January & February Collective Haul

The month was about to end and I just realize that I wasn't able to write my January collective haul. Now, I will just combine the two months again just like what I did last time. 

For January and February, I had a LOT of haul. Really a lot of haul for just these 2 months. I discovered really cheap stores online for different beauty products that's why I got more than before. Also there are stores who sponsored me and some clients who wants to be advertised too. 

Colourpop Haul
My first of the brand. I'm hearing good thing about it so I decided to give it a try. Purchased it at Suzanne's Emporium.

Mask Overload Haul
Discovered very cheap masks online for as low as P15. I couldn't miss it for the world so I got a lot! 


These were given to me by my co-teachers. Reading them already. Will try to make a review once I'm done with a lot of pending tasks. 

Purederm Haul

I have a weakness in sales so I hoarded some face wipes from Purederm. Loving them so much! Review on the blog soon! 

Planner Winnings

I won in a giveaway from Dutchie loves to plan on IG. This was last years' prize but just arrived recently. 

Healthy Habits Haul

I attended Healthy Habits soft opening and got some credits which I used to get these supplements. 

Sample Room Haul

When I found out that Sample Room has new samples for babies, I immediately used my points to get these. This will be great for baby every after nappy time. Added the balm and oil as I have more extra points. 

Beauty Random Haul (Masks, Lipsticks, Lip Tint and more) 

I have seen a lot of good reviews on Meet Matt(e) and I can't sleep for days thinking about this so I finally purchase one for myself. I added other items to save shipping. 

San San Haul

I have been convinced to join the bandwagon on getting San San's newest product. Swatches and review soon!  

Rhimarose Haul

Yes. I also have nightmare with my pits because of my pregnancy and upon reading on groups, I discovered that there are a lot of positive reviews on this product. Got one for both hubby and I. Will review this soon! 

Nursing Outfit Haul

I first purchased nursing tops from Kaypee Baby Nursing Wear and Terno but ALL of the tops were too big for me. I decided to sell them and will give some for a giveaway. It will be posted soon so watch out for it on IG and my FB Page

Mom and Little Haul

A store recommended me to her entrepreneur friend so she sent her these. Will review this and will host a giveaway on some of these soon.

Althea Box (Chica Y Chico Set)

Finally! I got to purchase a box from Althea's line of beauty boxes which has thousand worth of savings. Whenever I get the money to spend, they're always sold out. This is worth every penny.

Break Free Book from Don Soriano

A book sent by the writer itself. I am excited to read this. Hoping this will inspire me to get to business one day. 

Baby Powder Haul and some lippie

We had Foundation Day in our school and there are some booth where I bought these. I believe these are from Tupperware 

Bag from Mama

My MIL gave me this as SM Dept. Store has a BOGO sale weeks ago. 

Powdermatte from Maybelline
Bought these when they had a sale. Again, I was magnetized by the hype again. 

Nichido Lip Liner

Finally it's back, Bought this for only a 100. Great to use as liner and lipstick as well. 

The Face Shop Eyebrow Pencil

It's BOGO at TFS until the last day of February. Good thing I got three. The one wasn't in pic as I am already using it. Mama gave it to me and thisdfhdjhfjkdhas given by my sister. 

Now, I am slowly adjusting on time management as my baby's growing and getting more clingy. I feel that I can slowly manage my time while taking care of him. Of course he's my priority, next to blogging. But I will always come back to my passion in writing. 

Few days ago, I wrote all the products that needs to be reviewed and slowly doing it. I feel like I have every reason to be back after almost a year of non-reviews because of my pregnancy condition. I refrained from using products during those time. Now, I'm back. I'm totally back! 

Expect beauty reviews every now and then. Hoping this will be continuous this time. 


Affordable Wigs Online

Are you into wigs? I'm not. However, Seeing wigs from Cocowig makes me want to try using one. I saw some very cheap African American wigs from their site and I loved them. Their deal was just amazing, you would surely buy.

They have wigs in different style which you can sure use in different occasion. They also love sharing discount wigs for women. They have the latest deals and the hottest styles for every occasion.

Cheap Wedding Dresses

Looking for cheap yet high quality and beautful wedding dress for your big day? I remember having an affordable wedding dress on the day of my wedding which cost me a fraction of the total budget in our wedding. Try not to look far because Amodabridal is here. They sell wedding dresses in Australia.

It's not easy to find cheap wedding dresses online but with Amodabridal, fret not. Your big problem is solved here. Try to browse on their sophisticated yet affordable wedding dresses. 

Affordable Vitamins and Supplements at Healthy Habits

The struggle you are in today is developing your strength tomorrow. But you cannot work for your bright tomorrow if you always get sick. Good thing, vitamins and supplement are there to enhance your health and not get sick. I stock on my dose of multivitamins after visiting Healthy Habits in Angeles City. 

If you are in the area and is looking for alternative cheaper vitamins, a visit to the store is what you need. Healthy Habits is the cheapest store for vitamins and supplements in the province so far. 

It's a great opportunity for Kapampangans to have a store like Healthy Habits which makes healthy lifestyle accessible to everyone through their high quality vitamins and health supplements offered at very low prices.

If you noticed through the photos, they have a variety of vitamins which can cater your need. Whatever lifestyle you have, for sure you'll have a pick here on what suits you best.

I swear by their Fenugreek from Puritan's Pride. It boosted my milk supply making me more dedicated to pursue my advocacy as a breastfeeding mom. Now I am currently exclusive breastfeeding my baby and will continue doing so until he voluntarily weans by himself. 

Good news to all my readers! I will be giving away a bottle of Fenugreek for more milk supply and will be adding more nursing wear for all mommies out there. Watch out for my giveaway on IG and my Facebok page, Cute and Dainty

Food Getaway: Steak Street

Looking for huge tender cuts of steak that won't break your budget? Solution to this question is easy if you know where to go. Let me answer for you by presenting the great deal at Steak Street in Balibago, Angeles City. They got amazing deals from their steak to their drinks.

It was Pampanga Bloggers Society's year end party when I first visited the place. It is a bar kind of place and becomes more alive during the night.

For the review, we got to experience their KTV room. I am bringing my baby that time and what's great with the venue is that their rooms aren't too loud unlike the regular KTV rooms. The bass sound isn't loud to the ears which for me is child-friendly. My baby even got to sleep quietly few times the whole time we were there.

They have two rooms. The bigger one (where we stayed) has a capacity of around 20 pax while the smaller room is good for around 12 pax. The wall photos and sticker arts is a plus too. Rate for the room is 1000 pesos per hour and 800 pesos is consumable on their food.

We had fish and nachos as starters, followed by tempura, chicken and of course, their steak. When we were there, they had a steak promo on their steak. 

Drinks were presented to us as well. I totally forgot to take photos of the drinks because we were already in the middle of the party and everything was just so busy chatting. We also had cheesecake for dessert. 

I used my mobile for these photos. It's difficult to shoot photos and attend blog events with my baby. He's getting too clingy and I just can't make my ass to work while he's with me that's why hubby is with me, Actually, even when he's with me, it is still difficult because I'm hands-on in breastfeeding him. 
Resto Name: Steak Street
Address: Marisol, Balibago, Angeles City
Type of Food: Bar and Resto
WIFI: YES (But it's slow) T_T

If you want to have great bonding and just want to chill, here is the place to be. Our friends love drinking and hanging out here. They also have performances during weekends. 

Review: Skinfood Rice Mask Wash Off

I almost got no time in posting beauty product reviews because I have been busy taking care of an infant who needs a lot of attention especially now that he has growth spurt. Also, we are just 3 persons in the household and my good husband barely even have an off from work. Not to mention the other tasks I need to attend to when I’m at work and when I’m home. However difficult it may seem to be, I still love being a new mom because my baby is the best thing that happened to me. I am into new advocacy like exclusively breastfeeding and babywearing. I will share my journey on those advocacy on a separate post soon.

Anyway, enough of my introduction. I’m back in reviewing beauty products because I have a lot of stuff in hand and my cabinet was so full of new and existing products. So for now, let me share with you my new found, the Skinfood Rice Mask Wash-Off.

I am particular with my skincare routine after my pregnancy. My skin was so dry during the 9 months when I had the baby in my tummy and looked worse after giving birth. I was also very careful in choosing products because I’m exclusively breastfeeding my son. After finding out that anything topical is okay for a breastfeeding mom (as long as it’s not near the boobie area) I started reviewing products again. I just need to be extra careful.

I got this item before the holidays. I already have a review with a Skinfood favorite which is also an exfoliate. However, I discovered this to be milder than the former so I got two tubs. One for me and the other is from my sister. She was actually the one who recommended this for me to use.

PACKAGING: The packaging is simple. It is a tub with an inner lid but it doesn’t come with a spatula making application a little unhygienic.

SMELL: It has a very light smell like rice wash. No strong odor present. 

TEXTURE: It has a soft, grainy texture that’s easy on the face. Unlike the Black Sugar Mask which feels a bit heavy on the face, this one is milder than my cult favorite exfoliate. This can be used frequently because it doesn't break out on my skin. I usually exfoliate twice

PRICE: It’s a cheaper than the Sugar Mask and milder which makes me want to use daily. Well, I am actually using this daily already since I used up my previous facial wash. 

EFFECT: I like this as it's an alternative on my facial wash. I also notice brightening effect after use. So whenever I need a quick fix on ze face, I use this.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Althea offers cheaper pricing than Skinfood's physical stores. .   
  • A milder option for exfoliate.
  • Brightens the skin after use. 
  • No strong scent. 
  • Feels very light on the face. 
  • Can be used for a long period of time. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Unlike my other exfoliate, this doesn't leave my face really smooth. 
  • Online purchase is a little hassle especially with the shipping fee that's why I usually purchase in bulk whenever I shop online.  
Price: P310
Bought from: Althea Philippines
 Size: 100g. 

Overall, I like that this has a brightening effect that's why I use this whenever I need to have a glowing skin. I also noticed that whenever I use this as my facial cleanser in the morning, my skin has that kind of glow throughout the day. 

I am recommending this for everyone to try. However, if you want intense exfoliation, this is not the one for you. Better go and get the Sugar Mask instead.

Review: Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream

Are you familiar with the korean skincare routine? I am exactly doing that routine right now since I gave birth because I felt my skin took it's toll during my pregnancy. I actually have done it before I got pregnant and stopped during the 9 months I had my baby. I just felt my skin was at it's driest moment during those days when I wasn't putting anything on my face. Now, I need to put it back in shape again. The last step on that routine is moisturizer so I am using this thick cream from Zenutrients which I got from Sample Room. I'll share my Korean Skincare Routine next time. 

I received this sample a couple of months back and I used it a few times before I stopped. Now that I am doing the 10-step routine, I incorporated this as my night cream.  

PACKAGING - It's a simple small tub without any applicator or spatula. It looks avocado green from the outside. It smells nice even after you open it.  

FRAGRANCE - It has a super pleasant scent. I find it relaxing but sometimes too overpowering. 

PRICE - It's affordable for the price of P260.00. Most creams are more expensive than this.

TEXTURE - It has a soft, velvety texture which is a little heavy upon application. 

EFFECT - Even if I love the scent of this cream, I have a love and hate relationship with this. I find it too heavy on my face that's why I'm only using it at night and only on the neck. I started using it on the face and since it's heavy for me, I then used it in the neck. I am currently using a different face cream from Klairs aside from this and the former was easily absorbed in skin by seconds.That's why I decided to stop using it on the face. 

I feel that it really moisturizes the skin but it tends to make my skin oily after some time. I recommend using this at night instead of morning under make-up. I tried it in the morning after my usual make-up routine and it just feels so heavy. Use this in your night routine instead. 

I like how that this was natural and organic. This is the product that you will feel safe to use. I prefer to use this on my hands too even if it's indicated as a face cream. When I have a little left from the tub, my mom-in-law asked for it and wanted to get another tub.

If you are conscious on the ingredients you put in your skin, then this one is for you. As for the effect, I don't really like it that much because I prefer creams and moisturizer that are light on the skin. I also like to use a single moisturizer both day and night.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • I got it for free at Sample Room.   
  • Natural and organic.
  • Moisturizes the skin well. 
  • Has a nice scent. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Tends to be oily. 
  • Scent tends to be overpowering after some time. 
Price: P260
Bought from: Sample Room
 Size: 50g. 

It's been a long time since I made another review. Hoping to have more soon!