1st IG Meet & Photowalk in Pampanga Promotes Historical Churches

Summer is here and people are flocking up on beaches here and there. While others are busy out there under the sunshine, I have my own version of summer too by visiting churches here in our province. The province may not be blessed with pristine beaches and summer-y spots but it is full of stories on history. 

Last month, Aroundthemetro.ph organized the very 1st InstaMeet Photowalk in Pampanga with the help of Kapampangan Traveller. InstaMeet or IG Meet is a worldwide event where IGers meetup outside the social media scene and gather to promote their objective for that day. Here in Pampanga, our objective is to promote the provinces' historical churches. It is a whole day event with itinerary of visiting the churches and dining in at the local restaurants which supports the advocacy. 

San Fernando Metropolitan Cathedral.

Located in the capital of Pampanga, San Fernando Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the oldest church in Pampanga. It was also known as Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption In 1750s, it was built with woods and was later completed in 1808.

San Agustin Church (Lubao)
After the first church in San Fernando, we then proceeded at Lubao. Known as the oldest church in Pampanga, San Agustin Church in Lubao was also known as the spanish stone and brick church that was declared by the National Museum of the Philippines as an Important Cultural Property.

Sta. Rita Cascia Church
Third stop is Sta. Rita's historical church, the Sta. Rita Cascia Church. The building of the church had to be delayed until the late 19th century due to economic adjuristicial conditions. Nevertheless, this is one of the heritage churches in Pampanga. 

St. James the Apostle Parish Church (Betis,  Church)

Before we headed to Betis Church, we first had our sumptuous lunch at Estos in Guagua. Will create a separate post for that as it deserves all the recognition. 

The Betis Church in Guagua was dubbed as the Sistine Chapel of Asia. I was so magically moved by such beauty. It was my first time at the place even though I always passed by there whenever I go to my husband's office. The church ceiling paintings and all the paintings were magically done. You need to go there to fully appreciate it's beauty. 

San Guillermo Parish Church

After visiting the magnificent church in Betis, we then headed to Bacolor's historical church which was also known as the Sunken Church. When the Mt. Pinatubo erupted, lahar left the San Guillermo Parish Church buried half it's 12-m height. My stepmother was affected with that calamity and was forced to evacuate in resettlement areas. This is one of the most historical churches in the province. 

After going to Bacolor, we then headed to Angeles to witness one of the town's largest church which was the Holy Rosary Parish Church. Sadly, when we arrived at the church, they're having a baptism despite the schedule that was given to us. We were prohibited to shoot while the mass was ongoing so I don't have the photos of the said church.

After the tiring yet fulfilling day, of course we had to fill our hungry stomachs and we were blessed that one of Pampanga's home grown restaurants sponsored our dinner. It's none other than Toll House. Separate post for both restaurants will be given as they supported us during the IG Meet. Thank you very much.

So if you want to venture into a different summer escapade, this might be something that will break your record of beach-hopping. It's worth a try! 💜

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