Review: Maybelline Powder Mattes

For me happiness is... a new lipstick! I always love being a woman and that includes having more lipstick than the last time. For me, there's no such thing as having too many lipsticks. So when Maybelline releases their newest collection, the Powder Matte, I immediately bought two. 

I actually still have the Creamy Matte collection from the same brand but those are nude colors. I will still have to finish reviewing that because those are 6 pieces.  I also began using this than the Creamy Matte one, hence the sequence of the review. 

What I love about this collection is that, these matte are of different kind. It is not the matte that feels dry and flaky in the skin. It actually feels so light, and with a smooth a silky finish. I have a lot of different matte, and to be honest, this is one type of matte that became my fave. It's very easy to glide on the lips, even without a mirror, I know that it won't flake because it's light and smooth. 

It comes in different colors. I only got two from the entire 15 collection because I have more lipstick to review and I just wanted to give it a try first. I loved it and I actually wanted to play with more colors. I got the Touch of Nude (which is the most popular one) and Technically Pink. 

I chose a nude and a pink. Touch of Nude is a better version of an MLBB (my lips but better) shade. It's a nude color with almost an orange undertone. It almost feel like my second skin. The colors so great that sometimes, I wear it at home when I just wanted to feel great myself. 

Technically Pink is a bright pink color. I have a few pinks and wanted to add this in my pink collection. Whenever I wanted to stand out on such occasion, this is the color which I use.It's always catches attention and it's so great with fair skin. 

For comparison, I tried putting the two together. I love both colors as they're both have a matte finish yet so silky and smooth. To be honest, my lips are a little dry, hence the lines on my lips. I refrained from using lip balm because I always kiss my baby and I don't want to transfer any lip product on his skin. He is having some minimal rashes lately and I'm being careful on what I put on him. 

As for the effect, it can last around 4-5 hrs. depending on what you do. I tried plainly talking without eating or drinking and it stayed that long. After those hours, I find myself doing some touch-ups to maintain the vibrant color. 

If you eat oily food, then it transfers automatically so try to avoid that. When eating soup, I noticed that when the lips always gets wet multiple times, it somehow fades off. So it's better to just do touch-ups after eating. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got this when Maybelline has a sale for only P199. Regular price is P299. 
  • Feels so light on the lips. 
  • Has a silky and smooth finish. 
  • Available in 15 different colors that will suit your needs. 
  • Matte with  no dry feeling. 
  • Can last up to4-5 hrs (depends on what you eat or drink)

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It's not totally transfer-proof. 
  • The vibrant colors fades away in time. 

Price: P199.00. Bought it on SALE
Bought from: Watsons
 Size: 4.2 g. 

still love this compare to other matte as it's really simple to apply on the lips. For quick days and if you're on the go, this is something you need to have because it's really easy to glide on the lips. Even on touch-ups, just few swipes and you're good.

I wanted to add more color on this collection so I might get some again in the future. Will just need to finish a lot of pendng products first before that. Plus I am currently in a no haul situation until August because I am paying downpayment for our new house and baby's 1st birthday is coming soon. I need to hold on my expenses until those dates. Whew! 😅

Ciao! 😃


  1. I have the L'oreal counterparts for this- the Rouge Magique and I must say that I think I love the extensive color choices that Maybelline Powder Mattes has. I hope to get one of this soon as well :D Have you tried using this after lipbalm? or lip concealer? maybe the lip concealer will help in making the color stand out more :D

    1. Nope. I usually have quick touch ups since I'm a mom. It's seldom that I do full make up or layered products and what I usually do are for daily look. I might try that soon one day.

  2. Maybelline is really producing so many good products lately. A friend of mine told me their lipsticks are getting more attractive and that they even produced a refreshing mist. What I have is a matte lipstick as well. The shade you obtained seems like something you could wear for everyday or even a casual date.

    1. Yes. I agree that their really leveling up their products. I didn't know about the mist though. Guess I'm not updated with them.


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