Food Getaway: Meats & Match

Do you believe that there's no forever? Maybe not in love, but with food, THERE IS FOREVER! It is located at Meats & Match. It is the only place in town that offers 50% off from your food purchase until forever!!! The deal? You just have to dine in with them and keep your receipt and show it to them on your next visit to avail the discount. And the flow continues on and on. This deal will last forever! 

Our team were beyond grateful to have been invited on the presentation of their newest food on the menu. The restaurant has the "Sizzled to Perfection" slogan which was based on the concept of offering a variety of meals served in sizzling plates. Below are some of their featured product and bestsellers.


Glazed Wings - Fried and glazed chicken wings served in a variety flavors that will whet the appetite and add excitement to the dining experience. These are the Mild Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan and Smoky BBQ.

Garlic Parmesan

Mild Buffalo

Smoky BBQ


Grilled Gourmet - These are the main dishes. Most served with rice or mashed potato. \

Grilled Porkchop with Steamed Rice and Atsara
Marinated in brine flavor and the grilled tenderness perfection. Choice of steamed rice or mashed potato. 

Boneless Chicken BBQ with Steamed Rice and Atsara
Boneless homegrown chicken marinated in a sweet and sour marinade, then grilled to a smoky flavor, served with atsara and garlic rice. 

Salt and Pepper Steak with Mashed Potato and Corn and Carrot 
Fresh beef generously rubbed with salt and pepper, then slowly grilled for a tender and juicy steak, typically served with mashed potato. 

Chicken Chipotle

Beef Sirloin Teppanyaki

Of course, the whole experience wouldn't be complete without desserts. Meats & Match has a delicious set of sweets that's great after a hearty meal. 


Caramel Brownie Ala Mode
Not the usual sweet dessert: Brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and a very rich caramel syrup, served in a sizzling plate that adds a flavorful twist. 


Banana-Apple Mango
Fruit shakes made from fresh and all-natural fruits. 

Every food that Meats & Match served to us is truly delectable. I am always looking forward to dine here with my family and friends. Even before when my husband and I were still a couple, we always dine in here. So it's always a treat to taste their delicious offerings in an affordable line of menu. 

 Resto Name: Meats & Match
Address: Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
(Infront of Yatu)
Type of Food: Food and Beverage
WIFI: Unavailable

So what are you waiting for? Avail their forever discount of 50% and get tons of savings on your next dining-out experience. Bring your friends and families too! 

Ciao! 💗


  1. Son of a ... <--- excuse me, I learned that from you know who :) I knew there has to be a catch. After reading and looking at the photos, my appetite is already on a hyper drive. Then, to know that Meats and Match is in Pampanga. Damn. That is too bad. It so happens that I LOVE CHICKEN. It has been my staple food for decades.

  2. Wait, what? 50% off?! I'm so visiting this place. But really, why so far from Manila? Yet I bet a lot of people will go or pass by San Fernando just for this. I also notice they don't offer free wifi and for me, it's all good coz the food is the main focus when dining not mobile phones.

  3. wiiiiiings!!! I have a friend who is addicted to them. Whenever she feel ugh, she orders wings. Whenever she has an event to host, she orders wings. I think she would love this place!!!! Too bad its not in Bangkok.

  4. This is truly a great feast for the family. I love the discount that comes with the sumptuous food. I am really thankful for this of activity. We are able to check latest diners and even those places that offer quality food.

  5. 50%?? Could I teleport now to Pampanga? Hahaha! Truly, I can feel the Christmas spirit because of promos like this. Even if the majority of the menu is chicken (that I cannot eat because I'm allergic), those beef dishes will truly make my mouth water and satisfy my hunger!! Are the only found there?

  6. Wish this was in Bangalore!
    I love festive seasons. It is raining offers always. Love those on the menu.

  7. The food looks delicious, I have to admit. I am not really a fan of chicken but I do love a good steak, cooked to my liking. It's interesting that the steak is served with rice instead of chips. The desserts look very yummy too!

  8. I can only wish there's a nearby restaurant that offers the same 50% off promo forever! You'll save so much whenever you eat out. That is such a good deal, especially if their food are good, which looks to be the case. It's official: I'm jealous! (Nahahalata ang matakaw, haha!)

  9. The first 3 photos reminded me of Frankie's buffalo wings. They equally look appetizing. Not to mention, the 50% is already a treat! I wish they have a store near me.

  10. there's a nearby resto in our place that caters food similar to those chicken wings.. and I am really addicted to it haha especially when dipping them into their signature sauce
    that Caramel Brownie Ala Mode looks really empting .. my gosh, that photo is making me drool
    my mom don't want to intake much sugar but hey... i will definitely put this dessert as an exception hehe
    thanks for sharing

  11. Being a vegetarian, I love the banana and mango milkshakes. You have done justice to your post by adding the right number of words to images. Pictures are bright and of the right size. Excellent balance in this post. Pity there aren't too many veg dishes here )))


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