Review: Althea Bare Essentials

More than a month ago, I received Althea's newest product line which made a noise in the beauty industry. It is their newest skincare line which is called Bare Essentials. They break down the long Korean skincare method into three easy steps. It includes a contour cleanser, primer water and a fixer cream. 

CONTOUR CLEANSER - This cleanser lathers up in a rich and creamy foam. It has micro beads that effectively removes dead skin cells. It's acting like an exfoliate and cleanser in one. I feel that there's a slight cooling sensation while continuously cleansing the face. I like the beads effect because after the process, I feel like my face was squeaky clean but not drying.

PRIMER WATER - I like how lightweight this primer. It is easily absorbed by the skin. I also like this line's scent because it is not too overpowering. It has a very mild, soft scent that you wouldn't notice. 

FIXER CREAM - It is a water-based-like cream which is very light on the skin. I was amazed how lightly it was when applied but sadly, there's just no applicator for hygienic purposes but I already got a lot of spatulas so it's okay. I like how it makes my skin plump and hydrated all throughout the day. 

I think this is perfect for everyone or for those who are really rushing their time doing skincare. Actually, I am using this set this summer because aside that its lightweight which is easy on the summer skin, I am also very busy with my baby because most of the time, I am left with my baby and we are just playing and bonding all the time.

So if you're looking for the best skincare this summer yet in a very affordable price, you might wanna try this set. I swear you will like it! 

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