Giveaway: Win Lolita Dress, Bloomers and Coupons!

I am making a super short post on a giveaway I want to share with you guys. Ocrun's team emailed yesterday requesting me to join on their giveaway and also share it with my readers. If you are a fan of things related to cosplay, Japanese, manga, and those stuff, try to join here.

Rules are simple. Do all three rules and you have the chance to win free lolita dress, bloomers and coupons!

6 winners in total
The first award: 1 winner, one dress
The second award: 2 winners, two lolita bloomers
The third award: 3 winners, three coupons
1. Sign up on and fill in shipping address correctly.
2. Like Lolita's Page HERE.
3. Enter your name and registered email in this Facebook giveaway HERE.

Make sure the shipping address on ocrun website is valid to get the package successfully. They don't send twice to the winners!
It’s OPEN WORLDWIDE! The winners are randomly selected from all the participants. Giveaway ends on April 15, 2013

It's now holy week. Let's remember to repent and pray. I actually downloaded the movie 'Passion of Christ' and will be doing Visita Iglesia with Jaycee tomorrow. Plus more time for reflection and praying. I hope you too. 

Have a great week everyone. 'Till my next post. xoxo ^_^


  1. This is a really nice giveaway for those who are fans of cosplay! :-) Anyway, I remember watching Passion Of Christ before and it really made me cry several times.

  2. that dress is a nice prize
    goodluck to your contest

  3. That's a really nice dress but not my style. Good luck to those who participate.

  4. it's cute and definitely for the cosplayers. Definitely not my style and size.

  5. cute dress! <3 And it has the color of the year pa. Too bad I do not have Facebook anymore. hahaha.

    1. really? cool! I only know a few who doesn't have Facebook.


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