SM City Pampanga and SM City Clark Shine Brightest This Christmas 2017

Once again, the Christmas Capital of the country shines the brightest as SM City Clark and SM City Pampanga gives you the brightest sky at night this holiday season!

The celebration kicks off at SM City Clark as they set the night sky ablaze at the Pyro Fest 6. Before that, there are presentation and games during the launch.

Pyro Fest 6 theme is Unravel The World's Wonders. With this, they will light up 4 evenings of November. It's on the 17, 18, 24 and 25, Fridays and Saturdays, 7 p.m. at SM City Clark's The Meeting Place.

Asia's Pop Treasure on November 17
Europe's West End Secrets, November 18
America's Hollywood Tales, November 24
Latin American Nights, November 25

Media partners and blogger friends were also present together with SM heads during the media launch held last November 18, 2017. 

Tickets are priced at P100 each and may be purchased at the mall's selling booth located at the main atrium or you may go to any SM Cinema branch nationwide.

And capping off the celebration, SM City Pampanga will shine the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines into the Biggest Lantern of Hope through a grand pyro musical show. This will happen on December 1, Friday, 6;30 p.m. at SM City Pampanga's Amphitheater. 

SM City Pampanga and SM City Clark, indeed, give you every reason that makes them your go-to destinations this season, where Christmas shines brightest!

Food Getaway: Meats & Match

Do you believe that there's no forever? Maybe not in love, but with food, THERE IS FOREVER! It is located at Meats & Match. It is the only place in town that offers 50% off from your food purchase until forever!!! The deal? You just have to dine in with them and keep your receipt and show it to them on your next visit to avail the discount. And the flow continues on and on. This deal will last forever! 

Our team were beyond grateful to have been invited on the presentation of their newest food on the menu. The restaurant has the "Sizzled to Perfection" slogan which was based on the concept of offering a variety of meals served in sizzling plates. Below are some of their featured product and bestsellers.


Glazed Wings - Fried and glazed chicken wings served in a variety flavors that will whet the appetite and add excitement to the dining experience. These are the Mild Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan and Smoky BBQ.

Garlic Parmesan

Mild Buffalo

Smoky BBQ


Grilled Gourmet - These are the main dishes. Most served with rice or mashed potato. \

Grilled Porkchop with Steamed Rice and Atsara
Marinated in brine flavor and the grilled tenderness perfection. Choice of steamed rice or mashed potato. 

Boneless Chicken BBQ with Steamed Rice and Atsara
Boneless homegrown chicken marinated in a sweet and sour marinade, then grilled to a smoky flavor, served with atsara and garlic rice. 

Salt and Pepper Steak with Mashed Potato and Corn and Carrot 
Fresh beef generously rubbed with salt and pepper, then slowly grilled for a tender and juicy steak, typically served with mashed potato. 

Chicken Chipotle

Beef Sirloin Teppanyaki

Of course, the whole experience wouldn't be complete without desserts. Meats & Match has a delicious set of sweets that's great after a hearty meal. 


Caramel Brownie Ala Mode
Not the usual sweet dessert: Brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and a very rich caramel syrup, served in a sizzling plate that adds a flavorful twist. 


Banana-Apple Mango
Fruit shakes made from fresh and all-natural fruits. 

Every food that Meats & Match served to us is truly delectable. I am always looking forward to dine here with my family and friends. Even before when my husband and I were still a couple, we always dine in here. So it's always a treat to taste their delicious offerings in an affordable line of menu. 

 Resto Name: Meats & Match
Address: Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
(Infront of Yatu)
Type of Food: Food and Beverage
WIFI: Unavailable

So what are you waiting for? Avail their forever discount of 50% and get tons of savings on your next dining-out experience. Bring your friends and families too! 

Ciao! 💗

The Most Hygienic Barber Shop in Town: The Barber Club

Dubbed as the most hygienic barber shop in Pampanga, The Barber Club recently opened with a goal of delivering clean grooming services and bringing back childhood memories through their traditional concept of using big shears, having men cheering behind a chess table and providing some coffee on the side. 

The business started when couple Jessie and Mitch encountered difficulty in sending their son Lawrence for his monthly grooming. His excuse is an issue of hygiene because most barber shops uses only one comb for all clients. They were then convinced to establish their own business with hygiene as priority. 

Located at Greenfields Square in Sindalan, this is the most sought after barber shop in Pampanga right now. They are known as the most hygienic shop as they use new and fresh comb every time. They let the clients take home their own combs too. 

In addition to their concept, clients may also avail of the option to a vacuum-dry haircut. It is the first of its kind in the province. It is a haircut without the rinse. The remains of the hairs will be vacuumed easily. This option is for those who wishes to stay dry even after the haircut. 

The Barber Club also provide other line of grooming from head to toe like hair spa, hot oil, hair dye, shave with aloe, scalp, upper body and foot massage, with manicure and pedicure as well. It's actually a simple menu but if you are too tired, you can go for the gentleman's treat and they will do all the works. 

They also served good coffee. And while waiting, customers can play chess or pretend they are in a golf course by trying their mini golf inside the shop. 😍 

Plus, they can also customize some shoes to your liking as it is their own line. Just wait two to three weeks, your most comfortable leather shoe is waiting. 

They also have their own line of grooming products too! Aside from those are all natural, those products also have essential oils in it.  

They have an affordable price list, given that they have quality and clean services. It is definitely one for the books when it comes to barber shops here in the province.

Store Name: The Barber Club
Address: Unit F&G Centris Bldg., Greenfields Square, Sindalan
San Fernando, Pampanga 2000
Store Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 10AM-8pm
Sundays - 2pm-8pm

The Barber Club is truly one of its kind in Pampanga that takes men's grooming to a whole new level. Try and experience their deluxe service for yourself.  

September and October 2017 Collective Haul

It's been a long time since I last posted a collective haul on the blog. My family is my top priority and lately my son has been getting all my attention. He's teething and he had fever for a few days. I am  also monitoring if measles will show up because according to his pedia, he might  have it soon. He's fussy all around and I can't just finish any task quickly. Now that I have a little time, I am able to write something. This only means that I have step back a little on my mommy job and currently multitasking my blogging work. 

Anyhow, sharing with you my hauls for September and October. I don't have much for September because I've been very busy with so many things that I rarely go to the mall and purchase anything, nor was I active in blogging so a little gifts from the sponsor went in. It's also because I am in hiatus when it comes to spending because we just had my son's 1st birthday party and we're trying to save again what went out from the bank. It's quite expensive you know, haha.

Let me start my haul with the recent month and backward.

Sampleroom Haul
Got these items from all my Sampleroom points. I need to review these the soonest so that the points will be replenished right way. 

It is Marquee Mall's Toy and Travel fair and I scored these books for P50..00 each. I always try to read these to baby before he sleeps. 

Ogalala Lootbag
I attended a talk on Baby Led Weaning, Child Safety In and Out of the Home and How to Encourage Active Play for your infant two weeks ago. This is the loot bag for the participants from Ogalala. I didn't expected this. Thank you very much! 

The Parenting Emporium Lootbag
I donated my milk stash at TPE last October 21 in their office and they gave me this loot bag because I shared my milk. I am touched that one of their the staff  gave an additional gift which is a huge box of galactagogues because I came all the way to Pampanga for the donation. Thanks TPE. Will visit you again the soonest! 

Miniso Haul
Whenever I have baby with me, tbh,, I always find it difficult to shop. So when hubby and I had a date and it's just the 2 of us, (thanks ate for babysitting) we had the chance to do some shopping at Miniso and got these. I love the store so much because you can get a lot for an affordable price! 

Hubby got these for me. I love the print. He said that I always skip on rewarding myself. (Yes, I always think about the family first)

Skin Sensation and Nature Buds Haul
My sister won in a contest with these and more as gifts so she gave some to me. Will be doing a giveaway soon with these items.. 

Strip-It Haul
It's been a long time since I tried DIY waxing. Sugar wax has been my fave since Day 1 when I started using Strip-It Sugar Wax. Good thing this is available in a concept store in Marquee Mall because I wasn't able to get it online. It was so effective!!  I made a review of this couple of years ago. 

Affordable Haul
I recently found a general merch store, with the help of my friend, in the market that sells unbelievably cheap items. Super cheap. The 12-pc. foot socks were only P130. If you buy a single foot sock in the market, it will cost you P20.00 - P25.00. Isn't t a great deal?Books for P25 each and the envelope for P45.00. I bought the other one at Miniso for P99.00. Market is the best place ever! 

Pampanga's Best Loot
It is my first time to join a boodle fight group contest. Me and my blogger friends from PDI (Pampanga Digital Influencers) recently covered an event and there's a boodle fight contest. They are lacking one group participant of 4.Since we were 4 then. we boldly raised our hands that we will join. (Oh, I was actually the one who raised. Haha) Sadly, we didn't win because one of my friend didn't eat anything. She just ate 1 hotdog. This freebie is for the participants who joined the event. 

McDonalds Halloween Fun Day Loot
It was baby's first time to join a halloween party. Good thing he enjoyed it. He's dancing and smiling to all the kids there. We (his mom and dad) also won on the event which gave him the McDo puzzle and the coloring book. 

McDo Happy Meal Toy
We paid P200 for the Halloween party at McDonalds and we received the one pictured above this and this happy meal toy, together with a meal. I think the fee is worth it because baby enjoyed it. (I enjoyed it too!)

New Clothes (Finally!)
My friends and I recently found a very affordable clothing store  which caters blouses for as low as P99.00 and even skirts for as low as P50.00. All of the items in this photo (sorry, it was a messy photo) was only around P1000.00. It's already a steal for me. The quality also is almost the same in some clothing store in the mall. 

Tiny Buds Baby Tooth Gel
I am now brushing baby's teeth with a tooth gel. Finally! I also have the one from Pigeon which I got from Ogalala. Baby is eating a lot now that I am afraid cavities will build up on his teeth. i need to start him early. 

Got this from my lovely friend who always travel. 

Nailaholics GC
Yes! Thank to Nailaholics for this reward. will have my pamper soon! 

Hand Sanitizer
I got this cute sanitizer courtesy of the Orange Bucket's opening. It's just so cute that I bought it home and currently using it. 

These are all of baby's candies from his trick or treat activities. Aside from McDonalds, he also joined at SM's. The Kitkat box is from a friend who came from Japan. Thanks Kong! 
(Btw, who will eat this? I do not allow him to eat candies yet. 
Me: Ahem, ahem... 😀) 

... And on to my September loot.

Wishtrend gift
I was picked as one of the bloggers to review this. Thanks Wishtrend

Nivea freebie
You'll get these once you purchased 500 worth of products from Puregold during teacher's month. The promo is done by now. 

So these are all my haul for the 2 months. I think I spent a lot this October. But if you will analyze it, it is not much because the items I got were unbelievably cheap, and some were free.

A big thanks also to all the sponsors who sent me free items. Will really try to share a review or social media exposure on your products soon!