Food Getaway: VLounge Sports Resto Bar

Armed with a full belly and good friends' company, we visited VLounge Sports Resto Bar after going from a food review in a food park in Angeles  City. Even when we went there after a full meal, it still didn't stop us on eating their favored dishes. The place was just too good to not visit when opportunity like this arises.

Upon reaching the place, there are a lot of parking lot since it is at Northwalk, Clark where other restaurants were also situated. The vibe of the resto bar was perfect for night life and light chills. They have videoke too for their customers which can be used for 200 per hour. 

Chef's Salad

Chicken Salad

Maling Fries

They served a lot of different food from their menu. Their presentation were amazing plus the place was too good to chill. You can have sing in their videoke if you like. 

Fish and Chips

For starters, they served us different salads and fish and chips. I personally like how they presented their food in different styles. They were aesthetically designed. They are one of the resto bar that presented their food like that. Most of the bars I've been through have simple take on their presentation. Theirs will definitely pass artistic control.

Buffalo Wings

Baked Potato with Brocolli and Cheese

Chicharon Bulaklak

Grilled Liempo with VLounge Fried Rice

Spicy Chicken Garlic

Crispy Pata

Pork Sisig

Notorious Ribs with Java Rice

Seeing most of their menu here. don't you think that their menu would be great if paired with beer? They have huge ribs and tender crispy pata too! Everything may looked sinful but it will surely put a stop to any hungry belly.

Mon-Sun - 5pm-3am
Address: Unit 5, Northwalk, Clark, Clark Freeport Zone
Type of Food: Restaurant
WIFI: None

If there's one thing that I will go back to, it's definitely their drink tower. I just failed to shoot it because I was busy with all the food. I also love their buffalo wings and crispy pata. This place definitely deserves a visit!

I'm totally recommending the place as it is quiet there and you will definitely have a great time with friends. Especially there is videoke and billiards. 


Food Getaway: The Muceno Food Park

Have you ever noticed the birth of food parks nowadays? I noticed that food parks are like mushrooms. They are suddenly everywhere. I first heard and read about the concept which I think started from the metro. Eventually, it also transformed different provinces way of eating-out. Resto were so out and food parks are so in!

Here in our province alone, I discovered and visited three food parks. Then suddenly, there’s the birth of three more. (Heard it from a reliable source.) There was actually a lot in Pampanga alone!

From those three that were already opened, I paid a visit recently at the Muceno Food Park in Angeles City. Muceno Food Park was recently opened last Feb. 24, 2017, with around 25 concessionaires which caters different types of food to drinks. Pampanga Bloggers Society was privileged to be invited by some of its stalls for the food review. 

I first tried Wicked Wings and I love the blend of its spicy flavor. The spicy meter on their wings was just right and not too painful to bear. Also their Glazed variant was a hit! Better than the usual Glazed chicken you’ll get at the mall. Taco truck also served Steak Taco and Crispy Pork Belly Taco to us.

Milkshake Lab also has creative drinks but too sad I wasn't able to taste the drinks as I was so busy capturing photos. Pomodoro served delicious pizza and pasta. They have the Bolognese and Pesto for pasta while Quattro Formaggi and Specialle dela Casa for the pizza. 

For Bek's Bibingka, they served three different ones, the Cheese Overload, the Ham and Cheese and the Pandan one. I so so soooo loved the overload one. Obviously it's overloaded with cheese and tasted so great that I even took some home.

From all the juices, I liked Daily Detox array of juices from Lime Orange, Calamansi Cucumber, Lemon Orange, Throwback Friday, Saturday, and Thursday. I drank the Calamansi Cucumber and it tasted so refreshing and you will have the feeling that you drank a very healthy drink! 

Chef Cozma has different food in their menu. They have Shawarma Plate, Shawarma Rice, Shawarma and Chicken Kebab Rice among others. I even tried visiting their grilling station where they cook their bbq. 
Resto Name: The Muceno Food Park  
Tues-Sun - 10am-8pm
Address: San Isidro, San Fernando (Back of San Isidro Integrated School)
(Enter the street in front of Brgy Quebiawan then walk a few meters away) 
Type of Food: Restaurant
WIFI: None

I recommend the place for being so cool unlike other food parks because it's open-air. They also have unique concept as per stall doesn't have the same food choices which means they do not compete with each other's business. 

I would like to extend our gratitude to the stalls who participated in the review. It's actually heartwarming because we started with only 2-3 stalls but when the other stalls knew that we are having a review, they decided to participate on the review last minute. Hoping for more collaborations with them next time. 

Until the next food park trippin'. Xoxo 💜

Food Getaway: Nineteen Bale Bagnet

Time flies so fast and vacation month is so near that I'm feeling a little active because I'll have more time in blogging. I still prioritize my baby though, but will try my very best to blog more often since classes will be over for this school year and for sure, I will have some time to spare in writing. 

So last Sunday, my co-blogger friends and I were invited at Nineteen Bale Bagnet located at San Isidro, San Fernando. I've been wanting to try different styles of cooking bagnet so I really prepared for that day. I scheduled all my tasks early and even asked my sister to babysit her nephew.

Bagnet by the way, for those who aren't familiar with it is a deep fried crispy pork belly dish. It's quite similar to lechon kawali and is known as Ilocos popular dish.

Nineteen Bale Bagnet is a family-owned business located on the comforts of their home. The family then decided to transform the house to a mini-restaurant place which will cater its customers who wanted to try and enjoy their different take on bagnet.

The following are the food on their menu. For starters or their veggies, they have Pako Salad and Ensaladang Talong. I always have loved Pako. I think it tasted great with their special vinaigrette sauce. I missed eating the ensalada though because it was too far from my side of the table and totally forgot about it so I cannot comment much about that in particular.

Pako Salad - P100.00

Ensaladang Talong - P75.00

They also have Solo servings on their bagnet which is inclusive of rice and soup. It's affordable for only P125. I personally love the Kare-Kare! The recipe of it's sauce was actually authentic from Ilocos that's why it's so damn delicious. Haha! Here are your options for Solo meal.

Bagnet Original - P125.00

Bagnet Spicy Gata - P125.00
Kare-Kare Bagnet - P125.00

Bagnet  Binagoongan - P125.00

Bagnet Curry - P125.00

I like that all of their solo servings included a soup and rice. I'm sure you'll get an extra rice because their sauces were all delicious. 

If you will visit as a group or simply want to try everything, you can opt to try their sharing size or their sampler with the option of getting 3 sauces. The sampler is their newest release and it's a favorite because you'll get to taste which sauce is your best bet. 

Bagnet Sampler - P335.00

Kare-Kare Bagnet Sharing - P285.00

If you can't take pork, they have a fish option which is their Boneless Bangus. This is actually a smoked fish.

Boneless Bangus - P170.00

... And this dessert really called my attention, the Chocnut Turon which I love so much! I literally enjoyed my dessert and ate every bit of it. I actually want to go back even for this alone.

Special Chocnut Turon - P90.00

P.S. I actually visited the place again last Friday because I was craving for this. I even bought two of my workmates there and they enjoyed the Kare-Kare and the Chocnut Turon as well.

Overall, I personally love the place for the delicious food, quiet environment and unbelievably affordable meals. You will have the feeling of visiting again once you set foot here because you know that the place gives the value of your money.

Resto Name: Nineteen Bale Bagnet (0942-464-5828)
Tues-Sun - 10am-8pm
Address: San Isidro, San Fernando (Back of San Isidro Integrated School)
(Enter the street in front of Brgy Quebiawan then walk a few meters away) 
Type of Food: Restaurant
WIFI: None

Thank you again Nineteen Bale Bagnet for the experience. Hoping we'll see each other again in the future, which will surely be. I just went there again last Friday, right? Will be there again soon! 

Xoxo 💜

Breastfeeding-Friendly Online Shops

Last week, I decided to add another page on my blog which is about parenting. I talked about my pregnancy story and how I dealt with it.

After giving birth, I decided to breastfeed my baby exclusively. It wasn’t successful at first, but when I discovered a group from Facebook which promotes the advocacy (it’s Breastfeeding Pinay), I decided to fully invest my time, effort and money in it. Not that it’s expensive, but it’s actually the other way around. You get to save more if you ditch the formula milk, plus you’re giving what’s best for your baby. Breast milk has a high number of antibodies and it’s totally clean and healthy so it’s purely safe to give to our little ones.

I also joined the bandwagon and started my advocacy on breastfeeding. To further pushed breastfeeding my baby, I invested on different breastfeeding essentials which helped us on our journey.

Six weeks after birth, I started pumping and storing my milk on storage bottles. Instead of using storage bags, I opted to use bottles because for one, I cannot store my milk on the freezer in fear of contamination with the frozen meats inside it. Our freezer was full of milk. Using these bottle also makes me save on plastic so it’s environment-friendly. The only downside is the time frame when the milk can be used because it might get spoiled after 6-8 days.

The storage bottles I purchased are from Mom & Baby and Looney Tunes. It’s a lot cheaper and handy to bring. I purchased mine around P150-200 for 4pieces at SM and Robinsons Department Store. Currently I have 12 bottles and I usually have 10 pieces full whenever I left home and I have 2-3 which I bring at work. It’s usually around 5 oz each and I usually fill it up to 4oz each bottle. Planning to buy 4 more. J

There are different kind of breast pumps in the market: manual, electric and those hands-free ones like Haakaa. I used a manual breast pump before and I like it.  However, I need to be hands-free most of the time at work because I need to multitask. I need to do DLL, check papers and prepare for the day’s lesson. Yes, I have a separate time to pump but since my job requires more paper works, I need to do multitasking several times a day. Sometimes, those free two hours  from our regular class time requires us to attend to parent meetings or other emergency situations like student problems and the like. 

Because of that, I started using Haakaa breast pump from Twelve Little Cabins. This is a little costly than the manual one but cheaper than the electric type. What I usually do is that I hand express my boobie and it somehow triggers the flow of milk and I just the Haakaa suck it. When at home, I use this on the other side when baby’s latching because it catches the letdown so nothing is wasted. This is very easy to clean and use too. Totally recommending this. 

However, I really recommend hand express. Practice makes perfect in hand-express so keep on practicing moms. 

A very much-needed in my breastfeeding journey. Since I work in school, we always have students who goes in and out of the faculty room. I pump in our faculty because I can do my paper works there while pumping at the same time. We don't have lactation rooms but the school is very flexible for breastfeeding moms. We can do it in the clinic, faculty, or wherever we may like it to be. That’s where nursing covers is a huge help. Of course, we still need to be cautious because there are junior and senior high school students everywhere.

I'm wearing a cover here. 

Mom & Little will answer your worries on nursing covers. They have a lot of different designs to choose from. They also sell Chewelries too which is helpful for babies teething stage. 

This is totally a MUST in every mom's breastfeeding journey. When I got back from work after my maternity leave my uniform won't fit anymore so I used my maternity dresses at work instead. However, it was too difficult to pump with those dresses so I got myself some nursing clothes from Kaypee Baby. I then realized how convenient it was to use nursing clothes while pumping and/or while baby is latching. I especially use these clothes in public places as there's easy access in the breast area. No problem if there are no breastfeeding stations nearby as I can immediately nurse my little one with the help of these clothes.  Whenever I am wearing some nursing clothes, I don't use nursing cover anymore so you can say that it also makes me save.

This is general. There are different food that aids in having more milk. I usually start my day in drinking Milo which has malt and was known to boost milk supply.  Other moms drink malunggay capsules or eat lactation cookies. Drinking lots of fluids and soups with greens also help. I personally take Fenugreek whenever I feel that my supply is low. It's the Fenugreek from Puritan's Pride which sells at Healthy Habits. 

What I listed above were just some of the essentials which can help mommies out there in pursuing their goals in breastfeeding. When I was pregnant, I promised myself to support the advocacy. I know I started wrong because the hospital asked my family to buy formula for my baby. I gave birth via CS and was sleeping after the operation. The hospital advised my family to buy formula which was completely wrong. I've learned my lesson and that won' happened again.

There are other things that can help breastfeeding moms but these are just some which I personally use. So to share my love for breastfeeding, I am hosting a giveaway on my FB Page and IG where you can win nursing tops, nursing cover, fenugreek, storage milk bags and some baby essentials too. You can visit my IG or my FB page for more details.