NOTD: Orange

After several months of waiting, I finally painted my nails orange even if I know that I will attend classes. I noticed that our school is okay with teachers having nail polishes, except to students of course. So I chose something that's not too dark nor too light. I spotted on this orange nail polish from The Face Shop. Time for another Manicure Monday post. :)

It's been a long time since I posted a Manicure Monday post for the main reason that I thought the school where I'm working at is very strict with things like this. Plus I can't deny the fact that I'm very busy everyday because of teacher schedule, yada, yada yada. Enough of that. Haha. I'm just happy now that I will be able to express myself even more with my polishes. I just need not to overdo it.

I tried to capture it with my sister's tablet cover as the background. Busy? Hmmm.. I think so too.

without flash
with flash
It looked like it turned pink on the photo with the flash but it's really orange. Pardon the messy application. I always get to shot right after every app so I always tend to skip the cleaning part.

What do you think about it? Yay or nay? 

Price: P98
Bought from: The Face Shop
Size: Not indicated (I think it's around 11ml)

PS. I will delay COTM a bit because it's not as successful as I think it was. No one was active enough and I want to give the prizes to those who really deserve them. As I have mentioned before:

Be an active member of my blog by posting your comments, questions, suggestions, reactions or just about anything about the posts that interests you. The comments should be substantial. A big factor would be the frequency of the comments. Does he/she always visit? Does he/she read through the site? At the end of the day though, I always value quality more than quantity. Consistency is key. Spamming is not allowed okay? :)

No one's consistent though. Sad!

Novuhair Herbal Hair Care

Last week, Andrea of Digital Mind Group emailed me asking if it's okay for me to review a product for them. Who would say no for an answer when in fact it's an opportunity to try new products right? Especially that I am eyeing for a perfect hair care brand that would solve my hair remedies. So of course you would know my answer. :)

After a few days, they sent me this. 

They wrapped it very carefully and even sealed it in a box and bubble wrapped it.

I needed to cover my phone number and address. (^_~)))

I will start using the following items tomorrow so watch out for my review on these products. I am excited with the topical scalp lotion among others.  Hope that this will work best for me. ^_^

'Till my next post! ♥ xoxo

SM Supermalls Korean Day Celebration

If there is one thing that would really excite the K-pop fans like me, it is the SM Supermalls’ celebration of Korean Day this October 1-7, 2013. Hype your Korean obsession as selected SM Supermalls celebrate Korean day! 

K-Pop Song and Dance Covers
Enjoy performances from local K-Pop groups doing song and dance covers from your favoriteKorean K-Pop artists happening at selected SM Supermalls.

K-Star Gallery
Celebrate Korean Day at SM Supermalls with your K-pop idol. Feel like you’re with your idol at the Korean Star Gallery. In partnership with local music labels and selected stores, life size cut outs of famous Korean Celebrities will be present at the venue ready for photo ops.

Korean Food Bazaar
Awide selection of your favorite Korean delights will be featured at the Korean Food Bazaarin partnership with SM Supermarket. It’s a one-stop shop to complete the grocery list and fill up any pantry and fridge with Korean goodies. 
Korean Music Bazaar
Korean music has taken Asia and the world by storm. Watch out for the biggest K-pop party in town as SM Supermalls, in partnership with Astro Plus, SM Store Record Bar, and Odyssey will be having a Korean Music Bazaar featuring music from the K-pop hits that topped music charts.

Korean Beauty Bazaar
Get the signature Korean look withtheir luminous skin, preppy hair and natural make up. Discover the secrets of Korean aesthetic at the Korean Beauty Bazaar where selected SM Stores will walk you through the gallery of the best Korean skin care, makeup and hair styling products.

Head to SM Baguio, SM Tarlac, SM Clark, SMol, SM Baliwag, SM City Fairview, SM Southmall, SM Dasmarinas, SM Cebu, SM Iloilo, SM Cagayan De Oro, SM Lanang Premier and SM Gen San and join the Celebration of Korean Festival this October 1-7, 2013. To know when these events are happening in the SM mall nearest you, check-out or and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@smsupermalls) to join in the fun and for more updates.

My Designer Bag Needs Your Help!

Hi everyone. ^_^

Sorry I am so busy and almost forget to blog because I am catching up doing my students lessons for the whole week. Their periodicals is near and we are not even on the middle of the chapter's lesson so I need to work out some strategies on how to cut the days for discussion and activity. It's a long story if I will explain it systematically. So instead of pointing out my teacher-related stories with you, can you please help me out on liking my entry? 

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I recently joined Royal Restore's THE OLDER, THE BETTER PROMO! The prize is a FULL RESTORATION service for any BRANDED bags/shoes/wallets and they will do it the ROYAL RESTORE way. I just badly need this chance to revive my Rebecca Minkoff bag. I got this bag a year ago and this is (by far) my first designer bag. I never own an LV, MK and the like (yet) but of course, I'm dying to get one. I just can't afford it right now. 

Some of the metallic part of this bag chipped off so it needs cleaning and conditioning plus recoloring as well. I just want it to be fixed soooooo bad!!! T

This bag costs around $325 and I don't think I can have it restore and pay 7k bucks from my money because I don't earn that much so I really need to win this. So here I am, knocking at your generous hearts to please help me win.

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Thank you so much in advance. Your one thumbs up will help me a lot! Kamsahamnidaaaa!! ^o^ ♥

Review: Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack

Hello everyone!  How are you doing?

Remember I posted a review before regarding Bench Clearpore Charcoal Cleansing Strip here? I found a new product with the same effect of removing blackheads and whiteheads in the nose area and this time it's something more cute. It's Tony Moly Egg Pore Nose Pack. My sister gave this to me and of course I diligently obeyed her to make a review of the product to promote it. Plus this is a brand that our idol group Super Junior-M promotes. They are the newest endorser of the brand. From now on, expect me to post more about Tony Moly's products! Yippee!!

This is almost the same with my other nose strip which I reviewed here. In terms of effectiveness, I think they're almost the same. They just differ in terms of price. 

That's me trying to act cute! Haha. ..and look how effective it was!

That's gross! T_T However, it shows how effective it is. I am also impressed with this, same like Bench Charcoal Strip. This one is hard to find though compared to that of Bench because Bench is easily available even in the provinces compared to Tony Moly that they only have few branches here in the country. 

Love it! Just like how I love that SuJu was their newest endorser. Take a peek!

credits to the owner
What do you think of this product? Is it a yay or nay?! Share your thoughts. :)
Price: P25 or P28 (Not sure. My sister forgot!)
Bought from: Tony Moly
Size: 1 pc/pack

Review: Acnedot (Most Effective Pimple Eraser!)

I rarely get pimples and when I do, it is the worst day ever! Recently, I woke up one morning and found out the bad news. So right after my work ended, I went to Bench and got myself an Acnedot. I swear this is the best pimple eraser for me! 

Acnedot is a gel patch that erase your pimples away. A single pack has 8 patches. I guarantee it! It really is effective. 

It is very easy to apply. You'll just have to stick it to a pimple you want to disappear. Make sure you got a clean face before doing so. 

After putting the patch on the pimple, leave it overnight and you will automatically see an improvement in the morning. Notice the first photo below is a bit more red even if it is blurred. The second one is the outcome after putting a single patch. The red bumped was gone and it only left a scar.

Now, I am just working (and praying) that the pimple scar will be gone as well. Nevertheless, this product is really effective to soothe away your pimples. You might want to try this especially if you want your pimples to disappear immediately. :)

What are your thoughts on this? Share it here. 

P.S. My friend Gel was with me when I bought this and she even mentioned that, 'Oh yeah! That is effective for me too! You're using that pala'. 

Oh yeah! COOL! ^_^

Price: P22.00
Bought from: Bench Stores
Size: Contains 8 pieces of gel patches

Romwe Haul + Other Stuff

This week, I got a lot of parcels from Romwe. However, I wasn't so happy with all my recent purchases. I have this feeling that Romwe's blouses are too big for me. They are small in size though but once I unpacked them an tried them on, they we're really big for me. I bought around 5-6 blouses/tops from them and everything's the same; big in size. So I always ends up selling them half the price. Pity! :'(

I got a lace blouse and a jumpsuit which are both larger than what I'm expecting as small sized. The pants are a bit bigger as well but I can save that for myself. I also got a Foot Callus Planing Knife which I can keep as well. I also bought 2 handkerchiefs at Pierre Cardin at the mall and just included them at this shot. 

Remember that I blogged about my disappointment when I used to buy Romwe bags before and why will I not order bags from Romwe again? You can view it here. I ended up selling the items I bought than using them. It is not practical at all!

So, from this day onward, I am focusing on stuffs like leggings, shorts, sunglasses, and the like whenever I buy stuffs from them. I will refrain from getting blouses and bags from now on.

Anyway if you still want to get the opportunity to grab the brand new stuff from the store, I am selling some of the items here. You might just want the size for yourself. :)

Shop: Vivi Clothes

I recently bumped into this shop that screams CUTENESS!!! I have always loved cute stuff from the smallest items like hairpin, pens, notebooks to clothing, slippers and the like. You can find this products at Vivi Clothes.

Lace Top

Doraemon Cotton Slippers
Wedge Sandals
Couple Shirt

I am wishful thinking that I own all of these. Vivi Clothes really got a lot of cute stuff and items that makes you drool. Especially if you're a cosplayer of Japanese fashion lover, you'll get to love their shop because they got Lolita dresses and stuffs for cosplayer/anime thing.

Visit heir shop here

Review: Carbtrim Iced Tea Mix

Recently, I ordered some items from Sample Room which you can view here. It includes a roll-on oil, a soap and two boxes of Carbtrim Iced Tea. Sample Room is really a great site where you can try new products in the market.

For those who are not aware like I am, there is this weight management solution which is called Carbtrim that blocks up to 66% of carbs in the food you eat. This comes in a powdered iced tea form which are available in two flavors: lemon and apple. I got the former.

Since I am not really focused on avoiding carbs, I am not fully aware of how this tea works. This is great for those who's working on losing some pounds. This will give you a little help because it will block the carbs in the food you intake. Drink it before meals.

As for the taste, it tastes like there a medicine mixed on it. It's a bit strong for me. It's not the ordinary iced tea taste that you are thinking of. It was giving a strong lemon taste. You might like it yourself. Not just my type though.

Remember though that this will be more effective when you exercise. You may block the carbs but that's for a short term only. I suggest you better sweat. (^_~)

Price: Got it for FREE
Bought from: Sample Room
Size: P144/box

'Till my next post. xoxo ♥

Empties #1

Here I am posting my empties like most bloggers out there. This actually is my very first empties post and I'd say I had fun putting this up. :)

I was just cleaning out earlier and saw these empty bottles. I always throw empty bottles once I know that it is empty so this doesn't include bottles like shampoos, conditioners and also nail polishes. It so happened that I was too lazy to clean our cosmetics area so I found out these empties. Now, I'll make it a point not to forget to collect my empties. Hohoho. 

Posting your own empties too? Share your link here. Let's follow each other back. Just tweet me. @theresa_03

'Till my next empties post! xoxo ♥

Wishtrend's New Website

Wishtrend currently renewed their website. You may visit it here.

If you are a visitor of their site, you have probably noticed that website has been renovated. The purpose of the site renewal is to make your online shopping easier and more convenient. With their  new main page, you can now enjoy seeing more variety of products at once. New Arrival and Best Seller tab have been newly added so that you can easily spot hot items. Awesome promotion opportunities will be offered for your economical shopping as well. They aim to deliver blissful time while you are shopping at

Follow them on their social platforms. ^_^ 
Enjoy shopping with their new version of!

Food Getaway: Ice Breakers (Sours)

My sister brought some candies the other day and it really caught my attention because of its cute packaging. ^_^

It also comes with a half-sized strawberry notepad. What's cute is the 'to share' and 'not to share' part.If you're going to eat it on your own, then open the not to share part which will give you a wider opening to get more candies.

... but if you wish to give something for your friends, you can open the to share part and it will provide a little opening so that you're friends cannot grab everything even if they want to. Nice idea! Haha.

Cute 'ayt?! I find it really amusing and I can also recycle the container once the contents are eaten. I can put different candies then.

This candy is from Hongkong which is obvious from what was written. I don't know if this is available in the country though.

Price: FREE
Bought from: Hongkong
Size: 42g.

Food Getaway: Karate Kid

I think this will be my very first food getaway post here in my blog. I have an abandoned food blog and I can't maintain the latter so I am posting whatever gastronomic adventure I have here starting from now on. I am in love with food and I eat a lot, and when I say 'a lot' I mean A LOT! I am not really concern if I gain weight because of excessive eating. I would actually love it if I 'll gain a few more pounds.^o^

Yesterday, me and my friend Gel went to SM Clark for a breathe of fresh air. We were always bumming around SM Pampanga so we went on the former for a change. We had a great time talking and chatting with so many things. Of course, we will never forget to eat.

I ordered Garlic Shrimp Creamy Pasta for only P99.00 inclusive of a Kiddo Punch Tea.

Garlic Shrimp Creamy Pasta
Kiddo Punch Tea
Gel had Pork Tonkatsu for P119.00 and a 16oz Kiddo Punch Tea for P39.00. She also got Takoyaki (8pcs) for P79.00 since it's her favorite.

Pork Tonkatsu
I was happy with the pasta since it's new to my taste plus it has shrimps. I am in love with seafood actually! It is not often that I eat at Karate Kid. I think my last Karate Kid visit was 3 years ago. 

Before we dined here, we agreed to get some blizzard from DQ after dinner because DQ is now open at SM Clark! (insert wide *grin* here) I only got the chance to grab some blizzard whenever I go to Gateway, attending concert in Manila, etc. So I was so excited to get one after dinner but unfortunately, something terrible happened so we need to skip the sweets. T__T Next time though. :)

All photos are taken from my trusty Samsung Galaxy Young phone. I forgot to bring a camera. The photos are still decent anyway, right? Still, it is good enough! ♥

Any faves from the same chain? Share your thoughts here. ^_^

Lifestyle Lucky 8 Giveaway!

Happy weekend everyone! How are you doin'? I've been busy the whole week and I got a lot of backlogs. I had my makeup class earlier and my students had their monthly test so I got a lot of things in my hand right now. Still I am thankful for God's blessings every single day and one of this is this giveaway I am offering to you right now dear readers. ^o^


This giveaway is a collaboration with my fellow bloggers whom I met in the blogging world. Thanks to sis Pauchee Casimiro of Her World of Randomness who emailed me asking if I want to collaborate with her. I said YES in an instant. I'm so happy that I joined so I can I can give back and I can meet more blogger friends.
Wanna know why it's called "Lifestyle Lucky 8 Giveaway?"
It's because...

Because EIGHT (8) BLOGGERS are doing this Giveaway Collaboration for you, our lovely readers!

Monique from Bonjour Bella
Marrien from I am Babble Doll
Mich from Micmic's Corner
Pearl from Mom-derfull World

and of course, yours truly ♥

Tet from Cute and Dainty

These are the fab prizes you could get!

Prizes includes:
  • Assorted floral accessories & PhP 300 gift certificate from Fabric Flowers by Cee
  • 1 year subscription to Sophya Libris (unlimited downloads of more than 60,000 ebooks including latest bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction, references, comics, magazines, references, and more!)
  • From Shiro Cosmetics ( Potion Mineral Powder Blush 8 grams of muted berry color in a 25 gram sifter jar ($8)
  • Full size Why Not Zoidberg? Intertube (bright coral nourishing lip color worth $6.50)
  • Fashionable Long Sleeve, Mustard Mullet Skirt
  • 2 Slimming Seaweed Soaps from BeautynWellness
  • 1 Set of Armcandy from Enleitarmcandy
  • Skin care products from iWhite Korea
  • ELF Bronzer and Blush Duo with Brush, Wet N Wild H2O Proof Mascara in Brown, Hard Candy Hot Smudge in Stunt Double, NYX Megashine Lip Gloss in Nutmeg all from Kering Keri Store
  • Mommy set: Square-pants Jumpsuit, Fashion bracelet, Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Face Cream, Key chains from Baguio City and a CD guide towards Motherhood 
  • Little One set: Pink Pearl Accessories and Broadway Gems Hair Pieces
  • Mickey Pendant Necklace ($11.50) & Blue Chiffon Blouse ($25.99)

And you know what's even more fabulous? 
One lucky winner gets to take home all these prizes worth at least PhP 4,000!!!

This giveaway will end on October 14, 2013 at 11:59 PM (GMT+8) and is open to Philippine Residents only. If you are based abroad, you can still join as long as you have a Philippine address where we can ship the prizes. The winner will shoulder the shipping of the items.

Just follow the mechanics on the Rafflecopter gadget below. Please do all MANDATORY mechanics for your entries to be qualified/valid. They will be checked. So if you really wanna win, don't cheat. :)

The winners will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter. It'll be announced on our blogs and/or our social media accounts. The winner should e-mail Pauchee Casimiro through her CONTACT FORM within 48 hours. Failure to do so will forfeit your entry. Another winner will be chosen and will also be given 48 hours.

Message: Shipping Details (Full Name, Complete Address, and Contact Number)

***If a task on the Rafflecopter gadget is NOT APPLICABLE to you, PLEASE SKIP IT. If you would type anything such as "none", "n/a", etc. and submit it, the points allotted for that task would still be credited to you even though you did not do the task asked. This is one form of CHEATING, may it be intentional or not. So DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING ON THE VERIFICATION BOX AND SUBMIT IT if you do not have the account for the task or you did not/choose not to do it. We do these giveaways for our faithful readers and it would be unfair to those who really exerted the effort to do every single task to gain their rightful points. Thank you and Good luck!

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