Review: Troiareuke H+ Cocktail Ampoule

One of the brands which really got me sooo curious to try is Troiareuke. Aside from it's difficult-to-pronounce-name, the brand caught my attention because it's a very expensive ampoule. You see, a $60 ampoule for a budget-mom like me is already very expensive. I have yet to try it before I divulge into spending so a sample or trial product is a good step to try it and see if it's really worth it. Generally, I knew that ampoule are kind of expensive but a Troiareuke bottle is just too much for me. Good thing I was able to have one.

I received one from the loot we got from SkinfluencersPH MeetUp. Thanks to Lipstick_Plz for sponsoring. Here I am going to break down honest thoughts about it. 

This Troiareuke Set has a toner and an ampoule. The toner which acts as a base can also be used as a regular mist toner. However, it is recommended to mix the ampoule according to your skin concern. Hence it was called the cocktail mist toner. Each ampoule are tailored to each skin care's needs. This has 4 variants, the Anti- Trouble (GREEN), Mela-C (YELLOW), AKNE-C (BLUE) and Cell repair (RED). What I have is the red one for Anti-Aging. 

PACKAGING - This Troiareuke Skin Complex Formula is in a transparent plastic container with a mist dispenser. It functions as a mist which makes the application easy and hands-free. The ampoule on the other hand is in a small container with a cap. Mix the two together for a better effect. 

Sorry for the shaky video. Using only one hand here because I don't have a tripod here.

KEY INGREDIENTS - By research, the base comprises of moisturizers, vitamins, hydrators and the antioxidant called pinus densiflora leaf extract — an interesting extract with antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-hypertensive effects. Some ingredients to note are soluble collagen, licorice root extract, centella asiatica, panax ginseng root extract and vitis vinifera (grape) skin powder. 

CLAIMS - The red was also known as a cell repair formula ampoule. It claims to provide cell energy and helps skin activation thus reducing the appearance of lines since it has anti-aging properties. It helps in improving the blood circulation on the face, thereby helps in faster healing of scars on matured skin and also prevents fine line formation. Best suited for dry, sensitive and matured skin.

SCENT - This has a scent and it might be an issue for the scent-sitive people. But the scent for me is amazing and good which my sisters and friends even love. They always compliment the scent whenever I spritz this when they are around. This has a combination of mint, raspberry and floral hence the very beautiful scent. 

PRICE - The regular price of the set is $60 but you might want to take advantage of promos and discounts because stores that sell them also provide huge discounts. You can check Lipstick Plz for that. 

TEXTURE - It has a watery consistency and is absorbed really fast by the skin. The mist isn't as fine as I thought it would be. No tagging on the skin.

EFFECT - I totally love the effect. As what I mentioned, it is absorbed by my skin very fast but what's even greater is that it smoothened my skin after a few minutes of spraying it. 

Now I know why people are raving about it. Weeks after using it, my workmates noticed that my skin looked great and I received a lot of compliments. I also don't have any issues here whatsoever. I feel that it really works on my skin's concern since I am very particular now with anti-aging products. I guess my only concern for this though is the price. I don't think it is for me. My $60 will go a long way on my whole routine already so it's a downside on that matter. 

Overall, I love this mist. I always find myself reaching out for this whenever I know that my skin isn't in good condition. Just one spritz away and I know my skin will return the favor. 

Have you tried this or any Troiareuke product? What are your thoughts? 

Stay beautiful loves! 💓

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