May Collective Haul

It's the last month of summer vacation and it's a pain that the school resumes on the 1st of June - my birthday! I believe I'm not the only person who wishes for an extended vacation. I haven't done anything big yet this summer. Jaycee has barely offs like once a week or sometimes none at all. We didn't got the chance to explore places and to feel adventures. Too bad! I need to make it all up after the wedding. I want to travel to lots of places by then so we badly need to earn more and save! 

However, my impulsive buying sickness doesn't help. I still have the disease of purchasing more items now than before. What's bad is that I'm using more of my money now than the past haul every month. Someone should really help me! T_T . Look at my May haul! 

Nivea Haul
Nivea announced last time that they'll be having a 50% off on ALL Nivea products. At first, I wasn't really into it but seeing all post on social media regarding the sale, I can't help but join the bandwagon. i also want to try the wipes everyone was raving about! So there, my haul of wipes, skin conditioner (my fave), soaps and lip balms. I still have a good number of lotion so I pass the lotion area except for the in-shower lotion though. 
Sample Room Haul
Sample Room is being strict with their reviews lately. For the whole month, I only had this samples availed from them. Now I was thinking if they're still worth the VIP membership.  Still not convince!
Maybelline Baby Lips Haul
When I met my high school friends at Trinoma on the 1st week of the month, I waited for them at the mall 'cause all of them were late. I needed to travel to Manila from Pampanga so I made myself early. Only to find out that I slashed off my wallet with beauty products! A lot of cosmetics were on sale and I was stoked! So there, need I say a word? :(
Revlon Colorburst Haul
This one is between impulse buy and not. I really want to build my Revlon loot. Since I started using their products, I was so amazed so I had to give in to this one. I just love Revlon so yes, I bought 3 of these and I want more!  

Etude House Hot Style Hair Bubble Coloring
I already made a review of this color here. Learn why I chose to dye my hair on the post. :) 
BeautyLabo Hair Coloring haul
Since my hair wasn't really covered much with the previous hair color, I decided to buy two shades of Beautylabo to balance the color which I haven't done yet until now. It's on sale for 50% off!
My very sweet friend from Abu Dhabi gave this as a gift. I miss her so much!!!! :(
OMG Nail Polishes
Another set from all of my impulsive buys! 
Cardstock, Colored Papers, Printing Material Bought this stuff so I can do the layout for our wedding invites. I'll try my best if I can do it DIY since it's still in December. I want to save more and give my touch on the invites I'll be doing. 
Lhasa Tops
This is not really an impulsive buy since I already thought of rewarding myself with some new outfit. I also need this every Friday in school since we have dress down days (sometimes). I love both design and it gives-off fresh vibe. 
The Body Shop Haul
Again, another impulsive stuff since it's on sale. Well, I guess the reason why I bought this is because I was killing time at the mall during that time and saw a huge banner SALE. Bummer! Haha. But i love all I got!

Winnings from Thereyoujho
I've met this mom blogger from a giveaway and loved her lifestyle posts and she's so baby face. I won her monthly comments exchange and here are the prizes. 

Samples from EverydayMe
I didn't expect to receive this because I already thought that this wouldn't come on our doorstep. When I verified from the EverydayMe staff if they sent the samples, I received an email saying they did and my father was the signatory. I asked Dad and he said he didn't received anything. (Well, I have a track of all the parcels I receive and who receives it at home) I was shocked that this arrived few days ago and the delivery man mentioned that someone from their staff did something terrible. Forgery and he was dismissed! So yeah, they sent the samples again. :)

See?! This is why I hate shopping malls when I'm alone. There's no one stopping me since fiance is busy.
Classes will resume again on the 1st so I'll work 5 days a week and will be using my off wisely. No excuses, no to impulsive shopping. (I hope!)

Well, what can you say with my haul? For those who are reading my posts asking me why I get to have so many stuff, this is the reason. Roughly 80% of the stuff I review belongs to my own pocket and the remaining belongs to sponsors, friends, among others. ;)

I think June will be lesser than this. I will try to commit not to buy unnecessary things next month and on the coming days. D-day is near and we're still short financially. Wish me luck! And stop me please!!! 

Until next month's haul! XOXOXOXO ♥

Affordable Online Blood Testing at PERSONALABS


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Traditional lab testing can be a very time consuming and costly process (source: It requires a visit to a doctor, the doctor ordering specific tests, patients then taking those orders to a lab facility to be completed, and then patients scheduling another follow-up visit with their doctor to get the lab results.

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  • If you need to get the results to your doctor-Personalabs offers a service whereby you can share your results directly with your doctor, if you wish.
  • Using this service as part of your regular healthcare-Don’t wait for small issues to turn into big issues. Take an active role in managing your healthcare.
Personalabs accepts all major credit cards, PayPal (including Buy Now, Pay Later), Amazon Checkout, FSA cards and all pre-paid gift cards.

We currently do not accept any form of health insurance as our blood test prices are the lowest available on the market. Personalabs saves you money and is cheaper than the actual premium you would pay to your insurance provider. We do, however, offer the ability to provide you with an insurance admissible receipt. You can use that to claim back funds from your insurance company.

What are you waiting for? Take an active role in your healthcare. Get the blood tests you need and results quickly for much less than traditional testing.

Review: Nivea Body Lotion In-Shower Intensive

Remember that I was one of those who hauled during the Nivea BIG SALE on the first week of the month? I hauled the last day and I got so many wipes and lip balms and I even got myself this Nivea's In-Shower lotion. I heard so many raves regarding this product and since it's half the price, might as well take one and experience it myself. 

This In-Shower Lotion is basically a lotion but the difference is, you can apply it during shower time. So no need to wait for long time before your ordinary lotion dries up. This is so useful especially if you woke up in the morning really late and you're in a hurry. This is meant for me! :) 

I love the scent and how fast it can be rinse. It has a watery texture that is easy to apply. It also moisturizes the skin so well. Instructions in English are provided at the back of the bottle and they also put a mark on CAUTION for safety after using the product. 

It's very convenient to have this and I love using it. It's meant for those busy person on the go who sometimes don't have time to put lotion because of time constraint. I'm guilty of that! I know I should always put lotion but the application and drying time would cost me a lot of minutes so I sometimes skipped that. Especially if I woke up late (which I am always guilty of). 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • So affordable on sale. 
  • Very convenient to use. No need to wait for long minutes for the ordinary lotion to dry.
  • Very nice scent.
  • Claims to have Almond Oil which replenishes moisture.
  • Has a CAUTION mark at the back of the bottle for safety.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Hope it has a whitening effect but nah, who cares. I have one lovely useful product to cherish.
  • It might make some tub or shower floor slippery. I noticed though that I didn't really experienced it. 
Price: P87.75 (SALE Price)
Bought from: SM Department Store (SM Pampanga)
 Size: 250 ml.

I think my disappointment was that I didn't got too much of it. I should have while it was on sale then. I just wanted to try it and I love the result. If only I have hauled on the first day of the SALE, I might have gotten more of this. 

Anyway, have you used or are you familiar with this product? What do you think about it? Do you think it's a great find? I like it and I hope you also did. 

I'll share more reviews soon! I hope not to miss you guys since school days are here once again and I'm sure I'll be pretty busy again. Hope I'll have more time to linger here. Love y'all. XOXO ♥

Earn While Shopping Through ShopBack

I've finally found a true website that lets you shop and earn at the same time. Let me introduce to you, ShopBack! 
ShopBack is a cashback site that pays you for shopping with more than 500 of their merchant stores. ShopBack has recently been awarded the Most Promising Startup to Look Out For In 2015 by Vulcan Post, and they are looking forward to grow at an immense rate.

ShopBack is a coupons-cashback site, so they collate the best coupons and deals online for shoppers, but they go one step further in giving cash rebates to their users for purchases online. When users shop through them, they receive commissions from the stores, which they will then split with users to give cash rebates! This means that online shopping is made even cheaper with them. Some of their popular merchants includes ZALORA, Agoda and Lazada.

One of my favorite shops where I go online is Zalora. I always buy my shoes, clothes, makeups, and so many things there. Now that I know Shopback, I will definitely use Shopback to gain my Zalora

Another shop to look out for is Lazada. I always browse their site for home appliances and other apparels. So when I buy from Lazada, I can use Shopback to gain my Lazada. Lovely! 

So how to use Shopbox? It's so simple. You'll just have to create an account and click on one of their 500 merchants where you want to shop. You will be directed to the shop's site and just proceed with the usual routine on how to purchase in a website. 
So how do you get your cashback? You can get your cashback in your ShopBack account within 1-2 days and you can transfer your earning to Paypal or your bank accounts and cash it out successfully at the end of the month. So simple and so convenient!  

Shopback in indeed a fun and lovely way to shop! You get to buy the stuff you want and get a portion of what you paid for in return. It's a win-win situation! I will definitely offer this service to friends and families and I know they will surely love it! Shop with ShopBack Philippines today!

Visit Shopback's website for more details. 

Review: Nivea Green Tea and Cucumber & Strawberry and Milk

Very nice and yummy names for soaps right? That's what the title is all about. True enough, the scent of both soaps makes me wanna eat it! Good thing I was able to grab it (literally) on the stand as it's both the last pair on the supermarket where I bought it. It's Nivea's BIG SALE last May 1-9 and I was able to haul some products from the brand and products were some products are out of stock. Good thing I had my hands on this duo. You'll see my haul on Instagram or at my monthly collective haul which is posted every end of the month. 

I first tried the green tea and it has that refreshing and calming scent of green tea. It's really bubbly with just a little swipe so I love this product so much. It might be just your ordinary soap but since it claims to have cucumber extract, it still healing properties. The scent was the top reason why I love it though it doesn't really last long on the skin. I hope they put something that will make the scent last. 

Another variant was their Strawberry and Milk. Very yummy scent too and it feels so smooth. Same with the Green Tea and Cucumber, this is bubbly as well. It claims to have milk proteins which makes the skin healthy and smooth. No wonder why I always feel my skin smooth after bath. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Both soaps really lathers well.
  • Both has something to do to prettify the skin.
  • Both gives a yummy and wonderful scent.
  • Pretty packaging as well.
  • Leaves the skin smooth.
  • Affordable (50%)
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Non-whitening and the scent doesn't last long. It's just lasts inside the shower.
Price: P16.75 (Got it during Nivea BIG SALE) 
Bought from: SM Department Store (SM Pampanga)
 Size: 90 grams

Overall, I like the soaps because they do good in the skin in a very affordable price though I must admit that it's not really the one I'm looking for that would last for me. My current go-to soap is the Kojic from Royale which whitens and heals the skin from any irritation. Though I must say that the latter was really expensive for a 2-week use. 

Will still buy more of these in the future once Nivea has their sale again. I am not sure if this has more variety but I hope they'll have more in the future. 

Have you used the same soap? What can you say about it? Would love to hear your thoughts by commenting below. XOXO lovelies! ♥

Review: Pond's Flawless White BB Cream in Light

If you're a reader of my blog, you're aware that I got a Pond's set as winnings few months ago from Miss Nicole's blog contest. I already gave some of it to my sisters and left this BB Cream for myself.

I'm currently using BB and CC creams from Tony Moly and I also have some deluxe samples like Big Easy from Benefit, LOreal among others. It's just recently that I used this brand and I can say that it's somehow okay.

I've been a Pond's baby since I was in high school. It's the first beauty brand that I love. My go to cleanser and cream will always be Pond's.

I don't know what happened to the camera that I used but I always see that my hands look old and dark. Haha. I think it's on the app I used for watermarking the photos. I don't really filter the photos much, I only put watermarks on it.

Without BB Cream
I'm having a bad hair day eh? No, it was just windy since I'm on the terrace and I managed to get this 'decent' photo, (yup, it's the most decent one from the series of shots I had). Notice my hair color? Hihi :)

With BB Cream
It's so nice because it covers really well. I have some issues though with the texture. It's quite thick compared to the other BB Creams I've tried and it somehow has the tendency to cake when you're sweating. Not that it cakes obviously unlike other foundations. I guess you'll just have to put a little since the consistency was already thick enough. Try also to blend it with brush than with our trusty hands.

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Has a high SPF
  • Cover's really well. 
  • It has a rosy glow on the skin. 
  • Affordable.
  • Claims to lightens the skin from within (WHICH I LIKE)
  • Different shades available
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • It's quite thick that there's a tendency to cake. 
Price: FREE from winning
Bought from: FREE
 Size: 25 grams

Now I have to use this more when class starts. I can use this and the one from Tony Moly alternately since they're both good products on my skin and I experienced no break outs.

What do you think of Pond's having their own BB set? Tell me what you think on the comments below.

Do you have other BB creams that you can recommend? Share your recos here. I want to try Revlon's version the next time. 'Till the next. XOXO ♥

Manicure Monday: First Crush with Girl Stuff

I am already reporting in school and got no time to do a long and time consuming nail arts. I found an alternative though on how to prettify your nails in a very simple way with Girl Stuff polish. I bought this Girl Stuff nail polish in a stall at SM North Edsa few weeks ago. It's something you put on top of your nail polish color to give your polish a pretty design. I like how it gives a galaxy feel on Caronia's First Crush polish. 

It has a little flower design inside the bottle and it's luck if you pull out the brush with a flower in them. It's really cute. I pulled out two flowers on my left and one polish on my right hand. 

If you want to have more of the design, you can coat it twice. I coat my nails first with Caronia's First Crush twice and when it dried, I topped it with Girl Stuff polish twice as well. 

I think I'll go with this type of combo from now on whenever I don't have time to do nail art. This is a good alternative to time consuming nail arts. Classes will begin soon and I'll have less time in designing my nails so this one is my go-to whenever I want to design my nails prettily. 

What do you think of my nails? Aren't they lovely? It's just so simple and easy. It didn't take much of my time as well. :) 

Until next Monday for my nail posts! XOXO ♥

Zoocobia at Clark, Pampanga Tour Operators Day

On May 26, 2015 at Zoocobia, Clark, Pampanga, Zoomanity Group, the leader in Theme Parks and Zoo Management in the Philippines will welcome 500 Travel & Tour Operators to acknowledge them with their contributions and loyalty in bringing quality destination and education to patrons and clients of Zoomanity Group.
Zoomanity Group handles 5 theme parks; Zoobic Safari at Subic, Zambales, Zoocobia at Clark, Pampanga, Zoocolate Thrills at Loboc, Bohol, Residence Inn & Zoo at Tagaytay and Paradizoo at Mendez, Cavite. The company is managing different hotels and restaurants too in the Philippines and abroad.
CEO Robert Yupangco, COO Del De Jesus and different Operations Managers under Zoomanity Group will welcome the media too who are helping the company in dissemination of information.
According to Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas of TAG Media and Public Relations, "Zoomanity Group likes to give back the blessings to our partners who are the travel & tour operators and the media. Without them, the ever increasing customers and clients who are visiting and patronizing the different theme parks under Zoomanity Group will not be possible. We are thankful and grateful and to acknowledge them, Zoomanity Group are doing events like these annually."
Zoocobia Theme Farm is a 5 hectares facility at Clark, Pampanga and a tourist destination. To visit the theme parks, please contact Grace at and for more information, please visit

Gowns for Flores de Mayo

I was at SM Clark yesterday to witness a store opening and as I was about to go home, I passed by these series of gowns displayed in the lobby of SM Clark near the Event Center. It was for their Flores de Mayo event and I stopped to take photos of the gowns enchanting design. When I was little, I also dream of joining Flores de Mayo and such and wearing gowns like this. Unfortunately, I didn't got the chance to. :( 

They have lots of beautiful gowns and my favorite is the one in deep blue-green dress with yellow to golden dyed parts. My second pick is the yellow one with black embellishments by Baju Cantik.  Third on my list would be the one beside my first, it's a nude tutu gown. I hope I'll get to wear something like this someday. Bucketlist? Haha :) 

Photo overload after this line. (^o~)

Overall, it was a nice scene to discover these gowns and I also get to appreciate the designer for each dress. As I roam on each dress, I touched every gown and let my hands feel the intricate details on each piece. Lovely and majestic work. Kudos to all the designers behind these and congratulations on your Flores de Mayo event. If only SM Clark was just so near, I would love to pay a visit and watch the parade. 

What dresses pleases you? Share your top 3 here. XOXO ♥