Shop Feature: eFoxCity

With so many online shops sprouting like mushrooms today, eFoxCity is a shop that is sure to love! They offer online wholesale clothing from China and also are suppliers of many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide. 

They supply most wedding apparel, fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies’ apparel internationally. They always add beautiful new styles to their collection. They also offer wholesale ladies clothing meaning you can purchase the items at a very affordable price. 

I am looking forward to own more Korean fashion apparel because they exudes cuteness and a very light feel. Each and every one below is my favorite!

Aside from casual blouses, they also have evening dresses 2013. Dresses that are great on big night or formal events. The first one was a dress worn by Kelly Rowland during the Grammy Award. Perfect evening dress for such occasion. ^_^

I just love each and every piece on the site. For more information, visit them at You will surely find pieces to love. If you've done, go back here and share your finds, ok?

'Till my next post. xoxo. ♥

Choose your Wedding Dress ♥

Every girl's dream is to get married and wear that white beautiful wedding dress. I am no different. I actually want to tie the knot in the simplest way and that includes simple preparations with a simple bridal gown. I also want it to not be over the top so affordable wedding dress is a huge advantage. Good thing there's

Clothingloves is offering large selctions of Wedding Dresses and Wedding Party Dresses in their site. That's all in one. From their luxury dresses to flower girl dresses and wedding accessories, they got it all here. They even have one for plus size ladies, now, that's love! ♥

So pretty right? Very affordable too. They even offer huge discounts up to 80%. It's so amazing!!! Plus accessories and extras are also available too. You will also love their flower girl dresses.
Bridal gowns and flower girl dresses are so pretty! is a one-stop online place to shop on wedding apparels you need on your BIG DAY! I'm already eyeing on this just in case you know.... haha. Of course, I'm not expecting too much but just browsing on wedding dress photos makes me feel good. ^_^

Where did you purchase your wedding dress? Any plan of getting one yet? Spread the love! xoxo ♥

Shop Feature: Choies

I recently found a new site to love. Before writing this post, I talked to one of Choies representative regarding the shopping points on their sign-in program and without further delay, they immediately gave the resolution on my query. So easy and fast! ^_^

Upon browsing their site, I had pieces of items I immediately fell in love with. As of the moment, I've gathered enough blouses so I was thinking of bags and shoes. They never fail to offer incredible pieces. Love the tops and skirt. :)


Unique bags for the next school year. Everything is an eye-candy for me. Very cute and dainty.
 Who wouldn't love a pair of this? ♥ 

Choose Choies and fall in love with their lovely pieces. You will also experience an incredible customer service encounter. I had my own share of story on online shops who are really rude and doesn't even know how to apologize on their own mistake. Choies is different, they are quick, approachable and offers good service. I'm so happy with Choies. No wonder I am writing about them now. :)

Wait, did I also say they ship worldwide for free? ♥

A Sweet Gift!

Hello everyone. ♥

I am sharing this very quick post to thank my step-aunt for sending this perfume. It was a surprise left on our table yesterday. I love the design of this bottle and I adore most of Bath and Body Works scent.

It's love, love, love, a fine fragrance mist from their collection and the scent was very fruity for me. It's nice to use during summery days or even when you stroll around. It reflects a very fresh feeling. Freshness and sweetness combine. :)

You, what's your summer perfume?  Comment down below. ^_^

Review: Papaya Bleaching Soap

Imagine a little child running back and forth in the streets of a province at noon while the sun was scorching hot. That's me decades ago. Then try to imagine how ugly and dark I am.

It may be the reason why I am trying to put my real color back. I am once fair when I was really young but when we moved in the province. I immediately turned brown, err, no, black. I felt horrible so like many other Pinoys ad Pinays who wants to whiten their skin, I became one of them. Until now, whitening products became a staple in my kit.

So I'm introducing one 'trusted'  soap that I ALWAYS use. I remember friends and readers asking me what soap I am using. It's THE Papaya Bleaching Soap! ^_^

I was not particular with soaps before. I can go with almost anything. Not until I discovered this Papaya Bleaching Soap that my friend introduce to me. She was actually working in a manufacturing company of these soaps and she told me that it was really effective in whitening. I am not totally convince of this not until I saw her myself one day. She was transformed completely from being brown skinned to fair one.

Photos of Kristel

As much as I want to pose for a proof on my skin, mine's not really visible because I am already fair skinned. My only main concern is my uneven skin tone. While hers is actually both. Notice the difference on the left and right shot? Her skin totally whitened plus she was really glowing. It only means that the soap is really effective! However, it's not only that, there are more things on this soap.

  •       Lightens the overall skin faster
  •       Helps remove pimples (face, chest, back)
  •       Removes blackheads, whiteheads and other skin blemishes
  •       Whitens underarm
  •       Lightens scar and stretch mark/pregnancy marks
  •       Living the skin smooth, radiant glow and supple
  •       Mildly exfoliates, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin
  •       Lightens dark spots due to acne, age spots, freckles and  sun damaged skin

I love how this soap really addresses my main concern. I especially recommend this for those who wants to whiten their skin but are experiencing breakouts. This bleaches the skin mildly so it's highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin. My sister for one is experiencing back pimples before and after 1 week of using it, it was totally gone.

Mine was a burn I got from a motorcycle exhaust before. It was so big that I declined wearing shorts, skirts and dresses. It was such a huge turn-off. This soap saved me!

One time, I was forced to wear a dress for an event. My friends told me that it doesn't look visible anymore. Seems like I had a birthmark instead of the burn I got. This is the picture after 4 weeks. It's almost gone. :)

I got this soap for only P90.00. If you will buy it in the mall, it will cost you P165.00 at some boutiques. Whenever I order this to my friend, I order in bulk pieces like this... I think these are 18 pieces.. ^_^

So if you got any of the problems like the ones above, this soap might be the solution to your dilemma. It helped me so I'm sharing this with you thinking it might help you too. If you want to order, feel free to shoot me an email me at

If you're using other whitening products, feel free to share it here. 'Till my next post. xoxo ♥

Outfit of the Day: Light

Since I still have the Poracay getaway hang-over here, might as well share the outfit I had the other day. I am actually trying to have a brave soul here so please bear with me. Even just for this one, okay? :)

  Sunglasses (Bausch and Lomb), Light Blue Top (Genevieve Gozum), Light Pink Shorts (Thrifted), Slippers (Fitflop)

Hype this LOOK HERE.

This is my very first OOTD on this blog. I always look forward to do some outfit post but haven't got the chance since I don't have anyone who will take my photo. Just in time that my sister was here and she took this shot. I just hope that from this day onward, I will have 'more' and 'decent' outfit shots. I know this looks like it was rushed but this was already a 'first' to me so it's a great start anyway. :)

I hope you could HYPE the look or just comment on what I can do more for improvement. Naks! Karir teh? hahaha..

Thanks guys and hoping for more OOTD soon. Cheers! ♥ 

My Dose of Summer at Poracay

I had my own taste of what summer is for this year. Yesterday, we celebrated my step grandma's post birthday celeb plus my step uncle's despedida because he will be back at Las Vegas tomorrow. What better way to celebrate it than to have a family outing? :)

I actually still have post swimming dilemmas which are muscle pains. I am not doing any exercise lately and so my lower extremities are suffering. Still, it was worth it! ^_^

Group shot!
Since going far will be really expensive, the whole gang decided to settle at Poracay, which is located at Porac, Pampanga. It's somehow far from San Fernando where we are residing and the transportation's difficult. You need to have your own vehicle to be able to get there. Tricycles and jeepneys are not available in the area. It's actually kind of isolated because it's near the quarry site and the road going there is really tough.

That's not me. It's my sister. I'm the one in blue. (hollywood celebrity peg? chos!)
Me trying to goof around. :)
Honestly, I'm kinda silent that day because I was expecting that le bf would join us but he called last minute that he cannot. So I just managed to enjoy the day and tried goofing around. 

We actually want to try the zipline but it cost P280.00 and we just brought limited money since the whole outing was free of charge. In short, LIBRE. However, other amenities like zipline and kayak, videokes and others have extra cost. We had kayaking instead. It cost P150 an hour for two but you need to deposit P200 for the vest and paddle. They will return the P200 when you return the materials. :)

Disclaimer: All photos are from my stepcousin's DSLR. :)

Apart from the photos above, I didn't do much but to eat. I ate everything I could. Did I told you that my digestive system doesn't recognize food? I can eat as much as I want without getting fat. I actually want to gain weight. I might sign-up for a gym membership soon to check on my diet. ^o^

By the way, they also have night band at the resort which starts at around 5pm. We stayed there until 10pm after all the partying they had. Since I don't feel listening to loud noises that night, I opted to stay at the cottage and eat to my heart's content

This is basically my first taste of summer. How about you? :)

How to Embed Blog Post Comment

Month's ago, I encountered some technical difficulty with my template regarding comments. I actually want my comments to be embedded so I can directly reply to the readers but the template I got (for free) doesn't allow it to happen. The template I used for this blog is actually one of those free templates that are searchable online.Whatever tweaks I do, it doesn't seem to work out.
Finally, I did it! I came up with a more polished look on this blog. Thanks to my most ever-trusted friend Google who helped me on the what's and how's of fixing this template. So let me share this very easy tip on how to restore your template back to normal. 
How to Reset Corrupted Blog Posts Template?
NOTE: Always have a back-up of your template first. 

1. Go to Template > Edit HTML > Proceed.
2. Make sure that the Expand Widget Template check box is UNCHECKED.
3. Find the following line in your HTML code:

 <b:widget id='Blog1' locked='true' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'/>
4. Change the ID from Blog1 to Blog2. It's easy as that. 
5. Click SAVE TEMPLATE button to see.
6. You will be asked whether to keep widget or delete it. Choose DELETE.
7.  View your blog. The post gadget should by now revert to default template. 

Now you can tweak your blog again and add some add-ons. Bear in mind that resetting the template will remove, auto-read more, Facebook like and Twitter buttons. However, you can add them back anytime. :)

The Shop:

I recently found this online shop that sells a wide selection of quality products. From simple dresses, LBDs and wedding gowns, they offer low price items and good quality products. It's none other than ClothingLoves.

One good thing I saw in them is that they don't only carry wholesale women's clothing, they also cater men's clothing as well. I'm actually having a hard time checking on sites that caters men stuff too. Good thing they have both. Not only that, I am a huge sucker for cheap blouses since I'm also saving myself from debt. haha.   

The photo above is one of the cheap blouse I have seen. It's only $4.67. How cool is that! You can just pair it with a jeans or leggings and you're good to go! :) 

Plus more blouses to love! ♥



For men's clothing, there are a lot to choose from. From the basic tee to polo to suits. The options are endless. :)

I just can't get enough of what I'm seeing in the site. Especially with their prices that is so low, you will really get hooked on purchasing. They also offer worldwide shipping. Who knows? I might purchase my wedding dress with them. Oooops, I'm not disclosing anything yet! ^_^ 

Feel free to check their site HERE.