5 Cutest Games To Play

Online games are a great way to destress after a hard day's work. I often find myself playing online games whenever I feel the need to detach myself from the busy world of adulthood. Playing those games instantly brings back my childhood memories, making all my worries away. 

Recently, I've found myself hooked in online games a lot. For one, they are convenient and no need to pay or download just to have access. Whenever I'm waiting in line while running an errand, when I'm commuting going to work, or just basically chilling at home, I found myself playing these games. 

Here I listed down my top 5 beautiful games from a math and educational website named Calculators.org. I actually have talked about it already in the past. But now, they expanded out into a variety of other fun games perfect for kids and kids at heart. 

1. 2048 Cuteness Edition 

This is a cuter version of the popular math puzzle game 2048 where number pieces add together and double when scrolled together. I am literally enjoying this because of the cute characters emerging as the game develops.