Choosing the best hybrid bike and accessories

Lately, we have heard so much about hybrid cars and hybrid bikes. So, what is a hybrid bike? A hybrid bike is a combination of the best of both the standard road bike and the mountain bike to create a hybrid bike to handle all terrain surfaces.

Features of a hybrid bike:
  • It has tyres that are wider than a standard road bike and narrower than a mountain bike.
  • The handlebars are flat and the rider sitting position is more relaxed with straight back.
  • It has disc brakes that enable quicker stopping. 
  • It has eyelets for pannier racks and mud guards.
Choosing a hybrid bike depends on how well it copes with uneven off road terrains or how fast it will ride on the smooth tarmac. If you are mainly using the bike for your everyday use plus the occasional recreational rides on weekends and holidays, then a hybrid bike will be the best option.

Some tips on choosing the best hybrid bikes and what to look for:

  • The bike should be light weight, fast, and sporty.
  • The sitting position should be relaxed and almost upright position. The sitting position should be nice and comfortable without putting any strain on the rider’s neck and shoulders.
  • The flat handlebars will provide a more upright riding position.
  • The brakes are able to handle all terrain riding.
  • The tyres vary between 28 mm and 42 mm to enable better grip when the roads are wet and provide more comfortable rides over rough surfaces.

You can choose to check out the hybrid bikes at your local bike shop or online where you can enjoy better discounts for older models during their sales. There are also hybrid bikes designed for women which are smaller in size compared to the unisex versions. Women’s bikes will have narrower handlebars to accommodate women’s narrower shoulders.

The choice of your bike type will depends on the type of rides you will be making. If you are planning some leisurely weekend rides, the occasional rides in the parks and picnics with friends, running of errands or commuting to and from work, then a hybrid bike will be the best choice.

Besides the hybrid bikes, there are also cruiser bikes which have a vintage appeal for more comfortable rides. Whatever your choice, you might want to add extra features to your new bike such as cruiser bike accessories, plus other add-ons to better equip your bike for all types of rides on all types of terrains. Accessories such as racks, fenders, lights, bells, kickstands, and even riding apparel such as reflective pants and jackets will add convenience and safety to your rides.

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  1. This!!! I've always dreamed of having a cruiser bike! I'm still waiting for the perfect timing to get one. It's just so beautiful, isn't it? I would also love to add a vintage basket in front of the bike. Lovely!


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