ADP Pharma Launches NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT

In line with NOVUHAIR's 10th year of fervent commitment to consumer health awareness on hair loss prevention and maintenance, plus a decade of partnership with Mercury Drug Corporation, ADP Pharma Corporation has launched the NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT.


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The NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT serves as a token of the company's appreciation and gratitude to the affirmative support of its loyal users and new trialists.



The continued consumer support, committed distributors and agency partners, dedicated brand ambassadors, passionateand hardworkingmarketing and sales teams spearheaded by Managing Director Mr. Bob Segovia, andthe full support of ADP PharmaCEO Mr. Martin Pascual and executives.

NOVUHAIR® has retained dominance in 2019 as the leading hair loss treatment in the Philippines.(Source: Passport Euromonitor International October 2019 Research)

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NOVUHAIR® Officially Launches NOVU VIP CLUB

What a great way to celebrate NOVUHAIR’s 10 years of success in the Philippines. With the aim of highlighting further the brand’s advocacy campaign Nothing to lose, NOVUHAIR® introduces Go for the Perfect 10! with the launch of its NOVU VIP CLUB. 

Review: In Her Element Butterlips Conditioning Color

I've been a fan of In Her Element since the time I started joining Project Vanity events. I discovered the brand from them. I came to love their products especially the Cleansing Gel. So imagine my excitement when some members of SkinfluencersPh (including me) were given the opportunity to review In Her Element's newest lip products, the In Her Element Butterlips Conditioning Color. I felt so giddy receiving these balms because I love lippies and whenever I'm home, I still wear lip balms. Lipsticks feel so heavy and I always want to rest my lips so I use lip balms instead. I love lip balms. You can check all my balm reviews and posts on the link. 

Now on to the main star of this post, these In Her Element's Butterlips Conditioning Color has three variants namely Tala, Mayari and Hanan. Such lovely names fit for Filipina beauty!

These are balms but they are known as exfolient, meaning they do not just sit on your lips, they penetrate your lips to make it smooth and moisturized. They give the comfiest comfort making your lips smooth and flake- free.

These Butterlips Conditioning Color (P345 / 3 grams each or P875 for a set of all three shades). are available in 3 wearable shades. The names of these balms are inspired by the three daughters of Bathala, for their strength and beauty. How lovely and creative were those names.

Tala is a pinkish plum that gives a fresh, young look. It can pass as a MLBB shade.

Hanan is a fun salmon pink that brightens skin. Perfect for that girly look.

Mayari is a muted clay shade with a light brown undertone. Love this shade so much as

These Butterlips Conditioning Color are paraben-free, perfume-free, and not tested on animals. It has Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, and Sunflower Oil on top of a moisture-sealing wax base so you know that you have good ingredients here.

Love all these three shades. They are just so flattering and comfortable on the lips. As a mom staying at home all day, I would prefer not using any lip color as it's a hassle on me. I dislike the heavy feel whenever I do house chores but these are too comfy that I can't pass on using them. Recently I've been wearing them a lot at home so that I'll be always ready whenever a delivery guy would drop something on our front door. :)

The In Her Element Butterlips Conditioning Color is now available at It is also available in, Lazada, and Shopee, and at malls where Beauty Bar can be found.

Review: Troiareuke H+ Cocktail Ampoule

One of the brands which really got me sooo curious to try is Troiareuke. Aside from it's difficult-to-pronounce-name, the brand caught my attention because it's a very expensive ampoule. You see, a $60 ampoule for a budget-mom like me is already very expensive. I have yet to try it before I divulge into spending so a sample or trial product is a good step to try it and see if it's really worth it. Generally, I knew that ampoule are kind of expensive but a Troiareuke bottle is just too much for me. Good thing I was able to have one.

I received one from the loot we got from SkinfluencersPH MeetUp. Thanks to Lipstick_Plz for sponsoring. Here I am going to break down honest thoughts about it. 

Review: Candy Dollz Maggie Magic Cream Blush

I am a big fan of blushes because they always give me that color when people would tell me that I look pale. Yes, I always get that comment a lot because it's true. I lack of sleep, I always feel tired after a long day's work and taking care of two kids and all the hoolabaloos in the household. Plus the change  in this pandemic brought us a lot of worries which affects us overall. I feel that lipstick won't do it alone, I need to put a blush, especially now that lippies can't be seen under mask. 

So when I got this Candy Dollz Maggie Magic Cream Blush, I felt pretty amazed because this is the second cream blush in tube that I used and is super longwearing.

Damaged Hair? You Might Be Using the Wrong Products. Treat It with the “My Collagen Miracle” Habit

Is the lack of social activities making you care less about your hair’s condition? You might want to do a quick re-check on your hair condition. 

Being indoors does not necessarily mean your hair is completely free from the risks of hair damage. If your hair is showing signs of tutchang, dryness, dullness, and frizz, chances are, it’s damaged. Exposure to heat in the form of hair styling tools, humidity, and chemical treatments weakens your hair’s fibers and strips off nutrients, moisture, and color, causing more damage. Not to mention that continuous use of the wrong haircare products can also harm your strands.

Strengthen your hair’s core and keep it from further damage by using collagen-infused haircare products — the ingredient that has done wonders to the skin. 

Affordable Two-Piece Outfits at Jurllyshe

I've been a fan of wearing shorts and skirts be it summer or be it the cold days. I am a short/skirt kind of girl so you will always see me wearing short pieces almost everyday. At home, at work, anywhere. Unless I have to attend formal occasion and events where I really need to be formal and wear formal clothing. It's easy and it's comfy unlike jeans. So I always make sure that I have some sort of collection of those in my wardrobe. 

Quarantine season happened so I did a little clean up and I had to let go of most of my old pieces. Now I am welcoming new ones and as I was searching online for some pieces, I chanced upon this website called Jurllyshe for short sets for women which I really like. I definitely love their pieces and aside from being comfy, one would also look sexy on them. They have a wide range of sets which you will fall in love with. I am actually eyeing some pieces that would also look good on me while I am doing some work-out. Especially now that I am planning to join a work-out challenge online, their sets would be my best bet.