Review: Wet 'n Wild Creme Lipliner Pencil in 712

Previously, I reviewed a Jordana lipliner I got as a freebie. This one was no different from the first one. This is also a freebie I received when I bought some beauty products online and I forgot which shop gave me this. My reviews for lipliners actually took some time since I was not used to in using it. Only until I got the Etude House Play 101 that I began reviewing the pencil liners to determine the difference of normal pencil liners like this and the creamy ones from Etude House.  

I opened this long time ago and just used it basically for lining the lips whenever I want to shape my lips perfectly. Since it's really nude, it's nice to use in casual days. However, I just hate the look of it since I feel like it make my lips old. I actually have a reader who commented that her mom told her not to use lip liners as it make the lips look old. I guess it depends on the lip liner you use. I'm afraid that this one might fit the description.

I tried sharpening the pencil for this shot since I have used it from before and it took me two times before I got this tip below. It kept on breaking. This liner however, was way better when sharpening than the Jordana lip liner for it was soooo messy every time you sharpen it. 

I did some swatches and notice that the brown colors looks like wood. When it is applied on the lips it became really pale. 

The second lip photo doesn't even show a distinct color. You have to focus your eyes to determine that the color was already there. I actually like how it turned out on this photo but the feeling of it on my lips was very very dry. Not even a little moisture at all, contrary to Etude House Play 101 set. I might get the other colors of those soon like pink or orange or plum which will work great as lipliner and other stuff like eyeshadow, blush among others. 

Yay for me! (。◕‿◕。)  
  • Got it as FREE. 
  • The color was nice and can be used everyday. 
  • It's harder than Jordana so it's a little bit easier to sharpen
  • It's a pretty long pencil and can last a series of multiple sharpening.
Nay! (。◕︵◕。)
  • Dries my lips out even if it claims that it's creme. Intensively dries. Tsk. 
  • Makes all the lines on the lips really visible.
Price: Received as a freebie
Bought from: FREE
 Size: 1.4g

What can you say on pencil liners like this? Now I think what my reader said is not really just a saying passed onto her by her mother. It's now based from my experience. Yes, I admit, it kinda make your lips old and you'll feel old with your lips this dry as well. I just hope they remade the formula for Wet n Wild's lipliner. This is already the second time I got disappointed with Wet n Wild. First was there white nail polish I used on one of my Manicure Monday reviews and now this one. I hope their lippies were not as bad though. 

Comment below your thought on lip liners? Do you just use lip liners primarily for lining or for full coverage on the lips. Would love to hear you out. 'Till my next lip liner hunt! All the love and zzzz's! XOXO ♥

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