Event: TBJ 9th Mega Anniversary

It is with great gratitude that I became a part of The Beauty Junkee's 9th Mega Anniversary Workshop. It is an event where Miss Martha of The Beauty Junkee celebrated her 9 beautiful years with her fans. If you are familiar with the beauty bloggers here in the country, you would definitely know her. 

She was actually one of my inspirations when I started blogging. I always follow her blog posts and joined her giveaways. I remember winning as her COTM and random giveaways before. So when her giveaway for the #TBJ9thMegaAnniversary was launched, I prayed hard so that I'll be included in the list of the 60 lucky fans and I was. Thank heavens for the wonderful treat! 

May 19 it was; the day of the workshop. Despite having the birthday celebration of my stepmom and stepcousin on that day, I reserved that day for the workshop. Leaving at 9:30am and going home at 10pm to and fro Pampanga, I can say it was all worth it! 

Here are some snippets of the event: 
Upon arriving at the venue, we were advised to take photos on the flatlay station Miss Martha had set up for the attendees. Since I arrived a little early, I was able to take some shots and here were the results. Posted them on IG for real-time updates. 

The event started a little late which was supposed to be at 1pm sharp. It was a little delayed so it also finished late. Despite that, I enjoyed the sessions. 

The first was Eyeshadow Techniques. Miss Martha discussed the eye area so that it will be easy to demonstrate the application. There were also slides that shows on how to determine our eye type and most Filipina have almond-shaped eyes which makes eyeshadow application easy because there's really no specific rule on almond eyes. you can just play with any of the shades and styles. 

After the first topic, next is how to balance work, passion and business at this time and age. Here, Miss Kakki shared how she was able to juggle all of those in her busy life. i'm a fan of her because she literally had to time for sleep just to push her passion. I feel that there's a fire of passion burning inside me that i wish I wanted to be as productive as her. 

Girl Power, A Primer on Women's Rights was discussed by Miss Gert and she talked about what laws should we know about women and more stuff to take note about womanhood and how to deal with it in our society. 

Of course, last but not the least is the ever great Billion Dollar Brows workshop by Miss Martha. I am soooo interested with this that's why I keep on practicing what I have learned there like the brow anatomy and what to do on each part. Recommended products were also shared to us so we  know what to get the next time we purchase an eye brow product. 

I actually have a lot more to share but it would be great to share it personally with you. The experience of personal gathering like this was far greater than the camera on Youtube and writing behind the blog. I still have a hang over on the gathering even if 2 weeks had passed. 

Hoping to be included on next year's party again and I promised I will bring Miss Martha pasalubong from here. i was just too much in a hurry the day I left so I had no time to prepare something for her. 

Congratulations Miss Martha and I hope you continue on inspiring more readers like us. 
All the best! 💗

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  1. Yeah!! LOvely posting you have shared here, really enjoyed reading it & can't wait to try them all :D I love mascara as I born with short eye lashes since young :) Oppsss...Time for beauty shopping & enjoy trying all :P Cheers,siennylovesdrawing


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