Review: Leaders Pore Scaling Black Aqua

It's been a while since I last posted a beauty product review. I've delayed using products because I've been through with pregnancy. You know how first time moms become so paranoid on using just any products, what more if it's something to be used on the skin.  The first few weeks of my breastfeeding also made me so careful on what to put on my skin for fear that it might cause harm on my baby. Plus the first few months of being a mommy was such a new thing to me. I've experienced PPD (post-partum depression) and I've been so busy and all that I've delayed beauty-related reviews. Food was my best friend pre and post pregnancy. Especially when I was breastfeeding, I always felt hungry. Thus the reason why majority of my post lately are food-related.

Eventually, after all the adjustments I had on each stage, I finally got back on using beauty products and I now know what to avoid and what's okay to use. 

So here I am again, ready to start anew. I still have a lot of beauty products waiting to be reviewed. Some of them are masks. 

I have a lot of face masks on my cabinet. A LOT!!! I am trying to do the 7-day challenge on the mask but whenever I'm close to the last day, I always skipped. It just can't be helped. When my baby cries and I have to directly feed him, I usually fell asleep beside him. I am just so tired everyday.

I am not sure if I can push it but anyway, I opened another mask the other night and it's one of what I bought from Zalora, the Leaders Pore Scaling Black Aqua. 

This is the first black mask that I used. The white sheet masks are what;s usually available in the market and that's what I always buy. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿  ◕。) 
  • Got this as part of my credit at Zalora. In short, it's FREE!    
  • Suitable for different types of skin. 
  • Brightens the skin after use. 
  • Would fit any face shape and size.
  • Face will feel smooth the next day. (if used at night)

Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Leaders mask aren't available in local stores like Watsons or department stores. Still need to purchase online.
  • Little expensive than the normal masks. (I know it's quite pricey. I think it's more than past P100.00)
  • No English translation. First time users might have a difficulty in knowing how to use it. 
Price: I forgot .SORRY! I bought it for a long time already but just used it recently. 
Bought from: Zalora
 Size: 25 ml. 

I like Leaders mask but for me, there's nothing very special with this one. I think it's just the ordinary type like any other mask.

Food Getaway: Teppan 101

Few weeks ago, my family and I went to Le Charme Suites in Subic for a very quick staycation. The luxurious treatment of the hotel didn't ended on their hotel services alone. They also served us an amazing dinner courtesy of their partner restaurant Teppan 101. 

Teppan 101 is the 1st and the only teppanyaki restaurant in Subic. It's located on the ground floor where the hotel was situated. 

Before the chef began his cooking, he demonstrated some cooking instrument skills first. He showed a little presentation just like what bartenders do; only that they used some kitchen tools.

Here are the raw ingredients presented before cooking. They cooked it all-natural without extenders. How I wish I have the same kitchen plates like they have.

Each dish was cooked in front of us. After cooking, they will finish it with their aesthetic presentation.

Seafood Kare Kare

Egg Fried Rice 

Shrimp Asparagus
Pork Sinigang

Thai Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Here's the live action on how the cooking was done. 

Resto Name: Teppan 101
Address: Ground Flr., La Terraza Bldg., 1131 Palm St.m Subic Bay Gateway District, SBFZ
Type of Food: Japanese
WIFI: none

Overall, the experience was pretty amazing given that it's my first time to witness a live teppanyaki style of cooking. Everything became more special because I am together with my family. 

If you're wondering how much it cost? Don't worry, it's pretty reasonable because it is usually good for groups. 


They said that "Every summer has it's own story" and "The tans will fade but the memories last forever". Now, what summer story are you going to tell this 2017? What kind of memories are you going to cherish? Don't think about it anymore, because we are giving you THE BIGGEST SUMMER TRAVEL EVENT OF THE YEAR - MOVE AMAZING RACE AT BOLINAO PANGASINAN. This event is no ordinary event. it is an excursion where you will meet new people, enhance your skills, teach you how to travel like a pro, and will change your life. 

If you are a solo traveler, couple, family or barkada aged 16 to 35 looking for a real life version of an 'Escape Room Game' or 'Breakout Manila' where you get to test your skill and abilities, but not in a room but in the real world, then this is for you!
Participants will be divided into groups of 7s so kabarkadas and kapamilyas get to test their strengths as a team. But don't you worry solo travelers, we know you want to meet other people so we will pool you together and who knows, you might get to meet your forever! 
MOVE AMAZING RACE is on it's 2nd year. Everyone during the first batch experienced a solemn encounter during the "HUGOT challenge" and they've learned a lot about their selves and their life purpose which is necessary to live a quality life. Not only that, they went home from strangers into a family. This year, is much more bigger and better! Because MOVE AMAZING RACE will be giving away tons of prizes! The best group who will win will receive 20,000php worth of Travel GC and 10,000php worth of freebies. The best member of the group will be the Grand Winner and will wear the Contender Medal and will receive 10,000PHP CASH PRIZE, A TRIP TO SINGAPORE, and a CHANCE TO TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR FREE!!!
Now, do you have the guts to become the next MOVE AMAZING RACE CONTENDER?

❯❯To teach participants how to communicate and socialise effectively to become a SERIAL TRAVELER. 
❯❯To help participants most especially the youth to find their life purpose and help them do what they really want to do in their life. 
❯❯To help participants realise how travel could change their lives and what are the possible business opportunities when they travel. 
❯❯To help participants realize why nature and environment matters. 
❯❯To help participants realize the beauty of our own country that they doesn't need to go abroad to work. 
❯❯To help participants face their fears and have the courage to start their own journey and live their life purpose while travelling the world. 
❯❯To help participants share their emotions (HUGOTS) anonymously (through our HUGOT ACTIVITY) and go home with a healed heart and new family. 

Travel Dates: May 27 to 28, 2017 Saturday-Sunday 

DAY 0 - May 26, 2017 
10:30PM Assembly at Farmer’s Cubao 
Introduction & Instructions 
11:30PM ETD going to Bolinao, Pangasinan 

DAY 1 - May 27, 2017 
5:30AM ETA to Wet Market, Bolinao, Pangasinan 
* #MoveAmazingRace Wet Market & Cooking Challenge 
* Breakfast (own account) 
9:00AM ETA to Patar Whitesand Beach 
Setting up tents 
10:00AM Social Game No. 1 (Getting to know) 
12:00NN Lunch (Boodle Fight) 
1:00PM Social Game No. 1 (continuation) 
4:00PM Hugot Session at Cindy’s Cave 
7:00PM Back to Patar Beach | Cooking Competition 
10:00PM Drinking & Jamming Session by the beach 
*Bring your own musical instruments 

DAY 2 - May 28, 2017 
6:00AM Morning Prayer | Exercise | Zumba 
8:00AM Breakfast 
8:30AM Social Game No. 2 
11:30AM Free time: Bolinao Falls 1 (cliff diving *optional) 
12:00NN Lunch (Boodle Fight) 
1:30PM Activity: Finding your life purpose 
3:30PM Merienda | Spring Falls (cliff diving *optional) 
5:00PM ETA to Patar Beach for Recognition/Distribution of Certificates 
7:30PM ETD Manila 
The above itinerary is just a guide & is subject to change without prior notice. 
for a travel + life changing event, this fee is really reasonably cheap!! Compared to the music festivals and concerts that you are attending! And wait, there's more! Use the code CUTEANDDAINTY200OFF to get 200PHP Discount per pax!

HURRY AND REGISTER NOW because MOVE AMAZING RACE will cater only up to 70 participants (10 groups). Register on the link below:

RT Transportation | Mnl – Bolinao – Mnl (private van, gasoline, driver’s fee & meal, toll fees) 
Environmental  Entrance Fees (2 waterfalls, 1 whitesand beach, 1 cave) 
Tent Accommodation 
Tent Pitching Fees & Restroom fees 
T-shirt & ID 
Social and Getting to know Games and Activities 
Activities and challenges props
2 Lunch meals (Traditional Filipino Boodle Fight) 
Mineral water for 2 hosted lunch 
1 coffee & bread breakfast 
1 Workbook 
1 Zumba Session 
1 Meditation Session 
1 Certificate of Accomplishment 
1 Terrestrimin Travel First Aid 
3pcs Happy Stranger Cards 
500php worth of Gift Certificate from DLC Backpackers Travel Expert 
BONUS!!! 1 Copy of "Killer resources and guides from zero to six-figure online business” (worth 2,000php) 

Snacks & Dinner  (Dinner is part of the activity so do not bring cooked food)
Beers and liquors 
Life vest (Falls 1 & 2) *Optional
Others not stated in the inclusions 

THINGS TO BRING *(Optional) 
Camping materials 
Guitar and instruments 
Extra clothes & toiletries 

Cant make it on this event? Don't you worry! MOVE is giving away a TRIP TO SINGAPORE FOR 1, just simply submit a raffle entry at 

Travel: Le Charme Suites in Subic

Summer is one of the best time for me because it’s finally my rest time after a tiring year with the students. I feel I deserved every bit of the much needed break our department offers. However, with the birth of our son, I felt that it would be difficult to travel because I can’t be far too long with my little one for he is exclusively breastfeeding in me. Good thing, places like Subic is just like a stone-throw away from Pampanga and so I was given a chance to explore the beautiful hotel of Le Charme before the holy week.

Le Charme is situated in the heart of Subic Bay. The hotel was conceptualized based on the love for adventure and travel. Designed specifically for the active business person, all of Le Charme Suites – Subic’s rooms, facilities and dining options were developed to suit all business and leisure needs. I guess it's pretty obvious that it caters the business type because of the minimalist feels of the hotel. 

It has 46 stylish rooms, world-class roof deck pool and dining options – all designed and created for those who are not just looking for a room and bed, but a one-stop shop for all traveling and vacation needs.

There are 4 types of room inside the hotel – Standard, Deluxe King, Deluxe Twin and the Suite. The hotel is also equipped with Fibr speed WiFi and in-room bike racks. Perfect for people who have outdoor equipment. They have spacious elevator to fit your belongings. 

Currently Le Charme Suites is undergoing its trial phase, offering only the Deluxe King and Deluxe Twin rooms. These rooms, sized 45 sq m are equipped w/ either one king size bed or two queen size beds. Part of the room package includes shower, bath tub, complimentary mini-bar, 50 inch TV among others. The hotel will have a fitness spa and fitness center by fourth quarter of 2017.

It has an Ibiza Poolside deck, 4th floor function rooms and a roof deck. They have the Barcelona hall perfect for large seminars or gatherings which can accommodate 150-200 persons while the Madrid and Las Palmas can fit 50 & 10 people respectively. 

The restaurant also served breakfast at their in-house resto – Mi Tapas. It's a Spanish restaurant specializing in Tapas dishes. They also have Teppan 101 on the ground floor beside the hotel where you can experience Asian-fusion dishes prepared teppanyaki style. Separate post will feature Teppan 101 soon. 


Hotel Name: Le Charme Suites
Address: La Terraza Bldg., 1131 Palm St. SBFZ, 2222 Olongapo
WIFI: There is! ... and it's fast! 

Visiting Le Charme is a breathe of fresh air because of the peaceful ambiance of the place plus the very friendly staff who always ask if everything was alright with our stay. Of course, it would be better if you have your family and friends with you if you visit the place. Definitely a place you can run to away from the busy streets of the metro.