Earn While Shopping Through ShopBack

I've finally found a true website that lets you shop and earn at the same time. Let me introduce to you, ShopBack! 
ShopBack is a cashback site that pays you for shopping with more than 500 of their merchant stores. ShopBack has recently been awarded the Most Promising Startup to Look Out For In 2015 by Vulcan Post, and they are looking forward to grow at an immense rate.

ShopBack is a coupons-cashback site, so they collate the best coupons and deals online for shoppers, but they go one step further in giving cash rebates to their users for purchases online. When users shop through them, they receive commissions from the stores, which they will then split with users to give cash rebates! This means that online shopping is made even cheaper with them. Some of their popular merchants includes ZALORA, Agoda and Lazada.

One of my favorite shops where I go online is Zalora. I always buy my shoes, clothes, makeups, and so many things there. Now that I know Shopback, I will definitely use Shopback to gain my Zalora

Another shop to look out for is Lazada. I always browse their site for home appliances and other apparels. So when I buy from Lazada, I can use Shopback to gain my Lazada. Lovely! 

So how to use Shopbox? It's so simple. You'll just have to create an account and click on one of their 500 merchants where you want to shop. You will be directed to the shop's site and just proceed with the usual routine on how to purchase in a website. 
So how do you get your cashback? You can get your cashback in your ShopBack account within 1-2 days and you can transfer your earning to Paypal or your bank accounts and cash it out successfully at the end of the month. So simple and so convenient!  

Shopback in indeed a fun and lovely way to shop! You get to buy the stuff you want and get a portion of what you paid for in return. It's a win-win situation! I will definitely offer this service to friends and families and I know they will surely love it! Shop with ShopBack Philippines today!

Visit Shopback's website for more details. 


  1. This is so nice! Thanks for sharing!



    1. Thanks! You can register and save. I linked the site. :)


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