Sweet Gift from Thboxes ♥

Last Holy Wednesday, I got home with a sweet surprise on my bed. It was the package sent by Thboxes. Remember that I hosted a jewelry giveaway on my other blog from them? They want me to review/feature the product they will be sending and here it is! ^_^ 

It was really generous of them to send me some shoes. This is the first time I received shoes from a sponsor and I feel so great! Actually, I had the exception to choose not only among jewelries but to their other stuff as well. I wanted those wedges but it's not in my size when I placed my order so I opted for oxfords instead. I hope I can make an OOTD post for this SOON!

What do you think about this shoes? This will be my very first oxfords too! So happy!!!! ^__^

If you wish to order from Thboxes, you can visit their website here. They have a wide range of trendy fashion pieces at a very affordable and reasonable price. I saw this $20 wedge which is lovely! It is my next target. I'll buy it from my part-time salary soon. :)

How do you find it? What do you think will go well with this footwear? I'll be waiting for your suggestions. Visit them and see to believe! They have a lot to offer!

'Till my next post dearies! xoxo ♥

Visita Iglesia 2013

Hi everyone. Just a quick post on what I did earlier. Since it's Maundy Thursday and I don't want to post on some kikay stuff (well, not now), let me share here the churches Jaycee and I visited for Visita Iglesia.

In case you are not familiar with Visita Iglesia, it is a tradition for Roman Catholics especially us Filipinos to visit seven churches. During these visits, prayer and meditation are the norms. Each church depends on your liking. The visit may be on one church, seven or fourteen (like the stations of the cross). Most people prefer it to be 7 like we do. ^_^

The list of the churches are the following:

From top left downwards

1. Good Shepherd Paris Church (Bulaon, San Fernando)
2. Calulut Church
3. Del Rosario Church
4. Pilar Village Church (nearest Jaycee's house)
5. San Agustin Church
6. Dolores Church
7. San Fernando Downtown Church
8. Quotations

I don't know each name of the churches. I will do a research and update this post soon. We actually want to visit the church in Bacolor; the one which was damaged by the lahar but it's quite far for us already since we only used motorcycle and Jaycee was also too tired to drive far since he had work prior to the visit. Well, I'll just put it on my list next year. 

After the visit, we ate at Lugaw Republic since I'm on fasting. I don't want to eat at McDonalds even if I want to. :(

Kudos to the church staff for making the altars beautiful. I am really happy doing Visita Iglesia with Jaycee since this is our first together, given the fact that we are almost hitting our 5th year. 

Did you do Visita Iglesia? Share your post here. I want to see the churches near your area. 

Giveaway: Win Lolita Dress, Bloomers and Coupons!

I am making a super short post on a giveaway I want to share with you guys. Ocrun's team emailed yesterday requesting me to join on their giveaway and also share it with my readers. If you are a fan of things related to cosplay, Japanese, manga, and those stuff, try to join here.

Rules are simple. Do all three rules and you have the chance to win free lolita dress, bloomers and coupons!

6 winners in total
The first award: 1 winner, one dress
The second award: 2 winners, two lolita bloomers
The third award: 3 winners, three coupons
1. Sign up on www.ocrun.com and fill in shipping address correctly.
2. Like Lolita's Page HERE.
3. Enter your name and registered email in this Facebook giveaway HERE.

Make sure the shipping address on ocrun website is valid to get the package successfully. They don't send twice to the winners!
It’s OPEN WORLDWIDE! The winners are randomly selected from all the participants. Giveaway ends on April 15, 2013

It's now holy week. Let's remember to repent and pray. I actually downloaded the movie 'Passion of Christ' and will be doing Visita Iglesia with Jaycee tomorrow. Plus more time for reflection and praying. I hope you too. 

Have a great week everyone. 'Till my next post. xoxo ^_^

NOTD: A Simple Diagonal

Last week, Lioele sent me these nail polishes for review. Since my goal is to create Manicure Mondays in my blog, I thought of starting it off with these new nail polishes. Let's kick-off Manicure Monday, shall we? 

I run into a blog with a Manicure Monday post and was inspired to carry it out here. I totally forgot where and how did I got on that site but I want to say thank you for the inspiration. ^_^

I actually want to give it a little twist! I want to come up with nail arts or different nail design as much as I can for my #ManicureMonday and if time will permit me. This also serves as a new learning for me in creating designs or arts by myself. ^_^

I came up with a diagonal nail art. It is simple and gives a classic look. Since I'm working on my nails all by myself, I didn't got the chance to shoot all the steps on how to do it so I will just enumerate it without photos instead. Boo! :(


1. Clean your nails. Paint your base coat. (Try Caronia nail hardener and base coat)
2. Paint your first color. (Mine's light pink) Then wait for it to dry.
3. Paint the second color diagonally. (Golden Matte is my second)
4. Finish with top coat. 

In some cases, there are brushes that are kind of stiff and difficult to paint diagonally so you can use a scotch tape to cover the other half of your nails instead. Also, it helps if you want the lines to be more straight. Just make sure that the first color is all dried-up before taping it. In my case, I did not do it anymore because the brush of Lioele's nail polishes are very soft and fine making it easy to apply.

uncleaned version :/
Simple Diagonal Nails
Well, you see, it's not a Manic Monday after all, right? How do you find it? I will try a different color next time. I want some pastels on my nails since it's summer. ^_^

It's now Holy Week and let us all reflect and pray. Do some fasting too okay? Cheers ♥

ROMWE Easter Day Sale

Romwe, the Latest Street Online Fashion is having their Easter Sale from March 27-29, 2013 which is almost 70% off! This is the best chance to get their spring stuff & save a lot. I am still debating with my other self if I need to purchase items or save. I'm torn between both. T_T

Up to 70% Off with galaxy gifts (Bowtie / collar / bag). Plus, I will give you more discounts! 10% off $50 + FREE Shipping,  15% off $80 + FREE Shipping and a 20% off $110 + FREE Shipping. 

Hurry now and enjoy Romwe's discount plus FREE shipping! 'Till my next post. xoxo^_^ 

Magnifibres Brush-on False Lashes

When I arrived home yesterday from NBI and Comelec, I found out a package on my bed. Dad has been used to in putting any parcels on my bed whenever I received one from the mailman. :)

It's from Claire of Lookfantastic.com. She emailed me last week saying she'd be happy to send me a product for review. She then asked me if I would be interested in reviewing Magnifibres. I don't think I can say NO when a blessing is right in front of my very eyes so I answered the other way instead. :)

I like the packaging. It's pink, it's white and it's so cute! I am always attracted first in the packaging of a certain product and it's always has been a factor that makes me purchase the product. :)

Magnifibres brush-on false lashes works with your own mascara. It is applied in between two layers of your favorite mascara. The brush-on fibers gives an immediate and stunning false lash effect achieving length and volume beyond belief. 

Thanks Clare for this. I am excited to review Magnifibres. This will help me in achieving the look that I want on my lashes. I will keep you posted on my review on this. ^o^

Haul for Nail Care and Skin Care

Hi everyone. How was your weekend? I am lacking post again because of lack of time and lack of effort. However, I managed to revamp my other two blogs here and here. Will you try to visit both please, and comment on what I can do to improve it? It will be highly appreciated. :) I am also thinking of buying domains for my three blogs but not now 'cause I'm also lacking of finances. Next time! ^o^

On the lighter note, I feel that I am still very blessed every time I am receiving small blessings. I got a part time job which has very easy task though with a low salary. But I'm liking it. I hope those will become long term contracts. Also, I received products to review that I consider hauls as well. These are what I got for the week.

My sister bought most of the nail care products except for the Lioele nail polishes which I received earlier today. It's actually for a product review. To be honest, I was kinda disappointed because they asked me to choose what to review and I opted for mascaras and lippies but they sent nail polishes instead. Still, I'm thankful for this new set because I'm practicing different nail arts and this will be of great help. :)

Also, my sister bought me this Lovely Me:ex BB Cream and she wants me to do a review on it. She turns out to be my sponsor. haha. She's using this product and she wants me to try it. I am currently using TFS BB Cream but because of her request, I might skipped on it and try this one too.

I still have a challenge to do with this sample I got from Avon. I already posted it here on how to get a sample. Try the link if you want to catch up on this trial pack and do the 28 challenge as well. I'm thinking to start it on April 1 so it would be easier to count the days. :p

Additional nail care products that my sister bought are nail polish remover and base coat from Caronia. Pastels are also fun. These two are from Etude House.

I was about to start my #ManicureMonday today but my schedule was tight since morning. I did (my step-cousin) Janelle's makeup and I volunteered to be their photog for today's recognition. I promised her I'll be there because she will perform. After the program, my dad and I went to a graduation party. When we got home. we found out that my other step-cousin.Marjen was rushed to the hospital because of high fever so I volunteered to look after the little ones. Tight, isn't it? With that, I will be starting #ManicureModay next week. :)

That's my latest haul. Well, it should be like my sister's haul right? hehe. You? What's your most recent beauty product purchase? Comment your links here. I love reading blog posts regarding hauls. ^o^.. 'Till my next post. xoxo

Avon's Anew Clinical Pro-Line Corrector

I guess I was lucky to receive Avon's Anew Clinical Pro-Line Corrector Treatment samples. I admit! As much as I love receiving free samples, I have a problem with lines at the age of 25 so I guess it's what really made me sign up for this.


 A True Revolution in Wrinkle Fighting from Avon

ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33
  • Inspired by Nobel prize winning research in partnership with Neostrata
  • Introducing A-F33, the biggest innovation in skincare since the discovery of AHA's
Launches March 2013. Available from Avon.com.ph or through your Avon Representative.
The Breakthrough: ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33, an industry first molecule exclusively available through Avon, fights wrinkles delivering breakthrough results, revolutionising anti-ageing skincare.

The Story: Since its founding two decades ago, Avon ANEW has consistently introduced transformative and highly-effective anti-ageing skincare breakthroughs, beginning with the introduction of the first mass market product with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHAs) Technology in 1992. Twenty years later, the brand continues to pioneer anti-ageing skincare through an alliance with globally recognised dermatology laboratory, NeoStrata - a leader in topical anti-ageing technologies. In collaboration with this skincare authority, Avon is bringing a powerful new molecule to the market that even dermatologists do not yet have: A-F33, a newly discovered anti-ageing molecule that promises to transform the skincare landscape.

The Technology: Inspired by Nobel Prize-winning research that looked at blocking mechanisms of protein production, ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment leverages the power of A-F33 (Amino-Fill 33), an innovative molecule that has been found in testing on skin cells to work in a way that other well known anti-ageing ingredients such as glycolic acid, retinol, and CoQ10 don't. The molecule works to deactivate critical collagen blocking in skin cells, and helps to unleash untapped collagen. A-F33 is formulated to help stimulate skin cells to produce skin matrix components. ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment helps begin to reduce the look of deep and fine wrinkles in just seven days.

The Results: ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment is a lightweight serum and when used twice daily, was shown clinically to help reduce the look of deep and fine wrinkles:
  • Fine lines and deep wrinkles begin to look reduced in just seven days
  • Over time, 100% of women showed a reduction in fine lines
  • 100 percent of participants showed an improvement in the appearance of fine wrinkles after 11 weeks, while 96 percent showed an improvement in deep wrinkling.
  • Faster and better than a leading dermatologist-inspired wrinkle treatment
  • 5 out of 10 women considering a cosmetic procedure who tried ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment said the serum improved their skin so much they decided to postpone the procedure
The Experts: Barbara Green, RPh, MS, Vice President Clinical Affairs and Technology, NeoStrata Company Inc.: "We were excited to partner with Avon to bring this advanced compound to market and deliver a groundbreaking transformation to the anti-aging world. Through our collaboration with Avon scientists, we discovered the benefits of the A-F33 molecule and we are thrilled about the effects this discovery has on skin and what this compound could mean for the future of the anti-aging industry altogether."
Anthony Gonzalez, Senior Skincare Manager, Avon Research & Development: "Just in time for ANEW's 20th anniversary, Avon introduces ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment formulated with A-F33 to take a multi-faceted approach to boosting collagen. This revolution in wrinkle fighting stands to be as game changing as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) and Retinol were in the 1990s."


So for 28 days, I will be taking the challenge of losing those wrinkles that I badly want to disappear! Avon was generous enough to provide VIP 28 Day Trial Pack Sample complete with instructions. I'm so excited to use it.

I'm not sure if they still give out samples but you can check it out here. I've read that they're giving out 2,500 trial packs. You might want to check. :)

I will update you after 28 days. I need to prepare for this challenge. 'Til then. xoxo

P.S. I have a GIVEAWAY on my other blog, you might want to join.♥

Experience Yumei Mise Products and Services ♥

Yumei Mise, started out as a small shop selling never before seen products that holds promise. Their store shelves then displayed virtually unknown products yet have a huge potential to make it big. They offered different services such as Asian Massage, SNL, KB and Lioele.
Asian Massage has been in the massage business for eight years. Asian Massage introduced marketing strategies such as massage therapists, home-based and in-branch round-the-clock massage, usage of mobile hotline, car services with company sticker and new service Indian Ear Candling. Asian Massage became the framework of men and women who are after massage business as most of new found spa salons today have followed the pattern, conceptualized, created and popularized by the company.

The reason why it keeps on innovating new services is to step or take a big leap on providing clients illustrious relaxing experience. The company’s goal is for their clients to be the first ones to try the first services any massage company might offer in the Philippines. That is why with that, they are always on-the-go to explore and form new services. 

Just like this one. KING SEOMYEONG is a 2-hour product & service originally developed by ASIAN MASSAGE. Many practitioners use this technique to warm regions to stimulate the circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi. It is also claimed that Japanese Moguza militates against cold and dampness in the body and it can also serve to turn breech babies.

One of the most famous semi-legendary doctors of Chinese said that the Japanese Moguza could add new energy to the body and could treat both excess and deficient conditions.

Asian Massage combines this massage technique using a natural herbal and fruit which efficiently helps clients suffering from dyspepsia, gastroparesis, slow motility symptoms, constipation, and colic.  It also makes your skin lighter and soft.

For 900 pesos, the pain will surely be eased out. Asian Massage is open for franchise and for international applicants. For inquiries, visit www.asianmassageph.com.

SNL (SlimNLight)

The first in the Philippines to have Hoodia Gordonii, the best appetite suppressant, together with skin whitening and fat burning properties. 

From P2250 down to P1500. Hurry! Available only in Asian Skymall and Asian Massage branches. For inquiries, visit www.slimnlight.com and www.yumeimise.net.

Lioele is having a make-up class. Attend their Professional ABEC (Advanced Beauty Enhancement & Career Program) for only P2,500 this coming March 9, 2013. Full Package includes Skincare Lecture, Make-Up Tutorial Training, Career Opportunity with FREE: Personal Make-Up Kit, Brouchure, Lifetime Products Discount, Handouts and Certificate of Participation.

You may email us at asianskymall.mjgaan@gmail.com or contact 09178014352 for reservation and more details!


KB Skin Whitening Line offers different skin whitening products that are surely effective for you. They have a wide range of skin care that will fit your needs. 

Their products include the following. 

NEW KB Rosehips 
*100 capsules, 500 mg
*FDA and HALAL-Certified
*The first pure rosehips product in the Philippines
*10 times stronger than ordinary Vitamin C

NEW KB Pure White Teeth Whitening Gel 
*2ml Instant result in 10 minutes!
 * It can be use like 2-3 times. Complete with MSDS report

KB Underarm Whitening Spray 
*Underam Skin Whitening + Anti-Microbial + Less Hair growth
*Absorbs in the underarms immediately

KB Whitening Lotion with SPF30
* With Alpha Arbutin Super Hyaluronic Acid and Kojic Acid as the main ingredients.
*Contains advance skin hydrating ingredients – Super Hyaluronic acid with twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic acid.

KB Rotenyu Meguri
*18 sachets
*30 grams Made in Japan
 * Manufactured by one of the biggest manufacturer in Japan. KB & Rotenyumeguri which is NO. 1 Japan tied up to produce this unique body scrub - 
*With 4 variants
*Good for softening the skin and removes body odor. 
*Good combination with KB Magic Towel

KB Magic Towel
*Made in Korea 
*a reusable "panlibag" commonly used in korean jimjilbang (spa)

*30 Tablets - For Anti- Aging
*Less the formation of wrinkles and prevent your pores from getting bigger.
 *Has whitening effect

KB Glutathione Activator plus NAC and Rosehips
*Glutathione Activator plus NAC 
*500 mg 30 capsules Vitamin C Rosehips 
*500 mg 30 capsules HALAL certified, FDA-approved
*Cheapest Whitening Pill in the Market

KB Gold Premium Soap
*135 grams with 5 Most Powerful Active Ingredients 
~Alpha Arbutin
~Kojic Acid
~Hyaluronic Acid
~Soybean Extract 
~Placental Extract

KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel Skin Whitening
*100 ml - Made in Korea
 *Instant removal of dead skin in face and neck 
*With a diamond peel effect for face, neck and underarm.  A gentle, medicated gel with proven keratin fighting ingredient and a unique combination of skin peeling gel and healers help soothe and protect tender skin. Also useful in relieving and keratin removal action.

KB Whitening Body Powder 
*A Melted Ice Cream -500 mg with solution composed of Vitamin C for Skin Whitening advance skin hydrating ingredients – Super Hyaluronic acid with twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic acid.

KB Skin Whitening Line (www.ilovekb.com) is looking for agents around the world.  Feel free to reach them on their website. 

So what can you say with all those products and services? I must say everything is a must-try isn't it? I am more particular with whitening myself so I would love to experience their products as well. How about you? Share your thoughts. 

'Till my next post! xoxo ♥

My Advance Romwe Shopping Haul.

I need help! I'm suffering from this so called disease of online shopping. Ever since I received those 3 different leggings from Romwe, I became like this. haha. Those coupons I received from them must be put in good use anyway. :)

I got three different leggings from Romwe, two which I bought and one for free. Now, I am focusing to get blouses, pullovers, accessories and man, those sunglasses! Now tell me, what should I do?? :(

I already put up a number of items in my shopping cart. Here are just some of the pieces I wouldn't want to let go but I hope you could help me which one to turn down. (That's still minus the blouses which was out of stock.)

I think I will just be stocking myself with sunglasses. Recently, I've been so in love with sunnies that I'm thinking of making it my collection. Oh no, I'm just kidding! haha.. That will be of too much expense!   

Any hauls that you had lately? What shops online would you recommend? :)

The Satchel with Envelopes ♥

I was really surprised when Ate Jen of Jennifer's Cupcake Creation sent me a satchel bag from Bangkok. Remember that I blogged about her super delicious cupcakes here?

Ate Jen and her husband always make it a point to travel out of the country during their wedding anniversary. For this year, they went to Bangkok, Thailand. She got me this really cute satchel bag! What's amazing about the bag is that it has different front and back designs.

Front or Back? :)

This satchel reminds me of my school days when I used to collect letters from friends and suitors. I still kept those letters up to this day in a box. Well, that's minus the letters from the suitors. haha.

I always love pasalubong and this is really unexpected! Thank you so much Ate Jen for this very dainty satchel. Love the color too!

You can always visit her Cupcake Shop here. I guarantee you, her cupcakes were awesome. ^o^

Online Window Shopping with THBoxes ♥

Since the start of the year, I made it a point that every first day of the month, I reward myself with some online shopping experience. I don't really splurge much on clothes. It's only online that I tend to buy higher-priced clothes than the usual. It's because I use coupon with it. I can even survive bargaining at baratilyo's and tiangge. The beauty of affordable yet pretty clothes. ^^

I was browsing THboxes the other day and I just can't help but be mesmerized with these pretty clothes. I love all the pieces in this shop since I think these pieces will suit me. :)

Long Sleeve Blouse

Chiffon Vest Blouse

Loose Korean Top Shirt
Chiffon Dress
The blouses and dresses are love! These are just some of the dainty pieces that they have. Contrary to the dresses  I got myself an Oxford Shoes from them. I'll post about it once I receive the product! :)
You can try visiting the site here. You will see a lot of lovable pieces that will surely fit your style. ^o^. Till my next post lovelies. xoxo ♥

Winners: Cute and Dainty V-day Worldwide Giveaway

I was a bit sad when I verified all entries on my V-day giveaway. I have a few number of participants and I don't really mind that at all. What I'm concern about is that I mentioned some rules on the post but the participants didn't do it. Really sad! All their chances went to waste. :(

Here's the statement I posted here on my giveaway link.

Joining is easy-peasy! Just follow the instruction on the rafflecopter below. Wait for it to load then enter the information needed. ACCOMPLISH ALL THE MANDATORY ENTRIES! Failure to do so will forfeit your chances of winning. After doing it, additional entries will be given. You have the option to do it for more chances of winning. :)

I'm sorry guys but the teacher in me still reigns. I am a 'bit' strict with certain procedures like rules and regulation. If I say this, I mean the same thing. Sorry guys it's unfair for others who politely abides by the rules. Next time, okay?

I won't prolong this anymore. Here are the TWO WINNERS who will receive $20 each from Romwe.com. I successfully checked EVERY entry so they really deserve the prizes. :)

Click the photo to enlarge. :)

Chukahae (Congratulations)!!! Please email me at jayresa03(at)gmail(dot)com to get the coupon and I'll tell you how to use it. Romwe's having their White Valentine Sale so you can still grabbed the chance to get your hands on nice items like that rounded sunglasses I'm eyeing or that studded cap for a rocker-chic look. I will give you 3 days to reply or else you're prizes will be forfeited. 

That's it! I still have a giveaway on my other blog which I also posted it here. Feel free to join and please accomplish all mandatory entries. :)

Till my next post. xoxo