January Collective Haul

It's been a while since I last blog. I've been busy with my students grades and cards-out. Especially now that it's the 3rd quarter and some of my advisory class have failing grades. There were really a lot of things to do. Also, my grand-mom passed away and I am still in mourning so everything's quite difficult for me right now. I feel that I am so stressed these past few days. I badly need a break, a HUGE break!

Anyway, I am still thankful that the first month of 2015 has it's ups despite of the downs. Did I mentioned before that I am finally engaged? Well, yes. I AM FINALLY ENGAGED! (*insert happy dance here*) It was a casual, ringless proposal. Not the lavish and 'popular to my friends' type. I want everything to be simple and practical. ^_^

Apart from being engaged, another 'up' for this month were my little blessings. I got a good number of gifts from sponsor and bought a little for myself. I am saving badly so can't splurge right now. Here are my items for this month.
Human ♥ Nature's Natural Shampoo and Peppermint Lipbalm
I had problems with my scalp the past week. I don't know what happened but my scalp turned really really dry. Perhaps it's because of the shampoo and conditioner from the US which my aunt gave. Turned out it's really strong for my hair so I stopped using it and bought this shampoo together with the lipbalm. I already used up my lipbalm so I need to get a new one.
Strip It's Wax, Makeup Remover, Aloe Vera and a Body Wash freebie
I used up all my wax from Strip It! so I bought another tub and this time it's the largest one.I bought new items together with the wax since I really trust the brand and it's products. 
Kleenex, Chi foot patches, and Eye Pads.
I passed by Watsons yesterday because I was looking for a certain product but when I didn't found what I was looking for, I found this! Watsons is indeed a cave of treasure for me. Bought these Kleenex at a very very affordable price. 
BDJ Highlights Winnings
Got my winnings from BDJ. Again the Salvatos won't fit. :( I'm a small size and I won 2 medium sized from BDJ's contest already. I might give them away soon so watch out! ♥
Craft-O-Maniac PH craft items
When I hosted the giveaway last month, my sponsors sent me items apart from the prizes. I got this from Craft-O-Maniac PH
Romwe Bag
I still have a few gift certificate from Romwe and I am selling them out so I can add to my savings (details above). 
An officemate of my sister asked me to buy this using my GC and paid me instead. :) 
DKNY (#MYNY) samples
After a very long time, I finally got these samples from DKNY. I don't remember when I registered for these but somehow they still arrived. Thanks DKNY!

Apart from the photographed items above, I also received my winnings from a certain blog contest. The prizes includes a frying pan, two pot holders and a few samples from Knorr. Forgot to take photo of those and immediately used them for cooking. Just as excited as I was when I received parcels. 

I hope I can move on to February with a lighter heart and mind. I want to do something that will give my mind and body peace. During these days, I actually hoped I have a prayer group which can help me with all the trials I'm experiencing right now. My mind and body was really, really tired and I don't know why. Hope I can recover on this state soon. 

Anyway, thanks to everyone who sent me items this month. Hoping for more next month. Hihi. Will blog more soon once I have more time on my hands. Stay safe and healthy everyone! ♥

The VCExperience!

Victoria Court has a dream. That dream is to transport its guests to a different reality from the time one drives into the properties until they check out. Victoria Court has a vision. That vision is to be the perfect host and delight guests every time, every stay. 

Having these challenges in mind, the team has come up with #TheVCExperience – a campaign aimed at informing guests of the distinction that comes with staying at Victoria Court. What makes Victoria Court unique? What sets Victoria Court apart from its competitors? It is #TheVCExperience.

#TheVCexperience showcases everything you can possibly do at Victoria Court. Victoria Court’s goal is to own milestones. From Anniversaries to thematic debuts, they offer the experience customized and catered just for you. Being known for having Superthematic Suites that cater to one’s fantasy date or perfect thematic party, why not party in costume or character. Choose who you want to be for your birthday or stag party. If you want to be the President of the United States for a day, try the Oval Office at Victoria Court Pasig. Addicted to game of thrones, choose your Kingdom and win the Throne at Victoria Court Cuneta. So many themes to choose from – Be Someone Else today.

Wanting that perfect place for a proposal? Choose from Victoria Court’s destination suites. Santorini, Maldives, Sedona, Bali, whatever backdrop you wish, they can provide. Victoria Court will do everything it can to make her say YES. Share with the world how She said Yes.

Dance like no one is watching or try to hit those high notes, in the privacy of your own suite with only your friends to see and hear. Party Beyond Ordinary is Victoria Court’s promise.

Relax and put your feet up. Victoria Court’s amenities include Jacuzzis and intimate tubs where you can just forget the world, even just for awhile. Enjoy the LED Flat Screen TVs and surround sound system and cheer for your favorite Ms. Universe candidate and scream as loud as you can when she wins.

This 2015, Victoria Court will be coming up with more themes and packages experiences to tickle your fancy. Victoria Court’s dream is to give you the perfect experience for that once in a lifetime milestone. Victoria Court’s vision is to be THE perfect host at that perfect moment.

Find your Sweet escape, Party Beyond Ordinary, Feel the distinction and let Victoria Court share with you #TheVCExperience.  

For inquiries and reservations, please call us at 0917-9810084. Follow @victoriacourtvc on Twitter and Instagram and like our Facebook Fan page facebook.com/VictoriaCourtph or check our website at www.victoriacourt.biz for new promos and events.

Review: Andrea's Face Spa Revitalizing Peel-Off Masque

I need some heavy pampering because of the all the stress from work I'm getting this past few weeks. Our school is currently experiencing some HEAVY and complicated issues of students for the second week now and it hasn't been resolved yet. High school students were really getting out of hand these days. Ugh! 

Since I can't disclose much of the matter, let me just proceed with the review I am having for today. I pulled out a mask from my storage box and saw this one which I got as a freebie when I purchased from Suzanne's Emporium. She's really tossing in a freebie or two whenever you make a purchase. I originally wanted to have a facial done by a professional but got no time because of tight schedule since its my students quarter exam.  

This is resting on my storage box for quite a long time now and I was happy I was able to finally use it and experience it first-hand. I actually like the product for it's cooling effect and kinda dislike it because of sanitary reasons. Here's why. 

This peel-off masque is actually a gel type masque that you need to dispense and apply on your face. I love anything green tea. If you saw my post on instagram, you'll know that I love green tea on chocolates, drinks, soap, matcha, biscuits among others. Skin care included. Since it's green tea, it is anti-oxidant and it helps fight environmental damage, leaving skin relaxed and nourished.

The downside I think of this product is on the application part. Since it's gel, the texture is really sticky and you need to dispense it on the pack and apply on the face. Dispense it again until the sticky gel accumulates on your hard and hardens. That's what I don't like. 

However, despite the not-so-friendly procedure I have to do, I still like the masque because of so many effects. I like anything that it has cool effect on my skin. I feel really fresh and invigorated. The masque hardens pretty quick and it's good that once you peel it off, it sticks altogether. I think the technique here is that you need to make sure that the masque already hardens. I waited 20 minutes before I pulled it off. 

Look how fresh and bright the skin after peeling the masque. Well, I was trying to make a "what-is-this-cool-thing-face" but I don't know what get into me and started acting like this. LOL

Well, you'll notice that there are little masque left around the hairline and on my eyebrows. I actually used a hair drawing mat so I can pull my hair tight but some masque really sticks. 

My after masque face screaming I look so fab! Lol. Well, I hope the camera speaks to you that my face looks really fresh right after the masque application. Each pack can be used to 3-4 application so it's really a huge steal if you purchase it. I will definitely purchase!  

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • It has cooling effect.
  • Cleanses the skin and leaving it refreshed
  • Brightens the skin.
  • It has anti-oxidant green tea extract which is a super YAY!
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Gel texture is sticky. T_T
Price: Free from Suzanne's Emporium
Bought from: Suzanne's Emporium
 Size: 0.5 oz.

This freebie turns out to be the exact masque I really want to have. Though the procedure might be a bit no-no for me. I hope there are face mask that you can simply put on your face and will have the same effect like this one. 

Anyway, it's a must-try I may say. I'm sure you'll definitely love it. Xoxo ♥

Review: Benefit Big Easy

The weather's acting crazy lately and it's just too tempting to sleep than to blog. ^o^ As of writing this, I have 8 drafts still waiting to be updated. I know I need to work on them ASAP but sleeping got the first week of my month. Uh-oh! Anyway, BIG EASY from Benefit deserves to be updated this time from all the drafts so hooray for me maybe? :)

This came from my BDJ Box last year that I just used a month ago. I just love how this transformed my skin. The product adjusts on my skin's shade. When I first used this, I remember my co-teacher complimented me that my skin looks nice that day.  

Claiming that it's better than BB, I think it covers the skin nicely and cleanly. BB gives the skin a little shine and compared to this, it just leaves the skin smooth after application.  

The texture has a matte finish which glides really smoothly on the skin. Since it also controls oil, it makes the skin moisturized without the greasy look. Look how it transforms into my skin shade. That's why when it's applied on the face, you don't need to worry about the shade being too noticeable. It conceals perfectly and has a natural finish. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Oil-free
  • Matte finish
  • Adjusts on skintone
  • Conceals nicely
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Only came in sample size when I purchased from BDJ. But you can buy the bigger version of this in stores. 
Price: Free from BDJ Box
Bought from: BDJ Box
 Size: 3 ml.

This review only talks on a few application for the 3 ml sample size I received from the BDJ box. I just hope Benefit would partner with beauty boxes and give a full size of their product for longer use. I think this size is perfect for travellers. 

Anyway, I was middle of deciding if I'll change my blog's layout or not. What do you think? I'll try to make a poll on my FB page and kindly vote there okay? That's it for now. 

'Till next time. Xoxo ♥

Empties #10

Looking back on all the empties post I had the past year reminded me that I had a lot of stuff which I used for myself. It's nice and funny at the same time that women really tend to have so much products for themselves alone. I bet I only have a few compare to others. It's just nice to be a woman! ♥

It's so timely that the big products in the photo were all used up together. Same with the deluxe samples and the sachets. I ran out of eye cream from Celeteque and I am looking for a different eye cream this time. Can you recommend anything? Oh and that red EOS lipbalm, so sad that it's already expired when it's still got half on it. Well, I have a lot of products that I tend to forget using that it also ends up like the eos. That's why as much as I can, I only use one particular product for the area until I used up everything. But of course, it's difficult since I got to review stuffs which were sent to me and also the ones I bought.

Oh well. That's it for my recent empties and will be updating you when it's time again. So bye for now. Will be watching MMFF later with boyfriend before I go back to work on Monday.

Xoxo ♥

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Addis Ababa

Cheers to another year and here's my first review for 2015. It's actually the first in a series of upcoming reviews so I welcome you to my humble web abode. Again. Shall we start? :) 

I bought my very first NYX product last year. Yeah I know. How come I am blogging regarding beauty when I just got my first hold on the NYX label? Well, I am not really into labels and beauty products before but as I go through blogging, I've been exposed to a whole, different world. So that sums up why I got hold of my very first NYX product. Besides, remember that I'm more of the Korean cosmetic side right? Hihi. I got this Addis Ababa shade from Suzanne's Emporium which was one of the online shops who sponsored my recently concluded giveaway. By the way, thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway! I am still in the process of checking and verifying the entries so please kindly wait for the announcement! :)

Too bad I need to do a little editing on the photo above because I wanted to show you the closest color of Addis Ababa but the camera gives a different hue. Photo was taken from Samsung Galaxy S4 under natural lighting (with flash) and the one I took below was with Nikon under natural lighting (without flash). 

So yeah, the very first photo on this post was the closest color of Addis Ababa. Look at the shade's name below and see that the color comes in different hue. Different than the first and second photo. Is it safe to say that it takes different colors when photographed,  which I am confused of. I am still in the process of learning photography so if you can explain to me why things happened like this, I would be very glad to know.

I am actually thinking twice if it's worth to blog this because it gives me a headache on all the color that shows and I might confused my readers. But I'll take this as a learning if you could help me by explaining some photography information under this situation.These things among others are the reason why I want to have a hands-on course on photography. Oh well. 

Okay. I learned something in reviewing lippies and other beauty stuff just now. Oh why so late!!! I should have took photos of products with flash and without flash, including indoor shots and outdoor shots. Of course I know that but I wasn't practicing doing it. Since it's the new year, I think I should try to do it from now on. My reviewing skills also want to change for the better I guess. :)

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Glides easily despite it being matte 
  • Non-greasy
  • Has a nice smell
  • Affordable
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Not long wearing. 
Price: P280.00
Bought from: Suzanne's Emporium
 Size: 8 ml.

As promised, I will post reviews on a different scale next time and I hope I can do it. I'm actually nervous and excited with this change. Anyway, I hope you'll continue supporting my blog all the way. 

Let's all be happy this new year and strive to be a better version of us. Cheers!
Xoxo ♥

December Collective Haul

Year 2014 has been a great roller coaster ride and I want to extend my sincere thanks to all who supported me and my blog's venture. Of course, special thanks to all my sponsors who sent products and review items which provides me more plot and reasons to blog. Though 90% of all the items here came from my own money, I am still extending my thanks to my friends colleagues among others who also supported me on my humble web abode. Many many thanks! ♥

Here are the round-up of my December 2014 haul.

Certified Positive Planner
Received this item from the Certified Positive and gave my review here. This planner will totally transform your year. Get yours now by visiting their site. 
Beauty Oils (Rosehip Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Argan Oil)
Loving these oils from Nurture and Groom. Currently using Argan for my hair and Rosehip on the face. Will blog about the effect soon. 

HaiPower Powerbank
Instead of being lucky, I feel blessed with winnings like this. I won this in a blog giveaway from Ednything and been using this wherever I go. Very convenient!

Armando Caruso Handkerchiefs
Saw this very cute and dainty hanky at SM and immediately grabbed one. Pretty, pretty! ♥
Lhasa Pullover
It's actually my sister who saw this and encouraged forced me to buy it! It was totally worth it and I don't have regrets. Just in time for the winter season.
White Tank Tops
Bought this from Greenhills together with Jaycee's Xbox (Christmas gift) ^_^. The fabric was very soft and nice. Looking forward to capture OOTDs this year.
Washi Tapes
I don't normally buy washi tapes but when I started getting the cute little ones from Greenhills, it made me hooked immediately and grabbed some more. Slowly adapting to artsy and crafty stuff this year. Cute little washi came from Greenhills while the big ones are from Clipper at Marquee Mall, Pampanga. 
Rose Quarts Bracelet from Monograms Manila
Monograms Manila sent me this gift in time for Christmas. Love the details. ♥
Revlon Gift Items
I actually won one of BDJ's contest recently and they gave this Revlon items as a prize. *happydance*
2015 Planner
A gift from my sister this Christmas. Apart from the Certified Positive planner, I have this. I will use this for work related matters. 

CHI Foot PatchesI tried this foot detox before in Eucalyptus here and was amazed by it's effect. I grabbed a different kind at Watsons the other day. Since it's the holidays and I'm adding a lot of pounds, I badly need to detox so I got this apart from exercising and back to eating healthy.
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Etude House Haul
Have you heard of the Etude House 20% discount, as well as Tony Moly's 30% off? Well, since we only have EH branch here in Pampanga at Marquee Mall, I grabbed the opportunity to haul. I actually want to haul more but restrained myself. Hihi

Nuevaluma Arts and Crafts
Gifts from Nuevaluma arrived before 2014 ended. I am so really digging artsy stuff this time.

Lacoste Bag
A gift from my sister. I am really short in bags and knowing that I teach, I regularly bring a huge bag. This is perfect for 2015! ^o^
And the HIGHLIGHT of my haul is this.....
Samsung Galaxy S4
Guess who would gave this item to me? I've been eyeing new phones lately as a reward for myself and he knew it so before I bought myself an Oppo Find 7A or an S4, he surprised me with this! I would get a new laptop instead from the money I saved. Weeee! ♥ ♥ ♥
Getting all these items and a lot more which weren't included on the post like food, food basket, groceries among others really were indeed a HUGE blessing to me. Not to mention all the items on my collective haul post every month. To everyone behind this, thank you sooo sooooo much!!! Also to the BIG ONE up there, a big hug and a kiss! I am surely blessed by YOU! Thank you! ♥

Happy New Year everyone!!! ♥♥♥