Food Getaway: B.I.H.O.N.

Pasta has always been a comfort food for us and it's been a long time since we (J and I) dined in a feel-good resto. Good thing we discovered B.I.H.O.N. last Friday around Angeles area.

Well, it's not really that we did not discovered it before but we kind of snob the place since it's beside one of our favorite to-go resto in Angeles, Perfect Loaf. Now I only found out that I wasn't able to blog Perfect Loaf until this time. One day, let's hope. For now, let me introduce a little something from B.I.H.O.N.
B.I.H.O.N. stands for Best International House of Noodles or practically known as Noodlebar. It caters different pasta and rice meals in a very affordable price. Check out the range of their menu on the photos below.

Most of their meals are very affordable knowing that they serve fusion of different international pasta cuisines. :)

J and I ordered one each. Pad Thai for me and Laksa for him. Laksa has soup so no need for appetizers anymore. I just want some soup and some pasta, everything would be perfect! ♥

They served small breads while our orders are being cooked. J's Kaffir Iced Tea arrived as well.

Kaffir Iced Tea (P20.00)

I wonder why I always chanced Noodlebar having few customers. It's one of the reason why we always not consider dining there before because of few people inside the area. But hey, they're good. They're worth a try! :)

Finally our orders arrived. I ordered Pad Thai for P160.00 and I was amazed on the presentation since it's also my first time experiencing the dish. There are 3 condiments that you can ix on the pasta itself, chili powder, sugar and oh, some crushed peanuts. I prefer crushed peanuts sprinkling some lemon in it since the pasta already taste sweet for me.

Pad Thai

J got Laksa and since it's soup, we shared it first before we ate Pad Thai while it's hot. This is sold at P130.00 and boy was it good! Trying my first taste on this dish as well. Since the noodles in this is also the same with the noodles used in Japchae, I can't resist eating. Haha.


I need to take another obligatory shot since the presentation was not so good in the photo above. I got my share in another bowl and you can see the noodles below now. Looks cleaner than the first right? :)

Since I'm loving the soup more, I postponed eating Pad Thai and finished the huge bowl of Laksa first. Their bowl is good for 2-3 servings. We ate a little of Pad Thai and needed to takeout the remaining portion at home. Pad Thai is also good for 2 person. :)

Overall, I think our Noodlebar experience is an eye-opener for me. I should not limit myself on what I see on the outside, rather, I need to experience everything inside first.

Do you notice any Noodlebar branches in your area? I am not sure if they have branches elsewhere but this one was just accross Nepo Mall beside Perfect Loaf in Angeles City.

'Till my next food getaway. Xoxo ♥

Event: BDJ Box Beauty Social Tres Chic

Last Sunday, I attended my very first beauty event at SM Aura. It took me some time to decide since I don't know the place and our school's recognition day will be held the day after the event. I still pursued to go because I want to go far  because of heart problems I encountered during those times! I won't tell you in details. Haha.

Anyway, BDJ Box Beauty Social Tres Chic was held at SM Aura Samsung Hall last March 23, 2014 and it's my first YES to all invites I received since I started blogging. As much as I would want to cover events, I just cannot since Manila would cost me a lot of time and money, not to mention conflict in work schedules among others.

I arrived late when I was about to be there at exactly 1pm. I arrived 15 minutes late because I was asking around since I wasn't sure of what to ride to arrive at the venue and I need to commute from Pampanga to Manila just for this event. I wasn't able to calculate the time. I missed getting my seat on the assembly hall so I just got photos of Sara Black discussing tips on how to get nice photos.

Since I was late, I roamed around to see what were the booths that participated on the event.

Makeover at Ellana Minerals (They're kind enough to give samples)
Covergirl's Booth
Brushes at Real Techniques

I should have bought one bottle of this! They tried it on my hand and provide a sample too!
They have a cabinet that gives off samples at P1.00 each. Max. of 3 samples

PAC and Biokos together in one space
Amazing Blow Dry Secret's Booth
Revlon's Makeup Session with these Bellas
Bellas wearing Spygal's outfit at the Benefit Booth
Yves Rocher's Booth
Canmake's long line of bellas and gents

Free Facial at Godiva's Booth

Girls at the Bifiesta Booth

Finally, my next talk was Primed and Ready by Benefit. I got a good seat at the center so I can listen well and learn some techniques on applying makeup during summer. It was a wonderful talk and I was happy that I got the exclusive BDJ Box that has all the wonderful Benefit products inside. You can view my unboxing post here. :)

After the talk, I got a loot bag. The contents inside were actually few but together with the freebies I got on other booths, it makes it plenty. :)

I also got some photos at the photo booth there. I went solo so it's obvious right? Haha.

I want to thank BDJ Box and everyone who made this event a successful one. Even though I was all alone, I never felt lonely back there. If only I can make it longer there but I have to leave early again since I have classes the next morning. I wish I have someone with me next time. ^_^

I hope next time the venue will be near because I feel I can't go that far again. >.< Perhaps Trinoma or North Edsa? Hihi.. 

Again, thanks BDJ for that wonderful event. 
Xoxo ♥

Review: The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Charcoal Nose Strip

Hello everyone! It's been weeks since I last made a review post on some beauty essential. This post is too much delayed already but I will still share with you this discovery which I'm sure will be helpful to everyone who has the same beauty dilemma like me. 

I've been consistently posting here that I got huge problems on whiteheads and blackheads. So I kept on searching everywhere to find some best products to target my worries. Now I discovered this product and been repurchasing ever since!

Meet Volcanic Clay from The Face Shop. If you have read my previous posts regarding nose strips, I had my fair share of reviews on different brands. I love how this brand has been most effective for me and comes in the right price. 

A box contains 7 sheets of separately packed pieces of nose strips. I think, it's cleaner to do that. I preferred these nose strips better than cream because it's less messy and it's more effective.

If you'll open a single piece/sachet, it will look like the photo below. It contains natural mineral and has a pore clear agent that gives smooth skin after application, not to mention the blackheads and whiteheads it will remove.

Smooth side of the Strip

After applying the strip, the blackheads will be pulled out from your nose like this!!!

Eeeek! Every time I used this I am always surprised with the results. Surprised yes, but in a good kind of way! It's so effective for me. ^_^

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。) 
  • Contains Natural Mineral
  • Easy application
  • Contains Pore Clean Agent
  • Affordable at P195 for 7 pieces (P27.86 each) 
Nay! (。)
  • I  don't have any negative words on this. I just love this product so much! ♥
Price: P195.00
Bought from: The Face Shop
 Size: 7 sheets in 1 box

Have you tried this nose strip? What are your thoughts? Reviews and/or comments are very welcome. Please leave the link and I'll visit your post too. 'Till the next review.

Xoxo ♥

Review: Tony Moly Mineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer 01

One of my beauty concern that I believe wasn't solved until I found this product, is looking for the best concealer for my skin. I've read reviews and tried different brands. It looks nice at first but the longer I used the product, the clearer I knew it wasn't meant for me. Until I got this.

If you'll notice. I've been MIA for a couple of days now. I'm finishing all my students forms and also assisting my advisory class in accomplishing their clearances. I will host the commencement exercises of the graduating students. Busy week, yes, I know! I really had tons of forms to work on to.

So to battle up all my dark circles due to my very late slumber, including some sleepless nights, I always wear this concealer from Tony Moly.

Mineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer 01 - P321.30

Remember my post about Tony Moly's Fan Sign event here? My sister bought P3000 worth of beauty products from Tony Moly and this Mineral Skin-Fit BB Concealer is included in her haul. She gave this to me as a gift.

Tony Moly offers members 15% off on all items if you purchase on the 15th of the month. She got this for P321.30 only! ;)

I like the simplicity of the packaging and it's very handy. I feel like I'm bringing my pen and can take it anywhere.

This concealer comes in 2 colors, 01 for Cover Light and 02 for Cover Beige. My sister purchased the 01 Cover Light since she felt that it will match me more since I'm fair. For morena skin, I guess you can opt for 02.

It doesn't look like new since I've been using this for a few weeks now. It's rounded at the end which makes it more easy to glide when applying. It also blends on my skin well.

So I tried this the moment my sister gave it to me. This is one of the few gifts she shared with me after purchasing a 3k haul from TM. I like how this concealer really covers my dark eyes because of no sleep. :(

See! Though my camera's colors a bit down since I took the shot indoor. However, you will still see that it gives the impression that it blends well and conceals well my dark under-eyes.

The downside I saw on this concealer is that it's very soft that you feel it will break anyway which really happened few weeks ago. T_T Sad! Also, I feel that it can't stand alone. Some would need a good prep prior to using this. In my case, I use my Snail BB cream which I will review soon. Other than that, I find this very helpful in covering up blemishes and dark circles. :)

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Very compact that I can take anywhere.
  • Has high SPF. #30
  • Stick concealer making it easy to apply
  • Hides dark circles and blemishes very well
Nay! (。)
  • It is so soft that it tends to break. (Mine did break but it can be put back on the tube again.)
  • Comes in two shades only.
Price: P321.30 (Sale Price)
Bought from: Tony Moly Philippines
 Size: 1.3g
So what do you think of this stick concealers? Since I don't use much concealer other than my previous Nichido, I prefer this one.

Drop by any comments and suggestion if you have any stick concealers you can recommend. :)
Xoxo. ♥