Review: TU Mask Pack

Face masks have always been my favorite in my skin care routine. I always love the feeling of coolness it gives on my face. So when I found another mask from the Dis-A-Pore Althea box, I became immediately excited because I get to try a new kind of mask and feel its difference from other masks that I've tried. 

My husband can vouch that I am a face mask fanatic. I even share my stash of masks with him and he likes it. This one is new to me as there's two step and the effect was just great! It is also not common to buy these at regular beauty stores here so I feel privileged to try this myself. Thanks to Althea for coming up with the Pore Box. 

PACKAGING. It's pretty simple. Packaging looks minimalist with its colors. This mask comprises of two parts, the first one which is for Soothing and the second one for Vitalizing. Step 01 is the one in black and Step 02 is the white one. 

The main component on both pack were written on each side so you 'll know what goes to your skin. Jeju Water and Jeju Seaweed together with herb makes the Soothing part. The Vitalizing part is made up of Vita Water, Salmon Eggs and Beta Glucan.

The black portion doesn't have English translation but it has images which kind of explains what to do. The white one however explains it all! 

FRAGRANCE: Contrary to what I'm expecting, the smell is a clean distinct smell. I thought those salmon eggs would give a nasty smell but it smells pretty clean. 

TEXTURE: The essence on the mask upon opening is pretty decent. Unlike the regular ones I've tried which is overwhelming with essence on the pack even after pulling out the mask, this one doesn't have too much on it. However, the mask sips the essence itself making it better than others. The mask itself is also thin but with very powerful transfer of essence unlike others. (I'm currently writing this with a different face mask on and this one I'm wearing is heavy on the face) I love the texture of TU Mask Pack than this one I'm currently using right now.

EFFECT: With two different types of mask, I realized that the regular face masks I'm using are fooling me. TU Mask Pack is way soooooo much better. The skin absorbs the essence properly. The fit is slightly perfect on the face. It sits neatly on the face even after the 20-minute mark. (This is one of my dilemma. Usual face masks are so fussy they always want to jump out of your face. If you know what I mean) Plus the after-effect was the bomb! I like how the Vitalizing Mask hugged my skin so tight that the next day, I had so brighter skin than ordinary days. I feel that it tightened my pores bigtime! 

PRICE: Same with what I share on the first two reviews, this product is included in the Dis-A-Pore Althea box which makes this particular product exclusive for the box. Once the price is up on their website, I will edit this post. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got this for FREE. Hello Althea
  • Has English translation for easier instruction. 
  • The essence was absorbed fast by the skin. 
  • It snugged tightly on the face.
  • It tightens the pores and makes the skin look brighter. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Can only be bought online. No physical stores or the like.
  • Only included in the box. Hoping it will be available individually. 

Price: Part of the box for P1,269.00
Bought fromAlthea Philippines
 Size: Tzone -12g
Uzone - 15g

I think in terms on effect, this is the best for me so far!I just don't know if it will be the same when I discover it's individual price. We'll see about that! 

What do  you think of the review? Let me know your thoughts.

March, April & May Collective Haul

Seeing that I have three months on this collective haul makes me wonder if I really have tried my very best to resist buying or I just didn't have moolah to begin the buying with. The answer would be both!

To be honest, I tried resisting the urge to buy because I have no money to begin with. I am paying for the car loan and the house and 80 of my salary always go on that. What more will I use to buy stuff?

Good thing there are sponsors, gifts and some extra bonus which made this post survived after the third month.

The following were just a few from my previous normal hauls.

Belo Winnings
I joined my baby in a photo contest at SampleRoom and he won so they sent this together with a stuffed toy and a bag tag which I can't find. Perhaps my baby misplaced it again haha.  

Black Flats
School will open once again and my hubby bought me this shoes so that I have a new one once the school year starts. 

Cute Tall Glass from CLipper
I bought this one as I want a cute and big glass at work where I can use for lemon or orange water and those stuff. 

Miscellar Water
This is an impulsive buy and I regret it. i just want some miscellar water right now because I used up my cleansing water before. I just realized I can get this online for sale. Tsk.

SampleRoom Haul
I totally forgot about SampleRoom and just remember it recently. Good thing I still got some nice stuff. Everything in this photo is worth more than 1k but I just paid for the shipping. Nice deal! 

Bench Hand Sanitizer
MIL gave me this because she had a lot. 

Face Brush
My sister recently bought her usual skincare stuff in Althea and I had this together with her haul just to save shipping. 

If I'll compare this to my previous hauls, I can definitely say that everything subsided since I became a mom. For 3 months, I only got very few items. There were even times when triple all the things here and that's what I get for one month alone. How time change!

I think it's also the effect of adulting. We got our car and house recently and it affected all my hauls as well. My salary goes to those expenses than on beauty-related stuff. Not to mention baby things like wipes, diapers, baby bath and the like.

Notice that I didn't share much on baby stuff? Baby grows too fast and most of his clothes won't fit anymore. I realized that I should invest on clothes that will fit him for several months like 6-12 months or something good for 1-2 years old instead of getting those clothes that's only good for a month. He also uses a little on other stuff so I didn't buy too much for him. Those baby oil, powder, lotions, etc which I bought before he was born are still available. Some are even unopened yet.

So that's it for my latest haul. I hope the next few months will have more item, not bought though. (Hello sponsors) Haha.

Ciao! 💞

Review: Caolion Pore White Cake Pack

The summer always requires us to find a way to cool ourselves. Good thing that there's another product from the Althea box which I got last time that helps me on cooling my face this season. It was the Caolion Pore White Cake Pack.

I was so happy that this is included in the Dis-A-Pore Althea box because I have a lot of different exfoliate and I wanted to try more of this kind but with different brand. The applicator is also a plus for hygiene purpose.  

Caolion Pore White Cake Pack is a thick cream which is used to tighten the pores. It gives a cooling effect and has brightening components and different ingredients which results to an instant smoother and brighter skin. 

PACKAGING: The packaging is simple and clean. The product is in a black tub with spatula in it. The brand is hygiene-wise in making the product. It also has English translation so it's easier to understand unlike those brands with Korean characters only. Those are not customer-friendly. 

FRAGRANCE: It smells a very light hint of menthol which really feels great. Putting it on the face will surely cools you down. 

TEXTURE: It is a thick cream type and there's a feeling of natural grain particles. It feels soft when applied on the skin and it isn't rough. 

EFFECT: It feels sticky at first but it isn't the type that sits heavy on the face. This product is quite mild on the face yet it feels so cool. There's also a brightening effect after use. I use this on days when my skin feels tired and haggard and I noticed that it instantly makes my face brighter. As for minimizing the pores, there's a hint of change but very minimal. 

PRICE: Just like my first product review from the box, the Torriden Banchic Spa Pads, this also doesn't have an individual price since it's included in the box.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got this for FREE. Hello Althea
  • Has English translation for easier instruction. 
  • It sits very light on the face.
  • Super cool! Perfect for summer days. 
  • Leaves the skin really smooth after use. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Can only be bought online. No physical stores or the like. 

Price: Part of the box for P1,269.00
Bought fromAlthea Philippines
 Size: 50g

In a nutshell, I like this better than the first product from the box. It really targets my skin's problem. As for minimizing the pores, it isn't as effective as I thought it would be. Maybe perhaps I need to use it more often. I usually use this once a week. Maybe making it twice or thrice a week will speed up the effect. Will try to make a follow-up review on that matter. 

Overall, I like that it make me glow and really cleanses my face. I suggest use this at night and look brighter the next morning. The added factor of the coolness will make you enjoy your sleep as well. 

Xoxo. Ciao! 💆💙

Review: Torriden Banchic Spa Pads

Remember my post regarding the Althea unboxing? I received six different items from different brands under the Dis-A-Pore Box and currently using each. Now, I'll be giving the review of the very first item I used in the box- the Banchic Spa Pads. 

What are these Banchic Spa Pads anyway? Banchic Spa Pads are fiber pads that are made of charcoal powder and peat water which removes dead skin cells and absorbs sebum. 

I was really excited with this product that's why I used it first. I want something that can clean the dead skin on my face. I've been using different kinds of exfoliate before but I feel that most of those are quite hard on my skin. I thought these spa pads are the solution in giving my skin a breathe of fresh air. 

PACKAGING: For this item, it is pretty direct. The box consists of 10 sheets and each sheet has one pad. Both box and the sheet were written in Korean characters so there is no instruction on how to use it or whatsoever.  

FRAGRANCE: There is really no distinct smell in the product. 

TEXTURE: The pad is consists of two parts; the cottony one and the bumpy part. I was pretty disappointed on how it looked like and how it felt because the moment I opened the product, a little bit of water is leaking. It also made my whole hand dirty because of those black residue. It just feels so dirty. 😞

EFFECT: Despite the disappointment in it's texture, it did gave a nice impression on its effect. I like how soft it is fr the face yet so hardworking on all the dirt and dead skin. The charcoal formula on skin will form chunks that removes pore waste, dead skin cells, sebum, blackhead, and makeup wastes in a light manner.  

 I also feel like it tightens my pores a bit. Not too much but there's a difference. 

PRICE: Since the product came from the beauty box, I am not aware how much it retails on each. It has 10 sheets per box so I think it's pretty reasonable since you'll be able to use it for a couple of times.
How to use
  1. Soak the dead skin cells with the black cotton. Before cleansing, use the black cotton part to gently massage the face.
  2. Remove dead skin cells with the bumpy part. Use the opposite bumpy part to remove pore wastes and other dead skin cells. 
  3. Clean pores. Wash the face after the procedure. 
TIP: These pads can also be used not only on the face but also on the neck, elbow and knee parts for smooth body care. After using these Banchic Spa Pads, use mask for a smoother finish. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got this for FREE. Hello Althea
  • It's not the usual exfoliate type. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Removes excessive dirt, dead skin cells and sebum on the face. 
  • It claims to increase moisture on the face. 
  • Feels smooth and clean after use. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • No English translation. People need to research before knowing how to use it. 
  • Tends to be super messy. This is a hate part! :(
  • Can only be bought online. No physical stores or the like. 

Price: Part of the box for P1,269.00
Bought from: Althea Philippines
 Size: 10 sheets per box

To sum it all, I think I have a love and hate relationship with this product. Let's see after finishing the 10 sheets if I will love it forever or continue hating it. Hoping that there will be a turn of events feelings here. 

Xoxo 💜

Sisig Fiesta 2017

Dated April 29, 2017 when Angeles City highlighted an event which promotes the highly “arguably greatest pork dish on Earth” which is SISIG. The said activity recreated the height of the popularity of Sizzling Sisig in the ‘80’s. It’s an annual feast of gastronomic culture where many varieties of Sisig were showcased by different restaurants of Pampanga.

It's my first time to bring my baby in a festival and I realized that it's not really baby-friendly to attend in such event with an 8-month old. Yes, I seldom bring my baby in events to still put up with my blogging career. It's typically hot that day but not to the extent that it's excruciating. Tolerable as it is, but still difficult. Good thing hubby was there in the first place. We didn't really finished the whole event and left around 6pm where the activity was on the rise. 

We still got the chance to witness the opening of the Sisig Banquet where restaurants of Pampanga got to share their take on the different variety of Sisig. I like the Sisig Matua and the salmon one which name I forgot.  

MY TAKE: In attending festival like this, do note that bringing a baby is difficult because you get to meet a lot of different people, smoke is everywhere plus consider what type of weather it falls. Bringing extra cash is also a thing because there are different stalls which sells different products and they have promos as well. 

During the festival, we are given the option to get 4 different kinds of Sisig, with rice and water. They sell the ticket for 100 pesos. Pretty reasonable because you get to choose 4 kinds of sisig. 

Overall, I hope I can attend again next year, provided someone has to take care of baby at home. Hihi. Ciao! 😀