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Mexico Bayan, Pampanga is home to Jollibee's 993rd store

The quiet town of Mexico Bayan, Pampanga wakes up to a brighter days as Jollibee opened its 993rd store in the area. Bringing everyday langhap-sarap goodness to the residents and visitors, the opening of the new store is part of Jollibee's countdown to its 1000th store milestone in 2017. 

Gracing Jollibee's opening is an event you definitely need to experience. This is my first and I can feel the warmth and joy in every person's smile upon entering the newly-opened store

Pampanga being widely known as the culinary capital of the Philippines, the warm reception received by the 993rd store of Jollibee is a testament of the dining experience that it brings to generations of Filipino families.  

Jollibee was and will still be the iconic bee in JoliBEE and all kids love him. Look at who's the first-ever customer of the said branch. 

I don't know a single soul in the country who didn't try Jollibee. I even remember that my Korean students definitely loved champ. As for me, it will always be the forever langhap-sarap chicken joy (thigh part). :)

Achieve A Dramatic Look With Your Hair

Holidays are here once again and for sure you'll be attending different parties here and there. Want to have a different look on each photos you take on each of the party you're attending? Fret no!. The solution to that is just to style your hair. 

Recently, I came to check on a site that offers different wigs that suits different personality. You can have an instant revamp with your 'do in seconds with this. Check it at www.cocowig.com.

The site has a lot of different kind of wigs from the basic wig and some human hair wig to African American wigs like the photo shown above.  

They have a lot of styles to choose from. From bob, kinky, curly to long hair. Name it and they got it. Plus, all of their wigs are up to  85% off! 

So what are you waiting for? Reward your tresses a break and let these wigs do their job. Don't worry, it will be all worth it! 

Food Getaway: Food Choices at Marquee Mall

I love exploring new things but at the same time, I do it with caution. Especially when it comes to food, I want to discover new eating places but I consider my budget as well. There's this new place at Marquee Mall which caters different food in one place but at the same time, everything's not in the expense of your budget. Simply put it as their food court. A very posh food court.

We were invited at the opening of Food Choices at Marquee Mall. We get to discover the newest place to dine in the said establishment. We also had the chance to experience each of the food stall's bestselling product. During the opening, Girl Trends and Paulo Angeles were there too!

Food Choices is a very elegant food place for a mall unlike other establishments' usual food court. For me, this is the best food court I have seen by far. I like the chilling vibe it offers to customers making them want to dine in longer. It's clean, it's cozy and it's fun!

Food Choices is not the typical food court setup. I personally like the high tables and chairs and the wooden partition and spaces in every area. It feels very laid back yet sophisticated.

There were also a wide options on different food to try. Plus the fact that most food establishments are really affordable. I bet a lot of people would love to dine here than the other exclusive restaurants inside the mall. I for one. :)

I highly recommend you guy to visit the place especially when you're around the area. Save yourself  a trip from your fancy restaurant and try here instead. I swear, you can never go wrong with Food Choices. :) 

Name: Food Choices
Address: 2nd Floor, Marquee Mall
Type of Food: Different Variety
WIFI: None

Food Getaway: Chef Laudico's Feast

When you are invited to a popular chef's restaurant opening, would you decline? Of course not! So I traveled all the way from Bacolor to Clark just to witness the opening of Chef Laudico's Feast by celebrity chefs Chef Lau and Chef Jac. Me and my coworkers even had an early dinner scheduled that time but I just can't say no to this very important event so I need to decline the former. 

I arrived after barely travelling for 2 hours and good thing I still managed to have a brief talk with them. Got to have some photo ops too. The event started at 3:30 and I left work at around 3:40 just because I need to complete an 8-hour work time schedule. When I arrived, it was just about to start. 

Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by their friendly staff and their luxurious ceilings and chandeliers. The place was just extravagant in words. I like that their interior's colors matches with the sophisticated vibe the store was trying to portray. It really looks like a fancy restaurant but with really affordable buffet services.

The event's opening started with an introduction from the chef couple and afterwards we get the chance in asking them personally some questions as to why put up a restaurant in Clark. They like the diverse food here in the province and they want to have an all-flavor Filipino food  restaurant in this side of the North. 

We also get to experience their dishes. All their food doesn't have extenders and MSG. Surely they're serving good food. As for the taste though, I'm a little picky with the taste so I feel some were not really at par with Chef Lau's level. Maybe because he didn't cooked for that day because he's busy  with the event. To be honest, some food were really bland for me. I like their dessert station though. I don't know if it's just about my palate or what.

I first visited their breads and appetizer station. I like how diverse their food options were. I wasn't able to taste their breads and side dishes though because I opted to eat rice since it's about dinner time then.

I skipped breads and went for the main dishes because it's about 6pm and it's dinner time. All food that were served were fresh and I personally like their fish for the day. Too bad I didn't get to enjoy their meat cuts. I think I was just not a meat-person during that day (which sometime happens to me) so I focused more on their salmon. Loved it!

Next area I visited was their dimsum and sushi station! I like that they have some staff manning the sushi station while making some rolls in action.

They also have some signatured Pinoy all-time ulam served to their customers. Both chefs were known because they embraced their love for Filipino cuisine. It can be totally seen especially on Chef Jac's line of truffles and praline in Patisserie Filipino. I love how she put her passion in creating the best Filipino flavors in her chocolates. 

Of course, there's always room for desert and I am a living proof to that! My go-to food every after a wide array of meal are desserts and I would always love to try any dessert presented to me. I will forever have a sweet tooth.

I would like to thank Chef Jac and Chef Lau for graciously inviting Pampanga Bloggers Society and for personally messaging us for the invite. Would definitely promote this to friends and family here in Pampanga and nearby towns. 

(c) Rob Pinzon of palibut.com

(c) Rob Pinzon of palibut.com