March, April & May Collective Haul

Seeing that I have three months on this collective haul makes me wonder if I really have tried my very best to resist buying or I just didn't have moolah to begin the buying with. The answer would be both!

To be honest, I tried resisting the urge to buy because I have no money to begin with. I am paying for the car loan and the house and 80 of my salary always go on that. What more will I use to buy stuff?

Good thing there are sponsors, gifts and some extra bonus which made this post survived after the third month.

The following were just a few from my previous normal hauls.

Belo Winnings
I joined my baby in a photo contest at SampleRoom and he won so they sent this together with a stuffed toy and a bag tag which I can't find. Perhaps my baby misplaced it again haha.  

Black Flats
School will open once again and my hubby bought me this shoes so that I have a new one once the school year starts. 

Cute Tall Glass from CLipper
I bought this one as I want a cute and big glass at work where I can use for lemon or orange water and those stuff. 

Miscellar Water
This is an impulsive buy and I regret it. i just want some miscellar water right now because I used up my cleansing water before. I just realized I can get this online for sale. Tsk.

SampleRoom Haul
I totally forgot about SampleRoom and just remember it recently. Good thing I still got some nice stuff. Everything in this photo is worth more than 1k but I just paid for the shipping. Nice deal! 

Bench Hand Sanitizer
MIL gave me this because she had a lot. 

Face Brush
My sister recently bought her usual skincare stuff in Althea and I had this together with her haul just to save shipping. 

If I'll compare this to my previous hauls, I can definitely say that everything subsided since I became a mom. For 3 months, I only got very few items. There were even times when triple all the things here and that's what I get for one month alone. How time change!

I think it's also the effect of adulting. We got our car and house recently and it affected all my hauls as well. My salary goes to those expenses than on beauty-related stuff. Not to mention baby things like wipes, diapers, baby bath and the like.

Notice that I didn't share much on baby stuff? Baby grows too fast and most of his clothes won't fit anymore. I realized that I should invest on clothes that will fit him for several months like 6-12 months or something good for 1-2 years old instead of getting those clothes that's only good for a month. He also uses a little on other stuff so I didn't buy too much for him. Those baby oil, powder, lotions, etc which I bought before he was born are still available. Some are even unopened yet.

So that's it for my latest haul. I hope the next few months will have more item, not bought though. (Hello sponsors) Haha.

Ciao! 💞


  1. I have practically zero knowledge on beauty products so I'm always curious about the things other women buy. Super dumb question, but what is beauty brush for? Is it for applying makeup or exfoliating? Also, super can relate with tightening your purse. I used to shop like crazy when I was younger. Now i hoarde as many freebies as i can because there are so many bills to pay. Sigh.

  2. Oh I super love Micellar water! It's my all-purpose makeup remover - cleaner- toner especially when I'm so lazy to do my daily routine haha! That glass from Clipper is cute by the way. I think I should get one!


    1. Yup. Super cutie. I am tempted to get more in different colors.

  3. Nice post! It reminded me of random stuff I impulsively or intentionally buy to make me feel good hahaha! Just little things to motivate me to work for my son's college education. Priorities change my spending habits....

    1. True. That's where I am right now with my son. I love spending on him that on myself.


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