Review: Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

When you see me sporting an almost full makeup look at work, it is because I have plenty of products to use. Well, except for a few. I actually try to make it casual as much as possible. Minus the liner, false lashes and mascara. Yes, I almost have no eye makeup at work. Why? One of the reason is I am still finding the right mascara I can use daily.

Suggest a popular mascara and I've tried them already but they're not really for me. Almost all of the mascara I'm using either give me smudges or leave me with panda eyes after a few hours. Most of the time, I always end up removing my whole makeup. Bummer!

Here comes the rescuer. In fairness to Revlon's Dramatic Definition Mascara, it really gives me that oomph look on my eyes without the panda feels. It doesn't smudges early on my eyes. 

The item looks big at first but you'll get the hang of using it. I am not sure if this is available in different colors but I think I saw something like this in red and green packaging in IG. Might check it out.

I forgot where I got this but upon searching, I got this on BDJ Revlon curated box. When purchased as a stand alone, you can get this for P650.

It is stated on the package that it is the shade 201, Blackest Black so it really gives off a totally black color.

This has tiered bristles for more defined lash. It separates the lashes carefully making it clump-free. There's a bold effect on the lashes, like you just had false lashes connected.

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • It doesn't smudge and create panda eyes on me.
  • Can last up to 5-7 hours.
  • Very pigmented and I can go with one coat alone.
  • I like the tiered bristles as it distributes the mascara evenly. Not perfect but even. 

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Expensive for me. However, it works really well.
  • The handle and the container was bigger than other mascaras but I don't find it negative. 

Price: P650
Bought from: BDJ Curated Box
Size: 8.5ml

What I like about this is that it doesn't really smudges on my eyes and I don't end up looking like I have a black eye. That's really my main concern with the mascaras I used. Now I can have a complete makeup look this upcoming school year and my students won't see me having black eyes especially in the latter part of the day. For me, this is already great. 

What is your holy grail mascara beauties? 

Event: TBJ 9th Mega Anniversary

It is with great gratitude that I became a part of The Beauty Junkee's 9th Mega Anniversary Workshop. It is an event where Miss Martha of The Beauty Junkee celebrated her 9 beautiful years with her fans. If you are familiar with the beauty bloggers here in the country, you would definitely know her. 

She was actually one of my inspirations when I started blogging. I always follow her blog posts and joined her giveaways. I remember winning as her COTM and random giveaways before. So when her giveaway for the #TBJ9thMegaAnniversary was launched, I prayed hard so that I'll be included in the list of the 60 lucky fans and I was. Thank heavens for the wonderful treat! 

May 19 it was; the day of the workshop. Despite having the birthday celebration of my stepmom and stepcousin on that day, I reserved that day for the workshop. Leaving at 9:30am and going home at 10pm to and fro Pampanga, I can say it was all worth it! 

Here are some snippets of the event: 
Upon arriving at the venue, we were advised to take photos on the flatlay station Miss Martha had set up for the attendees. Since I arrived a little early, I was able to take some shots and here were the results. Posted them on IG for real-time updates. 

The event started a little late which was supposed to be at 1pm sharp. It was a little delayed so it also finished late. Despite that, I enjoyed the sessions. 

The first was Eyeshadow Techniques. Miss Martha discussed the eye area so that it will be easy to demonstrate the application. There were also slides that shows on how to determine our eye type and most Filipina have almond-shaped eyes which makes eyeshadow application easy because there's really no specific rule on almond eyes. you can just play with any of the shades and styles. 

After the first topic, next is how to balance work, passion and business at this time and age. Here, Miss Kakki shared how she was able to juggle all of those in her busy life. i'm a fan of her because she literally had to time for sleep just to push her passion. I feel that there's a fire of passion burning inside me that i wish I wanted to be as productive as her. 

Girl Power, A Primer on Women's Rights was discussed by Miss Gert and she talked about what laws should we know about women and more stuff to take note about womanhood and how to deal with it in our society. 

Of course, last but not the least is the ever great Billion Dollar Brows workshop by Miss Martha. I am soooo interested with this that's why I keep on practicing what I have learned there like the brow anatomy and what to do on each part. Recommended products were also shared to us so we  know what to get the next time we purchase an eye brow product. 

I actually have a lot more to share but it would be great to share it personally with you. The experience of personal gathering like this was far greater than the camera on Youtube and writing behind the blog. I still have a hang over on the gathering even if 2 weeks had passed. 

Hoping to be included on next year's party again and I promised I will bring Miss Martha pasalubong from here. i was just too much in a hurry the day I left so I had no time to prepare something for her. 

Congratulations Miss Martha and I hope you continue on inspiring more readers like us. 
All the best! 💗

Review: PIXI Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloths

If you have been a reader of my blog, you know my love for wipes is like my love for my husband - limitless. Kidding! Of course, it isn't the same level as my love for my husband. Haha. But I just love wipes so much that it is a staple thing in our house, be it wipes for the face, for the body, for baby, for just about anything! We have all types and I believe that wipes does a good job in cleaning. 

These wipes I received a long time ago which was the PIXI Makeup Melting Cleansing Cloth is something new to me. I was really interested in using this when it arrived inside my Glamourbox curated box. It smells so great that I can't resist myself using it again and again on my face. Too sad though because it only has 40 cloths inside. If it isn't only expensive as it is, it would be great to stock on wipes like this but na-ah, mommy expenses game in the household was so strong I can't commit on using this daily. Teehee!

It comes in a pastel pink pull-off packaging which has 40 cloths inside. The letters were scribbled in gold making it sophisticated-looking. The wipes inside are also easy to pull and really soft to touch. It smells great as well!  

Since I availed the Glamourbox Perfectly Pixi edition, this is included inside of the curated box. It retails for P499 at the website. More expensive that its counterparts but the quality just speaks about itself.  

It is stated on the package that gently removes waterproof makeup. So I tried using all waterproof products on my face and tried removing them with these wipes. All I can say was it was really amazing! In removing makeup, no need to rub it off hard because one single 'gentle' swipe is all you need. I was amazed that I used my hand lightly in removing it and it simply come off. I think that's the quality of expensive wipes. Haha

Aside from removing stubborn make up products, it also moisturizes it. Good job instead of making the skin dry after using it. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Effective in removing waterproof makeup and cleansing the face.
  • Very easy to use. One GENTLE swipe is all you need! No need to rub it off fard. 
  • The packaging looks sophisticated so perfect to bring on formal occasions. 
  • Paraben-free and not tested on animal which doubles the greatness of this product/. 
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  •  Expensive. Would rather spend it on its counterparts and won't feel the guilt. Sorry, thifty mom here. 
Price: P499
Bought from: Glamourbox
Size: 40 pulls

In all honesty, I like the wipes and its quality, but not really buying it because of the prize. Apart from being expensive, this has many counterparts now in the market that I tried from different brands and works just the same. It would be awesome if they would think to put these on sale and give the price in half so people would discover this and would try to use it. 

How about you? have you tried it? Any thought on these? 

Review: Megan Nose Pore Strips (Deep Cleaning and Firming)

When you invest in good and proper skincare, you will surely get your own version of ROI. That doesn't only work on finances but on your skin as well. Since I started paying keen attention to the products I'm using, especially skin care, I noticed that some of my skin problems suddenly were healed and fixed. 

So in line with taking care of our skin, let me share with you another product brand I discovered which was totally affordable and very effective - it is the Megan Nose Pore Strips in Deep Cleaning and Firming variant. I actually got both from Robinsons couple of months ago when I dropped by their branch in Starmill, Pampanga.

Whenever I go to a certain store, the first thing I would surely do is to find beauty items that the store might offer. I think it's in my genes now. It is automatic. Perhaps, this is what beauty blogger feels when they are also in front of beauty products. 

Anyway, as I was checking for new items on the shelf or simply something new to my eyes, I caught Megan and was amazed by the price so I thought of getting both variant. Just in time because I am also in the lookout for good nose strips.

Both variant of Megan Nose Strips is in a carton-like folded packaging which houses 4 pieces of nose pore strips. The deep cleaning is the one in black and the firming is the pink one. The product is in a transparent film and you need to remove it and paste the sticky part on the nose.

I honestly can't remember how much it was but I think the price range was around P50. I can't fully remember but I will check it out again soon! 

I was amazed by this product because it also acts the same as my favorite nose strip from TFS. It really pulls out stubborn whiteheads and blackheads. That one is a little expensive though because if computed, I think it will cost around P25-30 each product. I will double check both products' prices and will update this post.  

Yay for me! (◕‿  
  • As effective as my favorite nose strip but in a fraction of the cost
  • Effectively removes whiteheads and blackheads. Available in different variant that will target your concern. 
  • Affordable
  • Adheres well on the skin but it doesn't harm it in any way. 

Nay! ()
  • Not easily available at Watsons where i usually buy my beauty stuff. 
  • It doesn't pull out everything but it works great anyway. 
  • The pink variant isn't obvious with the pulled whiteheads but it still pulls greatly.

Price: P49.00 each
Bought from: Robinsons Dept. Store
Size: 4 pieces

This product is one of the best nose strips I have found. Affordable, effective and easy to use. No awful smell like what I used before so I'm totally buying this. I think I'm having a change of heart with TFS and getting this instead. 

You? What nose strip is effective for you?  

Review: PIXI Shea Butter Lip Balm in Sweet Peach

The summer craze isn't finish yet and our skin still needs to be guarded with proper care. Whatever protection we give to our skin should also be the same with our lips. How do you protect and moisturize your lips when under the sun? My secret: I use PIXI Shea Butter Lip Balm.

Aside from the summery color of this product, it smells so fresh like vanilla. What I have here is the variant Sweet Peach. Even the shade sounds very summer-y. 

The packaging is simple but sophisticated. The letters on the packaging delivers a very posh approach to the item. The packaging color is a perfect match and is really good in the eyes. Just like other lip balms, this one is a twist-type too.

This is also one of the products inside the curated Glamourbox Perfectly Pixi I purchased before. If sold individually, it is priced at P420. Quite pricey I must say.

Most balms I owned aren't tinted but this one is. Upon opening, it is pinkish red in color. When applied, there's no color-transfer even if it was tinted.It works out just like other lip balms.

For me, there's really not much of a difference here. I owned several lip balms in the past until now and this works just like the other types I have. Though I must say that I like the packaging because of the sophisticated yet simple look plus the color combo. The product was also moisturizing so it is great for summer days like now, even rainy days too!

Without the balm 

With the balm

As you can see, that's my most chillin' look without makeup. Quite haggard because I'm off running errands the whole day and too stress the past few days that I look too tired here. I just did some groceries that time and took a pic before and after applying. The balm doesn't transfer much color but if you can notice, there's a slight tint and it shines like a gloss compare to the no balm look. 

Yay for me! (◕‿  
  • I noticed most of my balms tends to melt in summer. This one doesn't which I think is good. It's hassle to clean up after the mess of melted balms.
  • Smells great!
  • The color of the package makes everything soft-looking and soothing in the eyes.
  •  Deeply moisturizing. 

Nay! ()
  • A little costly but worth the purchase. 
  • Difficult to find at the stores. Mostly available online. 

Price: P420.00 each
Bought from: Glamourbox
Size: 4g.

Recently, my problem with products upon opening is that the content would suddenly melts when opened for use. That's even after making sure that they are hidden away from direct sunlight upon storing them. I think it was just too hot nowadays. However, it shouldn't be like that though. Good thing this Pixi balm is all set. Totally perfect for summer!

What balms are you using this summer and what are your choices for the rainy days? Care to share?

Back To School Skincare Essentials

Vacation just passed by easily here in PH and June is already near and so it is back to school time once again! Students will be cramming with deadlines and will once again work hard to top their exams and school activities. Mommies will surely be busy as well. They will be waking up early to prepare their child/ren for school. It is another stressful time it is. To be prepared with that, here are some products at Wishtrend which you can use to prep your skin before the school year start. 

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner
Super love this product. It is easily absorbed by the skin and I got the glow that I want when I used this. 

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream
Perfect to use for night time when you want your skin to take some rest and be repaired from the harsh elements of the environment. 
Aloe Soothing Sun Cream
It is always a must to use sun cream, especially now that the heat in the country is killing us. Make sure you ar protected with high SPF. 

Acne Pimple Master Patch
I am currently drafting a post for this. This works like magic. It easily helps diminish obvious-looking acne or pimple just after use. Totally recommending this to everyone! 

What's great with the products mentioned is that these are cruelty-free products which is totally safe for the skin. You will also not feel guilty in using these because you know that these brands really care about their environment. 

Speaking of cruelty-free products, this week is Cruelty-Free Brand Week and Wishtrend has a lot of cruelty-free brands you can choose from. Not only they care about your skin, they care about the animals and the environment too!

Even if you are a student, or a mommy, taking care of our skin is a must. Whatever we do with it, will reflect in the future. And if we also care for our future, let's support cruelty-free products from Wishtrend

Choosing the best hybrid bike and accessories

Lately, we have heard so much about hybrid cars and hybrid bikes. So, what is a hybrid bike? A hybrid bike is a combination of the best of both the standard road bike and the mountain bike to create a hybrid bike to handle all terrain surfaces.

Features of a hybrid bike:
  • It has tyres that are wider than a standard road bike and narrower than a mountain bike.
  • The handlebars are flat and the rider sitting position is more relaxed with straight back.
  • It has disc brakes that enable quicker stopping. 
  • It has eyelets for pannier racks and mud guards.
Choosing a hybrid bike depends on how well it copes with uneven off road terrains or how fast it will ride on the smooth tarmac. If you are mainly using the bike for your everyday use plus the occasional recreational rides on weekends and holidays, then a hybrid bike will be the best option.

Some tips on choosing the best hybrid bikes and what to look for:

  • The bike should be light weight, fast, and sporty.
  • The sitting position should be relaxed and almost upright position. The sitting position should be nice and comfortable without putting any strain on the rider’s neck and shoulders.
  • The flat handlebars will provide a more upright riding position.
  • The brakes are able to handle all terrain riding.
  • The tyres vary between 28 mm and 42 mm to enable better grip when the roads are wet and provide more comfortable rides over rough surfaces.

You can choose to check out the hybrid bikes at your local bike shop or online where you can enjoy better discounts for older models during their sales. There are also hybrid bikes designed for women which are smaller in size compared to the unisex versions. Women’s bikes will have narrower handlebars to accommodate women’s narrower shoulders.

The choice of your bike type will depends on the type of rides you will be making. If you are planning some leisurely weekend rides, the occasional rides in the parks and picnics with friends, running of errands or commuting to and from work, then a hybrid bike will be the best choice.

Besides the hybrid bikes, there are also cruiser bikes which have a vintage appeal for more comfortable rides. Whatever your choice, you might want to add extra features to your new bike such as cruiser bike accessories, plus other add-ons to better equip your bike for all types of rides on all types of terrains. Accessories such as racks, fenders, lights, bells, kickstands, and even riding apparel such as reflective pants and jackets will add convenience and safety to your rides.

How Does Say It With A Sock's Affiliate Program Work?

Everyone should have warm socks on his or her feet, and even better if they are fun, colorful socks in bold patterns and graphics. That is the belief of Say It With A Sock, which offers monthly club sock programs for sock aficionados and other sock fans. The company’s affiliate program seeks to partner with groups, bloggers, social media mavens and others who share this goal. 
How It Works

The basics of the affiliate program are simple and straightforward. The essentials include five simple features:

1.     It’s free to join
2.     Members will be compensated
3.     Members earn $5 a referral
4.     Signup is easy on the affiliate page
5.     Approval is required

Once you are approved you will be contacted and given more details about the program. You will be part of the mission to make sure all people have nice socks to keep feet warm and cozy. The radical idea is that everyone in the word deserves a good pair of socks.

A Social Conscious

Because socks are the most requested item from the homeless community, the affiliate program is important in meeting this need. It just one of several programs that Say It With A Sock is involved with to help those who have unmet clothing issues. Participants in the monthly club sock program are encouraged to donate their unwanted or unused socks to a homeless shelter.

The company also partners with Lava Mae, a nonprofit practitioner of radical hospitality that delivers mobile showers and other essentials to the homeless. New socks and clean showers make for a better world.

A Sock Movement

The monthly sock box program is a great way to get good-looking, stylish socks on the feet of the billions of    people on the planet. Sign up on the Say It With A Sock Home Page to send or receive a unique pair of socks at an affordable price.

My Nailaholics Pampering Sesh

Pampering is one of my favorite things to do if I have spare time for myself or if I just wanted to make use of my free time. That was me before I became a mom. Now, pampering is the last on my list when it comes to spending for myself because often times, I put my baby and husband's' needs first before me. My spare time from work is also dedicated to my baby. Even now that it's vacation time at work (since I'm a teacher), this time also belongs to my baby and my baby alone. We don't have any helper and my MIL is on a vacation so I am all alone with my little one. That's why right now, no vacation goals for me yet  but that's okay. I wouldn't want it the other way!

Last weekend though, I was able to leave my baby to my elder sister who's always able to pacify him whenever I'm not around. She loves him so much that I am really comfortable of leaving baby to her. I can actually attend to my blog events during the weekend because she always permits me and she loves spending time with my baby. That's why I was so thankful to my sister because she makes everything easier for me. That's why I took advantage of the time to pamper myself.

I have a Nailaholics GC that was about to expire on the 30th and I had my service on the 29th. You see now how busy I am. I had the GC almost a year.

Anyway, i called Nailaholics to booked a schedule but to no avail. Perhaps their number was different now or maybe it was down. Despite that, I rushed over to see if I can book their through walk-in. They happily serviced me and offered me their Lush Lagoon service which is almost close to the amount of the GC. It includes a foot spa, foot massage, manicure ad pedicure.

I honestly love the experience because I was able to sleep for a good couple of minutes during the massage. I was a little disappointed however on the nail polish because the morning of the next day, it was already chipping. The stuff used Color Club on me. Even so, the whole service was incredible.

The Worst Advice to Give Someone Traveling to Singapore

According to reports released by the Singapore’s immigration department, people are coming here in large numbers either seeking employment, business opportunities or as tourists. While in Singapore, visitors are expected to mingle with the locals at different levels. If you are planning to travel here, a singapore consultancy firm will come in handy in processing your travel documents and giving some guidelines. They will also tell you to be cautious of getting bad advice from people and some websites. Just to be on the safe side, we have highlighted the worst advice to receive.

Not to Bring Jackets and Coats Because Singapore Is Always Hot

Yes, it is true that Singapore has hot and humid weather. However, you will quickly notice that all premises use strong air conditioners to lower the temperature. Imagine being in a vast shopping mall with freezing temperatures everywhere you turn. Most foreigners will find themselves cold with ease especially since they are not used to these temperatures. Bring a jacket or a coat to combat this.

Wildlife Is Only Enjoyed During the Night Safari or at the Zoo

Out of all the Asian states, Singapore is number one in urbanization. This has forced the state to try and protect some wildlife in zoos and man-made parks. But, this does not mean that you will not enjoy flora and fauna in their natural habitat. You can visit any of the nature reserves in different parts of Singapore and enjoy interacting with wildlife. All you need is some research to know the one that is best for your interests.

Add the Word ‘’Lah’’ to Every English Sentence

While in Singapore, you will realize that the locals have their Singlish pidgin. Notably, they use the word ‘’lah’’ at the end of every sentence. But, do not be mistaken that the same thing is always meant. A simple change of the stress in the word will mean something different. It is, therefore, not advisable to pick the word and place it on every occasion without knowing the meaning when you speak. Take your time to learn!

Stay Indoors to Avoid Heat and Humidity

Even though staying indoors will keep you cool and fresh, the outdoors in Singapore has more to offer than you can imagine. You are only denying yourself the opportunity to experience street food and souvenirs if not the vast malls and shopping complexes. Singapore also offers a great experience if you visit the beach or the Marina Bay area. This is not to mention the theme parks and the Universal Studios for kids. If you do not mind sweating under the heat and humidity, these are just a few of the things you will enjoy.

Orchard Road Is the Best Shopping Area

If you are departing from any part of the globe, you will probably see information about this tourist shopping area. However, this is not the only shopping haven you will enjoy while in Singapore. You need to explore Chinatown, Little India, Bugis Street and other shopping areas. They have a variety of goods and service, which you will definitely enjoy.

With the above information, you already know what not to believe. Even when people tell you some of these things, you already have an answer for them.