Review: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Honey

I have been generously using mask now twice every week and I recently opened another pack. It's from The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Honey which I bought when the said shop had their sale for a buy 3 take 3 offer. It's a pity I wasn't able to hoard that much for such a discounted price. I hope they'll have the same promo soon! 

I should say that The Face Shop masks are my first (mask) love. Even before I started blogging, I'm already using their masks. It's actually their shop where I first purchased my mask and experienced it for the first time so I always go back to where I started. 

Lately though, I found out that they're masks becomes different in size. I don't know if they have standard sizes for their mask s but i feel that it became bigger than before. It always covers pretty much my face before but now, the shape was very irregular. I don't know if my face became smaller or their mask became bigger.  

Look at the excess mask on my face. It wasn't like that before. The essence was still the same. Once you opened the pack, it's dripping wet and they're generous with the essence. I'm not a fan of this honey variant though because of the scent. It smells like wood for me and I was looking for something that would make me feel peaceful, like a lavender perhaps. The wood smell kept me awake than made me sleepy. 

Well, I'm on my pambahay shirt already 'cause I was about to sleep and I'm pretty sleepy here when I used the mask. Notice that I even tried distributing the essence on my neck area since I mentioned that they're generous and instead of letting it drip, I used some on my neck. :) 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Very affordable since it's on SALE. 
  • Really has a lot of essence in the pack.
  • Will moisturize the skin after use and leaves a fresh feeling.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • I don't like the woody scent in this variant. 
  • No covering for the eyes unlike other masks. 
  • It may have a lot of essence but it's dripping too much. 
Price: 195 for 6 packs (SALE PRICE)
Bought from: The Face Shop
 Size: 1 sheet / 20g.

What masks are you using? Since The Face Shop is nearer in our place that's why we always buy our masks there but I would also like to try more masks in the future. What can you recommend? Comment them below and I'll try their mask soon! 

More masks on the blog in the future. Xoxo ♥

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