling effect after the spritz. The taste gives off a medicinal flavor which I can easily tolerate though it isn't a good taste for me..

You see, Kamillosan was really effective for me. Whenever I had that itchy, irritating feeling on the throat, I spray this on. I love the cooling feeling and the relief it gave after using it. After two days of usage, I felt better and my swollen tonsil subsided fast. Good thing it was healed fast. 

Despite having Kamillosan, always remember to be healthy and drinks lots of fluid. After all, good health is something we all need to desire because health is wealth.