Review: Tony Moly's Natural Pulp Essence Collagen Mask

This week, I only got two days to attend to school. I was absent last Monday because of a terrible headache. Tuesday was declared as a holiday while today was a free day because of the Periodical Test of the students. I went to school last Wednesday and I will proctor tomorrow. Saying that, it is still obvious that I abandoned this blog for a while. Why? I spent more time with my friends with my two free days. There's a saying that 'Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will so stay in touch.' That is why I am doing it now! :)

Anyway, enough of the long explanation of my absence. I am back with a review of a mask collagen I received from my sister from Tony Moly. As I've told you here before, I am becoming more bias with the brand because of their endorser, Super Junior. Haha. Too much of being a fangirl!

I always have a hard time identifying what's different between masks but this one is kinda different because there's a lot of watery substance inside the pack. Plus it is really silky. Smell is mild unlike others that are too powering and it is not itchy. I always itch with other mask before. 

The mask is a bit big for my face. Well, I think all mask I've tried were really big for my small face. Haha. My skin absorbs the collagen mask really well.

I want to maintain using mask twice or thrice a week but I am still looking for that perfect mask for me. I am loving this anyway. I just hope Tony Moly will open their store here in the province.

Have you used the same product? Share your thoughts here.
Until my next post lovelies! I miss you. ♥

Price: Gift (I think it's P54. Not sure though)
Bought from: Tony Moly Store
Size: 21 ml. (1 Sheet)


  1. I love these kinds of masks (essence masks, if I'm not mistaken).. and they're great for my dry skin! :)

    1. Yep, they are really great! The next day after I woke up, my skin felt so smooth! :)

  2. Akala ko a mask is something that is initially liquid tapos it gets solid later on.. anyway, we do our own mask from scratch a Korean student taught me in the past and it words wonders. Lahat ng black heads tanggal!


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