The Food You Simply Have to Try in Japan

From its cherry blossoms and wacky inventions to its unique sights such as Mount Fuji and the array of capsule hotels, Japan is one of the planet’s most popular destinations to visit. Another appealing aspect of holidaying in the country is undoubtedly its delicious food which is popular all around the world. On the whole, Japanese food culture is diverse and is far more detailed than just the usual fish and rice, which many people associate it with.


Known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan’s 6,853 islands combine to create what is a truly unique culture, with food playing an integral role in the country. While most people read up on ancient traditions and some of the world’s leading electronic inventions, other people are perhaps more intrigued by the array of mouth-watering dishes that are on offer throughout Japan. In fact, the sheer amount of delicious grub worth tucking into during a stay in the country is vast. If you’re planning an adventure to Japan in the future, below is a look at some of the traditional cuisine that you simply have to try while you’re there.


Shabu shabu


If your preference is warming soups and the occasion stew, then you’ll enjoy shabu shabu. Essentially a Japanese version of a hot pot, shabu shabu is light to eat as it usually contains healthy ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, tofu and noodles. The eating experience of shabu shabu is unique too, creating theatre at the table as you pick up a piece of meat or fish and immerse it into a consommé until it is cooked and ready to eat with a dash of sesame sauce




A popular dish outside of the country, eating ramen in Japan is unrivalled. A bowl containing wheat noodles which are served in a soy sauce or miso soup and mixed with an array of different ingredients, ramen is a delight well worth sampling. Alongside the aforementioned ingredients tends to be meat, such as pork or chicken, and the addition of vegetables, such as green onions and seaweed, alongside a boiled egg. There are variations on the dish, though, but they’re some of the more popular combinations.


Sushi and sashimi


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Simply put, you can’t beat sushi or sashimi in the country where it was originally created. Many other territories in the western world serve up sushi and sashimi, but it isn’t quite up to scratch on the whole. In order to experience this type of cuisine at its best, it’s time to ditch the supermarket versions of sushi and put down the Bushi Sushi slot game, and venture out to Japan to try the country’s most famous traditional dish. Sushi is essentially rice soaked in a vinegar mix and then mixed up with ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, and nori. There are many variations of sushi, though, but that’s the general way it’s done. Sashimi, on the other hand, is raw fish or seafood which is served with the spicy Japanese condiment, wasabi, and a hint of soy sauce.




Typically made using seafood and vegetables, tempura is a fried dish that is seasoned with either sugar, ginger and soy sauce and is a popular snack throughout Japan. Tempura is frequently served with a Tetsuyu sauce too, which is essentially a delicious mixture of consommé, sweet sake, soy sauce, ginger, radish and spices. Once again, this is a Japanese treat that can enjoyed around the world, but Japan certainly does it best.


Other Japanese food well worth tucking into is okonomiyaki, kare-raisu, miso soup, yakitori, onigiri, udon, soba, gyudon, gyoza, and matcha sweets. 

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