OOTD: Fangirl

The twenty-fourth of October marked another milestone to the KPOP world here in PH. The biggest hallyu star of it's generation Super Junior had their concert here in Manila. Of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world!!

So for this post, I will do an OOTD the fangirl style. ^_^

Normal Mode

Fangirl Mode

HAHA XD. This is just me being a fangirl. OOTDs for KPOP concert are sure to be comfy where you can jump and play around with your outfit. Well, you can dress up like your favorite hallyu stars if you want to. Some would actually wear wigs and would color their hair to resemble their idol's looks but I think it's still best to move when your comfortable with what you're wearing.

Still, just wear what you want to wear in a concert. HAHA. Basta ako masaya! I saw the boys!!! That's me and my fangirl sister. They always mistook us as twins. Di naman diba? :) ♥

Food Getaway: Bonchon

Super Junior once again conquered Manila last night! So before I start to flood this post with unending adjectives with my experience last night, let me start with the basics first. The food. 

Since concert events like Super Show 5 requires a lot of shouting, chanting, singing, headbanging and a lot more, we need to eat a lot before the show starts. My sisters and I decided to dine at Bonchon.

My first experience at Bonchon was during the opening of their branch at Marquee Mall. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get photos for a blog post. They're famous with their soy garlic chicken but since I tried it before I opted to go different this time.
Japchae (P75.00)
Pops and Fries (P145.00)
I skipped on rice so I ordered Japchae together with Pops and Fries for everyone. The latter comes with a Pepsi. The Japchae was just plain ordinary. Maybe I expected a lot since I've read reviews that Japchae was also one of Bonchon's bestseller. I've tried several Japchae in different Korean restos before and this was just plain for me.

My eldest sister had a 1-pc. Thigh Ricebox together with a Kimchi Coleslaw. All their boxed meals comes with a regular drink.
1-pc. Spicy Thigh Ricebox (P99.00)
Kimchi Coleslaw (P45.00)
She ordered a spicy thigh ricebox but she just got an ordinary chicken. I tried Kimchi Coleslaw and I love how it tastes like an ordinary coleslaw without the strong taste of kimchi and what stands out was the spicy kick. This is indeed worth a try! 

My other sister grabbed a Beef Bulgogi Ricebox.

Beef Bulgogi Ricebox (P149.00)
I didn't try this one but according to my sister's verdict, this one is good. I should try it soon. 

Overall, I wasn't so impressed with Bonchon's service. First, I think their plates and presentation are not that all polished. Plus the fact that they gave a different order from what was ordered is a reason to not give them credits of introducing them to friends. Still, I am going to try different branches of Bonchon and see how their services will go.

Have you tried on the same place? How's your experience?

Food Getaway: Bonchon Chicken
Location: SM MOA
Budget: P75.00-P750

Open Rice Review Here

NOTD: Blue Chill

Holla! I was so rushed in painting my nails last Monday so I picked a lighter shade of blue than the real sapphire blue for the concert of the boys - Super Junior. SUJU will be having their concert at the MOA Arena tonight and I couldn't missed it for the world! If you're following me on twitter, you would know how much I want to see the boys! Well, enough of my fangirl moments first. I was about to post my NOTD for the week (and for the concert too!) Note: Sapphire Blue is the official color of Super Junior.

This was supposed to be last Monday but I was so busy with school work and got no time to update my blog. My students just had their exams and checking and recording the grades requires a lot of time to do it so I barely had no time to clean up my nails again and change the shade.

I like that this shade of blue is fresh and cool. It also suits me since I'm fair skinned, though it's hard to pick the clothes and bags that will suit this color. It just stands out! Haha. 

 Price: P95
Bought from: The Face Shop
 Size: Not indicated (I think it's around 11ml) 
This shade looks posh in my hands. My students also loved it because it goes well with my wedge which you can view here.

How I wish I can do nail arts some time. I am just so busy I can't extend more time in doing nail arts. I hope I'm picking wonderful shade that complements my nails. 

What do you think about it? Yay or nay? 'Till my next NOTD. ^_^

My First Zalora Purchase!

I was all giddy with my Zalora order even before I purchased it and especially now that I received it when I got home from work. Honestly, I got into different troubles and problems before my first order. Let me share my experience with you.

I already knew Zalora months ago when I joined the Listerine 21-Day Challenge because they provided a reward to the challengers who finished the program. It's a P250 GC from Zalora.  I also got the chance to avail their P250 voucher when I subscribed to their newsletter after registering at their site.

So there I am, so excited to order my first item with them when suddenly I encountered so many problems on the site. I used first the GC from Listerine's challenge. I tried to checkout the coupon if it really works when suddenly it gave me an error after the submission. Then I tried the other 250-voucher and encountered the same problem. I emailed their CS team, and they gave a reply after a week saying they will check it first. They messaged me back after another week. I was already disappointed with them then because of all the hassle I encountered. Not to mention their not-so user-friendly site. I don't know, maybe it's just me or I really have something that I don't like in their site. Then they emailed me with the new code for one from my 2 discounts. Only one returned! I forgot about it and I left it in my email for a while then suddenly, I got the urge to use it again and it says that it's expired. I was so furious because there's no information about the expiration date of the code, like an exact expiration date! So there I am again, messaging their CS team 'till I was on the verge of my madness with them. I can't use any of the offers they're giving and I was about to bid goodbye to them for real. However, I still gave them another chance. 

Then last week, I made a final decision to 'really' purchase and use the code. So I think this order removed all my stress with them away. I was so in love with both of the items and the fact that I both got them in a discounted price was a steal!

I actually had an eye for two wedges before but because of what I encountered, it was out of stock when I get back to them so I got to choose different items. Good thing they still have a single stock left for each of these items. I actually took a risk because both of these are in size 36 when I am 35 1/2. Still, it fitted me just fine. :)

I guess these two babies compensated for all the negative feeling I got before. I just hope Zalora will be alert in responding to their emails. Anyway, I still give them the benefit of the doubt with their fast shipping service and wonderful items. 

Also, they sent a sample of Downy Mystique inside the box. Thanks. :)

How do you find my first haul from Zalora? I actually find their items a bit pricey but because of the discounts and coupons you can get from their partner brands, you can save a lot! Try browsing their site here.

'Till my next post. I'm just kinda busy that's why I am not updating ofter. *sigh*.. I'll find more time I promise. ♥

Review: Pond's Acne Clear White

I am a Pond's baby since my high school days and I never been in loved like this with the other brands. Yes I am also open in trying other brands but Pond's was my first love and as the saying goes, first love never dies. Haha. Until now, I am still in love with the brand. 

Pond's always gives youthful and glowing skin but apart from that, it also has a wide range of products that targets your skin's needs.

Now, they releaase the NEW Pond’s Acne Clear White Facial Foam + Scrub, their 10-in-1 solution for clear, acne-free skin. This revolutionary formula fights 10 oil & acne problems all at once + whitens skin. Say goodbye to acne & oily skin and hello to fresh, clear, whiter skin.

NEW Pond’s Acne Clear White Facial Foam has The Power of 4. It's the powerful combination of Salicylic Acid, Herbal Clay, Smoothening Scrub Beads, and Brightening Essence.

  • Salicylic Acid exfoliates the “walls” of the pores, eliminating the clogging residue that causes acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • Herbal Clay highly absorbs & removes impurities, oil, and makeup from your pores.
  • Gentle Scrubbing Beads exfoliates and smoothens skin while tightening pores.
  • Whitening Essence reduces dullness and whitens your skin.
Since I run out of my old Pond's Deep Cleansing Facial Foam (the black one), I purchased and tried this one. This promises to fight 10 oil and acne problems for clear, fresh and fairer skin.
  1. Removes Excess Oil
  2. Clears Pimples
  3. Reduces Pimple related blemishes
  4. Reduces redness
  5. Calms skin
  6. Reduces blackheads
  7. Reduces whiteheads
  8. Smoothens roughness
  9. Tightens pores
  10. Brightens skin
I am enjoying this facial wash now because of the tiny blue beads which I feel cleanses my face. It smells nice and is very mild. I have always liked Pond's facial wash anyway. :)
Have you used the same product? Any reviews? Share your link here. ^_^
 Price: P89
Bought from: Watsons Store
Size: 50g.

Review: Tony Moly's Natural Pulp Essence Collagen Mask

This week, I only got two days to attend to school. I was absent last Monday because of a terrible headache. Tuesday was declared as a holiday while today was a free day because of the Periodical Test of the students. I went to school last Wednesday and I will proctor tomorrow. Saying that, it is still obvious that I abandoned this blog for a while. Why? I spent more time with my friends with my two free days. There's a saying that 'Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will so stay in touch.' That is why I am doing it now! :)

Anyway, enough of the long explanation of my absence. I am back with a review of a mask collagen I received from my sister from Tony Moly. As I've told you here before, I am becoming more bias with the brand because of their endorser, Super Junior. Haha. Too much of being a fangirl!

I always have a hard time identifying what's different between masks but this one is kinda different because there's a lot of watery substance inside the pack. Plus it is really silky. Smell is mild unlike others that are too powering and it is not itchy. I always itch with other mask before. 

The mask is a bit big for my face. Well, I think all mask I've tried were really big for my small face. Haha. My skin absorbs the collagen mask really well.

I want to maintain using mask twice or thrice a week but I am still looking for that perfect mask for me. I am loving this anyway. I just hope Tony Moly will open their store here in the province.

Have you used the same product? Share your thoughts here.
Until my next post lovelies! I miss you. ♥

Price: Gift (I think it's P54. Not sure though)
Bought from: Tony Moly Store
Size: 21 ml. (1 Sheet)

Romwe's Hot Autumn Outwear and Pre-Winter Must Haves

Romwe released their Hot Autumn Outwear and Pre-Winter Must Haves. Check out the SALE on their site. Hot autumn outwear starting at $3.99 which will last for only 48 hours! Hurry! Shop now!

Click HERE
Their Pre-Winter Must Haves are also on SALE. Coats, sweatshirts and jumpers are up to 40% off from October 15-18 2013 only.  Grab one now!

Click HERE
I was about to shop at Romwe tonight but I got an important event to attend to tomorrow. It's my friend's daughter christening day. I need to go to the Metro very early in the morning 'cause it's almost a two-hour ride from here in the province. I hope the rain would stop now! :)

'Till my next post then. Chill y'all. Keep safe everyone! :)

Review: The Face Shop Pure Water Facial Mist 'Jeju Marine'

Hi everyone. I have been terribly busy and got no time to post plus the fact that the desktop keyboard is not working properly made me too lazy to update my blog. Mianhe! <sorry> :(

Now, we purchased a new keyboard and it just works properly fine so I need to get these fingers to start typing again for another article on my dear blog. Let's now review this Pure Water Facial Mist from The Face Shop. 

I wanted to purchase a facial mist for so long because I always see Koreans use them whenever they have time. Basically, it's for hydrating and moisturizing the skin. I got hold on one last time I went shopping. ^_^

This is one of my favorite. It's less work when you spray it on your face and provides you that instant glow. It also has this really fresh smell once sprayed on your skin.

Very easy application and it easily gives you the fresh feeling and moist your skin needs. I always use this whenever I think that my skin is dry especially during the afternoon. I always feel refreshed after that. :) 

Tap your face lightly after spray to be absorbed by the skin. You can reapply it whenever you wish. In my part, I make it a point to spray it in the morning and night and several times in between. :)
Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)
  • Easy application. ♥
  • Refreshes and moisturizes the skin.
  • Bought it on SALE.
  • Easily available at 'The Face Shop" store.
Nay! (。)
  • Need to respray every now and then.
How do you find the product? Do you have the same item or tried any facial mist? I think I am now a fan of facial spray like this which doesn't require a lot of effort on applying on the face. Whenever you got no time to apply makeup, this will do because it will leave your skin looking fresh. ^_^

Thoughts? Share them here. ♥

Price: P250 (Original Price:P395)
Bought from: The Face Shop
Size: 70 ml.

My October Haul

Actually this is a late September haul. I bought these stuff last week during the weekend with my sister. I love the wedges so much along with the others! 

I seriously need a new pair of sandals so I immediately grabbed a pair after payday. Yipee! Plus I got lots of stuff that I love to try like the mist from The Face Shop and the Eyelift Cream. :)

This one's from Effegi. Originally priced at P899.00 and I got a 10% discount so I paid P809.10. I already used it this week and I got TONS of compliments from students to my co-teachers who loved and drooled over this. Even my bf liked it. I am so in love with it!!!

Novuhair sent me products to review as well. It's great that they noticed my blog and wants to collaborate with me. Thanks to Miss Andrea of Digital Mind Group. Watch form my review on this.

I am so interested with this Bench Perfect Skin Whitening Kit. Lately, I am loving Bench even more because they got so many things to offer. I want to try their line of lippies too. Watch out for my review on this as well.

I totally want to do another NOTD post and it happened with this TFS Orange nail polish. I already used it last Monday since I bought it the weekend. View my Manicure Monday post here. Pure Water Facial Mist is another love of mine. I am currently using it and I will review about it soon. The Quick FX Eyelift Cream is an impulse buy. I badly need something to fix my eye-lines and dark under-eye problems. I am using it for a week now but I think it's a gradual process before the problems will be solved. Others are TFS sample foam cleansers.

I also got my very first bikini on sale from Romwe. I bought it so I would be inspired to work my ass off and get that shape I want which is such the most difficult thing for me to do. I want to gain weight a little then achieve the body I've been dying for. Haha. Let's see. *wishfulthinking*

What do you think of my October haul? Comment below.

P.S. I need to get a new keyboard. I can't blog properly because of this. I wrote this 'short' post for almost an hour. Mydesktopkeyboardisdyingnow. :p